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People's Manifesto For Wildlife, with Chris Packham


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Join the inaugural Ottawa International Vegan Film Festival on October the 14th!

Taking place in Canada's capital city Ottawa on Oct 14, 2018, the Ottawa International Vegan Film Festival showcases short and full-length films with a vegan subject matter from filmmakers around the world... Nine films will be show this year, including 73 Cows, Promises, Undercover, Patrik Babounian, Built by Plants, and For The Voiceless ... More here:

Ottawa International Vegan Film Festival Trailer 2018

Get tickets here: Like on

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Blue Whale, the biggest animal that ever lived ... on the final Timor-Leste from Below ... Episode 10!
From Scubazoo
11th October 2018

Epidode 10

Gigantic blue whale filmed in 4K underwater in Timor-Leste!

In all of time there has never been an animal larger than a blue whale.

Bertie and the …from Below team have one simple goal – to swim alongside one of these incredible creatures.

Blue Whale: Largest Animal EVER! [4K] | Timor-Leste from Below (S01E10) | SZtv

To watch all weekly episodes of Timor Leste from Below for FREE, please ‘like’ their Facebook page!

See the Full Feature here...


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Dynasties: First Look Trailer - #WorldAnimalDay

Dynasties: First Look Trailer | New David Attenborough Series | BBC Earth

Sir David Attenborough takes us on a new journey to follow the greatest animals of their kind… Exclusive first look at the new BBC Earth series Dynasties. #Dynasties #WorldAnimalDay


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Thoughts on telling the truth, plastic pollution and making a difference!
by Richard Brock - Brock Initiative
September 2018

For many years some concerned and observant wildlife filmmakers have urged television to draw attention to the real world that is our only home, Planet Earth. This plea has been largely ignored - thought to be "gloom and doom" by the powers that be - at least for BBC 1, for example.

Then, lo and behold, following the cautious "Planet" franchise, Blue Planet II revealed the plastic problem globally.

So, at last! That's what can happen if you tell the truth. And reach millions of people around the planet.... with even a 90-minute special on BBC 1, 1st of October at 8.30pm, "Drowning in Plastic". Such an event ten years ago would have been highly unlikely.

Tom McDonald, head of commissioning natural history and specialist factual at the BBC said: "This powerful and emotional 90-minute special signals our continued (?) commitment to exploring the challenges facing the natural world" (The TImes 24/9/18) Since when?

Anyway, keep it up - the viewers need to know.

Meet Richard Brock and Sophie Pierce ( at Wildscreen (15-19 October in Bristol) to try and make a real difference.

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Drowning in Plastic: Trailer - BBC


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Watch 'Drowning in Plastic' with Liz Bonnin

Our blue planet is facing one its biggest threats in human history. Trillions of pieces of plastic are choking the very lifeblood of our earth, and every marine animal, from the smallest plankton to the largest mammals, is being affected. But can we turn back this growing plastic tide before it is too late? In this 90-minute special, wildlife biologist Liz Bonnin visits scientists working at the cutting edge of plastics research. She works with some of the world's leading marine biologists and campaigners to discover the true dangers of plastic in our oceans and what it means for the future of all life on our planet, including us.

Liz travels 10,000 miles to a remote island off the coast of Australia that is the nesting site for a population of seabirds called flesh-footed shearwaters. Newly hatched chicks are unable to regurgitate effectively, so they are filling up on deadly plastic. Then, in America, she joins an emergency mission to save an entangled grey seal pup found in some of the world's busiest fishing areas, and visits the Coral Triangle that stretches from Papua New Guinea to the Solomon Islands to find out more from top coral scientists trying to work out why plastic is so lethal to the reefs, fragile ecosystems that contain 25 per cent of all marine life.

