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Sir David Attenborough and E.O. Wilson in Conversation on Half-Earth Day!

Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime conversation between E.O. Wilson and Sir David Attenborough on October 22nd as they discuss How to Save the Natural World in the closing plenary session of Half-Earth Day 2021 presented by CBRE. The conversation is joined by explorer and visionary Sir Tim Smit who will moderate, and is hosted in partnership with the Eden Project.

Registration is now open: half-earthday2021.brandlive.com/half-earth/en

Sir David Attenborough, a natural historian known for creating Life, a nine-part documentary on the life of planet Earth, and Professor Wilson, recognized as one of the leading biologists in the world, will come together to share their ideas and insights on global biodiversity loss. Sir Tim Smit will lead a lively discussion that will also respond in part to Professor Wilson’s new lecture, Ecosystems & the Harmony of Nature, to premiere ahead of the conversation.

It is estimated that about 25% of species worldwide--as many as a million species overall--are in danger of extinction. That is tens to hundreds of times greater than it has been over the past ten million years. How we can reverse the extinction threat to save the natural world is one of the primary questions we will explore. This conversation comes at an auspicious time during the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15) and just before the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26). It is a moment to listen, learn, and be inspired to protect Nature.

Held at the Royal Geographical Society in London on October 22 from 2 - 3:30 pm EDT (7 - 8:30 pm BST), the discussion will be broadcast live across the globe.

Experience the entire day of events and hear from exemplary voices of conservation including, Hindou Ibrahim Oumarou, Rezan Al Mubarak, and Johan Rockstöm.

We are grateful for the support of CBRE, our presenting sponsor. How to Save the Natural World is presented by the James M. and Catherine D. Stone Foundation Distinguished Lectureship in Biodiversity. In addition, I want to thank the Eden Project, Mischon de Reya, The National Geographic Society, Audubon, and the Garrison Institute. Each of our sponsors will also contribute incredible speakers and sessions on Half-Earth Day.

Half-Earth Day 2021 is free and open to the public but registration is required. Learn more at: half-earthday2021.brandlive.com/half-earth


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Martin Gregus Jr winner of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021 Competition – 33 days among the Bears
From AviaEye
12th October 2021

Martin Gregus is the winner of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021, Rising Star Portfolio Award!

Slovakia born and currently living in Vancouver Martin is an internationally-awarded wildlife photographer, cinematographer, drone pilot and guide with over 17 years experience.

Having spent the last five years working in the Arctic and Antarctic searching for new wildlife stories and studying animal behaviours, his efforts finally payed off when on October 12th 2021 six of his polar bear images won the Rising Star Portfolio Award at the 2021 Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition in London, UK. The most prestigious wildlife photography competition in the world and an amazing win for the young photographer.

This award will be the third time Martin’s work has been recognized at the competition; in 2008, his picture “White on Blue” was specially commended while his image “Crane Perfection” won the 11-14 category in 2010.

Ever since then, Martin has had an obsession with this world-renowned competition; submitting his work every year, competing amongst the best wildlife photographers in the world, and dreaming of one day winning the adult competition. Hearing the news earlier this year was without a doubt a dream come true.

My Polar Bear Story

As the pandemic raged during the summer of 2020, Martin decided to brave the mosquitoes and turn his attention to documenting and exploring new areas of the Hudson Bay. Just as the bears’ sea-ice retreated and they were forced to come ashore, Martin put together a small crew and set out to a part of the Arctic that only a handful of people have ever visited.

Over the next two years, he would go on to spend some 33 days camping in his makeshift boat camp, living next to the arctic apex predator. Utilizing drones and custom-built equipment allowed Martin to get up close and personal to the bears all the while staying invisible, often capturing intimate moments and unique hunting behaviours. While the bears showed little interest in the expedition during the day, they became more interested at nighttime. Bears tripping all the alarms was almost a nightly ritual as the curious animals sometimes got so close to camp that they would stare right through Martin’s bedroom window.

The young photographer had to adjust to showering in the 5 degree Arctic Ocean and living off of nothing but dried foods for weeks on end; all the while learning to function on three hours of bear-interrupted sleep. Martin came home from his 33 days among the bears safe and sound. Observing the polar bears’ curiosity and compassion changed the lives of Martin and his team forever. The bears shared their most intimate moments with Martin’s team, enabling them to return home and share their stories with the world and giving you the opportunity to publish the amazing photographs, videos, and personal encounters.

For Martin's full portfolio visit: matkopictures.com

Visit/Like/Follow facebook.com/aviaeye & instagram.com/mywildlive

Profile Page: Wildlife-film.com/-/AviaEye.htm

See the Full Feature here ...


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2021 Jackson Wild Media Awards WINNERS ANNOUNCED!
1st October 2021

Media today deepens understanding of the world around us, inspires commitment to protect and restore the natural systems upon which all life depends and empowers the radical changes that will be required to do so. Nature film’s equivalent to the Oscars®, the Jackson Wild Media Awards™celebrate excellence and innovation in nature, science and conservation storytelling. 

This year’s submissions include over 750 category entries from nearly 30 different countries. Finalists were selected by more than 150 international judges who together screened over 3,000 hours of media. 

A distinguished panel of final judges from around the globe selected the 2021 Jackson Wild Media Award Winners directly prior to the Summit.

Winners were announced during the Jackson Wild Media Awards Ceremony, Sept. 30, 2021.

2021 Jackson Wild Media Awards Winners:

Grand Teton Award

Barrelmaker Productions and Vulcan Productions

The goal of the YOUTH v GOV campaign is to shine a spotlight on the U.S. government’s historical role in creating the climate crisis, and to educate, inspire and activate young people to hold their governments and elected officials accountable. The campaign will grow public awareness and support for the plaintiffs and their case, build federal government support for the young people holding their government accountable, drive state-level policy change, and advance civics literacy and increase understanding of the role of the Constitution in environmental justice for middle/high school, university, and law school students.

Animal Behavior - Long Form
Sponsored by: Love Nature

Awarded to the program that most effectively explores animal behavior in an innovative and illuminating way.

Winner: Soul of the Ocean
Howard Hall Productions in association with Mark Fletcher Productions

Animal Behavior - Short Form
Sponsored by: ORF Universum

Awarded to the program (17 minutes in runtime or less) that most effectively explores animal behavior in an innovative and illuminating way.

Winner: Born Pregnant: Aphids Invade with an Onslaught of Clones | Deep Look
KQED, PBS Digital Studios

Ecosystem - Long Form
Sponsored by: Discovery

Awarded to the program that most effectively explores a habitat and its unique web of life.

Winner: Day Zero
Tencent/Keo Films

Ecosystem - Short Form
Sponsored by: Burgenland

Awarded to the program (17 minutes in runtime or less) that most effectively explores a habitat and its unique web of life.

Winner: Tadpoles: The Big Little Migration
A Maxwel Hohn production with Seaproof.TV

Conservation - Long Form
Sponsored by: Doclights

Awarded to the program that most effectively relates conservation issues and/or solutions and the individuals, groups or projects dedicated to the protection of a species, ecosystem or some other aspect of the natural world.

Winner: After The Wildfires
Northern Pictures, Love Nature, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Conservation - Short Form
Sponsored by: San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance

Awarded to the program (17 minutes in runtime or less) that most effectively relates conservation issues and/or solutions and the individuals, groups or projects dedicated to the protection of a species, ecosystem or some other aspect of the natural world.

Winner: Beyond The Boma
Wild Elements Studios

People & Nature - Long Form
Sponsored by: Conservation International

Awarded to the program that most effectively explores the interdependent relationship between humans and animals or the environment.

Winner: After Antarctica
A Moniker production, in association with The Lozen Foundation

People & Nature - Short Form
Sponsored by: Ouragan Films / Saint Thomas Productions

Awarded to the program (17 minutes in runtime or less) that most effectively explores the interdependent relationship between humans and animals or the environment.

Winner: Save Ralph
Alldayeveryday, Arch Film Studios and Blue Tongue Films in association with Humane Society International

Our Human Planet - Long Form
Sponsored by: Smithsonian Channel

Awarded to the program that most effectively Illuminates the human forces affecting both our planet and society in relation to nature, including social and environmental issues, equity and justice, public policy, community conservation and sustainability in the face of climate change.

Winner: Coextinction
Coexistence Films

Our Human Planet - Short Form
Sponsored by: NEWF

Awarded to the program (17 minutes in runtime or less) that most effectively Illuminates the human forces affecting both our planet and society in relation to nature, including social and environmental issues, equity and justice, public policy, community conservation and sustainability in the face of climate change.

