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Freelance Production / Location Managers / Fixers / Production Co-ordinators / Line Producers / Field Researchers

Steven Ballantyne

Steven Ballantyne

Steven Ballantyne

Steven Ballantyne

Steven Ballantyne

Profile Page

Steven Ballantyne

Expedition and Production Management (EPM) Asia Ltd
Suite 1102, 11/F Beautiful Group Tower
77 Connaught Road, Central
Hong Kong
Hong Kong SAR China

Contact: Steven Ballantyne, FRGS

Phone: +852 6992 2571

Skype Me!

Email: steven@expeditionmanagement.com

Website: www.expedition-project-management.com

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Freelance, Location Scout, Location Manger, Line Producer, production co-ordinator and production logistics expert. Specialist service in remote and Hostile locations across Asia.

Steven Ballantyne is a established Production Location and Logistics expert and Line Producer with over over ten years hands on experience.

Based in Hong Kong Steven has a strong reach across Pacific, Central and East Asia and has worked for companies such as BBC Natural History Unit, Tigress production for DNI and Darlow-Smithson.

Steven is as comfortable working on city shoots as he is supporting crews to film in some of the remotest locations across Asia, previous shoots have included working in Papua New Guinea, Java, Mainland China and most recently Fiji and Myanmar.

Steven's comprehensive service includes;

  • Location Scouting across Pacific, Central and East Location Management across Pacific, Central and East Asia
  • Experienced Line Producer o Writing comprehensive Risk Assessments
  • Health and Safety reporting o Location Negotiation including specialist tribal negotiation.
  • Location payment management
  • Specialist service in managing remote location productions
  • Film permits and permissions
  • Accommodation and travel – including chartering
  • Booking and supplying Kit
  • Booking and supplying crew
  • Budget Management and Cost reporting
  • Carnets
  • Data Management
  • Filming schedules/call sheets
  • Handling day to day budgets/floats
  • Hidden camera management
  • Managing location filming and requirements
  • Overseeing production runners
  • PASC paper work
  • Research and content development
  • AP
  • Comprehensive production office support
  • Setting up filming
  • Tape management
  • Kit maintenance
  • Location site management
  • Pre shoot and end of shoot set up and break down

Steven is a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society and continues to lead his own expeditions.

Janice Beatty

Profile Page

Janice Beatty

African Environments
Mawalla Road
East Africa

Phone: +255 (0)784 506 600

Email: janiceb@africanenvironments.com

Website: www.africanenvironments.com

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We are Film Fixers based in Tanzania.

Offering all logistics and services related to Film making.

Long established company (20 years) that owns equipment and employs staff.

Wayne Te Brake

Profile Page

Wayne Te Brake

285 Raptors View
Limpopo Province 1380
South Africa

Phone: +27 843 608 772

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Email: tebrake.wayne@gmail.com

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Wayne has spent the past 12 years working in the Nature Conservation and Nature guiding industries throughout Southern Africa.

With a degree in Nature Conservation and a FGASA Level 3 Trails Guide qualification, Wayne is more than capable of leading any expedition anywhere in Southern Africa.

Based in the Kruger National Park area, he currently splits his time between presenting a wildlife television series based in Chile and guiding photographic groups and film crews in Africa.

Karen Brooks

Profile Page

Karen Brooks

Facilitation Southern Africa

Suite 36 Private Bag X12
Johannesburg 2118
South Africa

Phone: +27 832596324

Email: karenvbrooks@gmail.com

Website: linkedin.com/in/karenbrookstv

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Shooting in southern Africa? Professional and cost-effective location fixing, with an extra-special personal touch!

Facilitation for all southern African countries, South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho; Botswana Namibia Zimbabwe Mozambique and Zambia. Madagascar. Wildlife films, documentaries and commercials.

Over 25 years' experience in South African television. Previous clients include BBC NHU, History Channel and National Geographic.