Liz learns that the world's biggest rivers have been turned into huge plastic arteries, transporting 50 per cent of all the plastic that arrives in the ocean. She travels to Indonesia, where she watches a horrifying raft of plastic rubbish travel down one of the main rivers, the Citarum. Here, 60 per cent of fish species have died, so fishermen are now forced to collect plastic to sell instead of fish.

With the world only now waking up to this emerging crisis, Liz also looks at whether scientists have found any solutions. She meets the 24-year-old inventor of a monumental 600-metre construction that will travel across the ocean's 'garbage patches' collecting millions of pieces of plastic pollution. She also meets a local environmental campaigner who is working with volunteers and the Indonesian army to clean up the worst affected areas, and a young entrepreneur who has invented an alternative to plastic packaging that is made from seaweed. Plastic in our oceans is one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time, and this film hopes to add to the urgent and vitally important debate about how to solve this global crisis.

A river flooded with plastic: Liz is shocked at the sight of the Citarum river overflowing with plastic waste. It was once filled with fish, and many of the litter pickers used to be fishermen.

Catch up with Drowning in Plastic on

Chicks with stomachs full of plastic: Liz witnesses Ian Hutton and Dr Alex Bond perform lavarge on a chick, helping it to vomit up all of the potentially life-threatening plastic in its stomach.

Go here if you want to make a difference:

Are we seeing the tide of change? This 2003 film by Jane Atkins and Rachel Curran, largely made on a Wildeye Film-making course, discusses the state of conservation content on television. Those giving views include Piers Warren, Jane Goodall, Richard Brock, Jeffrey Boswall, Sarah Cunliffe and Ben Please.

True to Nature

BBC programmes like Blue Planet II and Drowning in Plastic are surely making a difference, but are we doing enough?


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Jackson Hole Science Media Awards Announces 2018 Winners
From Abbey Greene - Science Media Awards & Summit
September 2018

BOSTON, MA. - Sept. 27, 2018 — Jackson Hole WILD is delighted to announce the complete list of winners selected for its fourth biennial Jackson Hole Science Media Awards (JHSMA). JHSMA celebrates the world’s most effective science storytellers and stories. The winners were announced this evening at the MIT Media Lab.

This year’s competition saw more than 500 entries competing for 21 special awards. Over 100 international judges screened an aggregated 1,250 hours of media in order to select the finalists. The winners were selected by an esteemed panel of international judges.

The awards celebration concludes the three-day industry conference called the Science Media Awards and Summit in the Hub, or SMASH, in Boston. This unique forum allows more than 300 science media stakeholders to gather and celebrate exceptional media, cutting-edge discoveries and explore new ways of communicating the wonders of science to a global audience in a rapidly-changing media landscape.


Laws of the Lizard
Day's Edge Productions for Smithsonian Channel


Earth & Sky (sponsored by North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences)

One Strange Rock: Gasp
Nutopia Ltd, Protozoa Pictures, Overbrook Entertainment for National Geographic

Science of Life (sponsored by HHMI Tangled Bank Studios)

The Kingdom - How Fungi Made Our World
Smith & Nasht, Real to Reel Productions in association with CuriosityStream, Steve Burns; The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Sue Dando; ZDF/ARTE, Linde Dehner; SVT2 Sweden Anna Schytt; Screen Australia, Telefilm, Create NSW

Changing Planet (sponsored by Off the Fence)

POV: The Islands and the Whales
A co-production of Intrepid Cinema and Radiator Film in association with American Documentary | POV

Health & Medicine (sponsored by PBS)

Unseen Enemy
Sierra/Tango Productions, Vulcan Productions

Technology & Innovation (sponsored by Nat Geo WILD)

Moxie Pictures

Being Human (sponsored by Vulcan Productions)

National Geographic Studios in association with Public Road Productions for National Geographic


Short Form Series (sponsored by International Fund for Animal Welfare)

Deep Look
KQED, PBS Digital Studios

Long Form Series

Partisan Pictures for CuriosityStream

Short Program (sponsored by World Wildlife Fund)

