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Andy White

Andy White

Salt Lake City

Phone: +1 801 859 8766

Email: mrandywhite@msn.com


I'd like to tell stories for you. I've been telling stories for years; the cat, not me, ate the cookies, and the chocolate on my hands only came from my trying to protect them, the coyote and I surprised each other, nose to nose, as we crept up opposite sides of a low rise in a high grass meadow.

I studied broadcasting as an undergraduate and went on to earn a Masters' in Ecology (where I was criticized for making my “scientific papers” “popular” in style (which was my goal)).

Along with a military stint as a broadcast specialist, I've recorded books for the blind at the Utah State Library, educational material for the Utah Office of The Nature Conservancy, narrated a submission to the 2013 Cannes Film Festival (www.rebirth-film.com) and recorded five murder mystery audio books.

Here is a brief sampling of other voice possibilities:

In the field, I've studied aquatic insects, dietary habits of raccoons (Masters' research), trapped hawks for banding (Hawkwatch International) and done nest survey work (also Hawkwatch).

I'd love to combine my outdoor and storytelling interests to tell your story.

Andy White


3/26/13 "There's no reason you shouldn't be busy all the time . . . You have a nice voice . . . Go for it brother. It's been good to me." Peter Coyote

4/20/15 "Andrew was a pleasure to work with. He has a stellar voice, and takes direction well. His talent adds immeasurably to the work itself, making words spring to life. I recommend him to all who are looking for a seasoned and talented voiceover artist." Daniel Bean, writer and narration director, Rebirth

1/23/15 "Andy, Dave, the editor on Invisibles, asked me to convey his appreciation to you for the quality of your audio files. The comments didn't surprise me of course because the other editors also hope for Andy White books on their assignment sheets. I believe you already know how Gary feels about your narration of his books." Rick rick@CherryHillPublishing.com www.CherryHillPublishing.com



Cherry Hill Publishing, Ramona, California
Chadwick Booth and Associates, Salt Lake City, Utah
Utah State Library for the Blind
Lone Peak Productions
Nature Conservancy
Voiced “Rebirth,” a short film submission to the 2013 Cannes Film Festival
Local commercials
Scott Shurian and Christopher Miller voice workshops
Broadcast Specialist, U.S military, talent and feature production, 1970-71
Broadcasting degree with business administration minor, Utah State University ,1970
University Theater classes and productions


Trapper, Goshute Grove, Nevada, Hawkwatch International, 1982, 1983
Scott Hill Migration Census Director, Salt Lake County, Utah, 1984
Aquatic insect surveys, Utah, 1985
Raccoon dietary study, Salt Lake County, Utah, 1985-6
Elementary and Middle School teacher, 1987-2012
Jordan River Utah habitat restoration assistant manager, 2013-15
Lots of time running, hiking canoeing, exploring . . .


Master of Business Administration , University of Utah, 1999
MS, University of Utah, Ecology and Evolution, 1986
BS, Utah State University, Broadcasting, business administration, 1970

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