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WFN 232 - December 2018













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Enter the Back from the Brink Film and Photography Competition!
by Jason Peters
28 November 2018

Back from the Brink is one of the most ambitious conservation projects ever undertaken. Its aim – to save 20 species from extinction and benefit over 200 more through 19 projects that span England; from the tip of Cornwall to Northumberland. It’s the first time ever that so many conservation organisations have come together with one focus in mind – to bring back from the brink of extinction some of England’s most threatened species of animal, plant and fungi. Explore the diverse projects to find out more about the special species they’ll be saving, the places they’ll be working and how you can get involved and make a difference. naturebftb.co.uk

And, they have a film and photography competition!

Do you see yourself as a photographer or filmmaker? Maybe you are a promising presenter, personality or innovator? Perhaps you just love being a creative enthusiast on your phone?

The Back from the Brink Film and Photography Competition is a great opportunity for you to get involved - help us to inspire a nation to celebrate and care about their local wildlife and habitats.

We’re all about the threatened and endangered species here at Back from the Brink, but they’re not always on your doorstep!

So, through this competition, we want you to focus on the wildlife you care about - the local animals and plants that you feel are threatened, or are recovering, or maybe thriving. The landscapes that inspire you, the places that are special, the stories of people and nature that give you hope. We want you to share these stories with us so that we can share them with everyone else - with the whole world…

Let the journey begin!

Call for Entries:

We are looking for innovative films and inspiring images that entertain, raise awareness, or celebrate the beauty of our precious wildlife and landscapes.

There are 8 different film categories available to enter, including a Young Person’s Award for those between 13 and 18 years old; a Presenter Award for those who want step in front of the camera; and an Innovation Award encouraging creative new approaches to create and present stories about our natural world. Check out all of the categories below.

This competition has been developed in partnership with Wildscreen, the charity behind the internationally-renowned Wildscreen Festival, and will culminate in an exciting Back from the Brink Festival in the autumn of 2019.

The winning films and images, selected by a panel of illustrious judges, will be screened and displayed here. Also up for grabs for the category winners are a goody bag of prizes donated by Back from the Brink project partners and Wildscreen.

Film Categories:

  • Impact Award: For the film that most effectively communicates an issue affecting the natural world and either:
    explores the results of actions taken to address the issue(s) such as campaigns and conservation work.
    is intended to deliver tangible impacts as a result of making and showing the film, such as behaviour change, audience participation or increased viewer knowledge from sharing a solution or action which audiences can take.
    Additional material: Entrants are required to submit a brief narrative (maximum 500 words) outlining the tangible impacts and outcomes of the production. This can include numerical information.
  • Innovation Award: For the film that best uses creative new approaches to create and present stories about the natural world. Eligibility: This could include innovative storytelling, an imaginative use of new technology, creative filmmaking processes such as stop motion and animation.
  • Nature Near Me Award: For the production that most effectively communicates the natural world within a 1km radius from the entrant’s home, school or workplace. Additional information: Entrants will be required to submit the location(s) where the film was shot if they are successful and the film proceeds to the final round of judging.
  • People & Nature Award: For the production that most effectively explores and tells stories about the social, cultural or economic relationships people have with the natural world.
  • Presenter Award: For the production that most effectively uses on-screen presenter(s) to engage audiences with the natural world. Eligibility: This award is directed at on-screen presenter(s) and as such films solely using narration are not eligible. Productions with a combination of narration and an on-screen presenter(s) are eligible.
  • Threatened Environments & Species Award: For the production that most effectively explores the concept of ‘threatened’. Eligibility: This award explores perceptions of ‘threatened’ as a concept; looking at narratives on threatened animals, plants and environments.
  • Young Person’s Award:
    For the best overall production by a young person. Eligibility: Entrants must be between 13 and 18 years old at the time of making the film.
  • Just a Minute Award:
    For the best overall production on the natural world that has a maximum length of one minute. Eligibility: Entries must have a running time of one minute (60 seconds) excluding end credits.

Photo Categories:

For those who prefer photography, there are 4 categories to tackle, including a Storytelling Award which encourages entrants to develop a collection of six to ten images that cover an important natural world story, woven together with a strong narrative.