Genes as Medicine
Barrat Media Inc. and Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Micro Movie

A New View of the Moon
Wylie Overstreet, Alex Gorosh

Virtual Reality/360° Storytelling (sponsored by University of Southern California--Jaunt Cinematic Virtual Reality Lab)

My Africa
A Passion Planet Production in association with Vision 3 for Conservation International


Fisheries Collapse
Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science, Cortina Productions

Science Journalism (sponsored by NATURE)

POV: The Islands and the Whales
A co-production of Intrepid Cinema and Radiator Film in association with American Documentary | POV

Science Ambassador (sponsored by Science Channel)

Myth or Science: The Power of Poo
Infield Fly Productions in association with The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Produced with the participation of the Canada Media Fund, OMDC, CAVCO and Rogers Telefund Engaging

Young Scientists (sponsored by Disneynature)

Backyard Wilderness
Arise Media / Archipelago Films, HHMI Tangled Bank Studios

Student & Emerging Science Filmmaker (sponsored by Nat Geo WILD)

Illuminating Disease
Alain Douchinsky

Audible Science: Radio & Podcast

Science Friday



National Geographic Studios in association with Public Road Productions for National Geographic.
Writer: Brett Morgen, based on the writings of Jane Goodall

Editing (sponsored by Terra Mater Factual Studios)

The Serengeti Rules
HHMI Tangled Bank Studios & Passion Planet.
Editor: Andy R. Worboys

Visualization (sponsored by Fujifilm & Fujinon)

The Farthest - Voyager in Space
Crossing the Line Productions, HHMI Tangled Bank Studios, and Irish Film Board for PBS.
Cinematographer: Kate McCullough. Production Designer: Joe Fallover. CGI Visual Effects: Ian Benjamin Kenny. Art Director, Tangled Bank Studios: Fabian de Kok-Mercado

Special Jury Awards

Vital Bonds
ID Docs, National Film Board of Canada

2018 Jackson Hole Science Media Awards Finalists Trailer says very well done to all winners, with special congratulations to members Smithsonian Channel and Crossing the Line Productions for their very well-deserved wins!

Check out the Full Feature here...


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The People's Walk for Wildlife with Chris Packham was a HUGE Success!
By Jason Peters
September 2018

Around 10,000 wildlife lovers joined Chris Packham on 22nd September at Hyde Park, London for the Peoples Walk for Wildlife - for the missing millions. #peopleswalkforwildlife

In the news:

Wildlife lovers march on Downing Street to raise awareness of the plight of Britain’s nature:

Thousands march on Whitehall to call for end to 'war on wildlife':

People’s Walk for Wildlife demands spotlight on environmental issues:

See Jason's photos/clips here:

Sat, 22nd September ... What happened:
10am: We gathered at Reformers Tree, Hyde Park
12 noon: Infotainment ... Speakers & song.
1pm: We walked from Hyde Park
2pm: Finish at Richmond Terrace ... More great speakers & Chris delivered the first draft of the People's Manifesto For Wildlife to No.10 Downing Street!

Follow Chris on social media to stay informed:
Twitter: @ChrisGPackham Facebook: @ChrisGPackham

Make sure that you download and swot up on the Peoples Manifesto for Wildlife here:

Help cover the costs of the walk here:

The Peoples Walk for Wildlife Crowdfunder

Visit here for more details:

See the Full Feature here...



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New New New Corporation and NHNZ say Cheers to Beers for Bears
3 September 2018

Dunedin-based New New New Corporation (Fermented Beverage Division) and NHNZ’s Wild Studios are collaborating on a bold new online video and fundraising initiative; brewing beer to help threatened sun bears. This innovative project will help to support the Sun Bear Outreach charity in Borneo.