Winner: Greens For Good
Wild Elements Studios

Science in Nature - Long Form
Sponsored by Marco Polo Film AG

Awarded to the program that most effectively reveals science and scientific discovery into an understanding of any aspect of the natural world.

Winner: Nature's Fear Factor
A NOVA production by HHMI Tangled Bank Studios for WGBH Boston

Science in Nature - Short Form
Sponsored by: GBH

Awarded to the program (17 minutes in runtime or less) that most effectively reveals science and scientific discovery into an understanding of any aspect of the natural world.

Winner: Breakthrough: The Slime Minder
Science Friday, HHMI Tangled Bank Studios

Program Categories

Sponsored by Schoolyard Films

Awarded to the film that most successfully educates its audience on some aspect of the natural world. This includes projects created by independent filmmakers as well as government agencies, NGOs, universities and other institutions.

Winner: Lions, Bones, and Bullets
Jagged Peak Films

Limited Series
Sponsored by: Sony

Awarded to the mini-series that most effectively advances a natural history theme.

Winner: Secrets of The Whales
Red Rock Films for National Geographic & Disney+

Sponsored by: Terra Mater Factual Studios

Awarded to the program that makes the most effective use of a host or presenter in communicating an appreciation and understanding of the natural world.

Winner: David Attenborough: A Life on our Planet
Silverback Films production for Netflix 
Presenter: David Attenborough

Sponsored by: Seeker

Awarded to the most effective and compelling project under five minutes in length (including PSAs, music videos, and campaigns), that best advances an appreciation or understanding of the natural world.

Winner: Magali
Nick Werber

Sponsored by: Panasonic Lumix

Awarded to the film, 75 min. in runtime or longer, that best advances an appreciation or understanding of the natural world.

Winner: Playing With Sharks: The Valerie Taylor Story
A Wildbear Entertainment Production with the assistance of Screen NSW in association with Dogwoof and TDOG for National Geographic

Sponsored by: National Geographic Presented in recognition of the program that best communicates an appreciation or understanding of the natural world, produced by a student currently enrolled or no more than 2 years out of an academic program.

Winner: Stories of You and I
John Davies, National Film and Television School

Sponsored by: WaterBear Network

Awarded to the best Podcast series that conveys a message of conservation or environmental importance and encourages listeners to explore and appreciate the natural world in a new way.

Winner: Guardians of the River
Produced by House of Pod and the NGOWP
with support from the Wildbird Trust

Craft Categories

Sponsored by: ARRI

Awarded for the cinematography that most enhances the natural history program of which it is a part.

Winner: Antarctica
BBC Studios Natural History Unit, SK Films
Cinematographers: Alexander Vail, Hugh Miller, John Aitchison, Rolf Steinmann, Mark MacEwen, John Brown, Bertie Gregory, Pete McCowen, Ted Giffords, Dan Beecham, Espen Rekdal, Justin Hofman

Sponsored by: ORF Universum

Awarded for the editing that most enhances the natural history program of which it is a part.

Winner: YOUTH v GOV
Barrelmaker Productions and Vulcan Productions
Editors: Lyman Smith, Tony Hale

Original Music Score
Sponsored by: ARTE France

Awarded for the original musical score that most enhances the natural history program of which it is a part.

Winner: The Bastard King
A Terra Mater Factual Studios & Bonne Pioche Télévision & Shibumi Films Coproduction
Original Music: Laurent Garnier Pierre LeFeuvre (Saycet)

Sponsored by: Nautilus

Awarded for the writing that most enhances the natural history program of which it is a part.

Winner: Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet
Silverback Films & Indikate Productions for Netflix
Writer: Jonathan Clay

Sponsored by: The Television Academy Sound Peer Group

Awarded for the combined contribution of sound editing, production mixing and post-production mixing that most enhances the natural history story of which it is a part.

Winner: Big Bend: The Wild Frontier of Texas
A Production of Crossing the Line Productions and Thirteen Productions LLC for WNET in Co-Production with ORF-Universum and France Télévisions in Association with RTÉ and SVT
Sound Design and Mix: Paul Finan, Re-Recording Mixer: Jon Berman

Special Jury Awards

New in 2021, Jackson Wild's Special Jury Award honors both people and film projects pushing the boundaries of storytelling to create authentic engagement about the wild that achieve global impact.


Tiny World
Plimsoll Productions for Apple TV +

The Last Horns of Africa?
Cross Border Productions, Banovich Studios

The Year Earth Changed
BBC Studios NHU, Apple TV+


Winners: Pragna Parsotam-Kok and Noel Kok

Honorable Mention

A special honor for entries that were not selected as category finalists, but stood out to our jury for a unique or important aspect outside the standard category criteria.


An Eye for Detail
Waterbear Network

Critter Fixers: Barnyard Frenemies
Nat Geo Wild

From Devil's Breath
Grain Media

Murder at Sea
A Brick City TV LLC Production

Snow Leopard and Friends
A co-production of Terra Mater Factual Studios, Mark Fletcher Productions and Wild China Films

The Fish & The Flame
Day's Edge Productions for the Western Landowners Alliance and the Chama Peak Land Alliance

Water Logged
Ramshackle Pictures

Wildlife Killing Contests
Comfort Theory, Pam & Will Harte, ProjectCoyote.org

From: jacksonwild.org/2021-media-awards.html

Jackson Wild Media Awards Finalist Trailer 2021

See our Jackson Wild Media Awards Finalists Announced! Full Feature Page here!


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Wildscreen Festival 2022 Dates Released

The 40th birthday edition of the Wildscreen Festival will take place between the 10-14 October 2022 and will mark a new hybrid format for the world’s leading natural world storytelling event.

Wildscreen, the not-for-profit conservation organisation and creator of the Wildscreen Festival, commits to building on the accessibility, inclusivity and sustainability gains made during the pandemic. The reimagined 2020 virtual edition of the Festival, saw delegate numbers soar by 100 percent to 1,900, with 42 countries represented, the largest number ever in the event’s history.

The hybrid format will boost the reach and impact of the 2022 event even further, enabling face to face events and networking from Wildscreen’s home city of Bristol, UK, bolstered by a new offering of in-person hubs located in key natural history production bases around the globe, all weaved seamlessly together with a powerful virtual platform.

Lucie Muir, Wildscreen CEO said: “The Wildscreen Festival evolving into a hybrid model is a natural progression for us as part of our mission to nurture a truly inclusive, accessible and democratised natural world storytelling industry. As a conservation charity, delivering a global event post COP26, it also gives us and our audience, the opportunity to reduce the environmental impact of the Festival and show leadership in this space. We look forward to reuniting with our global family of storytellers in person and virtually and welcoming lots of new faces in 2022.”

The 2020 Festival saw 121 speakers deliver 248 hours of content, spanning 43 events covering everything from keynotes, masterclasses, commissioner briefings and film screenings. Over 3,000 new connections were made with 10,000 messages being exchanged using the events networking tool. Headliners included Wildscreen’s Patron, Sir David Attenborough in conversation with Greta Thunberg, Jane Goodall, Jeremy Darroch and James Cameron.

Wildscreen will deliver its first fully hybrid event on 15 November 2021 - Communicating COP is a one-day event bringing together filmmakers, scientists and corporate organisations, to translate the key actions needed to reach net zero into powerful stories for leaders, business and the wider public. Tickets are on sale now from £37.50 for in-person and £25 virtual..

From: wildscreen.org/about/news/wildscreen-festival-2022-dates-released


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Wildscreen Communicating COP26

The COP26 summit promises meaningful steps to safeguard our future on the planet but many science-based events tend to use restrictive and complicated language. We think everyone should be able to access this critical information.

Wildscreen are producing a one-day hybrid event in November 2021 interpreting the key messages of COP26 and providing a toolkit for storytellers to communicate climate science. With exclusive interviews, inspiring panel sessions, a one-of-a-kind photography exhibit and network opportunities, join us at Communicating COP26.


We will be inviting a diverse range of climate scientists, financial specialists, indigenous leaders, natural world storytellers and multimedia creatives to convene at Communicating COP26. Experts will cover topics such as green finance, marine conservation, inspiring a deeper connection to nature, Nature-based Solutions and more. Speakers will be announced on our social media channels, so make sure you are following us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to hear the latest news. Discover our Speakers.


