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Ivan Mikolji

Founder: Ivan Mikolji

Ivan Mikolji
Mikolji Corp
Colombia, Venezuela and South Florida, USA

Operations: Yelka Mikolji

Phone: +1 305 219 1526

Email: info@mikolji.com

Website: www.mikolji.com

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Eco-educational nature documentaries and books.

Beautiful underwater footage of tropical rainforest of the Amazon and Orinoco rivers. 

Piranhas, freshwater rays, electric eels, river dolphins, Orinoco alligator.

"With more than a hundred expeditions and innumerable publications in different countries, Mikolji has demonstrated the authenticity and originality of his artistic passion for photography and painting. The philosophy that moves his creative will is the urgency to preserve the aquatic ecosystems of the planet, and as a first step he considers it necessary to make known the richness and beauty of these biomes. That is why he maintains: “you cannot preserve something that you don’t know exists.” And to that work he has dedicated a great part of his life." Eduardo Planchart Licea PhD Latin American Art History UNAM

Ivan Mikolji
Ivan Mikolji
Ivan Mikolji
Ivan Mikolji


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Ivan Mikolji

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