NHNZ’s short-form division, Wild Studios, is creating a web series to showcase how New New New (NNN) is crafting an American brown ale in the sun bears’ name. A portion of the proceeds from every beer sold will be donated toward Sun Bear Outreach. Wild Studios’ online webisodes will delve into the fascinating process of brewing beer and celebrate the people coming together to support the cause, including a launch party on Friday 2nd November, 2018.

NHNZ became aware of the sun bears’ plight while filming an upcoming series,Orangutan Jungle School, at the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre. While BOSF and the NHNZ film crew’s work focused on orangutans, the arrival of an orphaned sun bear cub, named Denny Bear, uncovered the struggles that this vulnerable species also faces in order to survive in the wilds of Borneo.

Denny Bear

BOSF cares for 16 sun bears at their existing facility. However, ideally the bears would be cared for at a sanctuary dedicated solely to sun bears. Fortunately such a place does now exist, called Sun Bear Outreach. Transporting the sun bears from Central Kalimantan to Sun Bear Outreach in East Kalimantan is expensive. This is the motivation behind NHNZ and New New New’s fundraiser; to support the transport of these precious bears, expand the Sun Bear Outreach facility and spread awareness about sun bears. These bears require sanctuaries due to the destruction of their habitat, including large-scale deforestation for palm oil plantations. Sun bears are classified by the IUCN as Vulnerable.

“NHNZ created the Wild Studios division to help use our award-winning production skills to promote awareness of true stories that are important to us. Once the seed of the ‘Beers for Bears’ idea was planted, the collaboration with New New New really took off. We are excited to taste the finished product, but even more excited to see the positive impacts of this online video and fundraising campaign for the sun bears,” says NHNZ Managing Director, Kyle Murdoch.

Close connections with NHNZ meant collaborating on a fundraising beer was quickly embraced. “After a couple of small batches were taste-tested and tweaked, the Sun Bear brew was born, in the form of an American brown ale, and with the label design in the conceptual stages, NNN is preparing to release a very delicious beer with a mission. Not just a superior product, but a way of raising both awareness and funds for the rescue and rehabilitation of sun bears in Indonesia,” explains New New New’s Dallas Synnott.

Tom Koykka, NHNZ’s Post Production Manager and a leader of this project, says “When looking at fundraising models, so many just have their hands out. We wanted something that would entertain, educate, have a global reach, and offer something in return. We wanted more than just feeling good. Have a beer and help a worthy cause. It’s all about the win-win.”

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the release of videos, information about how to help the cause, and something tasty to drink at New New New. NHNZ’s short-form video content about this project will soon be freely available online to spread the word.

Start watching below:

#Beers4Bears - Cute mystery animal is revealed at Orangutan Jungle School

#Beers4Bears Ep 01 "The Problem" This is the first episode telling the story of our Sun Bear fundraising campaign’. It outlines some of the problems facing Sun Bears in Indonesia and the beginnings of our efforts to help. For more info and to donate, please see the links below.

See the full feature page here!


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Win a digital copy of Wild Pages: The Wildlife Film-makers' Resource Guide 3 ... enter now!

The third edition of Wild Pages: The Wildlife Film-makers' Resource Guide is out, now available in print, eBook and Kindle versions! :)

  • Now in its third edition, fully updated with many new entries
  • 274 packed pages Available as paperback, eBook or Kindle edition
  • A complete tool-kit of information for all wildlife film-makers – established and newcomers
  • Listings of wildlife production companies, production services, stock footage and sound libraries, distributors, broadcasters/channels, location managers/fixers, film festivals/competitions, education/training, organisations, equipment sales/hire, publications/resources, freelancers and more, with contact details, weblinks and descriptions.
  • Including answers to those all-important questions such as whether companies take people on work experience or consider co-productions, how to submit proposals etc.
  • Invaluable information at your fingertips to save hours of trawling through the Internet and sending many emails
  • Latest review soundbites: Essential Resource … Its pages lead you to more doors than any other publication of its type … A must have for any wildlife filmmaker … Positively bursting at the spine with information … A fantastic, much-needed wildlife film resource
  • An Essential Piece of Kit!

