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Cesar Luiz Leite

César Luiz Leite

Capuccino Productions
Rua Alberto de Salvo
530 - Casa 24
Jardim Santa Genebra Ii
Sao Paulo 13084-759

Phone:+44 (0)7871 404 765 & +55 19 996 305 168

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Email: cesar.fima@gmail.com

Website: www.tevideos.weebly.com

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César is a biologist with MA in Wildlife Filmmaking in Bristol, working with BBC Exec and PM for his short film in Brazil.

He also had work experience at Icon Films and did freelance at the Pervasive Media Studio.

And with strong communication skills, he is able to work as a researcher/field assistant for Portuguese, English, French and Spanish speaking countries - specially in Brazil with a wide variety of contacts from top scientists to local villagers and with access to locations and new stories.


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