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Watch Our Planet by Silverback Films on Netflix

Discover the story of the one place we all call home - Our Planet, a groundbreaking Netflix original documentary series.

A Netflix original documentary series and groundbreaking collaboration between WWF, Netflix and Silverback Films, Our Planet showcases the world's natural wonders, iconic species and wildlife spectacles that still remain. We're all a part of this amazing planet, but we're changing it like never before. Discover the story of the one place we all call home.

Our Planet | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Visit: Watch:

Salma Hayek for Netflix's Our Planet


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Lots going on at Jackson Wild
from Jackson Wild
26 March 2019

Call for Entry: 2019 Jackson Wild Media Awards

Entry for the 2019 Jackson Wild Media Awards is open!

We have over 20 categories to enter and all projects completed since 6/1/17 are eligible.

Content Categories

Awarded to the program that most effectively explores animal behavior in a new, fresh, imaginative or authoritative way.

Awarded to the program that most effectively explores a unique habitat and its wildlife.

Awarded to the program that most effectively contributes to an awareness of timely and relevant conservation issues and/or solutions.

Awarded to the program that most effectively explores the interdependent relationship between humans and animals or the environment. ??

Awarded for the best examination of our changing planet, including human impact, the environment, sustainability and climate change.

Awarded to the program that most effectively incorporates science, the scientific method and scientific discovery into an understanding of some aspect of the natural world.

Awarded to the film that most effectively celebrates the impact of individuals, groups, organizations or movements committed to the protection, awareness or understanding of a species, ecosystem or some other aspect of the natural world.

Program Categories

Awarded to the non-broadcast or commercially distributed program that most successfully educates its audience on some aspect of the natural world. This includes projects created by government agencies, NGOs, universities and other institutions.

Awarded to the mini-series with episodes longer than 20 minutes in length, that most effectively advances a natural history theme. Individual episodes may be entered into other categories. Submit two episodes that best represent the series.

Awarded to the mini-series with episodes shorter than 20 minutes in length, that most effectively advances a natural history theme. Individual episodes may be entered into other categories. Submit three episodes that best represent the series.

Awarded to the program that most effectively inspires an appreciation of the natural world, or issues associated with animals and the environment to young people 6-12 years of age.

HOST / PRESENTER-LED Sponsored by: Vulcan Productions
Awarded to the program that makes the most effective use of a host or presenter in communicating an appreciation and understanding of the natural world.

Awarded to the program, between five and 20 minutes in length (including PSAs, music videos, and campaigns), that best advances an appreciation or understanding of the natural world.

Awarded to the most effective and compelling project under five minutes in length (including PSAs, music videos, and campaigns), that best advances an appreciation or understanding of the natural world.

Awarded to the program created for commercial distribution that best advances an appreciation or understanding of the natural world. This category includes programs distributed in theaters, BluRay/DVD or streamed via the internet.

STUDENT & EMERGING Sponsored by: HHMI Tangled Bank Studios
Presented in recognition of the best program produced by either a first-time filmmaker in the field of natural history production, or a student currently enrolled or no more than 2 years out of an academic program. All entering filmmakers will need to provide proof they are eligible for this category in the form of a student I.D. or statement and resume.

Awarded to the best natural history program created for the immersive platform of Virtual Reality.

Craft Categories

Awarded for the combined contribution of sound editing, musical score, production mixing and post-production mixing that most enhances the natural history program of which it is a part.

VISUALIZATION Sponsored by: Fujifilm and Fujinon Lenses
Awarded for the cinematography or computer generated visual storytelling that most enhances the natural history program of which it is a part. If sufficient entries are submitted, organizers/judges may create separate categories.

Awarded for the editing that most enhances the natural history program of which it is a part.

Awarded for the writing that most enhances the natural history program of which it is a part through the union of imagery, storyline, dialog and narration.

See our webpage for all of the details.

This information, along with our trailer, was shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Applications for the Jackson Wild Media Lab are LIVE!

Jackson Wild Media Lab is an immersive, cross-disciplinary science filmmaking workshop that brings scientists and media creators together to learn from leaders in the profession.

This highly competitive program will accept up to 16 participants, covering all expenses associated with travel, food and lodging during the workshop and the 2019 Jackson Wild Summit (September 21-27, 2019). (Please note: Applications are open internationally!)

This was also shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About Jackson Wild

Jackson Wild believes in the power of media to inspire wonder for our living planet and action to restore and protect it through high-impact collaborations. Since 1991, Jackson’s Summits have drawn together international leaders in science, conservation and cross-platform media. Through its initiatives, Jackson Wild catalyzes original voices and amplifies innovative global collaborations between science, conservation, corporate, public policy and storytelling partners who share its urgency of purpose.


See the full feature here!