The Wildscreen team are liaising with a team of world-leading storytellers and charities to advise on our content produced for Communicating COP26. Meet the Committee.


Full, Concession, Wildscreen Network Member and Online Passes are available to book today via Eventbrite. Discover more about our ticket options and how you can tailor your experience of Communicating COP26.

Our one-day hybrid event will take place in the heart of Bristol, UK on Monday 15 November and be livestreamed across the world to our international streaming platform. Full terms and conditions of payment are available here

More here: wildscreen.org/communicating-cop26

Book your tickets here: eventbrite.co.uk/e/wildscreen-communicating-cop26-tickets-164460392461


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The BBC host a "Climate Creatives Festival" on the 5th of October ...

A full, virtual day of inspiration, stimulation and collaboration for all creatives and storytellers, ahead of November’s landmark UN Climate Change Conference (COP26).

It’s your chance to hear the latest audience insights; tips from trail blazing practitioners and technologists; thoughts from those on the climate frontline; and revelations about what the future holds. The event includes top tips from the set of the latest Bond movie; the Exec Producer of Apple TV’s forthcoming climate change drama series; comedian and environmental economist (not mutually exclusive job categories) Dr Matt Winning; and Christiana Figueres, the driving force behind the UN’s historic Paris Accord, on why what we do really matters.

And if that’s not enough to whet your appetite read on for more highlights included in the day:

  • Paul Goodenough, behind the Rewriting Extinction project with over 75 million social media views, creates a climate comic live with Cheddar Gorgeous + artist TBC
  • Tom McDonald, Director of Factual at BBC Studios and the commissioner behind Blue Planet II; Dr Matt Winning, Comedian and Environmental Economist; Diana Njeru Project Director, Kenya, BBC Media Action; and Dorothy Fortenberry, screenwriter and producer on The Handmaiden’s Tale and Apple TV’s forthcoming climate change series Extrapolations; all on the session Can Storytelling Revive Our Planet?
  • Carys Taylor, Director of albert at BAFTA, shares top tips from Green Voltage, behind the low carbon technology enhancing, not hindering creativity, on the set of the latest Bond movie, and from the Welsh drama, Bang on production changes for the better.
  • The latest audience insights from Climate Outreach, On Road Media and BBC Audiences
  • Gaming your way to a greener future with talent from Minecraft; Jane Campbell, Studios Operation Lead, ustwo games; and Daniel Wood from UKIE - The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment.
  • Consumer Tech gurus from the BBC Blue Room on the energy use of gadgets.
  • The journey to 100% sustainable production from BBC Studios
  • Tim Jackson, Ecological Economist; Emma Pinchbeck, Chief Executive Officer, Energy UK and others on what a net zero future might look like.
  • Christiana Figueres, the powerhouse behind the UN Paris Accord on why what storytellers do really matters
  • 'Communicating climate change: Is there a magic bullet?' A personal view from filmmaker Tom Mustill: bbc.co.uk/academy/events/climate-creatives-festival/communicating-climate-change

Climate Creatives Festival, 5th Oct, 1030-1700: https://www.bbc.co.uk/academy/events/climate-creatives-festival

This Tuesday, October 5, it's Festival Day!

The Climate Creatives Festival
One whole day of inspiration, stimulation and collaboration for all creatives and storytellers, ahead of November’s landmark @UN Climate Change Conference (#COP26).

#CCFestival | THREAD pic.twitter.com/TWcXshpyaA

The Climate Creatives Festival – One whole day of inspiration, stimulation and collaboration for all creatives and storytellers, ahead of November’s landmark UN Climate Change Conference (#COP26)

See Festival Day: bbc.co.uk/academy/events/climate-creatives-festival/watch-again/festival-day


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Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam is coming this month!

The 7th Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam (WFFR) will take place from 26 – 31 October 2021. We will announce the full festival programme on October 1st 2021. The festival focuses on the screening of wildlife, environment, sustainability, climate change and conservation documentaries.

The 2021 festival will take place during six days in beautiful Rotterdam, The Netherlands. We will be screening all of our Official Selections in the heart of Rotterdam at Cinerama Movie Theatre. The festival programme offers more than 120 public screenings, a daily talks programme and various events in the city centre of Rotterdam. WFFR also takes place online.

We encourage filmmakers to join us at the festival for talks, interviews, Q&A’s and the Award Ceremony. During the festival there is plenty of time for filmmakers to meet each other and our audience. In 2019 WFFR welcomed more than 10,000 visitors. Filmmakers can win prizes in 12 different categories. Winners will be announced during the Flamingo Award Ceremony on Saturday 30st of Oct 2021.

Visit: www.wffr.nl


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Introducing the AviaEye Custom Camera Car

Our AviaEye™ Jeep Wrangler features an all in one camera car with a built in video village for all your filming and photography needs. Capable of transforming between various camera setups within minutes our 4x4 Jeep is an easy solution for both big and low budget productions. This camera car can be shipped throughout the world including the high Arctic where it spent the summer of 2021 filming polar bears.

Whether it be car chase scenes or animal tracking sequences both on the road and in the field our custom AviaEye™ Jeep Wrangler offers a unique solution currently unmatched in our industry. All mounts are available in the following conversions Mitchell, Euro/Elemac systems. For more detailed specifications on the various mounts make sure to visit our website.

News image
Click to Download pdf.

Specifically designed for wildlife cinematography our all new AviaEye Jeep Wrangler offers ready to go front, back, and side mounts; a roof platform with a 9’ dolly, as well as a 21’ aerial jib crane to give you 360° filming capabilities. Since this car is a fully loaded 4x4 it makes it perfect for wildlife viewing as it doesn’t need a road to drive on. See for yourself!

AviaEye Custom Camera Car Trailer

Visit: aviaeye.com/camera-car.html See: Wildlife-film.com/-/AviaEye.htm


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OFFICIAL AWARDS of the 19th Matsalu Nature Film Festival!

The Winners of the 19th Matsalu Nature Film Festival are:

Grand Prix

Earth: Muted, Sweden
Directed by Mikael Kristersson, Åsa Ekman, Oscar Hedin

Jury: A great film tells more than any jury summary can tell in a few sentences. The Grand Prix of Matsalu FF 2021 goes to a very special film that grabs its viewer from the first shot, where we see treetops heavy with cherry blossoms. They are not surrounded by bees though, but instead being pollinated by an old Chinese couple with sticks. People doing the work of bees, is a stunning metaphor to the absurdity of being human - possessing the ability to dominate other species, in a system where domination itself inevitably means perdition. A beautiful and delicate reminder that one can not have their cake and eat it too, but that as a humankind, we’ll all stand eye to eye with our choices sooner rather than later.

Best Editing (Nature)

Leopard Legacy
Austria/South Africa
Edited by Alan Miller B.F.E.

Jury: "Leopard Legacy’s" edit was on point - sound design and music well balanced. Throughout the film there were many gems hidden inside the edit. For example the close-up sequence of the leopard's paw when walking and the next shot was the crane's leg. Also the seamless transition between two shots of the river raised the value of the edit.

More winners here: maff.ee/en/winners-2021


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Abbeville Bird and Nature Festival 2022 Film Competition Call for Entries

The Bird and Nature Festival has been proudly presenting a selection of the best wildlife films every year since 1991.

Sadly, due to pandemic in 2020, we had to roll over the selection to 2021 and didn't open a new competition.

But we're very happy to let you know that the call for entries for our 2022 film competition is now open!

Six Prizes totalling €14,000 will be awarded to professionals and amateurs, including a new Prize, endowed with €2,000, dedicated to professional films of shorter duration.

Enter online before Nov 5th on our website: festival-oiseau-nature.com

Watch all the 2021 winner teasers: vimeo.com/showcase/7654572


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Sir David Attenborough's new series The Mating Game to explore animal dating scene

The Mating Game will show that for many animals, the business of securing a mate often involves having to fight off all comers

Sir David Attenborough's next major series for BBC1 will explore the animal dating scene, using ground-breaking 8K wildlife cinematography to explore the ways in which different creatures go about finding themselves a partner.

Described as “often dramatic and sometimes hilarious”, The Mating Game will show that for many animals, the business of securing a mate often involves having to fight off all comers.

Sir David's narration - described as “dramatic and comedic” - will focus on the challenges faced by both sea and land-dwelling creatures.

Asked what he hopes the audience will take from the series, Sir David said: “I hope they’ll take away the overwhelming truth, which is how unbelievably ungraspable the variety of the natural world is, what governs the animal world, and what governs the way in which animals behave.”

