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Davide Caprelli

Davide Caprelli



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Davide Caprelli is an eclectic and inspired Italian composer.

His talent, in recent years, has been requested for compose the soundtrack of important naturalistic and historical documentaries broadcast in the main italian networks, the soundtrack of dozens of theatrical performances and for compose the music of several television themes.

Global Music Awards 2014 Winner: 1) Silver Medal Soundtrack Movie & Television for "Ayrton Indimenticabile" soundtrack (12 Ayrton Senna dvd collection) 2) Bronze Medal for best composition "Senna Saw God" from the same soundtrack.

You can listen to some of his compositions in his youtube channel - www.youtube.com/pakidat and read his CV on his IMDb page - www.imdb.com/name/nm2326143/resume

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