Richard Brooks

Profile Page

Richard Brooks

Richard Brooks

Lightning Strike Media Productions

Phone: +680 488 6958

Email: richardwbrooks66@gmail.com

Website: www.lightningstrikeproductions.co.uk

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Media Producer based in Palau.

Experienced Underwater Cameraman, Time-lapser and UAV pilot.

Pre and Post Production.


Local fixer.


Steve Cook

Profile Page

Steve Cook

TYR Solutions
Langdale House
Canon Pyon
Herefordshire HR4 8NU
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)7966 548 601

Skype Me!

Email: stevecook01@mac.com

Website: www.tyr-solutions.com

Production safety and medical manager as well as a skilled project manager and is experienced in establishing bureaus for major news networks and TV production.

He is used to starting from basics, locating and purchasing property, writing and implementing operating procedures, emergency procedures, crisis management and contingency planning.

He also has considerable experience in location and logistics management and field production in remote locations working in documentary and reality formats, involving pre-deployment planning, training and liaison with in-country fixers through to accompanying the crew on the ground.

Programs include the widely acclaimed Death of Bhutto in Pakistan, the Go Back series for Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Anthony Bourdains For Parts Unknown, Green Bay Media 6 Deserts of the World, Discovery Channels Jungle Gold‚ for RAW productions.

Steve has filmed over several years in harsh desert locations and remote jungles around the world in countries including: Iraq, Pakistan, Kenya, Nigeria, Norway, Sweden, Australia, USA, Canada and UK East and West Africa, Middle East, South East Asia and Pacific Islands.

Steve's career portfolio has given him a formidable depth of experience working in countries with harsh climatic conditions, environmental disaster and conflict zones. He is culturally aware and an accomplished and competent negotiator and fixer with considerable business acumen. He also holds the BBC Safe Management of Productions qualification.

Rob Cowling

Rob Cowling Shark

Rob Cowling

Wild Images
9 Roderick Way
Cape Town 7806
Western Cape
South Africa

Phone: +27 21 794 0804

Email: info@wildimages.tv

Website: www.wildimages.tv

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Fixer, High-speed camera operator, DIT, On-set transcoding, Data management, Camera man, Aerial Cameraman and technician.

Rob is highly motivated, friendly and professional. He wil go above and beyond the call of duty for clients in any role that he is tasked with. He has a good understanding in many facets of the production and post production process.

His IT background has become essential in the acquisition and processing phases of filmmaking and has given him the ability to implement new technologies, use new equipment, and understand new problems as they arise.


Markus Eichenberger

Profile Page

Markus Eichenberger

Markus Eichenberger


Phone: +41 78 648 88 20

Email: contact@markuseichenberger.com

Website: www.markuseichenberger.com

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Markus is a multi-award winning photographer and filmmaker.

He has travelled over 80 countries so far to fulfil his passion to capture the beauty of our planet.

More here!

Adrienne Gittus

Profile Page

Adrienne Gittus

Canggu Permai, Kuta Utara
Badung Regency, Bali

Phone: +62 82 247 179 035

Skype Me!

Email: adidive13@gmail.com

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Media and production based in Indonesia.

Experienced underwater and topside camera person, documentary maker and award winning filmmaker.

Both pre and post production, rebreather certified to 100m, with all own dive and camera equipment.


Some local language and extensive local contacts.

Adrienne Gittus

Ricardo Guerreiro

Profile Page

Ricardo Guerreiro

Ricardo Guerreiro Fotografia

Phone: +351 910 732 177

Skype Me!

Email: mail@rguerreiro.com

Website: www.rguerreiro.com

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I'm a natural history filmmaker/photographer working in Portugal. My films aired on the Portuguese television and were featured in DVDs accompanying nature photography books. My pictures have been featured in National Geographic magazine (Portugal edition) and other relevant Portuguese press. I've authored a photography book on the local wildlife of my home town and a children's book on the same topic.