Filmed using state-of-the-art 8K technology, the five-parter kicks off next month with a programme looking at animals that breed on the planet's grasslands.

Read more: irishmirror.ie/tv/sir-david-attenboroughs-new-series-25040248

The Mating Game | David Attenborough | Trailer - BBC

Watch: bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0010bc1

Visit: bbcearth.com/shows/the-mating-game – To get a mate you need to stand out from the crowd. And sometimes that means putting on a spectacular performance…


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BBC Studios secures international premium factual pre-sales

In a coup for the commercial subsidiary of the British public broadcaster, BBC Studios has secured international pre-sales for Universe, a five-part science series from the makers of The Planets, alongside landmark natural history series The Mating Game from Silverback Films.

Universe takes viewers on an interstellar journey to places that were not known as recent as 10 years ago, revealing what the programme maker says are “awe-inspiring” wonders and recreating dramatic moments that defined Earth’s destiny – and our own. Using CGI imagery, the latest scientific research, and archival footage captured during scientific missions, the series immerses viewers in the story of the universe, from its moment of inception 13.8 billion years ago, to what could be its ultimate fate, trillions upon trillions of years in the future.

Universe (NOVA Universe Revealed in the US) is produced by BBC Studios Science Unit with NOVA and GBH Boston, for BBC and PBS, co-produced with Xigua Video and Bytedance, and is an Open University partnership. The series has pre-sold to Denmark (DR), France (France Télévisions), Germany (ZDFinfo), Canada (Radio-Canada), Norway (NRK) and Russia (Yandex). BBC Earth channels across Asia, Canada, CEE, Middle East, Nordics, Poland, Africa, and Turkey will also be premiering the series.

From the producers of A Perfect Planet, The Mating Game (5 x 50’) is the story behind what the producer says are “the most fascinating, hilarious and dramatic” quests to find a mate and leave a lasting legacy. Exploring five different habitats across six continents, the series, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, reveals the strategies different animals use to find a mate. It is the ultimate inside view on what it takes to succeed at the mating game.

Produced by Silverback Films for BBC and Discovery, co-produced with bilibili, France Télévisions and NHK, the series has pre-sold to Denmark (DR), Canada (Radio-Canada), Estonia (ETV), Spain (Movistar+), New Zealand (TVNZ), Lithuania (LRT) and Norway (NRK). The series will also premiere on BBC Earth channels across Asia, Canada, CEE, Middle East, Nordics, Poland, Africa and Turkey. “What unites Universe and The Mating Game is the scale of their ambition, with the characters and storylines to rival any major drama series,” commented Louise McNab, director of content sales for BBC Studios Global Distribution. “These are shows that will further audiences’ appreciation of the world around them and beyond.”

Read more: rapidtvnews.com/2021092761300/bbc-studios-secures-international-premium-factual-pre-sales.html


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American Conservation Film Festival Next Gen Capture Conservation Winners!

We are thrilled to announce the winners of our Next Gen Capture Conservation Contest! Each year, ACFF encourages youth ages 5 to 18 to create a conservation film of their own about what the environment and nature means to them. These youthful voices from around the world captivated our panel of judges with thoughtful films on topics related to climate change, fast fashion, invasive species, pollution, and more!

Here are the winning entries:

The Return of Kgodumodumo

Best Overall – The Return of Kgodumodumo
Mabaeni Mkwani (South Africa)

We Are Destroying the Earth

10 & under - We Are Destroying the Earth
Zakoriah Hill (Maryland, USA)

How to Be Sustainable

11-14 - How to Be Sustainable
Surjin Banwait (California, USA)

Buying Second Hand

15 - 18 - Buying Second Hand
Elouane Rogers (West Virginia, USA)

See All of the Entries: vimeo.com/groups/nextgencapture/videos

Visit: conservationfilmfest.org/2021-next-gen-winners-announced


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Kate Winslet Narrates 'Eating Our Way to Extinction' Doc About the Climate Crisis

Putting star power behind a documentary always gives it a boost, and the latest environmental doc is no exception. Narrated by Kate Winslet, the documentary Eating Our Way to Extinction just premiered, with a goal of inspiring viewers to understand the gravity of the climate crisis and take action.

“This is the film future generations will be wishing everyone watched today,” Winslet’sTitanic love interest and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio said in a quote for the film’s trailer.

'Eating Our Way to Extinction' sheds a light on how the climate crisis impacts people around the globe.

In addition to Academy Award-winner Kate Winslet narrating and executive producing Eating Our Way to Extinction, the film also features philanthropist Tony Robbins, Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, plant-based physician Dr. Michael Greger, and many other prominent figures. The film is directed by brother-brother duo Otto Brockway and Ludovic Brockway, it runs for an hour and 21 minutes, and its official partners include Ecosia (who is planting 10,000 trees to offset the carbon created during the doc's production), Plant Based News, and Veganuary.

The documentary includes original footage from some of the most beautiful places on planet Earth, including the Amazon rainforest, the Mongolian desert, the Norwegian Fjords, and the Taiwanese Mountains. At these far-reaching locations, the filmmakers interviewed locals and Indigenous peoples who are disproportionately impacted by the climate crisis, highlighting the fact that those who contribute to climate change the least are the ones most affected by it.

Eating Our Way To Extinction | Official Trailer

Read more: greenmatters.com/p/how-to-watch-eating-our-way-to-extinction

Visit: eating2extinction.com Eating Our Way to Extinction is now available to rent or purchase via Amazon, Apple TV, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, and Vudu.


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A Lion in my Tent - Mabuasehube & Kgalagadi 2021 Behind The Scenes – Robert Hofmeyr

This is the first in a series of three behind-the-scenes videos of our trip to Botswana in May 2021. In this episode, my brother-in-law Andy and I travel from Hermanus, near the Southernmost tip of Africa, to the Kalahari. We drive through the Karoo, enter the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, then take the 4x4 route across to Mabuasehube in Botswana. Early in the morning after our first night camping, a young male lion wanders into our campsite, gives us a fright, then walks into our tent and proceeds to rip up our things. We also film a very cute lion cub and see a brown hyena and spotted eagle owl in our campsite.


A Lion in my Tent - Mabuasehube & Kgalagadi 2021 BTS (ep1 of 3) - Filming wildlife in Botswana - 4K

This is the first in a series of three behind-the-scenes videos of our trip to Botswana in May 2021. In this episode, my brother-in-law Andy and I travel from Hermanus, near the Southernmost tip of Africa, to the Kalahari. We drive through the Karoo, enter the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, then take the 4x4 route across to Mabuasehube in Botswana. Early in the morning after our first night camping, a young male lion wanders into our campsite, gives us a fright, then walks into our tent and proceeds to rip up our things. We also film a very cute lion cub and see a brown hyena and spotted eagle owl in our campsite.

Posted by Moving Pictures Africa on Saturday, 11 September 2021

Visit: Wildlife-film.com/-/RobertHofmeyr.htm


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‘Secrets of the Whales’ Wins Best Documentary Series at the 2021 Emmys

The Disney+ documentary series that offered a deep dive on whale culture won the Emmy for Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series.

Secrets of the Whales,” the Disney+ docuseries that offers a deep dive on whale cultures, won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series on Sunday afternoon.

The documentary series, which was filmed in two dozen locations over three years, premiered on Disney+ in April 2021. Disney’s description for the show reads:

“‘Secrets of the Whales’ plunges viewers deep within the epicenter of whale culture to experience the extraordinary communication skills and intricate social structures of five different whale species: Orcas, humpbacks, belugas, narwhals, and sperm whales. Throughout this epic journey, we learn that whales are far more complex and more like us than ever imagined.

The project beat out PBS’ “American Masters,” National Geographic’s “City So Real,” Netflix’s “Pretend It’s a City,” and HBO’s “Allen v. Farrow” for the Emmy — the latter of which was heavily favored to win.

Read more: indiewire.com/2021/09/secrets-of-the-whales-wins-emmy-best-documentary-series-1234663742


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Outstanding Cinematography for a Nonfiction Program Emmy goes to ...