  • Biodiversity: Portraits and images that display the natural beauty and behaviour of animals, plants and fungi.
  • Spaces for Species: Celebrating the wonder and importance of the UK’s landscapes and habitats.
  • People and Nature: Focussing on human relationships with nature, including:
    Reacting to challenges or conflict.
    Experiencing, celebrating or enjoying the wonder of nature.
  • Storytelling: A collection of six to ten images covering an important story of the natural world, weaved together with a strong narrative.
    Eligibility: Each sequence of six to ten images should be a story told through the progression of images. At least half of the images should have been created since 17 November 2017, the start of the Back from the Brink project, the remainder can be created prior to this if appropriate to the narrative of the entry, e.g. showing change in a local environment or species.
    Additional material: Entrants are required to submit a brief synopsis (maximum 500 words) to outline their photo story.

Find out more (incl rules) & enter here: naturebftb.co.uk/competition

Diary dates:
Wednesday 28 November 2018: Categories, guidelines and entries open
Friday 30 August 2019: Official submission deadline
October 2019: Winners announced

Like Facebook.com/NatureBftB & Follow Twitter.com/NatureBftB/Instagram.com/naturebftb

See the Feature Page here...


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WFN 232 - December 2018

World Wildlife Day Living Oceans Film Showcase announced
20 November 2018

Stories about marine species and ecosystems will hit the big screen and your mobile phone when the planet celebrates World Wildlife Day 2019

Global marine species have never come under the international spotlight as a group. This will change in 2019. The Secretariat of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and Jackson Hole WILD announced today that they will team up again to organize an international film showcase, this time focused on marine species. Winning films will raise global awareness of the importance of life below water to our everyday lives, explore the critical challenges facing the marine ecosystems that comprise two-thirds of our planet and highlight inspiring solutions in meeting them.

The Living Oceans Film Showcase will be one of the global events that will anchor next year’s UN World Wildlife Day (3 March) celebrated around the theme Life Below Water: For People and Planet. Winners will be announced at UN Headquarters in New York at a high-level event on Friday, March 1 to observe the Day.

Covering two-thirds of the planet and making up more than 99% of earth’s livable habitat, our oceans remain the least understood ecosystems on Earth. In fact, we know more about the moon than we do about the deep sea. Nonetheless, life on our planet began in the ocean and we rely on a healthy ocean for our very survival. Life below water has sustained human civilization and development for millennia, from providing food and nourishment, material for handicraft and construction to the very air we breathe.

CITES, the world’s wildlife trade regulator, protects marine species listed on its Appendices from over-exploitation by ensuring that international trade in these species is sustainable, legal and traceable.

“CITES has a long history of regulating international trade in many marine species to help ensure their survival in the wild, including since 2013 several commercially harvested sharks and rays, such as hammerhead, porbeagle and oceanic whitetip sharks, and the devil and manta rays. For marine species, this places CITES at the interface between sustainable use and international trade, focusing on species that have declined to a level that requires sound trade and management measures to maintain or rebuilt stocks,” stated David Morgan, Officer-in-Charge of CITES.

As UNDP Head of Biodiversity and Ecosystems, Midori Paxton, notes: “Over three billion people depend on marine and coastal biodiversity for their livelihoods and primary source of protein; the estimated market value of marine and coastal resources and industries is $3 trillion per year; and oceans help to mitigate the impact of climate change. If we are to ensure that ocean ecosystems are sustainably managed for current and future generations, a comprehensive global response is needed that scales up successful nature-based initiatives.”

Yet, the capacity of life below water to provide these services is severely impacted, as our planet’s oceans and the species that live within it are under assault from an onslaught of threats, including climate change, marine pollution and trash, habitat destruction, and unsustainable fishing practices.

“While we still stand at a juncture in which crisis can still be averted, it is essential to take action that empowers local engagement and personal commitment,” explained Lisa Samford, Executive Director of the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. “Our aim is to galvanize the power of media to inspire wonder, catalyze change and move the dial on the conservation of marine species and ecosystems.”

The CITES Secretariat is designated by the United Nations General Assembly as the global facilitator for the celebration of the World Wildlife Day each year in collaboration with organizations in the United Nations system. UNDP is co-organizing this year’s set of World Wildlife Day events and activities together with UN Environment, Jackson Hole WILD, Wildlife Conservation Society, and other organizational partners.

