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Africa Media

Africa Media
Oceans Hotel and Campus
Louis Fourie Road
Mossel Bay
Western Cape 6500
South Africa

Phone: +27 44 690 5799

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Email: katie@oceans-campus.com

Website: www.africa-media.org
& www.oceans-campus.com

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Training: Master the art of wildlife documentary film making in the heart of South Africa. Our unique wildlife documentary film making training course allows students to develop and produce your own 5-miniute wildlife documentary film to showcase your abilities to industry professionals.

Africa Media, in partnership with Oceans Campus and Scotia Private Game reserve provides incredible access and guidance to aspiring film makers to develop the skills essential for a career in documentary film. Utilizing only top of the range broadcast quality audio and video equipment, join established wildlife and film specialists Ryan Johnson, Ian De Fries and Justin Bean on this unique month long training program.

For more information visit our program information page.

Production Company: Africa Media is an environmental media company specializing in production of photographic, video and editorial media from the African continent. Our core team has partnered extensively with international production companies and broadcasters to provide region specific terrestrial and underwater production services. Services include:

Pre-production & research: Using our specialist knowledge of terrestrial and marine wildlife in Africa, we can undertake many aspects of pre-production, in particular research, specialist consultation and story development to help ensure production success.

Logistics, rentals & fixing: Africa Media has available an extensive selection of underwater and terrestrial broadcast quality equipment for hire at highly competitive prices. We also can organize local transport, accommodation, provisions, film permits etc. throughout Southern Africa

Location scouting: Africa Media has extensive expertise in location scouting for filming terrestrial and marine wildlife throughout Southern Africa. We specialize in knowing the right location and the right time to successfully get the targeted animal behavior

Local crew and guides: We provide local guiding services, wildlife experts, still photographers (above and underwater), camera operators (above and underwater) runners, drivers etc.

Onscreen talent/presenters: Africa Media partner Ryan Johnson has extensive experience as onscreen talent and host for marine wildlife productions, specifically on shark and marine predator productions. Represented by Jo Sarsby (www.josarsby.com).

Stock: Africa Media has an expansive underwater and terrestrial high definition wildlife library, produced during our work in the Southern African region.

Our library contains unique, high definition clips featuring charismatic African wildlife from above and below the waves.

Equipment: Africa Media has an extensive inventory of TV production equipment for both topside and underwater filming located within Southern Africa. Hiring video camera equipment from Africa Media can save your production significant amounts of money by reducing excess baggage charges and freight costs.

Ryan Johnson

Ryan Johnson

Email: jo@josarby.org (representing agent)

Website: www.ryan-johnson.org & www.josarsby.com

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Ryan Johnson is a marine biologist, shark diver and TV presenter hailing from New Zealand, but living and working from Southern Africa for the past 15 years. Ryan began contributing to natural history documentaries through onscreen appearances as scientific talent portraying his ground breaking great white shark research and shark diving abilities. From here, he soon began leading worldwide research and marine exploration expeditions as a host and marine scientist.

His casual and lighthearted ‘kiwi’ approach makes him highly accessible and entertaining to international and American audiences as he conducts highly ambitious, challenging and discovery based research expeditions to uncover the secrets of the marine world. His unique ability to successfully combine academia / exploration and television is epitomized by his work as chief scientist for History Channels’ breakout 2012 series Shark Wranglers, where he led the research team on the largest great white shark satellite tagging program ever attempted.

With over 50 internationally broadcast documentaries completed, Ryan Johnson offers experience and a proven track record to successfully lead character driven natural history productions and series. A genuine marine biologist, who is driven by an unbridled passion for adventure and discovery.

Ian De Fries

Ian De Fries

Email: ian@africa-media.org

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Ian De Fries is an Africa Media cameraman!

Fiona Ayerst

Fiona Ayerst

Email: fiona@africa-media.org

Website: www.fionaayerst.com

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With over fifteen years experience in photography and wildlife interaction, Fiona Ayerst is a multi-award winning photographer and videographer, whose work offers a unique glimpse into the history and wildlife of the world’s oceans.

Fiona prefers the medium of water to work in but has been known to venture onto dry land- especially for an interesting animal or scene.

One of Fiona’s goals is to shed a light on the current plight of our oceans and to highlight the damage to our oceans through our habits of over-use and over-spend.

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