WINNER: David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet – Gavin Thurston (A Silverback Films and WWF Production for Netflix)
City So Real – Jackson James and Steve James (Episode: "Blood Sport") (Nat Geo)
Dick Johnson Is Dead – Kirsten Johnson (Netflix)
Rebuilding Paradise – Lincoln Else (Nat Geo)
Secrets of the Whales – Hayes Baxley, Andy Mitchell and Brian Armstrong (Episode: "Ocean Giants") (Disney+)
The Social Dilemma – John Behrens and Jonathan Pope (Netflix)

Read more: ew.com/awards/emmys/2021-creative-arts-emmys-full-list-of-winners


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Attenborough’s voice is beautiful only – Imran Jan Op-Ed

Deflection shifts the blame from the fossil fuel industry to us.

Several months ago, I watched the documentary A Life on Our Planet, which has beautiful and impeccable narration by David Attenborough. In the film, he talks about his experience with nature spanning through decades. When I watched the film, I was absolutely in awe of the great body of knowledge it conveyed to the viewers in such a dramatic and entertaining way. But today, I am only disgusted by that film. I have decided to write about the reason behind this change of heart because it is at the heart of the propaganda campaign launched against the efforts to tackle climate change.

There was a phase during the 70s when the fossil fuel industry’s own scientists found out and projected the harm that the burning of fossil fuel would bring. The industry kept a tight lid over it. Moving forward, some scientists and politicians such as Al Gore started making noise about this issue. Silence became impossible. So, denialism came handy.

Fossil fuel industry paid attack dogs using smear campaigns discredited the scientists that blew the whistle on climate change. Scientists worldwide almost unanimously announced that climate change was caused by human beings. Furthermore, extreme weather events such as heatwaves, wildfires, super floods, hurricanes, and so forth made denialism ludicrous. The fossil fuel guys didn’t give up.

Read more: tribune.com.pk/story/2319725/attenboroughs-voice-is-beautiful-only "And that is exactly what I despised about Attenborough’s film."


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"How Termites Built the Delta" by Hannah Gormley

In this blog, we celebrate the friendship that built the Okavango Delta: the mighty termites and their farmed-fungus.

One of the first things you’ll notice when visiting the Delta are the colossal termite-mound-spires that dot your surroundings. In this otherwise flat landscape, these mounds are coveted lookout points for sharp-eyed residents or convenient burrows for them to protect their young. But the termite mounds are so much more important than that. Indeed, we can thank their tiny architects for the very existence of the 150,000 islands that pepper this vast inland oasis today. In this blog, I delve into the various hidden benefits of termite mounds, from improving habitat diversity, to enriching the soil, and disposing of toxic salts that could quickly overwhelm the Delta. There is a saying in Africa that goes: ‘if you think you’re too small to make a difference, then you’ve never spent a night with a mosquito’. The real saying, however, should read ‘if you think you’re too small to make a difference, then you’ve never heard of termites!’.

Dating back over 50-million years, termites are one of the most ancient species on our planet. In this time, some have evolved an extraordinary talent: the ability to farm fungus. Macrotermes michaelseni have a very unappetising wood-based diet. So unappetising, in fact, that they don’t even digest it and have evolved an ‘external stomach’ to do it for them. These termites ‘seed’ fungal spores onto complicated, aerated comb structures and when they return to their mounds, bellies full, defecate their ‘psuedo-faeces’ on top. This is the fertiliser for the lucky fungus, who digests the tough material into a delicious, nutrient-rich meal for the colony. In exchange, the fungus not only receives a delicious banquet of food, but also water, shelter, protection, and a colony of constant gardeners to cultivate and look after it. So, forget the rumours you’ve heard, because this symbiosis is truly the oldest evidence of agriculture here on Earth, without which, there could be no Okavango Delta.

Read more: naturalhistoryfilmunit.com/post/how-termites-built-the-delta


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Prince William Teams With David Attenborough For New Discovery Plus Series ‘The Earthshot Prize: Repairing Our Planet’

Prince William and naturalist David Attenborough have teamed on a new Discovery Plus series, “The Eartshot Prize: Repairing Our Planet.”

The Earthshot Prize was launched by Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, and his Royal Foundation charity in October 2020 with the aim of “discovering, celebrating and scaling” solutions to the environmental challenges currently facing the world.

There are five “Earthshots” – Protect and Restore Nature; Clean our Air; Revive our Oceans; Build a Waste-free World; and Fix our Climate – which aim to provide achievable solutions by 2030.

The series, which will run ahead of the a prize-giving ceremony in mid-October, is intended to highlight the 15 finalists and their work to save the planet.

The five-part series will launch globally on Discovery Plus in early October.  A live-stream of the Earthsot Prize ceremony will be available on Discovery’s Facebook Page on 17 Oct. and a catch-up version on Discovery Plus later in the year.

Read more: variety.com/2021/streaming/news/prince-william-david-attenborough-earthshot-prize-series-1235067169


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Documentary series The Earthshot Prize: Repairing Our Planet to launch Sunday 3 October on BBC One and BBC iPlayer

The BBC is the broadcast partner for The Earthshot Prize, a global environmental prize launched by Prince William and The Royal Foundation in October 2020

"In the run up to COP 26, there couldn’t be a more critical time to air this landmark series, and celebrate the amazing ingenuity of people across the world. Each of the recently announced finalists have devised creative and extraordinary solutions to combat environmental problems, and we are proud to support Prince William and The Royal Foundation in this uplifting and inspirational initiative." — Charlotte Moore, BBC Chief Content Officer

The Earthshot Prize: Repairing Our Planet is part of the BBC’s continued commitment to bringing environmental and natural history programming to audiences over the next 10 years. The series will run from the beginning of October over two weeks on BBC One and iPlayer, kickstarting a month of programming in the run up to COP 26.

This beautiful and inspiring five-part landmark documentary series will give us reason to hope for a brighter future on Planet Earth. BBC One and BBC iPlayer will show the first-ever Earthshot Prize awards ceremony which will take place on 17 October at Alexandra Palace in London.

Led by Prince William, founder of The Earthshot Prize, and featuring Sir David Attenborough and other members of the Earthshot Prize Council including singer Shakira Mebarak and footballer Dani Alves, The Earthshot Prize: Repairing Our Planet looks past the problems we face and onto the solutions that promise to deliver us all a sustainable world in which both nature and humanity can thrive.

The Earthshot Prize itself is an urgent call to action to the world and aims to turn the current pessimism surrounding environmental issues into optimism, by championing inspiring leadership and helping to scale incredible cutting-edge solutions.

Charlotte Moore, BBC Chief Content Officer, says: "I am delighted that the BBC is the broadcast partner with The Duke of Cambridge and The Royal Foundation for The Earthshot Prize. Ahead of the awards ceremony on 17th October, BBC One and iPlayer will broadcast the five part series, The Earthshot Prize: Repairing Our Planet, across two weeks, demonstrating our unprecedented commitment to placing this subject at the centre of our schedule.

"In the run up to COP 26, there couldn’t be a more critical time to air this landmark series, and celebrate the amazing ingenuity of people across the world. Each of the recently announced finalists have devised creative and extraordinary solutions to combat environmental problems, and we are proud to support Prince William and The Royal Foundation in this uplifting and inspirational initiative."

The five great missions of the prize - the five Earthshots - are investigated, one by one, in the five episodes and the work of the 15 Earthshot Prize Finalists celebrated across the series. We will discover the depth of the challenge we face, hear the stories of inspiring people around the world who are already finding incredible solutions, and Prince William will introduce us to the remarkable Finalists for this, the first ever year of the Earthshot Prize.

While the scale of our environmental challenges can be difficult to face, the optimistic promise of the Earthshot Prize will give us all a new insight into the coming sustainable revolution, and new energy to move forward into a better, more stable world together.

In addition to the BBC One series, a Radio 4 series, Costing The Earth: Earthshot, will also be broadcast in October. In this three part series, Chhavi Sachdev looks at the practical work of the prize Finalists, and profiles their solutions on a range of subjects; protecting nature, cleaning the air, ocean revival, climate change and waste.

The series will also be broadcast on BBC World Service.

In addition, The Earthshot Prize will be featured on BBC One's The One Show in the forthcoming weeks Jason Knauf, CEO The Royal Foundation says: "The BBC is the most powerful storyteller in the world and The Royal Foundation could have no better partner for The Earthshot Prize. Over an unprecedented two-week period, television and radio audiences will be inspired by what we believe is some of the most innovative environmental programming that has ever been created. The television and radio series along with the awards ceremony will celebrate the incredible Earthshot Prize Finalists, while inspiring and challenging all of us to play our part in this decisive decade for the planet."

The Earthshot Prize Finalists were publicly announced by Prince William on Friday, 17 September. The incredible group includes a 14-year-old innovator and activist whose solar-powered ironing cart could help reduce air pollution across India, the City of Milan and its food waste hub initiative which is cutting waste and tackling hunger as well as the China’s first public environmental database.

