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Leeds Beckett University - Wildlife Filmmaking Workshop 2015

Happy New Year and best of everything in 2015 to all members and subscribers... Be WILD! :)


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Canadian Production Company, River Road Films, seeks Producers, an AP, Researchers, a PM and an Exec Producer.

Experienced Canadian (or dual Canadian/British, American/British) talent needed: two Researchers, one Assistant Producer, two Producers, one Executive Producer and one Production Manager.

Award Winning Vancouver-based Canadian production company, River Road Films is looking for experienced Canadian (or dual Canadian/British, Canadian/American) talent for an upcoming five-part natural history series based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

This will be a follow-up to the highly acclaimed Wild Canada series. See:

Production will begin in spring 2015. Project duration 24 months.

Please send a cover letter CV (and a link to your Profile Page, if you are a member!) to Jeff Turner at

Closing date for Researcher positions: January 21st

Closing date for Producer, AP and Production Manager positions: January 30th


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New Wildeye site now live!

Wildeye is celebrating the new year with a brand new-look website. The new design has been created to look good on smaller screens such as mobile phones, as well as tablets and laptops - we hope you like it! You can easily navigate to the individual course pages from the home page, or via the links below.

Brock Initiative


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Green-Go International Short Film Contest Winners Announced

The fourth edition of Green-Go Short Film Contest has ended. Many great short films from all around the globe were recieved. The public voting result was very tight, and the jury had a difficult task to choose the category winners too, but finally the decisions were made. Check out the winners below:

The winner of the category “Nature works for us!”:

Teleshop 2314 AD – TreeSeed by Domonkos Kovács and Lóránt Cseh

The winner of the category “Feeding the world sustainably – Celebrating the International Year of Family Farming”

Cheers to Natura 2000 by Klaus Wanninger (LACON)

The winner of the category “Fighting climate change and disasters with natural solutions”:

The Sea Cow by Krisztina Császár

The winner of the public voting:

Metamorphosis by Nancy Mozer-van Schaik


Wild Pages


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NY WILD 2015 coming soon, with bats and tequila included!

The 2nd annual New York WILD Film Festival is coming to the Explorers Club January 29-31, 2015.

So many fantastic film entries were recieved, an extra evening has been added! NY WILD opens January 29 with The Bat Man of Mexico - meet Rodrigo Medellin and learn about the connection between bats and tequila. Join us for a tequila party!!

And meet Shark Girl. Madison Stewart from Australia - she is passionate about sharks and saving these feared creatures. Dams, midnight ice climbing, orcas, rowing, mountain gorillas, rebels and more!

Check out the outstanding program for NY WILD HERE and see who else is attending! Tickets go on sale January 5th.

Nancy Rosenthal
Founder & Executive Director
New York WILD Film Festival


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NaturVision Film Festival Open Call for Entries!

Be it epic nature films, small filmic gems, surprises from newcomers, films for children, unusually told stories, critical and informative documentaries on the environment and sustainability, or films with their own unique score – the NaturVision Film Festival thrives on filmic variety and an exciting competition!

We are therefore very much looking forward to your film submissions for our 2015 Festival, which will be held in Ludwigsburg, Germany, from 23 – 26 July. The closing date for entries is 13 March 2015!

Ralph Thoms


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Green Screen 2015 - Call for entries open!

Show your films at GREEN SCREEN, Germanys biggest wildlife film festival and qualify to win one of the prestigious Green Screen Awards! Submissions to the 9th International Nature Film Festival Eckernfoerde 2015 are welcome now! Actual Regulations and application forms can be downloaded here. Or use our online application. Submission Deadline is March 15th, 2015

Should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us personally at

We are looking forward to your film contributions! Visit:


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New wildlife documentary channel of Eastern North America from member Dominique Lalonde

First documentary web series entirely dedicated to Eastern North America wildlife. The first episode began on December 10, 2014. Mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, wild flowers, insects. All subjects will be covered. The goal is to learn more on the beauty and fragility of the nature around us.