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GREEN SCREEN INVITATION: "Pitching Session" 2019
14 March 2019


Filmmaking story tellers of the natural world are invited to take advantage of this unique opportunity to pitch their planned project to a board of commissioners, producers and distributors at the PITCHING SESSION of the International Wildlife Filmfestival GREEN SCREEN 2019.

To participate, the following must be submitted:

  1. An Exposé, describing the project should be described, including approximate shooting time, locations and the people involved.
  2. A short CV.
  3. An approximate budget idea.
  4. If available, a trailer or other footage.

The Pitching Session itself is open to the public and follows international rules:

The presentation of your project may take up to seven minutes.
After that the attending experts and decision makers are invited to evaluate the project and, if applicable, to express their interest.


Register your project here:

If you have questions, do get in touch! Pitching directors Annette Scheurich and Udo Zimmermann are happy to provide further information. The sooner we know who plans to pitch, the better, even if not all documents are ready.

A pre-selection panel will select 6 to 8 participants for the pitching session from the submitted projects by 1st August 2019.

Some of the projects that have been presented in recent years are now in production! Participation is in any case an enriching experience!

As the promotion of emerging talent in naturefilm has always been a concern of GREEN SCREEN, submissions by newcomers and ambitious young filmmakers are expressly encouraged. Please feel free to spread the word!

See you at GREEN SCREEN in Eckernförde! September 11th-15th 2019!


See the full feature here!


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New Wildlife & Nature Festival Contest for Film & Photo

A message from member Jorge Camilo Valenzuela:

Dear friends, wildlife photographers, filmmakers & producers.

There's a new international contest, a film & photo festival for both professionals and amateurs, in Mimizan in the South of France.

FIFPAN’s aim is to promote the work of women and men who devote themselves to the professions of wildlife photographer, audio visual technician, filmmaker ...

Please apply and register before April 15, 2019

More info here:


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Blue Planet spin-off part of new genre, says host Chris Packham

The presenter says the show will celebrate the environment but also warn of the problems it is facing.

Chris Packham has said he is pleased shows like his Blue Planet spin-off have formed a new genre celebrating the environment while also warning of the problems it is facing. The Springwatch star is one of the presenters of five-part series Blue Planet UK, which focuses on the country’s seas. It is being produced by BBC Studios’ Natural History Unit, which made Blue Planet and Blue Planet II.

"If you want people to help, you’ve got to get them to engage with the subject" Chris Packham

While Blue Planet II put plastic pollution at the top of the agenda, the daytime spin-off will “offer practical solutions for how to get involved around the country” and tackle the problem. Packham will also front Blue Planet Live alongside Liz Bonnin and Steve Backshall, which will be broadcast from around the world and will explore the health of our oceans and the wildlife who live there. Packham said: “The programmes will still be celebratory. “From my point of view, if you want people to help, you’ve got to get them to engage with the subject and you’re trying to get them to engage with the subject from a detached point of view, they’re not with you in the water so you’re using their awe and their wonder to connect with them, to build an affinity so that they care. “And then the next job – not that of the BBC, as it’s not a campaigning organisation – is to get them to act. “But I think building the platform for that action through developing an affinity is really important, so yes, these programmes – this, again, is a new genre. “We’re going to celebrate but at the same time we’re going ‘hold on, it’s marvellous isn’t it, but…’ and I think that’s really important. “I’m very pleased that it’s taking that direction.”

More here:

Blue Planet Live airs on BBC One

Chris Packham, Liz Bonnin and Steve Backshall kicked off an exciting new live series at 8pm on Sunday the 24th of March, to explore the health of our oceans and its wildlife, broadcasting thousands of miles from across the planet to find out how marine life is coping in the face of increasing environmental pressure.

Visit the Blue Planet Live programme page:

Blue Planet Live: Trailer - BBC

What is Blue Planet LIVE? | BBC Earth

Watch the series on BBCiPlayer (UK):

Read: Blue Planet Live viewers miss David Attenborough’s voice -, Chris Packham: 'My dream is that we can all live together on this planet' -,

Blue Planet Live: Don’t expect a deep dive from the BBC – The Irish Times – In the absence of Attenborough’s godly authority, they’ve gone for a ‘cooing-tourist’ presenter style: “I’ve been snotted on by a whale, I’ve tasted it, and I’m a very happy man,” crows Chris Packham at the end of the first broadcast of Blue Planet Live (BBC One, Sunday, 8pm). Some guys have all the luck. (It tastes like weak cabbage soup with a hint of brussels sprout, he informs us, which makes it sound only marginally more palatable.)

BBC's Blue Planet Live derailed FOUR times during Chris Packham segment about whale snot – Digital Spy - Live TV is snot easy.


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The Myth of Live by Richard Brock

On March 27th at 8pm on BBC1 in the much-publicized "Blue Planet Live", Chris Packham in Mexico emphasized how much he wanted to see a blue whale, the largest animal that has ever lived. And it would be brought to us live! ... chances were said to be 99%, according to the experts.

