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Robert Hofmeyr

Robert Hofmeyr – Cinematographer

Moving Pictures Africa
South Africa

Moving Pictures Africa

Phone: +27 82 883 2274

Email: bobhof@gmail.com

Website: www.movingpictures.africa

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I film 6K raw nature and wildlife content. I have my own Red Weapon 6K camera and Land Cruiser, so I am able to film anywhere in Southern Africa at very competitive rates. As an example, for around $900 per day/$3000 per week I can provide myself, my assistant, my 4x4 vehicle and all my equipment. Including all accommodation (assuming camping is available), fuel, logistics/booking, travel insurance, hard drive purchases and courier fees (excluding park fees, filming permits and guides, if required).

Robert HofmeyrRobert Hofmeyr

I also travel regularly to film in Southern African and further afield. On these trips, I am happy to schedule additional filming, or just look out for a particular shot for potential clients. If you would like to be kept updated on future expeditions, let me know.

Robert HofmeyrRobert Hofmeyr


Robert Hofmeyr

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