News image

To win an eBook version of Wild Pages 3, please answer the following question:

We assume that you all know that the birds on the front cover are gannets, so our question is:

What is the species of gannet and what is the exact location of the colony shown on the front cover of Wild Pages 3?

We'd like the full species name, either common or scientific, plus the name and location of the colony.

Please send your answers to by the end of 28th of October 2018 ... The winner will be drawn at random from the correct entries and announced in the November edition of WFN. (NB. One entry per person. By entering you are agreeing that your name and location will be shared if you win!)

Otherwise, if you can't wait (or don't know the answer!?), please order your copy via an online store of your choice now! Visit: Thank you!!

Paperback: you can order it as a paperback from many online bookstores all over the world (RRP £14.95). For example, it is available from The Book Depository and Wordery with free worldwide delivery . Also & for paperback and Kindle versions.

eBook Order:
‘Wild Pages: The Wildlife Film-makers Resource Guide’ as an eBook is in the form of a PDF file (5Mb) with active email and weblinks for all entries. You can order it by PayPal for immediate download using the button found here.

Please also 'Like' the publication on Facebook: and 'Follow' on Twitter: @Wild_Pages :)

Also See Wild Pages 3 is Out Now!!


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Wildscreen Festival 2018 is coming ... & there's lots of news!

With less than two weeks to go until Wildscreen Festival, 15-19th October 2018 in Bristol, there's lots to think about:

Look who's coming! The delegate list is now live. If you've already registered you will receive an email shortly with contact details of all your fellow attendees so you can book in those all important meetings.. To get your name on the list BOOK NOW.

What's happening in the Hub? So, you've booked your ticket and are on the delegate list, what's next? Finding the perfect place for your meeting of course! The 2018 Wildscreen Festival Hub will be situated on Millennium Square. As well as delicious catering, networking spaces and registration, the hub will also house a theatre, hosting sessions and screenings throughout the daytime and evening programme. It's also just a short walk from We the Curious, Arnolfini and the Watershed where additional content will be taking place across the week.

For the first time ever we're building our own temporary venue! The Wildscreen Festival Hub will be on Millennium Square and will be the heart of the social and networking activity, and a great place to host meetings! There will also be a theatre which will house lots of sessions and screenings so you won't need to stray too far to catch up on what's happening in the industry. Delegates will also have exclusive access to a delicious and specially designed plant-based menu, available for breakfast and lunch. The bar will take over in the evening to ensure no one gets thirsty!

You will also be able to get hands-on with all the latest technology courtesy of our exhibitors who will include Panasonic, Canon, Swarovski Optik and Fujinon. They too will be based in the hub throughout the week, so go have a play! 

Wildscreen is an opportunity to hear from over 150+ inspiring speakers across 120+ events. It's also a chance to meet decision-makers and 800 industry professionals from more than 40 countries. Not forgetting access to the 400+ films submitted for Panda Awards via our online film library! GET YOUR PASS

We hope you're as excited as us about the 19th edition of Wildscreen Festival. We have put together a packed programme featuring 150+ inspiring speakers across 120+ events and plenty of opportunities to network with over 800 industry professionals from more than 40 countries! 2018 PROGRAMME

All Panda Award nominated films will be shown during the Wildscreen Festival, with most followed by Q&A's with the people who made them. Screenings are included in your delegate pass but as capacity is limited, you do need to book a ticket in advance. To book your seat, simply follow the delegate link in the description of each screening on the programme or enter the code delegate2018 when booking on Eventbrite. For screenings at Watershed, collect your tickets from their box office. BOOK YOUR SCREENINGS

2018 Panda Award Nominees

Don't forget your ticket to the biggest celebration of the very best in natural world storytelling! Join us at The Passenger Shed on Friday 19 October to find out who has won the illustrious Panda Awards! We are very excited to announce that UN Patron of the Ocean, Lewis Pugh and Wildlife Biologist and Presenter, Lizzie Daly will be hosting the 2018 Panda Awards! PANDA AWARD TICKETS

Wildscreen Festival 2018 Trailer


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Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam is coming soon!

Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam will take place from the 24-28 October 2018. WFFR is a multi-day film festival focused on the screening of wildlife films and documentaries. The festival will take place in the heart of Rotterdam, in Cinerama movie theatre. WFFR is a private initiative set up by volunteers, and born from passion for animals, nature and film. The festival is organised by a non-profit foundation..

WFFR 2018 - Trailers from Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam

Fourth edition of WFFR presents a premiere of STROOP, journey into the rhino horn war:

The Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam (WFFR) proudly presents the premiere of STROOP: a powerful documentary by the award-winning South African television presenter Bonné de Bod and filmmaker Susan Scott. STROOP tells the shocking and touching story about the hunt for the South African rhinoceros and the trade in his coveted horn. Filmmakers Bonné de Bod and Susan Scott will be present during the screening in Rotterdam.

STROOP: Wildlife television presenter Bonné de Bod and filmmaker Susan Scott sold their house, left their jobs and moved in with their mothers to document what is happening in the fight to save rhinos from extinction. Initially setting out on a six-month project it became a dangerous and intense expedition for which the passionate makers gave up everything for more than four years. The film is the touching and incredible story of rangers, prosecutors, veterinarians, activists and caretakers of a shelter for rhino-orphans, private owners of the animals, forensic experts and special police units.

The in-depth investigation of the women into the trade in rhino horn was not without danger. The filmmakers traveled with special police units from the South African Kruger Park and the Hluhluwe Imfolozi Park in KwaZulu-Natal (where the poaching is most severe) to the back rooms of armed smugglers in China and Vietnam. The result is an extremely valuable document that challenges and shocks the viewer, and makes him part of touching images of the dozens of people who are committed to the conservation of the endangered rhinoceros. Through unprecedented material, the makers show the South Africans and the world that this hunted species deserves to live in dignity, free from exploitation by illegal traders, poachers, money wolves and corrupt governments.

STROOP Trailer

Get your WFFR tickets here:


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Living a Wild Life with Colin Stafford Johnson - Oct 11th

Join multi-award winning wildlife cameraman and presenter Colin Stafford-Johnson for an evening of hair raising stories including filming and presenting the 'Secret Life of the Shannon', 'Wild Ireland' and 'Living the Wildlife' which has lead to adventures in every corner of Ireland.

Hear about Colin's most special wildlife encounters close to home and learn how to witness them for yourself in what promises to be a spell binding evening. Irish wildlife cameraman and television presenter Colin Stafford-Johnson is one of the world’s most acclaimed and internationally awarded filmmakers.

Throughout his legendary career, Colin has won countless awards from wildlife festivals and events around the world. He's lived first hand with tigers for many years in India, filmed some of the most renowned natural history sequences in his homeland of Ireland and now for the first time will be sharing his hair-raising stories with UK theatre audiences this autumn.

Illustrated with his own stunning film footage and photography, the talk promises unique natural history stories and special wildlife encounters in what promises to be a spell binding evening.

7:30-9:30pm 11th October, 2018
London Irish Centre, 50-52 Camden Square, London, NW1 9XB
Book here:


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The UK in 100 Seconds: What if we made more space for nature?

I don’t think anyone really has a clue what Britain actually looks like.

It's just too big and complicated for us to get a proper sense of proportion.

And that’s a problem when people are making decisions about how we feed ourselves or how much more affordable housing we can build. Or, crucially, how much more space for nature we can have.

If we don’t have a proper sense of what the country looks like then how can we fix our problems?

– Dan Raven-Ellison, guerrilla geographer, National Geographic Explorer, filmmaker.