Anyway, Chris did not get to see his blue whale in that one hour programme, so what did they show?

Well, like the old days of Blue they prepared earlier i.e. recorded just beforehand. It was excellent footage, almost certainly better than any live pictures.

So what is this "myth" about live wildlife broadcasting as in Springwatch and the other "Watches"?

Live television is everywhere - the news, from the studio and reporters, and masses of sport of all sorts. So why is watching a blue whale, or sharks, or turtles live so special? Yes, it's still a clever technical achievement but I don't get it.

Am I an odd one out?

Watch Richard's Wildlife Winners & Losers series of films:


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Sustainability On Screen coming soon – May 5th and 6th 2019, Portobello Road, London

A film festival celebrating and showcasing environmental sustainability and veganism.

The SOS Film Festival is a trailblazing event dedicated to celebrating a sustainable and vegan ideal: a healthier, compassionate, environmentally friendly lifestyle. Thought provoking and hard hitting screenings of short and feature films, showing the impacts of our diet, consumption and how we live is affecting the world and local communities we live in. We will be screening award winning films and documentaries and Q&As with leading film makers, environmentalists and musicians. Topics include climate change, waste pollution, vegan and plant based diet and environmental sustainability. We aim to explore how our every days lives are affecting climate change, pollution and the health of communities.

We will be screening award winning films (including 2019 BAFTA Winner - '73 Cows' a 2018 PANDA Award Winner), from award winning directors and documentary makers- topics include vegan and plant based diet, climate change, animal conservation and environmental sustainability. We aim to explore how veganism can have a positive affect on climate change, pollution and the health of communities. Conservation and wildlife films include 'Love and Bananas - Elephant Rescue'; 'Down to earth' and Celine Cousteau's new film 'Tribes on the Edge'.

Find out more here:


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Visual Africa Films Publishes High-Tech Book Elephants Wear Ivory by Feisal Malik & Tanvir Ali
by Jason Peters
31 March 2019

“Elephants Wear Ivory” is the first coffee table book of its kind in Africa and amongst the first in the world.

The book is being used as a brand ambassador by HP Asia Pacific, to showcase the prowess of their printing technology and it contains images with Augmented Reality.

This is technology whereby one points a smartphone to an image, and it extracts a video instantly and plays it on the smart phone.

To understand this concept visually, watch this short film, whereby you can see how the technology works in the book.

The book has 50 unique images of Elephants, that celebrate their beauty and majestic nature, along with 50 stories that accompany each picture.

The images are the size of the book, an A3 page. On the opposite side of each page we have text that talks about the unique features of Elephants and how specialized they are.

The pictures of the Elephants are from the Maasai Mara, Amboseli, Samburu, Tsavo and Meru National Parks.

It is an easy read, and one doesn’t have to read from start to finish to enjoy the contents of the book. The Augmented Reality images in the book are 9, one of which is a full length documentary on Elephant Poaching and the ivory trade, that we produced. It is called “The Last In Line.”

Spread across the book are videos behind the scenes shoots of the journey made to produce the book. Scenes of photographing Elephants and travelling in the wilderness of Amboseli National Park.

The book is available on Review:

This book is clearly a labour of love and, as the subject matter deserves, it is expertly executed. Feisal Malik and Tanvir Ali have put together a wonderful collection of images and stories all of which are beautiful and fascinating.The augmented reality part of the publication is a fantastic addition and wholly bridges the divide between still and moving images. It is wonderful to be reading a book and instantly have the story brought to life with video via a smartphone app. The fact that this book is very much about conserving Africa's largest land mammal makes it an essential read, and watch!

Also read: Elephants Wear Ivory: Fusing technology with art to protect heritage:
& Irish Ambassador launches ‘Elephants Wear Ivory’ in Kenya:

Elephant research scientist and activist against poaching, Jim Nyamu, said: “This book celebrates elephants through beautiful pictures, and showcases elephant safaris. It also highlights the harsh reality of elephant poaching through the documentary; an ideal way to get the conservation message across.”

See the full feature here!


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Farming, Food and Nature: Respecting Animals, People and the Environment Edited by Joyce D’Silva and Carol McKenna with the Foreword by Jane Goodall – An Important Book, Out Now!

Livestock production and its use of finite resources is devastating biodiversity and pushing wildlife to the brink of extinction.This powerful book examines the massive global impact caused by intensive livestock production and then explores solutions, ranging from moving to agroecological farming to reducing consumption of animal products, including examples of best practice and innovation, both on land and within the investment and food industries.

Leading international contributors spell out the problems in terms of planetary limits, climate change, resources, the massive use of cereals and soy for animal feed, and the direct impact of industrial farming on the welfare of farmed animals. They call for an urgent move to a flourishing food system for the sake of animals, the planet and us. Some offer examples of global good practice in farming or the power of the investment community to drive change, and others highlight food business innovation and exciting developments in protein diversification. Providing a highly accessible overview of key issues, this book creates a timely resource for all concerned about the environmental, social and ethical issues facing food, farming and nature. It will be an invaluable resource and provide inspiration for students, professionals, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the general reader.