See the Full Press Release here...


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WFN 231 - November 2018

BBC Trainee Camera Bursary, Life of Plants

The BBC Natural History Unit (NHU) is acknowledged as the leading maker of television and radio programmes on wildlife and natural history anywhere in the world. Renowned for our innovative production techniques, we’re offering a one year traineeship to an individual with substantial experience of natural history filming and field wildlife observation. Based in Bristol, the NHU output covers a wide range of programme subjects and formats. These include blue-chip series such as Blue Planet 2 and Planet Earth 2, as well as live, topical events like Springwatch and Autumnwatch, or Radio 4's Tweet of the day.

For the first time in 25 years the Natural History unit is making a BBC 1 landmark series on the world of Plants. This is global in its scale. This 5-part series will bring a brand new perspective on the plant world. We will discover how plants are the dominant form of life on our planet and essential for the existence of animals. They create ecosystems, communicate with each other, form alliances, fight, look after their own offspring and manipulate the animal world for their own ends. We will be employing a whole range of new visualization techniques to take the viewer on a stunning and completely novel journey into the world of plants. For Plants will use a wide range of filming techniques, for both small scale and big scale filming. So we are looking for someone who brings a passion and interest in learning about new technology and finding ways to use it to create new kinds of images. These will include timelapse, microscopy and other forms of extreme macro work, low light filming, studio work, tracking/gimbal equipment.

You will work with a passionate and closely integrated team. You will have involvement in the series editorial, testing of equipment, detailed planning for its use in studio and in the field. Your training will be on-the-job as well as attendance at formal courses and you’ll be allocated a Mentor to help and support you through this training programme. In addition your role may include travel to locations in the UK as well as overseas.

All wildlife content is acquired from freelance operators; there are no BBC staff positions in this category. Consequently, on completion you will be released to compete on the freelance market for work, either from the NHU or elsewhere. The traineeship is aimed at those with sufficient relevant skills and experience to enable rapid progress to full professional competence. You will need to include a link to your showreel with as part of your application. Please note if you do not include a link to your showreel we will not consider your application.

If you have already applied for the Trainee Camera Bursary, NHU Landmark you are also eligible to apply for this role but you will need to complete an application.

Find out more and apply here: Careerssearch.bbc.co.uk/jobs/job/Trainee-Camera-Bursary-Life-of-Plants/31237 Closing Date: 22 November, 2018


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WFN 230 - October 2018

Win a digital copy of Wild Pages: The Wildlife Film-makers' Resource Guide 3 ... enter now!

The third edition of Wild Pages: The Wildlife Film-makers' Resource Guide is out, now available in print, eBook and Kindle versions! :)

  • Now in its third edition, fully updated with many new entries
  • 274 packed pages Available as paperback, eBook or Kindle edition
  • A complete tool-kit of information for all wildlife film-makers – established and newcomers
  • Listings of wildlife production companies, production services, stock footage and sound libraries, distributors, broadcasters/channels, location managers/fixers, film festivals/competitions, education/training, organisations, equipment sales/hire, publications/resources, freelancers and more, with contact details, weblinks and descriptions.
  • Including answers to those all-important questions such as whether companies take people on work experience or consider co-productions, how to submit proposals etc.
  • Invaluable information at your fingertips to save hours of trawling through the Internet and sending many emails
  • Latest review soundbites: Essential Resource … Its pages lead you to more doors than any other publication of its type … A must have for any wildlife filmmaker … Positively bursting at the spine with information … A fantastic, much-needed wildlife film resource
  • An Essential Piece of Kit!

News image

To win an eBook version of Wild Pages 3, please answer the following question:

We assume that you all know that the birds on the front cover are gannets, so our question is:

What is the species of gannet and what is the exact location of the colony shown on the front cover of Wild Pages 3?

We'd like the full species name, either common or scientific, plus the name and location of the colony.

Please send your answers to wildpages@wildeye.co.uk by the end of 28th of October 2018 ... The winner will be drawn at random from the correct entries and announced in the November edition of WFN. (NB. One entry per person. By entering you are agreeing that your name and location will be shared if you win!)

