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Gijs van Amelsvoort

Gijs van Amelsvoort - Composer

Gijs van Amelsvoort Music
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)6 8105 3666

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Email: gijs.vanamelsvoort@hotmail.com

Website: www.gijsvanamelsvoort.com

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Hi there!

I'm a film & TV composer based in The Netherlands, with a BIG love for nature, Wildlife & Natural History films, interesting stories, traveling, hiking, and good vegan food.

My music has been serving as a score & underscore for numerous TV programmes, varying from BBC docu-series such as Gordon Buchanan's Cheetah Family & Me, Grizzly Bear Cubs & Me, to Earth's Great Rivers and Planet Earth UK, all the way to short films and popular TV shows such as Top Gear and First Dates. My work also found its way as advertising syncs for international brands like Land Rover and Opel.

I was previously nominated at i.a. the Soundtrack Cologne European Talent Award in 2012, and in 2020 I won 3th place at the Film Music Festival (FMF) Young Talent Award in Krakow, being judged by i.a. Richard Bellis, Yati Durant, Martin Phipps, Michael Todd.

The same year I won 2nd place at the GEMS ScoreLive competition, being judged by i.a. Gary Schyman, Pete Anthony, and Christopher Young.

I love the collaboration process and find myself comfortable working alongside other industry professionals, from creative producers, editors and directors, to audio engineers, musicians, and other composers.

Always up for a chat!

Go here to listen to a selection of my music (both for library and commissioned projects): rcrft.co/reel/GijsvanAmelsvoort/mixed


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