Joyce D’Silva is Ambassador Emeritus for Compassion in World Farming, the leading charity advancing the welfare of farm animals worldwide. She is co-editor of The Meat Crisis (second edition 2017).

Carol McKenna is Special Advisor to the Chief Executive of Compassion in World Farming and organised the Extinction and Livestock Conference on which this book is based.


"A wide range of experts and policy makers explore innovative ideas and solutions for the future of the planet, with a focus on our health and food systems. I strongly recommend reading this book to anyone interested in a sustainable diet and a healthy environment, as well as animal welfare."
Hilal Elver, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food

"The weight of evidence for changing the food system is now overwhelming, yet resistance to change is stubborn. We are all part of that. No one likes to think they aren’t in control of what they eat. How can we unlock this mismatch? This book is an important collection of arguments why we must and what needs to happen."
Tim Lang, Centre for Food Policy, City, University of London, UK Review:

"The October 2017 'Extinction and Livestock Conference' in London was a ground-breaking event attended by a broad spectrum of experts from many different sectors with varied interests in the impact of livestock farming. It was refreshing to see so many diverse people come together to try and find common ground in a attempt to come up with solutions to the many problems associated with intensive animal agriculture. This book collates those ideas and those of the many experts that were unable to attend this conference. It is an important book that could very well help bring about a fairer, more compassionate and planet-friendly food system, if taken notice of. The opening paragraph of the Introduction is: "There’s a sense of urgency in the air. The evidence for rapid climate change is growing; biodiversity and wildlife are obviously in trouble; the very soils on which we all depend for food are losing their vitality; water is becoming scarce and polluted; and, scandalously, poverty and hunger are still with us. Our planet itself is in turmoil." This urgency needs to be felt by all of us, not just those already in the know ... All decision-makers should read this book if they are ever going to get to grips with why a food-system so entrenched but so damaging needs to change. Lots of great ideas are put forward and the case for veganism is strong. Read this book, share the ideas and live in hope."
Jason Peters, Wildlife Film News Editor

The book is available at &

The Extinction and Livestock Conference – the world’s first international event to explore the impact of livestock production on the future of life on Earth – took place on 5 and 6 October 2017 at the QEII Conference Centre in London.

Organised by Compassion in World Farming and WWF-UK, the #extinction17 event saw world-renowned speakers take to the stage to discuss how intensive livestock systems are at the heart of so many problems affecting health, food security, biodiversity, the environment and animal welfare.

The event was the beginning of what will become an international movement working to identify solutions to mend our broken food systems and to ensure that the current climate change targets and the Sustainable Development Goals are achieved in order to save the planet, and secure food for future generations. See for more information.

Videos from the event:

See the full feature here!


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The 42nd IWFF is coming ... April 13th to 19th!

The International Wildlife Film Festival (IWFF), created and based in Missoula, Montana, hosts a wide-ranging line-up of special events, public screenings, seminars and panel discussions and evening receptions.

The Missoula Festival is not a trade show or marketplace; it is a forum for people to teach and learn about the natural history filmmaking business and wildlife issues.

Our Festival is an eclectic collection of people who have a great concern for wildlife and wildlands, and how television, film and video play important roles in understanding and protecting creatures and habitat world-wide.

The mission of the International Wildlife Film Festival is to foster knowledge and understanding of wildlife and habitat through excellent, honest wildlife films and other media.

The IWFF was the first juried wildlife film competition in the world.

The 42nd International Wildlife Film Festival will he held from April 13-19 2019 in Missoula, Montana, USA

See the 2019 semi-finalists here:

Moments from the 2018 International Wildlife Film Festival Award Show:

International Wildlife Film Festival Award Show IWFF41

Learn more at

See the 2018 winners here:


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The 29th Abbeville Bird and Nature Festival is coming ... April 13th to 22nd!

Spring is a time for bird watching, which is why every year since 1991 the Bay of Somme celebrates the bird, its' best protected inhabitant, on the occasion of the Abbeville Bird and Nature Festival.

Alone, with family or friends, need to take a deep breath of sea air to oxygenate youself? Treat yourself to a Spring getaway to the Bird and Nature Festival! Every year in spring, the best time to observe birds, the Festival offers 9 days of immersion in nature for the whole family.

The wildlife film festival quickly became the meeeting place for naturalists, and certainly the largest nature festival in France. Indeed, it has the distinction of offering nearly 400 guided nature outings, but not just that: photo, art and wildlife films, debates, shows, courses and youth events are also on the program.

We cater to all tastes ... You will find the activity that suits you amongst all on the Festival of Birds and Nature programme.