The Earthshot Prize: Repairing Our Planet has been developed and produced by renowned natural history filmmakers Silverback Films.

Launched by Prince William and The Royal Foundation in October 2020, The Earthshot Prize has been inspired by President John F. Kennedy’s ‘Moonshot’ programme in the 1960’s, which united millions of people around the goal of reaching the moon, The Earthshot Prize aims to inspire collective action around our unique ability to innovate, problem solve and ultimately repair our planet. Five £1 million prizes will be awarded each year for the next 10 years, providing at least 50 solutions to the world’s greatest environmental problems by 2030.

Imagine what might be possible | The Earthshot Prize: Repairing Our Planet - BBC

Watch: bbc.co.uk/programmes/p09w81sp

From: bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/2021/the-earthshot-prize-repairing-our-planet

Meet the first-ever Earthshot Prize Finalists:

Highlights of Finalists Announcement | The Earthshot Prize

Prince William announced to the world the 15 global Finalists with the solutions to our biggest environmental challenges. Follow the link in bio to learn more and share their stories.

To learn more about the Finalists, visit: earthshotprize.org/london-2021/finalists

To find out the Winners, join for the first-ever Earthshot Prize Awards, 17th October on the BBC and on @discoveryplus.


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Submit your film for 2022 Films for the Forests competition

Awaken. Energize. Transform. Our 2022 theme embodies Films for the Forest’s bold vision— leverage the power of visual storytelling to propel global audiences into action for rainforests.

Filmmakers, this year we’re challenging YOU to create and share films that will inspire and move audiences to take powerful action that changes the future of our forests. You’ve got the vision - we have the forum.

Film submissions are now open on Film Freeway: filmfreeway.com/FilmsfortheForest

Earlybird Deadline: November 1, 2021
Regular Deadline: December 31, 2021
Extended Deadline: Jaunuary 25, 2022

Films for the Forest 2022 Launch


Join Our Team

Our F3 Team is Growing! We are looking for volunteers who have proven experience in managing professional social media accounts and/or creating social media content. If you are interested in contributing your skills, expertise and passion to the wonderful cause of protecting rainforests and adding to the growth of an international organization, we'd love to connect with you! Applications are being accepted via VolunteerMatch, click here for more information about our positions.


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Festive Gala Night celebrates winners of 15th Green Screen International Wildlife Film Festival

On Saturday 11th of September, winners of this year`s Green Screen International Wildlife Film Festival were announced.

Nearly 200 guests and filmmakers from Germany, various European countries and the United States attended the award gala presented by Festival Director Dirk Steffens. The productions “Wild Horses – Tales from the Puszta” by Zoltan Török and “A Bee’s Diary” by Dennis Wells and Heike Sperling share this year’s Best Film award. The 10,000 Euros Heinz Sielmann Award goes to Heiko de Groot’s film ”LOST – Birds of the Countryside”.

“Wild Horses” documents the lives of Przewalksi horses, the world’s only genuine species of wild horses populating the Hungarian puszta. “A Bee’s Diary” features impressive macro and flight photography documenting the six weeks of a honey bee’s life and also garnered the Green Screen Best Story and Best Postproduction awards.

The Green Screen Best Cinematography award went to Leopard Legacy” by Will and Lianne Steenkamp. For three years they closely observed a female leopard documenting her life. For her
production Die Moldau Der goldene Fluss, Angela Sigl won the Audience Award sponsored by Schleswig-Holsteinischer Zeitungsverlag. The Nordic Nature Film Award donated by
Schleswig-Holstein‘s Ministerium für Energiewende, Landwirtschaft, Umwelt, Natur und Digilalisierung was awarded to "Stormborn“ by Nigel Pope and Jackie Savery documenting the
lives of wild animals in Europes Far North.

226 documentaries from 57 countries were entered for the 15th Green Screen Film Festival. Several thousand nature loving guests were able to watch around 100 films screened in
Eckernfoerde. After the one and a half years of pandemic restrictions Green Screen was the first larger meeting of the European wildlife film industry and was attended by nearly 200 filmmakers. While the festival in Eckernfoerde ended on Sunday, Green Screen goes on tour until 19th September with screenings in Northern German and Danish cinemas.

From: greenscreen-festival.de/en/news/d/15-internationales-naturfilmfestival-green-screen-ehrt-preistraeger-auf-festlicher-gala Visit: Wildlife-film.com/-/GreenScreen.htm


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Roaming In The Wild, BBC Scotland's chilled adventurers

"Bear Grylls can get in danger. We're here to smell the flowers." TV's new adventurers

“WHAT is it the average human lifespan? 75 years?” Andrew O’Donnell says. “You’re no going to see everything. No point rushing about. And time is strange. When you’re sitting in a bird-hide it goes pretty slow, don’t it?”

'Donnell and his pal, Mark Taylor are the adventuring pair followed by the BBC's Roaming In The Wild, whose second series starts next week and who have started to garner a cult following. And while "no point rushing about" might seem a strange philosophy for such a show, that in many ways is the principle at its heart. It's about slowing down and taking in the moment – which is also what we're trying to do on the day in which we meet, even though O'Donnell has been up since 5am working on editing the show and according to his pal, Taylor, his "wee eyes" were tired. A cup of tea and a chat then a wander up into the hills just behind their home in Fintry is the plan.

For now, though, we are just talking about bird hides.

"When you’re staring at a lens for 12 hours a day in a hide, you’re left with only your own thoughts," says 35-year-old Taylor. "You start getting a different perspective."

“The mind drifts,” 30-year-old O'Donnell adds. “We were observing goshawks this year in the hide and it was using a remote camera. They were 100 metres away, forest is quite dense. You’re sitting there 18 hours a day, watching something that you don’t ever actually see with your own eyes. Anything good or any observation comes at a price, which is time. But that’s good. It’s good to get bored.”

Read more: heraldscotland.com/news/19587790.roaming-wild-bbc-scotlands-chilled-adventurers
Watch: bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0008n9l


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Introducing the Mammalz Mighty Network – Think of it as Mammalz 1.5

Yay Mammalz Community! We're excited to announce there's a new way for us to stay connected with each other and share our nature, science, and adventure experiences while we build Mammalz 2.0.

We've started a Mammalz Mighty Network where we can continue what we started together!

Mammalz Fall 2021 Update

Hello Mammalz Community!

I hope you all had a wonderful summer and are looking forward to fall adventures. As we continue our progress toward building out the new live experience of Mammalz 2.0, we have some exciting announcements to make regarding the direction Mammalz is taking with what I’ve come to call the three C’s; content, creators, and community.

In short, our focus on content will be on quality vs quantity. We will provide our creators with more educational opportunities to teach the necessary skills to become world class live streamers. Finally, we will be engaging our community with more opportunities for active involvement in many aspects of the Mammalz experience.

I am reminded daily of the mantra of modern media “content is king.” While the phrase itself is a bit dated, the tenet holds true. People come to watch great content and it is our job to give top quality live content to our community. We want people to be supremely entertained, inspired, informed, and above all, hungry for more. Without quality content, Mammalz does not succeed.

What we discovered in the first version of Mammalz is that user generated content has its limits. When you couple that with live streaming, it becomes a large mountain to climb. Opening a platform without leading by clear, compelling examples didn’t provide the quality experience we intended. Lesson learned.

Our solution however, is simple. Our team has over 45 years of combined experience creating award-winning content. We know storytelling, we know technology, we know how to take an idea and make it come to life on screen, we know what works and what doesn’t. So, starting today, Mammalz will be in the production business, producing live content with our creators. We will be partnering with creators to produce new in house live experiences via Mammalz TV. These will include not only our Mammalz Community Spotlight events, but other events such as world’s first live streams, birding events, climbing, and safaris.

We are going to produce the best live streaming experience possible with some of the world's top creative talent. Keep an eye out for future announcements.

We know that live streaming is new to many creators. We also know that many scientists, naturalists, educators, and adventurers are wonderful personalities that have compelling stories to tell. We want to ensure that we are giving our talent the tools they need to succeed. So, we are creating a new initiative to give creators the knowledge, inspiration, and training to become world class live streaming creatives. This initiative will include a mix of virtual and in-person sessions covering a wide swath of subjects from live streaming tech, storytelling, filmmaking techniques, engaging with your audience, naturalist sessions, and even entrepreneurship. We want our creators to feel a true sense of belonging and part of a family that knows we have their backs.