I can work (Portugal or abroad) as:

  • cameraman
  • editor
  • field researcher
  • production stills photographer

You can watch teasers for my latest films, co-directed with my colleague and nature photographer Luís Quinta via the links below, or on my Profile Page:

Almada - Between the River and the Sea (2014) - www.vimeo.com/82338831
Arrábida - From the Mountain to the Sea (2013) - www.vimeo.com/67712282

Julian Guerrero

Profile Page

Julián Guerrero

P.O. Box 6016

Phone: +255 767 521 947

Skype Me!

Email: guerrerorozco@hotmail.com

Website: www.naturalia.me

I am an amateur wildlife filmaker and photographer.

I am currently living in Tanzania.

I recently started a Blog called www.naturalia.me with the aim of sharing knowledge, videos and photos related to nature and wildlife.

I offer free advice and support to persons interested in filming wildlife in East Africa.

Christof Hahn

Profile Page

Christof Hahn

Christof Hahn

Himalaya Karakoram Travel

Phone: +975 771 79 090 / +975 774 04 508

Skype Me!

Email: christof.hkt@gmail.com

Website: www.himalaya-karakoram-travel.com/bhutan-fixing

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Christof has been living and working in Africa and Asia for over 25 years photographing and working in nature conservation and natural resources management, the last 12 years in Bhutan. He has been travelling and photographing the entire country, trekking to its remotest regions. With his comprehensive network and experience and through his company Himalaya Karakoram Travel, he organizes for any kind of film making in Bhutan.

His company offers a range of services to make your shoot in Bhutan as smooth, efficient, and enjoyable as possible and provides the following professional services to film productions:

  • Support to process and obtain all necessary permissions to film in Bhutan.
  • Location recommendations and scouting.
  • Sourcing local crew.
  • Research and fact-checking.
  • Provision of local experienced assistance for your project.
  • Arrangement of all necessary logistics, accommodation in Hotels or tents, transportation, flights in planes and helicopters and transport in comfortable vans or 4×4 SUV, on horse back or yak, and arrangements for guides and translators.
  • Information about visas.

If there is something you need that is not on this list, just ask.

Jean Hartley

Profile Page

Jean Hartley

ViewFinders Ltd
PO Box 14098
Nairobi 00800

Tel: +254 (0)716 875928/875953
Mobiles: +254 (0)722 516039 & +254 (0)733 741167
Fax: +254 20 4180424

Email: info@viewfindersltd.com  

Website: www.viewfindersltd.com


Jean Hartley is the founder of ViewFinders, based in Nairobi, Kenya, and is acknowledged as being the first to legitimise "fixing" for wildlife film crews. Over the last 25 years, she has worked on nearly one thousand three hundred films, rising by the day, the vast majority being about wildlife and nature.

Jean has always been an avid bird and wildlife enthusiast, and in 1986 organised the first international fundraising bird-watching marathon in Kenya, co-ordinating seven teams from different countries and two BBC crews to produce The Great Safari Bird Rally. During this event Jean met producer Adrian Warren, who was keen to secure her as a fixer for his next project, The Great Rift. So, for the next two years Jean dived into organising everything in-country for the film crews working on this three-part documentary, including licenses, permits, accommodation, travel, equipment and insurance etc.

Jean enjoyed the job in hand and saw the potential for developing this as a full time business. She attended the Wildscreen Film Festival in 1988 where she secured her first two clients under her newly founded company Viewfinders Ltd. Both of these projects turned out to be award-winners and from then on she’s been in high demand as a unique service provider in East Africa. Jean has continued to work with the BBC NHU along with many other broadcasters and independents from all over the world.

Films produced under the watchful eye of Jean are invaluable as they inspire hoards of visitors to Kenya, supporting the country’s tourism industry. They come keen to experience the natural history and wildlife of Kenya first-hand after being wowed by the stories and images seen on their televisions or on cinema screens.

