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Sasha Smee

Sasha Smee

United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)7930 110 940

Email: sashasmee@Aol.com

Website: www.sashasmee.wixsite.com/cameraop

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I am an experienced Runner with practical experience on Television, Commercial and Photographic shoots. Keen to break into the technical department for natural history shows, I have knowledge of setting up cameras, lock-off posts, hides and controlled environments for filming wildlife. Adaptable to the needs of a production and the office, I am able to take direction, manage my time effectively and be quick to act when given a task.

Growing up on the Norfolk Coast, I have been immersed in nature from a very early age, and my passion for filming wildlife really was formed in the wild, walking on beaches, marching through muddy fields and staring at endless big blue skies. I am fascinated by the changing face of nature throughout the year. The way the landscape and the habitat changes throughout the seasons and storms, and the animals and birds who live here full time and those who visit whilst awakening me on their trip over the sky.

When not at work, I can be found down the seaside in rock pools on the North Norfolk coast!


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