Find the full programme here: (in French!)

Take a look at last years' festival:

Rétro du 28ème Festival de l'Oiseau et de la Nature (2018)

Visit:,, &


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Just Animals, from member WildBear Entertainment in association with ZDF Enterprises & Screen Queensland, available now.

Just Animals (10x50') is a spectacular celebration of the world's wildlife. In this engaging series of documentaries, favourite creatures have been singled out and showered with attention, having a full episode dedicated to each.

The episodes include Just Kangaroos, Just Birds, Just Marine Mammals, Just Turtles, Just Crocodiles, Just Elephants, Just Hippos and Rhinos, Just Antelopes, Just Bears and Just Big Cats.

Every fascinating aspect of their lives is delved into, from physical attributes, sensory perceptions, communications skills, to extraordinary behaviours and ingenious adaptations. The family-friendly evergreen program Just Animals is a visual feast which tours the globe and intrigues, surprises and enthralls audiences.

Acquire here:


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Diving tarantulas, camera-shy dingoes: how we filmed ‘Australia: Earth’s Magical Kingdom’

Australia has many fantastic beasts, but getting close enough to film them was a challenge, writes producer Tosca Looby

Natural history film-making can be distinctly unglamorous – we dress in appalling camouflage prints, our cast rarely turn up and, when they do, they may bite, spit or both – and in spite of its breathtaking landscapes and beauty, filming in Australia might well be the least glamorous of all.

We travel vast distances along dirt roads to reach nocturnal animals that scamper for cover at the slightest hint of movement. We take to shark-rich waters to record ocean creatures that may or may not have arrived for their seasonal migration. It’s a hard, frustrating and, mercifully, sometimes gloriously satisfying game of cinematic roulette. Here are some of the creatures we encountered Down Under ...

Read more at:

The series was produced by member Oxford Scientific Films with music composed by Fraser Purdie.

Magical Land of Oz Trailer

Australia - Earths Magical Kingdom (Dingoes)

When asked to imagine Australia many people immediately picture its arid outback, but the continent actually boasts surprisingly varied landscapes. Travelling from the Snowy Mountains to Queensland, we discover how animals have learned to thrive across the continent’s harsh and beautiful extremes. Its unique wildlife includes tree-dwelling kangaroos, spiders that survive underwater and a bird that spreads fire.

Kangaroos – Two kangaroo males fight for the role of alpha male, Kangaroos can only hold their position of Alpha male for up to a year, it can be very taxing.

Australia: Earth’s Magical Kingdom’ aired on BBC2 (UK) in March ... Watch now on BBC iPlayer.

Also read: Australia: Earth’s Magical Kingdom: has David Attenborough met his match in Barry Humphries? - The artist formerly known as Dame Edna Everage proved the perfect choice for voiceover duties on Australia: Earth’s Magical Kingdom, the BBC’s latest, stunningly well-photographed, study of a country’s flora and fauna. He was avuncular, excitable and regularly awestruck by the many and varied creatures on display.


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WFFR 2019 is now open for entries!

Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam (WFFR) is the largest wildlife festival in The Netherlands. It focuses on the screening of wildlife, environment and  conservation documentaries.

The 5th edition will take place from Wednesday 30 October – Sunday 3 November 2019.

The festival is held in the city centre of Rotterdam at one venue.

The competition is free of fees. The deadline for entries is 1 May 2019.

In 2019 WFFR will recognise outstanding achievements in eleven Flamingo Award categories

You can submit your film via FilmFreeway.

The rules and terms can be found on FilmFreeway.

If you wish to submit your film otherwise, please contact for the possibilities.


  • Wednesday 1 May 2019: Official submission deadline
  • Friday 16 August 2019: Announcement of the selected finalists and Flamingo Award nominees
  • Wednesday 30 October – Sunday 3 November 2019: Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam, held in one of Europe’s most exhilarating cities according to the Lonely Planet.
  • Saturday 2 November 2019: The winning filmmakers will receive their Award during the Flamingo Award Ceremony.



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STROOP – journey into the rhino horn war available on multiple platforms around the World.

In this roller coaster ride between Africa and Asia, two first time filmmakers embed themselves on the front-lines of the rhino species genocide where they are given exclusive access to the war unfolding. Carving out six months for the project, the women quickly find themselves immersed in a world far larger and more dangerous than they had imagined, only emerging from their odyssey four years later. Gaining unprecedented access to the rangers in South Africa's national parks and with extraordinary undercover footage showing how the horn is processed, packaged and sold in Asia, filmmakers Bonné de Bod and Susan Scott capture a never-before-seen panorama of the global trade in rhino horn. Winner of fifteen awards, including Best Documentary at the San Diego International Film Festival.

Watch STROOP – journey into the rhino horn war via iTunes, Vimeo OD or on Amazon Prime Video.

