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Brian Leith Productions

Brian Leith Productions
Suite 5.18
55 Whiteladies Road
Bristol BS8 2LY
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)117 906 4339

Executive Producer: Brian
Managing Director: Mandy
Assistant: Alex

Email: alexdavies-walsh@brianleith.tv

Website: www.brianleith.tv

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Brian Leith Productions is a truly independent producer specialising in ‘hand-crafted’ films with high production values: The intriguing boundary where man meets nature!

We love stories about wildlife and wilderness which are more than just ‘blue chip’- where nature meets landscape, history, and even politics.

Formed in 2006, Brian Leith Productions are based on Whiteladies Road, Bristol, UK.

Brian and the team have won numerous awards over the years as Producer Director and Executive Producer, for a variety of broadcasters including BBC, ITV, PBS, Discovery Channel, Nat Geo and Animal Planet, as well as many European broadcasters such as France TV, RAI, ORF, Terra Mater, Disneynature and Netflix.

In Production:

Ghost of the Mountains - In Spring 2014 the team from Brian Leith Productions set out on a “mission impossible” – to film a dramatic story of Snow Leopards in the wild for our film for Disneynature, Born in China. We were successful in capturing the best footage of snow leopards ever, and a wildlife first, to film snow leopard cubs in their natural environmental… This film documents how against all the odds the team were able to reveal one of the last great secrets of the natural world. A feature length documentary for Disneynature to be shown on Netflix.

Recent productions include:

Born in China - We follow the first year in the life of some of China’s most well-loved and iconic creatures.

Killer Whales - Fins of Change - We follow the startling discovery of Orcas taking over as the ‘top predator’ in the Arctic – a role once occupied by polar bears. The team at Brian Leith Productions braved challenging conditions sailing in “uncharted waters” in the Canadian Arctic to follow the action.

Wild Canada - The Eternal Frontier - A dramatic four-part series about the wild animals, a dramatic wilderness – and mankind’s influence on it. Iconic wildlife and awe-inspiring scenery shot with ultra-high definition cameras captures sweeping panoramas and extraordinary close ups and behaviour.


Born in China from Brian Leith Productions

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