Jean is an author of three guides to Kenya and has written an insightful book called Africa’s Big Five and other wildlife film makers, which features five great film makers who all started their careers in Kenya during the 1950s, legends whom she is proud to call personal friends. Watching all their films, and many more, she became fascinated by the history of film making in Kenya and determined to find out when it all started. She traces the roots of wildlife film back a hundred years, drawing on accounts of the original film makers and the professional hunters who guided those early safaris. She tracks the changes from those grainy, speeded up, silent films through to the technologically perfect High Definition and 3D films that are being made today. Read the book’s introduction here: www.wildlife-film.com/features/Africas-Big-Five-And-Other-Wildlife-Film-Makers.html

If you’re thinking of making a film in Kenya/East Africa, make sure you get in touch with Jean early on so as to facilitate your production being as smooth and efficient as possible!

Listen to Jean’s Oral History on WildFilmHistory: www.wildfilmhistory.org/oh/37/Jean+Hartley.html

Shazaad Kasmani

Profile Page


Shazaad Kasmani

Wild Kenya Safaris

Phone: +254 735 353 589 & +254 728 888 889

Email: shazaad.kasmani@gmail.com

Website: 500px.com/shazaadkasmani & wildkenyasafaris.blogspot.com

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Born and raised in Kenya, I am specialized in Natural History Photography and Filmmaking consulting for all major National Parks as well as Marine Parks in Kenya.

My expertise includes but is not limited to:

  • Location Scouting
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Organizing and facilitating documentary interviews with the locals and/or Kenya Wildlife Service
  • Fixing and Facilitation Services
  • Organizing Wildlife Photography and filmmaking safaris with professional driver guides who speak English, German, French and Italian
  • Wildlife Stock Photos
  • Lodge and Camp accommodation arrangements
  • Location recommendations and research
  • Conducting and leading Wildlife Photography workshops
  • Presenting
  • Location logistics and management by Road, Air and Boat
  • Safari vehicle rentals with experienced local drivers
  • Swahili translations
  • and much much more...

Alan Lacy

Profile Page

Alan Lacy


Phone: +1 602 326 0546

Email: alan.p.lacy@gmail.com

Website: www.thelastpack.org

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I enjoy telling stories that make an impact on people through the world of film.

I specialize in project management, overseeing the entire production process from initial concept through distribution.

My strengths include networking, planning, organizing, and executing the tasks needed to move the project forward.

If you need help with a concept, or want someone to oversee your production cycle, I am your guy.

Jin Pyn Lee

Jin Pyn Lee

Elemantree Media
1/34 Dunne Street
Victoria 3083

Phone: +61 423 66 2233

Email: jinpyn@elephantandtree.com

Freelance television producer, director, writer, fixer, production management.

Specialize in Asian natural history and conservation (over twenty years involvement).

Jin Pyn's career spans across broadcaster and independent production companies. Credits include BBC Worldwide, Channel News Asia, and Animal Planet, across all genres: short-form interstitials, long-form factual documentaries, and animation. Geographically the programs have been distributed all over the globe, including Korea's Kids Talk Talk, US's Somos TV and India's Edumedia. In Japan, Jin Pyn has won the best animation award, and her children's picture book was the first from Singapore to garner multiple languages.

Cesar Luiz Leite

Profile Page

César Luiz Leite

Capuccino Productions
Rua Alberto de Salvo
530 - Casa 24
Jardim Santa Genebra Ii
Sao Paulo 13084-759

Phone:+44 (0)7871 404 765 & +55 19 996 305 168

Skype Me!

Email: cesar.fima@gmail.com

Website: www.tevideos.weebly.com

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César is a biologist with MA in Wildlife Filmmaking in Bristol, working with BBC Exec and PM for his short film in Brazil.

He also had work experience at Icon Films and did freelance at the Pervasive Media Studio.

And with strong communication skills, he is able to work as a researcher/field assistant for Portuguese, English, French and Spanish speaking countries - specially in Brazil with a wide variety of contacts from top scientists to local villagers and with access to locations and new stories.

Douglas Lyon

Profile Page

Douglas Lyon

Excelman Productions
67, rue Traversiere
Paris 75012

Phone: +33 6 0742 7838

Email: excelman.productions

Website: www.excelman.com

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Douglas Lyon: Line Producer, Field Producer and founder of Excelman Productions.