I had a simple idea

To go on a walk and make a short film that shows the United Kingdom in the correct proportions.

Every 1 second of the film represents what 1% of the UK looks like from the air.

The UK in 100 Seconds: TEASER

It’s difficult to get a picture of what the United Kingdom really looks like. Imaginations and assumptions can distort decisions that affect our lives. We often hear the idea that there is simply no more room in the country. In reality, just six per cent of the UK is built on.

'The UK in 100 Seconds' is a provocative and thought provoking film that rearranges the United Kingdom's land into 32 categories and divides them over 100 seconds. Each second equates to 1% of what the country looks like from the air.

Made by guerrilla geographer Daniel Raven-Ellison and filmmaker Jack Smith, the film was made by travelling from Tongue in the north of Scotland to the New Forest in the south of England. Each second of the film covers roughly one metre of Raven-Ellison's walk through moorland and peat bogs, down a runway and over a dump.

Made in collaboration with Friends of the Earth, the film gives an honest reflection of what land looks like and how it is used in the United Kingdom and raises some challenging questions. A major inspiration for Raven-Ellison making the film is the amount of space that is used for feeding livestock and the question - what if we made more space for nature?


'The UK in 100 seconds' premiered at the Prince Charles Cinema, London, on 24 September 2018... We attended the screening and Q&A with the filmmakers. There was a series of six micro-talks and a forum with the audience. We discussed what the UK could look like in the future and what the effects would be if we made more space for nature. We suggested that we should all go vegan and give the land that would be spare from not having to feed millions of animals back to nature. The panel was cautiously open to at least giving some of it back, cutting back on meat two days a week etc, but they are mainly funded by meat-eaters, so the idea wasn't embraced as a solve-it-all!

'The UK in 100 seconds' will very likely change the way you think about our country forever:

The UK in 100 Seconds

See the UK as it really is - 100 seconds, with each second representing a percentage of the different land uses of the UK. Can we make more space for nature?

Brock Initiative


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Last Call for Entries for the New York WILD Film Festival October 8th!

The Sixth Annual New York WILD Film Festival will be held from February 21-24, 2019.

The New York WILD Film Festival is the only documentary film festival in New York to present powerful exhilarating films about the wild world around us. These carefully selected films from around the world will cover a spectrum of wild topics, from exploration and adventure to wildlife, conservation and the environment.

Enter your film by October 8th:

Find out more about the fest:


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IWFF 2019 Dates and Submissions Open

The 42nd International Wildlife Film Festival officially opened for submissionson the 14th of September! IWFF is a fun, inclusive place for first-time filmmakers and seasoned veterans to showcase the best of wildlife filmmaking.

Submit by November 24th for a discount on submitting!

Learn more at

2019 will see in the 42nd event... April 13-19 in Missoula, Montana, USA


  • September 14th, 2018 Early Bird Submissions Open
  • November 24th, 2018 Early Bird Deadline
  • December 29th, 2018 Regular Deadline
  • January 19th, 2019 Late Deadline
  • February 9th, 2019 Extended Deadline
  • February 19, 2019 Notification Date.

Enter your film here:

See the 2018 winners here:

British Wildlife Photography Awards


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The Dippers River – New film trailer from Mick Jenner

Watch this short trailer to Mick Jenners' new film "The Dippers River" which follows his challenge to film dipper chicks falling from the nest as they fledge as well as the important work that Dr Stephanie Tyler and her helpers perform in monitoring them.

The Dippers River Trailer

Mick will be at the Wildscreen Festival later this month ... Ask him to show you the full film. It's a great watch ... A lovely story, triumph over adversity with lots of interesting behaviours and very nice footage.

Visit: and 'Follow' on Twitter: @Natureonfilm

Wildlife Winners and Losers - Brock Initiative


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Sharkwater Extinction World Premiere + Coming Soon to Canadian Theaters!

