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International Vegan Film Festival

International Vegan Film Festival


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The International Vegan Film Festival (formerly the Ottawa International Vegan Film Festival) is a trailblazing event dedicated to celebrating the vegan ideal: a healthiercompassionateenvironmentally friendly lifestyle that can be achieved through the consumption of plants and animal-free alternatives.

As the number of people who call themselves vegan grows exponentially around the world (a 500% increase in the last three years in the US), there is a huge appetite for information and insights into all aspects of vegan life: from the ethics of animal farming to the environmental and health benefits that come with a shift to plant based eating..

The Ottawa International Vegan Film Festival hosted its inaugural Festival on October 14, 2018 at the Mayfair Theatre in Ottawa, Canada, as the only known vegan film festival in the world.

In the years to come, the Festival will hit the road across Canada and around the world. It will not only showcase the talents of extraordinary filmmakers, but serve as a crucial link connecting the global community of vegans and inspiring non vegans to make kinder, and more informed food choices.

The world's premier vegan film festival, the third annual International Vegan Film Festival, took place virtually on October 17th, 2020.

‘Butenland’ Wins 2020 IVFF Grand Prize

The film’s heartwarming display of compassion for dairy and beef cattle warmed judge’s hearts, winning Best Overall Film and Best Animal Advocacy Film.

The third annual International Vegan Film Festival, which this year went virtual, allowing viewers from around the world to participate, came to a close this past Saturday, October 17. Following the festival completion, the full list of festival award winners were announced in both the film and photo essay categories.

The German film Butenland, directed by Marc Piershel, won Best Overall Film and Best Animal Advocacy Film at this year’s festival. Out of all 42 films submitted, Butenland was the only one to win in two categories.

Butenland (clip)

Buy/Rent the film here: vimeo.com/ondemand/butenland

The feature-length film tells the story of the German farm, Hof Butenland, run by former dairy farmer Jan Gerdes and animal rights activist Karin Mück. There is no livestock at Hof Butenland, just rescued farmed animals who now enjoy a peaceful coexistence that seems almost utopian. Filmmaker Pierschel followed the farm’s founders for more than two years with his camera. The intimate portrait captures moments of happiness and sadness, questions the current status of farm animals in our society, and leaves the viewer deeply touched.

Commenting on the film’s emotional power and storytelling, Festival judge Miyoko Schinner explains, “Butenland is a rare film that displays through stunning cinematography and storytelling the journey of two individuals, a dairy farmer and an animal rights activist, who form a deep connection through their individual relationship with animals. The love between this unlikely pair merges into an increasing love and understanding of the animals in their lives, leading them to found the first farm sanctuary in Germany. Their compelling journey becomes the journey of the viewer, who by the end, will no doubt embrace the same conclusion: that even cows deserve life, love, and happiness.”

More on winners here: vegworldmag.com/butenland-wins-2020-international-vegan-film-festival-grand-prize

Join the IVFF judges and director presenting this year's International Vegan Film Festival awards. Five film awards and three photo essay awards are presented. See winning film clips and winning photos included with acceptance speeches from the filmmakers and photographers. Congratulation to this year's winners!


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The International Vegan Film Festival (formerly the Ottawa International Vegan Film Festival) is a trailblazing event dedicated to celebrating the vegan ideal: a healthier, more compassionate, environmentally friendly lifestyle that can be achieved through the consumption of plants and animal-free alternatives.


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International Vegan Film Festival

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