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Graham Cooke

Graham Cooke

South Africa

Phone: +27 833 267 667

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Graham Cooke has 28 years experience working with wildlife, with experience in Uganda, Ethiopia, Botswana, kenya, Zambia, and all over Southern Africa.

His experience includes:

  • hand reared and released leopard in the wild and released back into the wild
  • involved in release of lion, owls, and various species of eagle into the wild following rehabilitation.
  • involved in lecturing about animal behaviour and the environment.
  • led birding trips to various locations in Southern Africa
  • worked with many wildlife documentary camera teams, assisting with filming and animal behaviour for shot acquisition.
  • co author of book My Life with Leopards
  • habituated and filmed a troop of chacma baboons over a period of 12 years.
  • contulted on filming of predators and other animal subject matter for production companies of wildlife documentaries.
  • avid photographer and birder ran and established fb page of troop of baboons i habituated called "The cowrie gang"
  • vast experience in a wide variety of remote and wild areas within africa.
  • 20 years experience training people in the art of bush etiquette and guide training.
  • in depth knowledge of baboon, lion, leopard, wild dogs, hyena, elephant, cheetah, buffalo and other species behaviour.
  • involved in filming projects on wild dogs, baboon, leopard and lion as well as general game.
  • work experience with various tribes within africa like shangaan, massai, various tribes in botswana, swaziland and zambia.
  • been involved in assisting in sorting out baboon human conflict situations.
  • well connected to areas with established wildlife populations.

I would love to get involved on any projects revolving around predators or elephant, be it safety issues when filming them or advising on the behaviour side of things to enhance obtaining shots of wildlife, or consulting on obtaining shots revolving around animal behaviour.

Graham Cooke

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