And finally our community is something that we take great pride in at Mammalz. We are working on ways to give the community a chance to take a more active role in the Mammalz experience.

The first step in that is to bring the community back together. With that, I am very excited to invite you all to join us on our new place to socialize, the Mammalz Mighty Network. This is our community hub where everyone can share their nature, science and adventure experiences while we build out Mammalz 2.0. As always, it’s free to join. It’s easy to access as well.

Just go to community.mammalz.com to sign up on the web or you can download the Mighty Networks app and sign up that way. I am so excited for the future of Mammalz and I can’t wait to reconnect with you all.

All my best to you, Rob Whitehair

Visit: community.mammalz.com/feed See: Wildlife-film.com/-/Mammalz.htm


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Sean Bean To Narrate Osprey Raptor Wildlife Doc For Love Nature & Sky

Sean Bean is to lend his voice to a natural history documentary about Osprey.

The Game of Thrones star is narrating Osprey: Sea Raptor, a one-hour doc for wildlife brand Love Nature that will also and Sky in the UK.

The film, which is produced by Love Nature and CosmoVision Media Group, tells the true story of a pair of magnificent raptors, a life-long couple, as they reunite having traveled separately across continents to the same location year-after-year to raise their young.

The doc will also air on PBS in the U.S. via WNET, which is co-producing, but is expected to have its own narrator and title.

Love Nature's documentary, Osprey: Sea Raptor, narrated by Emmy® Award winning actor, Sean Bean

Read more: deadline.com/2021/09/sean-bean-osprey-raptor-wildlife-doc-1234832577


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The Story of Plastic wins an Emmy!

On Wednesday 29th September, the documentary film The Story of Plastic was honored with a News & Documentary Emmy in the category of Outstanding Writing!

This was the first feature documentary from The Story of Stuff Project, which started producing online content in 2007 with founder Annie Leonard's groundbreaking documentary,The Story of Stuff, which unleashed a torrent of pent-up demand for honest conversation about our consumption-crazed culture.

Learn how the mass production of single-use plastic has put us in the biggest environmental crisis in history:

The Story of Plastic Trailer

Visit storyofplastic.org/watch to learn how you can watch The Story of Plastic.


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Two Australian Documentaries Examine the Detriments of Shark Culling

Did you know that you’re more likely to die from a lightning strike than a shark attack? What about a dog attack? Or even a falling coconut? If you’ve spent any significant time in the ocean, you’ve most likely heard these tidbits regarding a shark’s lethality hundreds of times. But despite that, no words can ever replace an experience, and when you’re out in the water and it’s a little darker than you’d like, and you think you see a shadow or, god forbid, a fin, rest assured that the obscure stat regarding falling coconuts will be the farthest thing from your mind. 

On the surface, it may seem that people who spend their time in the ocean would be partial to shark culling as a way to protect themselves and fellow ocean goers. This issue is unfortunately back in the news, especially in Australia, a country that has seen 13 attacks this year and two deaths, the most recent was a man in his 30s passing away following an attack near Coffs Harbour on Australia’s east coast.

Despite this, the sentiment towards shark culling by Australia’s surfing community is almost entirely negative, with the general opinion being that surfers are guests within the shark’s ecosystem and accept the risks that come with that. In 2021, two documentaries have been released, both of which show the strongly anti-shark-culling attitude that is prominent throughout the world’s surfing and ocean-going communities. 

Envoy: Shark Cull starts and ends in the same way: with narrator Eric Bana claiming that because sharks cannot speak for themselves, we must be their envoy.

Envoy: Shark Cull | Official Trailer | Watch at home

Playing with Sharks is a film that serves two purposes, simultaneously telling the story of renowned ocean conservationist Valerie Taylor, who has dedicated her life to the preservation and protection of sharks, and changing the public perception of the creatures.

Playing with Sharks | Official Trailer | Disney+

Read more: theinertia.com/environment/two-australian-documentaries-examine-the-detriments-of-shark-culling


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Jane Goodall and Moby MEAT THE FUTURE

Award winning writer, director, producer Liz Marshall announced today that musician, humanitarian and activist Moby signed on to Executive Produce and provide music, and award-winning renowned conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall signed on to narrate Marshall’s MEAT THE FUTURE, a timely  documentary about the next agricultural revolution. Variety called the film “engrossing” and “persuasive” when it world premiered as a special presentation at the Hot Docs Festival. MetFilm Sales is representing worldwide sales rights, excluding Canada.

A character driven, deep dive into the game changing world of “cultivated” meat, Meat the Future follows a visionary CEO, Dr. Uma Valeti, as he sets out to make his dream a reality for us all. Imagine a world where real meat is produced sustainably without the need to breed, raise and slaughter animals. This is no longer science fiction. Cultivated meat is a food innovation that grows real meat from animal cells and it’s now within reach. Mayo Clinic trained cardiologist Dr. Valeti, is the co-founder and CEO of Upside Foods (previously Memphis Meats), the leading start-up of the cultivated meat revolution. From the world’s first meatball which cost $18,000 per pound to the first  chicken fillet and duck a l’orange for half the cost, the film follows Valeti and his team over five years as the cost of production plummets, and consumers’ eye the imminent birth of this timely industry.

With the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in November and the recent UN Climate Change Report sounding a “code red for humanity,” a look at our unsustainable relationship to meat, and innovative solutions could not be more necessary. Animal agriculture dominates nearly half of the world’s land surface, producing more greenhouse gases than all forms of transportation. The prospect of meat consumption doubling by 2050 is not only sobering, but also a wake-up call for solutions. Compared to conventionally produced beef, cultivated beef is estimated at scale, to reduce land use by more than 95%, climate change emissions by 74% to 87%, and nutrient pollution by 94%.

“I’m very happy and proud to announce that I am an Executive Producer of the documentary MEAT THE FUTURE, by award-winning writer-director Liz Marshall. It’s about the remarkable development of cultivated meat, which can help us save the only home that we have in our fight against climate change.” commented Moby

“I’m excited about the documentary because it is solution-focused. The film proposes a way forward, to reduce methane, to reduce water and land use, to lessen the suffering of  animals, and to prevent future viral outbreaks. I hope it sparks your imagination and inspires change.” added Dr. Jane Goodall

Director Liz Marshall adds, “Over five years, our lens was situated at the forefront of a historic and hopeful movement of change. What the future holds for cultivated meat is unclear, but I believe its revolutionary journey into the world will stand the test of time.”

An award-winning filmmaker who has written, directed, produced and filmed multiple impactful documentaries around the globe since the 1990s, Liz Marshall opened our eyes to the inhumanity and environmental impact of animals exploited for food, fashion, entertainment, and research with The Ghosts in Our Machine. Additional films include Midian Farm, about a 1970s back-to-land social experiment, and Water on the Table about the human right to water amidst a global water crisis.

London-based MetFilm Sales, run by ex-Dogwoof exec Vesna Cudic, acquired the world sales rights (excluding Canada) when Meat The Future had its world premiere at Hot Docs. Since its Canadian release, the film has been updated for the World, to include breaking news, music from Moby and narration from Dr. Jane Goodall.

Written, directed and produced by Liz Marshall, Meat the Future is executive produced by Kyle Vogt (co-founder Twitch, Cruise), Chris Hegedus (The War Room, Startup.com), Janice Dawe (Sugar Coated) and Moby.

Produced in association with documentary Channel, the Canada Media Fund and the Redford Center Grants with funding provided by the New York Community Trust. Produced with the participation of the Rogers Cable Network Fund. Produced with the participation of Little Walnut.


From: meatthefuture.com/jane-goodall-and-moby-meat-the-future

For more info, see: instagram.com/meatthefuturefilm, facebook.com/MeattheFutureFilm & twitter.com/MTFFilm


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Sky, Love Nature extend content sharing to Italy, Germany

European pay TV broadcaster Sky has expanded its partnership with Blue Ant Media-owned Canadian wildlife channel Love Nature to carry its programming on Sky Nature in Germany and Italy.

The pair already share content for Sky Nature in the UK as part of a five-year content deal, but with the channel now rolling out on to Sky’s services in Italy and Germany this has been extended. It will provide customers in those markets with access to 670 hours of local-language Love Nature content by 2025, including Osprey: Sea Raptor, Malawi Wildlife Rescue and Battle of the Alphas..