Like the Facebook Page:

Feature: STROOP - journey into the rhino horn war … Members Susan Scott and Bonné de Bod on a mission to make a difference in the South African rhino poaching crisis.


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James Dunbar introduces his new macro filming Robot!

James, of Team Candiru, says "A while ago I decided that I needed to do something to make my shots a bit more dynamic. So I built a robot to mount a camera on. This is a modified version of Chris Annin's AR2 open source robot."

Introducing our new macro filming Robot.

Visit: &


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Sir David Attenborough and Stephen Fry feature in Wildlife Trusts’ Wind in the Willows ‘trailer’ – Kate on Conservation

Kenneth Grahame wrote The Wind in the Willows just over a hundred years ago. Since then, many of the UK’s wild places and the plants and animals that depend on them have been tragically lost.

Today, the Wildlife Trusts – in partnership with Don’t Panic – have released a new film trailer, presenting an animated version of the classic story, that calls for a wilder future and for nature’s recovery in the UK. 

Badger, Ratty, Mole and Toad want for a wilder future…

Big names in the conservation and acting worlds; including Sir David Attenborough, Stephen Fry, Catherine Tate, Alison Steadman and Asim Chaudhry have starring roles in the new The Wind in the Willows trailer – helping to bring to life the 21st century threats facing the much-loved characters from Kenneth Grahame’s children’s classic.

The animated trailer, produced by Rowdy, calls on audiences to help bring our wildlife back before it’s too late, so that we can all enjoy a wilder future.

Read more from Kate here:

The Wind in the Willows | Official Trailer |

Badger, Toad, Mole and Ratty find themselves in serious trouble when they return to the Willows! Join us for a #WilderFuture and play your part in nature’s recovery:

Brock Initiative


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African Jungle - Elephants meet microphones via Mindful Audio

These elephants immediately noticed our microphones but were cool enough not to tamper with them.

African Jungle - Elephants meet microphones

All sound recordings are available in the African Jungle library:


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Smithsonian Channel launches launches its brand new Latin America Channel with a premiere of Light & Shadow's blue-chip series THE WILD ANDES

Smithsonian Channel launched its' brand new Latin America Channel with a premiere of Light & Shadow's blue-chip series THE WILD ANDES on Wednesday, March 20 in Chile.

The production company said, "We are excited that our production has been chosen for the event and we hope it will fascinate many viewers throughout the continent. The film will be presented by David Royle, Executive Vice President of the Smithsonian Channel. We wish him and his team the best of luck for the launch!!"


British Wildlife Photography Awards


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WILD ICELAND - Andrew O'Donnell Show-reel

Check out this new show-reel from Andrew O'Donnell.

Footage courtesy of Razorbill Films/NHK Japan.

WILD ICELAND - Andrew O'Donnell Show-reel

Watch: Sullivan’s Wild Scotland - The Coast

Join Sullivan as he explores the mainland coast of Scotland. Filmed & Directed by Andrew O'Donnell.

Sullivan's Wild Scotland - The Coast 2019 (Full Film)


Wildlife Winners and Losers - Brock Initiative


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‘River Monsters’ Producer, Brad Bestelink Making 8K Doc ‘Okavango’ for NHK

Africa’s Okavango Delta will be seen in 8K after NHK greenlit a feature documentary on the African wildlife oasis.

“Okavango” will be made by Icon Films, the U.K.-based shingle behind Animal Planet hit series “River Monsters,” alongside veteran natural history filmmaker Brad Bestelink’s Botswana-based Natural History Film Unit.

Natural history filmmakers are among the first to experiment with, and embrace, the possibilities offered by 8K . Japanese pubcaster NHK has also been a keen advocate of the emerging ultra high definition format. The “Okavango” team will film a seasonal cycle on the delta, using aerial and underwater photography. The final film will be told through the eyes of indigenous river people of the Okavango over 14 months. “Revealing the epic beauty of both the people and animals of the Okavango is a great subject to be shooting in 8K,” Bestelink said. “It’s a time to see it in its full aesthetic glory.”

More here:


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InFocus: in conversation with Alastair Fothergill

Creator of Planet Earth, Blue Planet, and Frozen Planet talks to The Saint.

The Saint sat down with Alastair Fothergill, alumnus of St Andrews and creator of Planet Earth, Blue Planet and Frozen Planet, ex-Head of the Department of Natural History at the BBC, and founder of Silverback Films. We discussed his time at St Andrews, career advice, and his upcoming Netflix series narrated by Sir David Attenborough, Our Planet.

Mr Fothergill split his degree between St Andrews and Durham, attending St Andrews as a zoology student between 1979-80, the perfect university for a nature lover. “As somebody who likes nature, I loved the West Sands, I loved the sea being there, and I loved going up into the Highlands.”

However, the beautiful surroundings were not the only reason he enjoyed his time here. “One of the reasons I kept coming back when I moved down to Durham is that the social life in St Andrews was so good. I felt that [there was] something about being three streets a long way from anywhere, I felt that everybody was very good at making a good time and having fantastic parties.