Otherwise, if you can't wait (or don't know the answer!?), please order your copy via an online store of your choice now! Visit: www.wildeye.co.uk/wild-pages Thank you!!

Paperback: you can order it as a paperback from many online bookstores all over the world (RRP £14.95). For example, it is available from The Book Depository and Wordery with free worldwide delivery . Also Amazon.co.uk & Amazon.com for paperback and Kindle versions.

eBook Order:
‘Wild Pages: The Wildlife Film-makers Resource Guide’ as an eBook is in the form of a PDF file (5Mb) with active email and weblinks for all entries. You can order it by PayPal for immediate download using the button found here.

Please also 'Like' the publication on Facebook: Facebook.com/WildPages and 'Follow' on Twitter: @Wild_Pages :)

Also See Wild Pages 3 is Out Now!!

See the winner in WFN 231 - November 2018


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WFN 229 - September 2018

CEEweb for Biodiversity launches “Go Wild! Stay Cultured.” photo contest
28 August 2018

Marking the European Year of Cultural Heritage

Call for entries is open until 18 November 2018 CET midnight. “Go Wild! Stay Cultured.” explores the interlinkage of culture and Natura 2000 areas. The contest is free and open for both professional and amateur photographers.

Photos will be judged on the strength of the message, creativity and photographic quality. There will also be an online voting and a social media contest. Prizes for winners have a total value of EUR 1,500.

“Also, the selected photos will be made into postcards that we will send out to the European decision-makers, asking them to increase funding for both culture and nature conservation” - stressed Natura 2000 Policy Officer at the CEEweb Monika Kotulak and added: “We believe that both areas could flourish with adequate funds, raising the quality of life of the EU citizens.

How to apply and other information is available here.

The official sponsor of “Go Wild! Stay Cultured.” isInterrail. The contest is organised in partnership with Eurosite.

ENTER HERE: www.ceeweb.org/go-wild/go-wild-stay-cultured-call


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WFN 229 - September 2018

Environmental Charity Launches National Youth Film Competition with Wildscreen
From EarthWatch
9th August 2018

This summer, environmental charity Earthwatch Europe has teamed up with the Bristol-based Wildscreen Festival to launch a national film competition for UK residents aged 14 to 17.

The Young Earthwatcher Film Competition invites budding environmentalists to make a short film highlighting an environmental issue and presenting a solution or action people can take to help meet this challenge. Through the process of making their film, participants will not only benefit from connecting with nature, getting creative and developing their communication skills, but will also play a valuable role in inspiring their peers.

Steve Gray, Chief Executive of Earthwatch Europe, said: “Young people today will inherit a world shaped by our actions over the next decade. Engaging young citizens in environmental issues is key to a sustainable future for all. We hope the competition encourages young people to explore the natural world around them and inspire each other to find innovative solutions to pressing challenges.”

In addition to goody bags and an official certificate, competition finalists will receive an invitation to the Earthwatch event at the Wildscreen Festival in Bristol in October, where their films will be screened and discussed. The overall winner will walk away with a prestigious Panda Award, the ‘Green Oscar’ of the wildlife film-making world.


The film must:

  • introduce an environmental issue
  • present a solution or action that people can take
  • be no more than two minutes long

Further details, rules and registration can be found at www.earthwatch.org.uk/filmcompetition.

Key dates:

Competition deadline: 19 September 2018
Finalists announced: 24 September 2018
Earthwatch event at Wildscreen Festival: 17 October 2018

See the Full Press Release here...


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WFN 227 - July 2018

Global Search For New Talent To Join The BBC Earth Presenting Team
from BBC
7 June 2018

BBC Earth has today (7/6/18) launched a global search for a fresh new presenter who can offer a different perspective on all things natural history and science, to join the team to film a four-part YouTube series.

If you’ve never before been a presenter and are;

  • Passionate about our planet and all the wonderful things that live on it
  • Fascinated in the wider world of science, space or the human race
  • Able to communicate your passion with eager and curious audiences all over the world

Then you could enter this international search to become BBC Earth’s newest online presenter!

From today, budding science storytellers can film and upload a short video to either YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, that shows off their unique and creative approach to educational communication, and be in the running to win the opportunity to create content for a BBC Earth YouTube channel.