We are Producers, Production Managers, Line Producers, Field Producers, Journalists and Directors! We have 20 years of experience in more than 50 different countries, with an incredible network of contacts, and reliable veteran staff in each country! We have come to be known as "Africa specialists", but actually we began with Fashion and News, then Variety shows and Reality Shows, and although we love it all, but we must confess a particular passion for Broadcast News, Documentaries, and... well, you guessed it: Africa! The primary vocation of Excelman Productions ranges from the complete production to simply the logistic management and co-ordination, of a wide spectrum of primarily audio-visual projects in video or film: hard news, documentaries, live satellite broadcasts, variety shows, reality shows, sports events, TV films, commercials, etc. In just a few years, after many prestigious shoots all over France, Europe and two dozen African nations (a total of more than 50 different countries), EXCELMAN Productions has become a privileged partner of all of the major Japanese television networks and production companies as well as the most prominent advertising agencies. Need a crew to tell your story? A Producer? Director? A Journalist? Contact Us! We work extensively throughout Europe and Africa and we would be delighted to suggest cost effective solutions in order to achieve results above and beyond your hopes and expectations!

As concerns the wildlife film genre, strangely we have not done any! It is a mystery, but given our extensive experience in Africa, it would be very easy for us to handle the logistics of such projects, which is why I thought that Wildlife-Film.com might be good for us... We have, of course, for many of our Africa projects, tracked and filmed wild animals, and have a good idea of the difficulties involved... but we have never worked on a project dedicated strictly to the “Wildlife” theme... Yet!

Jim Manthorpe

Profile Page

Jim Manthorpe

United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)7717 284 601

Email: info@jimmanthorpe.com

Website: www.jimmanthorpe.com

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I am a wildlife camera operator and fixer based in the West Highlands of Scotland.

I have a Masters in Wildlife Documentary Production and have recently set up and assisted on sequences for the BBC's The Great British Year (mountain hares) and Hebrides - Islands on the Edge (common dolphins).

I specialise in Highland wildlife - particularly eagles and otters - having worked as a ranger on the Knoydart peninsula for seven years.

My most recent film is a 12min production on the white-tailed eagle.

Equipment: Sony EX3 and Canon 7D for timelapse.

Chris Mason

Chris Mason

NHU Africa/Wild Talk Africa
Block A, Longkloof Studios
Darter's Road
Cape Town 8001
South Africa

Phone: +27 (0)21 422 0023

Email: christopher.mason@nhuafrica.com

Website: www.nhuafrica.com & www.wildtalkafrica.com

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Marketing manager for NHU Africa and Wild Talk Africa film festival..

Chris Mason

Profile Page

Eleisha McNeill

NZ Fixer Limited
New Zealand

Phone: +64 49 761 675

Email: info@nzfixer.com

Website: www.nzfixer.com

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NZ Fixer

NZ Fixer provides full production coordination for film crews coming into New Zealand, including research, field directing, finding talent, pre-interviews, location scouting, and all logistics.

Max Moller

Profile Page

Max Moller

Black Devil Productions
Tasmania, Australia

Phone: +61 431 080 279

Email: max@blackdevil.tv

Website: www.blackdevil.tv

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Max Moller is the director of Black Devil Productions who is creating new ways to promote wildlife films in Tasmania and around the planet focusing on Tasmanian Devils. As a filmmaker and director he knows your needs having experience being a wilderness location researcher and fixer for many productions from around the world.

Black Devil Productions is an independent production company based in Tasmania, Australia. We have in house producers, cameramen, explorers and scientists to specialise in producing wildlife documentaries about the flora and fauna of Tasmania to the endless choices of scenery, from wilderness, pristine beaches, open grassy plains, dry bush, rivers, high mountain lakes or snow capped peaks. With military outdoor survival training, Max can safely take you to some of the most remote areas of Tasmania, to experience one of the wildest places on the planet.

