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Boxfish Robotics Limited

Boxfish Robotics Limited

234A Orakei Road
Auckland 1050
New Zealand

Sales and Marketing: Vera Bronza

Phone: +64 9 600 1910 & +64 9 220 7910

Email: sales@boxfish.nz

Website: www.boxfishrobotics.com

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Boxfish Robotics is the innovative manufacturer of world class professional underwater ROV solutions that are set to revolutionize the cinematography industry, much like aerial drones.

Designed and built in New Zealand, their products capture amazing footage from the undersea world everywhere from Antarctica, to remote islands in Papua New Guinea, to the Arctic with production video quality.

Boxfish Research

Their latest Boxfish Luna is the most advanced underwater remotely controlled camera system in the world created for underwater filmmakers, which also incorporates over 6-year programme of R&D and product refinement. It can be deployed in less than 10 minutes by just a team of two, and captures clear and crisp imagery from up to 1000 metres underwater, with no disturbance to wildlife behaviour. The Boxfish Luna contains the latest Sony cameras: the A7S III or Alpha 1, which record in full-frame up to 8K 10-bit video with precision zoom control. Operators also have control over shutter speed, aperture, focus, white balance, ISO and exposure modes directly from the surface control station.

Boxfish ResearchBoxfish Research


Boxfish Robotics Limited

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