“It’s a very tight gang of friends which even now, over 30 years later, is as close and as warm as it ever was.”

After Mr Fothergill left university, he immediately started in a job as a researcher on the BBC Wildlife Magazine in Bristol. How did he know he wanted to go into this field?

“In my year off, when I was between leaving school and starting at St Andrews, I taught in a prep school. In the evenings I watched Life on Earth, the original series about evolution. I was utterly gripped by it. I thought it was the best soap opera ever, because the story of evolution is an amazing soap opera. I knew then that I wanted to make wildlife films.”

However, Mr Fothergill did not walk straight out of university into a job. While at university, he won a BBC competition, which was where his career really started.

“The BBC were running a competition in memory of a cameraman called Mick Burke, who died on the south face of Everest expedition with Chris Bonington. Basically, the competition involved choosing six amateur expeditions, giving you a camera, and going off an making a film. We did a trip to the Okavango swamps in Botswana, and it was an amazing trip. We made actually a very bad film, but I realised that a way to be paid to be with animals was through wildlife filmmaking.”

Read more:

Conservation Film-making - How to make films that make a difference


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Shooting Video with the Panasonic Lumix S1 via Production Gear

Learn more about the new Panasonic Lumix S1 with Richard Payne and Production Gear.

Shooting Video with the Panasonic Lumix S1



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Terra Mater Factual Studios and Off the Fence announce collaboration
14 March 2019

Terra Mater Factual Studios (TMFS), a subsidiary of Red Bull, and Off the Fence B.V. (OTF), a subsidiary of ZDF Enterprises, have agreed on a global, multi-year deal, which will see OTF distribute TMFS’ present and future TV catalogue.

As of the 1st of April 2019, OTF will begin representing TMFS’ programming and showcase the multi-awarded portfolio for the first time at MipTV 2019 in Cannes, where the two companies will welcome their clients and partners at their adjacent booths. TMFS’ top factual programming highlights for MIPTV include ‘Whale Wisdom’, guided by four-time Emmy-award winning director Rick Rosenthal, jaw-dropping ‘Borneo – Earth’s ancient Isle’ about a place not like any others and ‘The Sun – Inferno in the Sky’, showing latest developments in solar research.

The two factual content specialists share a similar vision and look forward to this groundbreaking partnership.

Terra Mater Factual Studios are one of the major players in the business of nature film. The production company, located in Vienna/Austria, is well known for its high-quality factual programming in the core-genres of Nature, Science and History. Since its inception in 2011, TMFS has created a diverse portfolio of more than 180 hours, honored with approximately 250 international awards including Wildscreen’s Golden Panda, Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival’s Grand Teton, and New York Festivals’ Grand Award. In 2017, its feature doc ‘The Ivory Game’ was on the Academy of Motion Picture of Arts and Sciences’ Shortlist for the Oscars. TMFS’ latest coup was the prestigious Audience Award at Sundance Festival 2019 for its fresh feature doc ‘Sea of Shadows’. The highly experienced and dedicated team behind this success story is headed by Walter Köhler, CEO and founder of Terra Mater Factual Studios. Köhler’s and his colleagues’ commitment to amazing storytelling, visual excellence, technical innovation and social responsibility shows up in engaging films about our planet.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary at MIPTV this year, based in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and with a catalogue of over 6,500 hours of premium unscripted content, Off the Fence is one of the world’s leading distributors focusing exclusively on high-end factual productions. The company already counts globally-celebrated brands such as the Smithsonian Channel, We TV, Tangled Bank Studios, Arrow Media, BBC Studios, National Geographic Television, Vulcan Productions, NHU Africa, Bonne Pioche, Windfall Films, and Aquavision/Lion Mountain Television, among many others, as part of the content it distributes. The company also runs Bristol (UK) and Amsterdam (NL)-based production studios from which it has produced over 500 hours of content, which has gathered over 80 international awards.  Finally, Off the Fence announced at Wild Screen 2018 that it would soon be launching the WaterBear Network (, the world’s first VOD platform dedicated to our future on this planet, an announcement that was briefly followed by a second one celebrating its acquisition by ZDF Enterprises at the start of 2019.

TMFS and OTF productions share a common passion for high-end natural history, campaign-driven content, which spreads a message of conservation and aims to change audiences’ attitudes towards the natural world. Both companies acknowledge the need to show viewers the beauty of nature and highlight the urgency of saving life on our planet.

Walter Köhler, CEO of Terra Mater Factual Studios, stated:
“If you bundle a 25-year-old distributor and a nearly 10-year-old production company with a team working in the market since another 25 years, you get a unique power pack full of experience, knowledge and dedication. I am very delighted that we found our perfect match in Off the Fence and can strengthen our business in the specialist factual TV market together, which is the next logical step in our development. It is a great relationship with like-minded people, which I am personally very happy to announce.”