The BBC Earth YouTube channels have collectively over 3 million subscribers and have amassed over 945 million views, connecting audiences around the world with factual content on demand, every day. The main channel is the home of BBC Studios Natural History Unit’s legendary archive; Earth Unplugged makes you think about animals and natural history in a new way; And Earth Lab is the best science classroom you never had – tackling burning questions about the science that affects us.

Alex Ayling, Head of Digital Studios for Global Brands, at BBC Studios “We have a great family of presenters already and we feel a great responsibility to make sure that the next generation of STEM professionals, whoever they are and wherever they come from, have someone to look up to that they can relate to. I’m so excited to see what kind of science communicator talent, and future role models, there are out there waiting to be discovered.”

Entry videos must be submitted by 23:59 (BST) on 5th July 2018. Entries will be judged on how fresh the approach to science communication is, how clearly the facts can be understood by an audience on the internet and how much of the presenter’s passion comes across in their presenting style.

It couldn’t be easier to enter if you think you have what it takes:

  1. First, make a video in English explaining your favourite science fact in under 60 seconds. (This should be a new video made just for this competition). Feel free to use vlog style, interview someone, intercut with animation, or use a (safe!) practical demonstration to get your fact across. We really want to see your creative approach to science communication.
  2. Post that video publicly (so we can find it) to either YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  3. Use the hashtag #BBCEarthPresenterSearch somewhere in the title / tweet / post.
  4. Fill in the entry form online and include a link to your video and a short statement about why you want to be the next BBC Earth presenter

Visit & Apply: www.bbcearth.com/presentersearch2018

BBC Earth Presenter Search 2018: How to Apply | Earth Unplugged

View full T&Cs: www.bbcearth.com/modal/presentersearch2018/terms From here.

See the Full Feature here..


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Runners Wanted - BBC Bristol Talent Pool

BBC Bristol Unscripted and NHU produces a range of programmes including Antiques Roadshow, Flog It!, Countryfile, DIY SOS, Blue Planet II, Earth from Space and Springwatch.

We are looking for a pool of Runners to work across our output. Joining our pool of successful candidates will enable you to be offered work as and when those opportunities arise during peak periods.

Role Responsibility:

  • To support the production team in the office and on location
  • To look after crew & contributors on location
  • Pre-shoot preparation (under instruction from production team)
  • To be responsible for contestant correspondence and office administration
  • To undertake general office duties including note taking, taking messages, photocopying, e-mailing and filing British Broadcasting Corporation
  • To assist in casting of contributors by means of telephone interviewing
  • To maintain the contributor database
  • Data wrangling / logging and transfers

Find out more and apply here Careerssearch.bbc.co.uk/jobs/job/Runner-Bristol-Talent-Pool/28818 Contract Type: Fixed Term – Full Time. Closing Date: 17 June, 2018.

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WFN 226 - June 2018

JWFF are looking for Dolby Atmos ready titles!!

Yoshiharu McNicoll, of the Japan Wildlife Film Festival, is looking for Dolby Atmos ready films in the Natural History genre.

So, if you have any Dolby Atmos ready content for possible sales in Japan, please email yoshi@naturechannel.jp directly for further info.


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WFN 225 - May 2018

Wildscreen Festival 2018 Volunteer Applications Open

Now recruiting 2018 Wildscreen Festival Volunteers. DEADLINE: 1 JUNE

Volunteering at the Wildscreen Festival provides an unprecedented opportunity to play an important role in the world’s biggest and most prestigious natural world storytelling event.

The Wildscreen Festival could not take place without our loyal and hardworking crew of volunteers, who generously give up a week of their time to ensure we deliver a packed week of over 100 amazing and inspiring events to our 850 industry delegates as well as thousands of public.

Whether you want to learn more about the wildlife film and photography industry and/or have a passion for events and marketing, we have a whole host of roles available and we applications from people of all backgrounds.

Why volunteer?

