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Member CertificateWildlife-film.com is an online resource for those working in the wildlife film-making industry wanting to source freelancers. As you can see from the menu on the right, we list freelancers in all areas of wildlife film-making, both amateur and professional. Wildlife-film.com is visited in over 180 countries, so industry exposure through the site is exceptional. We frequently receive emails from assistants and graduates available for internships. We direct all enquirers looking for freelancers here.

We offer a free, basic listing to everyone, but this simply allows for name, email address and country to be displayed, so for those looking for greater exposure we offer paid membership, which includes a full directory listing on the website and a link in our newsletter,
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I got a job through my Wildlife-film.com listing...
I was commissioned to write the soundtrack for a short film titled 'Light Of The Sea', the subject was Puffins on the Isle of May, Scotland. The producer mentioned that she had found my details through the Wildlife-film.com website. She then linked to my site and felt my music style would suit her project. This was actually the first time I had been commissioned to compose music for someone I'd never met, I'd only worked with people I knew, or friends of friends. Being in my late 20s at the time I was still relatively young to the whole industry and also because I'm self-taught it always felt a bit harder to gain guidance and confidence in my music working in the industry. I have a passion for wildlife film, so the opportunity to provide my details on a website like Wildlife-film.com has proven valuable in terms of working with like-minded people." - Fraser Purdie is a Freelance Music Composer. You can contact him on fraser@fraserpurdie.com.

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