Ellen Windemuth, CEO of Off the Fence, said:
“We immensely look forward to this partnership with our colleagues at Terra Mater Factual Studios on the marketing and distribution of their beautiful films. This collaborative bond and the high and consistent quality of TMFS’ output, paired with our commitment to offer the best service in the business, constitute a watershed.

About Terra Mater Factual Studios:
Terra Mater Factual Studios were founded January 1st, 2011 and are based in Vienna, Austria. The full-blown production unit is a subsidiary company of Red Bull and specializes in premium factual programming for TV, multimedia platforms and theatrical release. TMFS are committed to the highest production values regarding visual excellence, innovative technology and amazing storytelling. Core genres are nature, science and history presented in blue-chip primetime series and specials. The production company also brings together a wide array of genres and styles to create exciting new factual and entertainment formats. For the big screen, TMFS produce stories that are highly relevant and strongly rooted in reality: from the classical feature doc to wild drama, where nature plays the main role, further on to fiction films, where real stories are the matrix for our scripts.

TMFS’ diverse portfolio contains more than 180 hours, honored with almost 250 international film festival awards and 300 nominations. In 2017, its feature doc ‘The Ivory Game’ was on the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Shortlist for the Oscars. TMFS’ latest coup was the prestigious Audience Award at Sundance Festival 2019 for its fresh feature doc ‘Sea of Shadows’..

TMFS collaborate with the best producers, cameramen and directors worldwide, who make TMFS productions a unique viewing experience by latest cutting-edge equipment, fascinating cinematography and unconventional editing. TMFS embrace state-of-the art recording technologies, from super-slow motion to super-time-lapse to reveal Nano-second events and processes normally invisible to the naked eye. Images generated by electron microscopes and computer animation explore the wonders of the microcosm. Special cameras turn night into day. Endoscopes and medical scanners take the viewers inside living organisms. And HDTV is enhanced by a new dimension – 4K at its best. All these ingredients are woven together by amazing storytellers, highlighting real-life-tales and using the dramatic narration dynamics of the feature film while upholding the principles of factual programming.

As dedicated nature filmmakers, Terra Mater Factual Studios are aware of their responsibility to shed a light on fragile parts of the world, to give a voice to threatened species and to make a positive impact on our precious planet. TMFS’ credo: We need to be able to learn from the mistakes that were made, for our own sake and that of generations to come.

About Off the Fence: Based in Amsterdam and wholly-owned by ZDF Enterprises, Off the Fence is one of the world’s leading factual distribution companies with a catalogue of over 6,500 hours of diverse programming across the Wildlife, Science, History, Travel, Crime, People & Culture and Lifestyle genres. With 25 years of experience, Off the Fence distributes high-quality programming to clients worldwide and has exclusive agreements with the Smithsonian Channel, We TV and also distributes its own content produced out of its Bristol and Amsterdam studios. Off the Fence Productions is an award-winning, producer of factual television and has created more than 500 hours of television content for a wide range of international broadcasters.
Visit Off the Fence’ Website for more information.



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Vegan Documentary 'The End of Meat' Launches Globally

The film considers the hugely beneficial possibilities of a post-meat world and what that might look like for humans, animals and the planet

A vegan documentary described as 'groundbreaking' will be available to view globally from March 12.

Created by Marc Pierschel, The End Of Meat poses the question: "What would happen if meat disappeared?" Offering an optimistic vision - through interviews with activists and attorneys, scholars and scientists, entrepreneurs and industry disruptors, from Berlin to India, New York City to Silicon Valley - the film declares: "The future of meat is history.

More here:

The End of Meat - Trailer



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BAFTA Winning Vegan Film '73 Cows' Viewed 150,000 Times In 2 Days

The highly-anticipated short film, which tells the story of former cattle farmer Jay Wilde who gave his cows to a sanctuary to turn to vegetable farming, is now available to watch online.

BAFTA-winning vegan film 73 Cows is now available to watch for free online on Vimeo - and has garnered more than 150,000 views in under two days.

The multi award-winning short documentary tells the story of Jay Wilde, a former cattle farmer who gave his cows to a sanctuary and went vegan, when he could no longer face sending the animals to slaughter.

73 Cows

Read more:

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Wildlife Film-making: Looking to the Future

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FIFPAN – the FIFPAN festival is managed by the “WNA” (Wildlife & Nature Awareness), an association which aims to raise public awareness of issues relating to the preservation of flora and fauna, develop education about the environment, and improve awareness of native cultures and peoples. See the call for entry below ... deadline April 15



News image

SCOTLAND: The Big Picture – a non-profit social enterprise, founded by a group of professional communicators motivated by the need to rebuild healthy ecosystems where wildlife and people flourish.

Scotland: The Big Picture - An Introduction


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