  • Gain valuable experience and insight into the wildlife film, photography and event industries
  • You’ll get the chance to attend Festival events, including one full day off to experience the Festival as a delegate
  • Excellent networking opportunities. You’ll make life-long friends and connections!
  • Learn new skills and develop existing ones
  • Get access to the Panda Award film library and screenings of Panda-nominated films
  • Access to parties, premieres and special events

The serious stuff

  • Successful volunteers are required to be available for full-time work Sunday 14 to Friday 19 October 2018 inclusive. The Festival is open from early in the morning to late at night so expect shifts with early starts and/or late finishes.
  • We're sorry, but all volunteers must be aged 18 or over Applications are via the online form. We do not accept applications by email, CV or covering letters.
  • Wildscreen is a charity and these are unpaid volunteer posts and we're unable to cover the cost of travel to or accommodation in Bristol. A uniform and meals/refreshments on shift will be provided.
  • If you feel you have the necessary skills to be a proactive and hardworking member of the Wildscreen volunteer crew, please send us your application by Friday 1 June. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted throughout June for a telephone/Skype interview to assess your suitability and motivation, with successful volunteers being notified in July. Due to the expected high number of applications we are not able to provide individual feedback to unsuccessful applicants.

Find out more about roles here: wildscreen.org/festival/volunteering Apply here!


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Assistant to wildlife artist Robert E Fuller

At the Robert Fuller Gallery, Thixendale, Malton YO17 9LS TeL: 01759 368355

Annual salary £20000-£25000

We have an exciting full time opportunity for someone that has a background in wildlife conservation or video editing to work in a successful art gallery based near Thixendale. The role will be busy and challenging and you will be reporting directly to the Directors. Your main role will be a personal assistant to Robert E Fuller, although you will also work as part of a team who collectively run the gallery, which attracts over 7000 visitors per year.

Hours 9am-5pm. Full time role which will include some work on weekends.

The ideal candidate will have a strong interest in wildlife and skills that include conservation work, construction and electrical work, video editing, video surveillance, photography, filming and graphics.

Day to day duties will include:

  • Working on wildlife filming projects with Robert E Fuller, from constructing wildlife habitats to installing cameras and monitoring the footage
  • Going through video surveillance footage
  • Editing videos and photographs
  • Sending files to press and TV companies
  • Printing and downloading photographs
  • Archiving footage


  • Computer literate
  • Experience of video editing
  • Strong interest in wildlife and photography
  • Basic construction skills

Immediate Start

Please send your CV to <email removed> - POSITION FILLED!!

Visit: www.robertefuller.com


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WFN 224 - April 2018


The Pitching Session 2018 is hitting the next round!

On Friday, September 14th 2018 during the GREEN SCREEN International Wildlife Filmfestival, you have the chance to present new projects.

With leading professionals Annette Scheurich and Udo Zimmermann and a panel of editors and producers, ideas and concepts can be submitted until May 30th, 2018

To Participate, the following must be submitted:

1. An Exposé, not more than 2 pages. This should describe the project, time of filming, places and persons involved.
2. A brief curriculum vitae of the lecturer
3. An approximate short estimate or at least one budget presentation.
4. If available, a trailer or other material.

As the promotion of emerging talent in naturefilm has always been a concern of GREEN SCREEN, submissions by newcomers and ambitious young filmmakers are expressly encouraged.

A pre-selection panel will select 6 to 8 participants for the pitching session from the submitted projects by 1st August 2018

Contact info@greenscreen-festival.de for further information on how to submit.


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WFN 223 - March 2018

Silverback Films Camera Bursary

Award-winning wildlife production company Silverback Films is looking for a bursary cameraperson to work on one or more of its upcoming blue chip productions over the next year.

The bursary offers an amazing opportunity to work alongside and learn from Silverback's team of world class filmmakers and develop your skills as an emerging camera operator.

To apply, send a CV and showreel to Sam Davis: samantha.davis@silverbackfilms.tv

Showreels should demonstrate an ability to shoot sequences and experience of using variety of technology including drones and timelapse is an advantage. Broadcast credits are an advantage but not essential. Most important is the ability to demonstrate creativity and imagination!

Closing date for submissions is the 15th March.

The position will be based in Bristol and start in April.


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WFN 223 - March 2018

ACFF is Calling All Students 18 & Under To Enter Their SHORT VIDEO CONTEST!

It's simple, educational, and fun - and there are cash prizes, too!