Frederique Olivier

Profile Page

Frederique Olivier

PO Box 147
South Hobart
Tasmania 7004

Phone: + 61 (0)400 511 800

Skype Me!

Email: pagodroma@gmail.com

Websites: fredsaway.wix.com/fredpics & www.fredpics.com

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I have 9 years experience in documentary production and worked in various positions from field logistic support, photography, sound recording and now mostly videography. I have good experience working in remote areas and extreme environments from tropical to polar, especially polar.

Programs were essentially natural history (BBC NHU), science, various documentaries, conservation and educational programs. Details on Linked In and website. My latest shoot involved the use of remotely controlled cameras on robots filming Emperor penguins for the BBC Series Spy in the Huddle.

Services: camera, location sound, field logistics, still photography.

Post: Editing with FCP, DVD authoring.

Additional: stock footage and imagery.

Bernhard M Pausett

Bernhard M Pausett

Tasen alle 16
Oslo NO-0853

Phone: +47 9009 3940

Email: pausett@online.no

Cam operator, fixer, location scout, drone operator, transport, logistics.

Chris du Plessis

Chris du Plessis

Photos of Africa
Kruger National Park
South Africa (Head Office)

Phone: +27 (0)83 991 5945

Photos of Africa

Phone: +49 (0)152 5896 8239

Skype Me!

Email: info@photosofafrica.com

Websites: www.photosofafrica.com& www.southafricatravelchannel.com

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Passionate about Filming Tourism and Wildlife Destinations.

Iuliia Poberezhna

Iuliia Poberezhna

18 Kitson Road
London SE5 7LF
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)7990 666 720

Email: iuliia.poberezhna@gmail.com

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I have an MA in Wildlife Documentary Production from the University of Salford, 8 years of professional experience in TV production and a great passion for TV.

I held positions of a journalist, researcher, sub-editor and scriptwriter for news and entertainment programmes. My duties covered all stages of content production, including research, writing, shooting planning, finding contributors and co-ordinating the work with them, booking equipment and locations.

Natural history documentaries have always been my biggest inspiration so I‚m looking to re-launch my career in this fascinating area. I would welcome job offers as a runner/production assistant/researcher/production co-ordinator, and hope my skills could make me a helpful member of a team.

Kori Price

Profile Page

Kori Price

Day's Edge Productions

Phone: +1 20 85 910 852

Skype Me!

Email: kori.price@gmail.com

Website: www.koriprice.com

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Born in Texas and raised in Idaho, Kori received her Bachelor in Fine Arts in Journalism from the University of Georgia, then became an au pair in Switzerland for a year before moving out west to pursue a career in the Serengeti of America. Kori lived in the snowy mountain tops of Jackson, Wyo. for nearly six years as the Festival & Design Director for the prestigious Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival before choosing the life of adventure once again. She is now traveling through Southeast Asia where she'll be teaching English for the better part of a year. Working in a nonprofit for an international organization allowed Kori to hone skills and efficiency in graphic/web design, content creation, event/volunteer coordination, professional social networking, office supervision and more. No amount of chaos, deadlines or stress could inhibit her ability to excel with optimism, good humor and organization.

Jeremt R Roberts

Profile Page

Jeremy R. Roberts

Conservation Media
P.O. Box 7061, Missoula
MT 59807

Phone: +1 (406) 360 9684

Email: jroberts@ConservationMedia.com

Website: www.ConservationMedia.com

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As a biologist-turned-filmmaker with advanced degrees, Jeremy Roberts is a naturalist who knows intimately the Rocky Mountains and High Plains.

He maintains a working relationship with countless biologists throughout the region and understands natural history production inside and out.

He is your go to contact for all HD natural history productions in the region.

DP, AC, Research & Development, Logistics, and more.

