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Brollyman Productions
United Kingdom


Phone: +44 (0)7887 508 973

Website: www.brollyman.com

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Hi I'm brolly & I compose lots of music for natural history projects, check out my website for many clips & info.


The Recipe

The Story

Hi all, my name is Brolly, and this is my first ever solo project which has been five months in the making.

I live in Wales with my fab wife and crazy boys Josh & Sam {Team Tiger}. When I'm not writing music you can find me fishing or out and about on family adventures, probably hunting dinosaurs.

My day job is that of a TV composer. I write music for wildlife programmes and children’s animation. I’m about as far removed from being a pop star or rock musician as you could possibly imagine... for more on Brolly and his day job please visit the website.


Back in 2013 I wrote the music for a wildlife programme about an African animal called the honey badger. As is often the case with these projects finding the right music for the show can be a lengthy process. On this occasion we started with African Kwaito music and ended up with something much more dramatic and filmic. Once the job was done and dusted I listened back to the unused tracks and felt something good about them. I didn’t just want to archive them off to be forgotten so I set to work on a fun little project and here I am five months later with twelve finished tracks and some great performances. Using google I found musicians and sent them tracks and grooves to work on, I then experimented with what came back...

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Available on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk and iTunes

Latest news: Brollyman is back and keen for natural history projects!

He says:

"In May I entered a pitch for a wonderful Natural history series following the exploits of a group of small mammals during their life on the African Savannah. I managed to come second in the pitch but really liked these tracks and it's whetted my appetite to get involved with Natural History production again after a five year break."

Listen HERE!!

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