Our NEXT GEN CAPTURE CONSERVATION CONTEST encourages students 18 & under to create and submit their own short video inspired by conservation and the environment. It can be of any genre (animation, documentary, music, etc), should not exceed 4 minutes in length, and can be created with a smart phone, iPad, or video camera.

We will award $100 cash prizes in three age groups (10 & under, 11-14, and 15-18) and Team Project categories.  A grand prize of $250 and an iPad mini will be awarded to the student whose video tells the most compelling story of his/her relationship with the environment and conservation. DEADLINE IS APRIL 1st!

Visit : conservationfilm.org/attend/next-gen-capture-conservation-project-contest


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WFN 222 - February 2018


British Wildlife Photography Awards 2018 - Call for Entries
by Maggie Gowan of British Wildlife Photography Awards
1 February 2018

CALLING ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS AND VIDEOGRAPHERS – The British Wildlife Photography Awards 2017 are open for entries. Find out more here: www.bwpawards.org

With 15 separate categories covering all aspects of British Wildlife share your vision with us and compete for a chance to win a prestigious prize. The £20,000 prize fund includes £5,000 cash first prize and cameras from lead sponsor Canon.

Be featured in a touring exhibition and reach millions across the UK through a touring exhibition and a beautiful book.

Whether incredible behaviour, a characterful portrait, an atmospheric woodland scene, or the secret world that lives in the undergrowth we want to see your pictures and films.

Be part of a competition and community that is supported by the UK's major conservation charities and celebrates excellence in wildlife photography and film.

Be inspired by our recent FILM and PHOTOGRAPHY WINNERS winners:

Last years winners:
Stills: www.bwpawards.org/winners2017
Film: www.bwpawards.org/videowinners2017

Some 'Highly Commended' photo's from the 2017 competition on the left. More details here.

The 2017 Wildlife in HD Video Winner

Caddisfly Larva by Liam Marsh from BWPAwards

Highlights of all the Winning and Commended films of 2017:

BWPA Highlights from 2017 from BWPAwards.

Also see: BWPA 2017 Winners Announced!

See the Full Call For 2018 Entries Feature here..


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News image

News image

WFN 222 - February 2018

Eco-Comedy Video Competition Spring 2018 – CALL FOR ENTRIES
Sponsored by: Center for Environmental Filmmaking & The Nature Conservancy – **$2,000 Prize**

The 2018 Eco-Comedy theme is “Conservation and Environmental Protection.”

Produce a short, humorous video for YouTube on any topic that relates to conservation and environmental protection. The contest is open to anyone worldwide who has a flair for producing videos.

Submissions must:

  • Be humorous!
  • Communicate a clear (and funny!) message around the theme of conservation and environmental protection.
  • Reach to a broad audience.
  • Be an original production.
  • Contain a title at the beginning; please include the total running time
  • Contain credit of the production crew members at the end.
  • Be less than three minutes (including titles and credits); Note: submissions longer than 3 minutes will not be considered.
  • Submissions should be emailed to the following address: ecocomedy2018@gmail.com
  • Be submitted by 11:59 pm Eastern Time Zone on Thursday March 1, 2018.

A panel of five judges representing  The Nature Conservancy and the Center for Environmental Filmmaking will determine the finalists and grand prize winner.

Submissions that are not received by Thursday, March 1, 2018, will not be accepted. Finalists will be announced on Thursday, March 8, 2018.

The winner will be announced at American University on Tuesday, March 20, at the DC Environmental Film Festival at 7 pm in the Doyle/Forman Theater in the McKinley Building.

The creator of the winning entry will receive a $2,000 award from The Center for Environmental Filmmaking.

For more information regarding submission guidelines and contest rules, please visit: www.american.edu/soc/environmental-film/eco-comedy-film-competition.cfm

Please address questions to Chris Palmer at palmer@american.edu

Watch the winner of the 2017 Eco Comedy Film competition: Planet B by Ashley Holmes

If you have an available position/competition/footage request and would like it included here, in Wildlife Film News/promoted on social media, please send all info, including any photo/logo's, to news@wildlife-film.com. For inclution in WFN, please make sure you send prior to the end of the month.

Do contact us if you have any problem contacting the employer or find that the opportunity is not as described or no longer available.

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