Mark Roberts

Profile Page

Mark Roberts

Hong Kong

Phone: +85 294 875 642

Email: markrob@hkstar.com

Website: www.markroberts.hk

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Mark Roberts is the sound recordist on some of television's best-known documentaries, including all nine of the BBC's Expedition series from Amazon Abyss to Wild Burma: Nature's Lost Kingdom, as well as landmark series such as Wild China, Life and Frozen Planet.

Remote and extreme environments are his speciality, often with limited resources, but never compromising the quality of his sound recordings.

Mark trained in outside broadcasts and has worked closely with NBC on every summer and winter Olympic Games, from Athens 2004 to Sochi 2014, as well as numerous stories for Dateline and Rock Centre.

As well as a sound recordist, he is also a fixer, providing production support in Hong Kong and China.

From bases in Hong Kong and UK he operates internationally, providing first-class audio expertise every time.

Sebastien Rombi

Sebastien Rombi

Profile Page

Sebastien Rombi

Sebastien Rombi

Sebastien Rombi

Portion 45
Glencoe Farm
South Africa

Phone: +27 723 030 582

Skype Me!

Email: sebastienr@beyondborders.co.za

Website: www.beyondborders.co.za

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Sebastien is a French wildlife filmmaker based in South Africa near the Kruger National Park. With extensive knowledge and experience in Southern Africa as a wildlife camera operator (Sony Z1, Sony HD NX5, Sony 400, Sony F55, Canon X20, Canon 7D, Canon C300) -photographic/filming safari guide - fixer and video editor (FCP7 and Adobe Premier Pro) Seb now runs his own natural history production company and freelances as much as possible on the side. His experience started in Cape Town, South Africa where he operated as a wilderness tour guide, taking guided tours and photographic trips through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland. After a few years spent on the road, he had the opportunity to work on his first wildlife documentary for National Geographic, called “Swimming Scared” about Great White Sharks and Cape Fur Seals filmed in the notorious waters of False Bay. After even a short time working on this film, Seb finally found his true passion which took him to the Sabi Sands Game Reserve where he operated as a 2D/3D wildlife camera operator, editor and presenter for Wildearth.TV and Nat Geo Wild (Big Cat Week) on their live safaris.

Being one of the pioneers in the 3D film industry, he was approached by world renowned filmmakers, Foster Brother Productions (link this to their production company listing on your website please), to work on Dragon 3D. This 1 hour film is about scuba diving with Nile Crocodiles in the Okavango Delta and Seb was responsible for all the online 3D editing.

During his film career, Seb has edited numerous projects for Wildearth.tv, his flagship being a 13 part 3D series about safaris in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve. He has filmed and directed many documentaries in the wild as well as many promo videos for guesthouses, lodges and activities in South Africa. He also assists international production companies and TV Channels such as France 3 as a fixer on site to help with local transport, accommodation, guides, location scouting, filming permits etc…

He is now an independent wildlife filmmaker through Beyond Borders Productions where he gets involved into as many wildlife documentaries and films as possible, marketing himself as a fixer, wildlife camera operator, DOP and video editor. His current project with Wildlife Conservation Channel is Volunteering For Wildlife: a series highlighting the hard work of volunteers in wildlife conservation around the world. Seb is the main camera operator on this series and directs all the post production side of it.

He is also the course director of Beyond Borders Wildlife Film School, a training institution based in the famous Kruger National Park where he offers 25 day courses about script writing, camera technology, camera techniques and video editing. The school also provides mobile photographic and filming courses throughout South Africa for those who have the travelling bug and don’t want to spend 25 days in the same location.

His love and passion for all things wild and free can be seen in his projects, and his open mindedness and inventive thinking can only be a benefit to your current and future productions.


Sebastien Rombi

Profile Page

Dale Upton

Cape Town
South Africa

Phone: +27 828 506 717

Email: dale@outlandish.co.za

Website: www.outlandish.co.za

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4x4 Sprinter crew cab hire with accredited driver; roof rack designed for camera use and add-ons for your remote shoooting requirements in and around South Africa.

Option to hire 4x4 quad bike.

Free Members

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