Wildlife Documentaries Films Nature Web TV:
Website of filmmaker:
For more information, contact Dominique Lalonde

Birds - Week no.1 - Films Nature Web TV from Dominique Lalonde Films Nature


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The Bali Starling, back from the brink by member Mark Thorpe

This short film was shot over two trips to a small island off the South East coast of the Island of Bali in Indonesia. A captive breeding program is currently under way by a local NGO, The Friends of the National Parks Foundation, to try and save the remaining wild population of the critically endangered and endemic Bali Starling. This film takes a look at that program and discovers first hand some the obstacles facing the remaining wild birds. A story of hope this film reflects the dedication of a small team of local islanders working hard to save an emblem species of the region, one who's incredible song has been absent for so long from the local forests and villages of the islands. A dedicated cameraman, a passionate executive producer, a talented vocal artist and world class musician combine to take you on a voyage of discovery to witness seldom seen aspects of a bird species precariously perched on the razors edge of existence, the Bali Starlings, back from the brink.

The Bali Starling, back from the brink. from Mark Thorpe


Wildlife Film-making: Looking to the Future


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Code of conduct for wildlife shutterbugs with comment from member Sandesh Kadur

In early December, Discovery channel aired a much hyped show in which naturalist Paul Rosolie offered to be swallowed alive by an anaconda. The screening led to a huge public outcry across the globe on the ethics of wildlife film making and what constitutes right or wrong while capturing images in the wild. The debate hit closer home when I found myself in a national park surrounded by an overzealous lot of wildlife photographers, so enthusiastic just to get one magical shot of the tiger. I learnt the first jeep to enter the park in the morning would quickly drive over the pugmarks on the sand trail, so no one else could get to spot where they were. The next day I encountered another bunch of trigger-happy photographers who shouted and screamed and urged their driver to move fast so they could get a shot of the ambling tigress with her cubs—the animals looked confused as they were surrounded in minutes by a melee of people...

Sandesh Kadur, an award-winning wildlife film maker and photographer, says “Regulations are the need of the hour, but most importantly we need photographers to inherently feel the need to be ethical in their everyday practice,” Kadur says. “Otherwise, even if you do bring about a regulation, who is there to monitor and enforce it?”

Read more:



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Listen to Fieldcast podcasts from member The Sound Farmer

Member, Gregory Ovenden, has started a series of podcasts covering wildlife sound, field recording and the natural world. Have a listen!

Environmental Investigation Agency


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Beyond Borders Film School – Special Offer!

News imageBeyond Borders Film School is running an incredible special for their February 30 day course - ZAR18,500.00 per person instead of ZAR25,000.00!

So save some money and go and study wildlife filmmaking in South Africa from the 21st of February until the 22nd of March 2015.

News imageYou will learn script writing, 2D and 3D camera technology and techniques and 2D and 3D video editing. You will also have the unique opportunity to make your own short documentary, either in 2D or 3D about any wildlife topic occurring in their area.

AN OPPORTUNITY NOT TO BE MISSED!! For more info, contact Sebastien Rombi on or visit their website:

Filmmakers For Conservation



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Welcome to all new full members from merry December! :)

CEEweb for Biodiversity - Organisers of the Green-Go short film contest since 2011. With four years in a row of different green topics and more than 300 shorts received world-wide, with the 4th edition they now target people to send short films on natural solutions to climate change, sustainable farming and benefits of nature. For more information please visit

SVT - Swedish buyer of natural history and science.

Ashley Kelly - A passionate and professional wildlife presenter and science communicator. She loves to travel and explore and is actively involved in wildlife research, rescue and rehabilitation around the world.

Wayne Te Brake - Based in the Kruger National Park area, he currently splits his time between presenting a wildlife television series based in Chile and guiding photographic groups and film crews in Africa.

Sylvie Vandenabeele - A researcher in animal biology and ecology, an expert in animal tracking, using cutting-edge technology including satellite transmitters, data-loggers and even cameras to study the behaviour of wild animals and particularly birds.

Sarah Barber - An experienced Assistant Producer with a Zoology degree, based in London.

Nina Podewin - Wildlife Conservationist, Animal Trainer and Budding Wildlife Filmmaker.

Matthias Glueck - Wildlife Filmmaker. Biologist, Cameraman and Director.

There's basic FREE membership for all here or for a much more comprehensive listing, Profile Page and additional benefits, become a full member: or

Wildscreen Festival 2014

Production Gear

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