On Friday, September 7th, 2018, Rob Stewart’s latest film, Sharkwater Extinction, debuted in his hometown of Toronto to a packed theatre of 1,700 at TIFF. An incredibly moving film finished by his parents and his loyal team based upon the copious notes Rob left, Sharkwater Extinction brought down the house, revealing Rob once again as a real-life hero passionately committed to a creature few understand. During a tearful ten minute standing ovation, the crowd paid tribute to the man who changed the world not just for sharks, but for the oceans and for all of us - who depend upon them for our own survival. More here:

SHARKWATER EXTINCTION - Official Trailer [HD] - In Theaters October 19, 2018

Sharkwater: Extinction (2018) is a thrilling and inspiring action packed journey that follows award winning filmmaker Rob Stewart as he exposes the massive illegal shark fin industry and the political corruption behind it — a conspiracy that is leading to the extinction of sharks. From West Africa, Spain, Panama, Costa Rica, France, and even in our own backyard, Stewart’s third film dives into the often violent underworld of the pirate fishing trade to expose a multi-billion dollar industry. Shark finning is still rampant, shark fin soup is still being consumed on an enormous scale, and endangered sharks are now also being used to make products for human consumption. Stewart’s mission is to save the sharks and oceans before it’s too late.

SHARKWATER EXTINCTION in theaters starting in Canada Oct 19th! Visit:

+, &

Conservation Film-making - How to make films that make a difference


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Chris Packham: Here’s why I’m going vegan

What we’re seeing now is a rapid expansion of veganism, particularly among the younger generation. They are embracing it. They have greater awareness and the heartening thing is that rather than ignore that education they have embraced it.

I’m not vegan. Yet. But I’m moving towards it. And here’s why.

Like many people in the world, I have had an interest in how what I eat impacts on the environment and on myself for a long time. I was brought up as an omnivore, but in my early 20s stopped eating meat after being pestered by Michaela Strachan – this is when we were doing The Really Wild Show. There was a thing called Veggie Pledge Week, where you pledge not to eat meat for a week. I only ate meat twice more, so I have not eaten meat, with no regrets whatsoever, since the 1980s.

But I continue to have concerns about animal welfare and transportation. I don’t see any difference between the way I should treat my dog – who I love and whose wellbeing I’m preoccupied with – and a pig, who is just as intelligent and important as Scratchy, but is kept in a concrete pen where it can’t turn around. The progress we have made on animal welfare standards is nowhere near good enough for me. I am joining Compassion In World Farming as a patron very soon, because it is really important.

Alongside that, I am aware how eating meat impacts negatively on the environment.

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Watch: 'FIRST LOOK - VEGAN 2018 | The Year A Movement Went Mainstream' from PBN

Plant Based News has launched the trailer for its first ever feature-length documentary. Vegan 2018: The Year A Movement Went Mainstream paints a portrait of our changing society, showing a movement in its ascendency as more and more people start to move away from the ethical, environmental, and health horrors of animal exploitation. Its predecessor Vegan 2017 has garnered more than 1,500,000 views on YouTube - and Plant Based News has been working on this year's film to make it bigger and better than ever before. More here:

FIRST LOOK - VEGAN 2018 | The Year A Movement Went Mainstream

VEGAN 2018 | The Year A Movement Went Mainstream will Premiere in London, with a Q&A with special guests, in London on Tuesday, November 27, 2018 from 8:30PM to 10:30PM ... Get tickets here:

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Sasha Smee - A television Production student working freelance alongside studies with over three years of practical experience, gained from both professional and student projects. Adaptable to the needs of a production and the production office, I have the aspiration, drive and commitment to work in the industry. I am able to take direction, manage my time effectively and be quick to act when given a task …

Final Showreel 2016 - Sasha Smee

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Emily Frances Ippolito - An Edinburgh-based composer of music for multiple forms of visual media such as short films, feature length films, or really anything visual that you would like music for.

Visit her website to hear brief clips of samples of her music:

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