From: c21media.net/news/sky-love-nature-extend-content-sharing-to-italy-germany


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Climate change: Sir David Attenborough says politicians must 'lead' if public is to embrace net zero challenge

Naturalist and broadcaster Sir David Attenborough is calling on the government to do more to help the UK reach net zero by 2050.

Sir David was speaking to mark a year since the publication of the first UK-wide citizens assembly on climate change report and ahead of the the United Nations' climate change conference, COP26, in November.

The report laid out a road map on how the UK could reach net zero by 2050 while being fair to people. It identified education and information, government leadership, and cross-party consensus as key components if success was to be achieved.

The UK is hosting COP26 and will push for an international strategy on reaching net zero. However the UK government's own credibility on climate change has been questioned, with rows over mining and North Sea drilling licences.

And Sky News has revealed how the UK agreed to drop climate commitments from the text of a trade deal with Australia in order to get the agreement signed.

Sir David - the people's advocate for COP26 - said: "The world's scientists have been very clear on what's at stake for mankind if we don't act on climate change.

"Our political leaders now need to lead and give people confidence that all the changes needed to deliver net zero are desirable and possible for all of us.

Read more: news.sky.com/story/climate-change-sir-david-attenborough-says-politicians-must-lead-if-public-is-to-embrace-net-zero-challenge-12402187

Also read: Attenborough: climate shift needs public – The Ecologist – David Attenborough says public participation and fairness needs to be at the heart of all climate action.


News image

Griersons: Katie Price v Attenborough

The Grierson Trust has announced the nominations for the 2021 British Documentary Awards, which see Sir David Attenborough and Katie Price nominated in the Best Single Documentary – Domestic category, for Silverback Films’ A Life on Our Planet and Minnow Films’ Harvey and Me.

The BBC has 23 nominations, dominating this year’s awards, which are held in association with All3Media and digital partners Little Dot Studios.

Netflix, with 10 nominations leads Channel 4 which has seven. Sky has three, ITV two and Apple TV+, PBS, HBO and S4C awarded one apiece. The remainder is made up of festival and university screenings alongside theatrical releases.

Lorraine Heggessey, Chair of The Grierson Trust says: “This highlights the significance and popularity of the documentary genre to both long standing channels and newer providers like the streamers.”

Read more: televisual.com/news/griersons-katie-price-v-attenborough

The 56 shortlisted films and five presenters will now go forward to judging ahead of the 49th annual awards ceremony on 10th November.


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News image

See the latest Wildlife Winners & Losers film uploads from The Brock Initiative!

The Real Truth and Cost of Coffee and Chocolate. The connections in South America with a large animal you've probably never heard of - a combination of an elephant and a horse!

Esperanza - The Mountain Tapir - Promo

Watch the FULL FILM: Esperanza - The Mountain Tapir

From the South-West of England to the very far North of Scotland shore birds search the mud and sand for food. They have all sorts of tools for the job, from the surface to deep down. This is a light-hearted look at how competition is shared out. Who will win in this lively contest?

Curlew Action is a charity dedicated to reversing the decline of the breeding curlew by advocating conservation efforts, developing and sharing resources for fieldworkers, and promoting wider natural history education.

The Battle of the Beaks – Promo

Watch the FULL FILM: The Battle of the Beaks

One of the world's rarest seals, the monk seal, needs peace and quiet and somewhere safe to rear its pups. In the Mediterranean there are few sanctuaries left, where this is possible. On the beautiful Greek island of Corfu, wild places still exist, but changes threaten from a development company in New York. Can this paradise and its endangered seals survive in a classic conservation challenge, as Covid-19 wrecks the tourist trade in the Med?

Crisis in Corfu Seals included? – Promo

Watch the FULL FILM: Crisis in Corfu Seals included?

Please sign the petition Help us #SaveErimitis from the destruction of NCH Capital's "Kassiopi Project" – Thank you!

Find more our our film series here: brockinitiative.org/about/about-wildlife-winners-and-losers – Watch, share, use to help save the planet!


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True crime hit Tiger King to return to Netflix for second series

True crime hit Tiger King to return to Netflix for second series

Netflix’s wildly successful Tiger King is returning for a second series later this year. The first season of the documentary series told the story of eccentric wildlife breeder Joe Exotic, who was later jailed for plotting the murder of an animal rights activist. The streaming giant has confirmed that the show will return for “more madness and mayhem” in Tiger King 2.

The directors from the original seven-part series Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem And Madness, Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin, are returning to direct the new instalment.

The real crime series became a global hit, with 64 million households streaming it within the first four weeks of its March 2020 premiere.

Tiger King is coming back this year — and Season 2 promises just as much mayhem and madness as Season 1!

Read more: belfasttelegraph.co.uk/entertainment/film-tv/news/true-crime-hit-tiger-king-to-return-to-netflix-for-second-series-40881978.html

Also read: Netflix orders ‘Tiger King 2’ in new true crime slate – tbivision.com Netflix has commissioned a sequel to the global factual hit Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem & Madness among a line-up of upcoming documentaries exploring crimes, cons and scams.


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Discovery CEO David Zaslav talks “shock & awe global strategy” with WarnerMedia

Discovery CEO David Zaslav (pictured) has predicted that a combined streamer with WarnerMedia will be able to attract 200 million global subscribers within three years and said a “shock and awe global strategy” for the service is in the works.

Zaslav told the Communacopia Conference in LA that the merger between the two US giants, first announced in May, is on track to close in 2022 and added that the streamer would be rolled out “quickly, once we close.”

He said experience gained from the launch of Discovery+ would assist a fast roll-out and added that the offering would be “unmatched with appeal to almost every demo,” but firm details were kept under wraps.

“We’ve been working on this for over four months now and we’ve now finalised our go-to-market strategy, and it feels really compelling,” he said. “What differentiates this company and gives it so much diversified strength is… that we’re able to grow this product globally to 200 million subscribers or three years from now.”

The move will position the snappily named Warner Bros. Discovery as the third global streamer, alongside Netflix and Disney+, Zaslav said.

The Discovery CEO also did not rule out further acquisitions, adding: “There will be a lot of consolidation and some of that may be opportunities for us, but right now, I really like where we are.”

Read more: tbivision.com/2021/09/22/discovery-ceo-david-zaslav-talks-shock-awe-global-strategy-with-warnermedia


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Rainforest Returns to Mull – SCOTLAND: The Big Picture

Scotland’s rainforest, a complex mix of broadleaf trees festooned with some of the world’s rarest bryophytes and lichens, once stretched along much of the west coast. Today, as little as 30,000 hectares remain – a mere 2% of Scotland’s woodland cover.

On the Isle of Mull however, the rainforest is making a comeback. Torosay Hills is just one of a number of pioneering projects seeking to restore this unique woodland ecosystem.

"Change is vital if we are to stabilise the progression of climate change."
John Lister, Owner, Torosay Hills.

Torosay Hills FINAL

Learn more more about rewilding at torosay.org

Visit: Wildlife-film.com/-/SCOTLAND-TheBigPicture.htm


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VMI commits to net zero by 2030

VMI's net zero plan has been formalised to ambitiously cut its carbon emissions by half by 2025 and altogether to zero by 2030.

A sustainability policy will be central to VMI's strategy to improve the sustainability of all of its key functions to achieving this ambitious aim.

Mission Statement

VMI has taken great strides to reduce its impact on the environment and continues to do so, going forward, wherever and whenever possible.

Taking this a stage further, in June 2021, VMI committed to becoming a net zero contributor by 2030 and publicly reporting all emissions in order to achieve this lofty goal.

Recent initiatives include using sustainable bamboo loo roll, using refillable cleaning products (where the pouches are themselves refillable) which will eradicate unnecessary plastic waste, paper-free hand driers, using only recycled paper, commitment to sustainable transport, using only green energy of the highest environmental standards and publicly reporting annual emissions will all help us to achieve this ambitious goal.

Find out more: vmi.tv/about/environment/#NetZeroCommitment


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Australia’s WildBear launches distribution arm & names Europe team

Australian factual producer WildBear Entertainment has launched a new distribution division designed to assist with financing its shows.

WildBear International will be headed by the parent company’s CEO Michael Tear from Canberra, with a start-up sales team based in Europe comprising Edwina Thring and Margaret Yoshida of Wild Thring Media, WildBear’s long-term co-production and pre-sales finance partner.

The prodco, which has produced more than 150 hours of factual programming annually over recent years, has previously placed its content with various distributors including Passion Distribution, Off the Fence, ABC Commercial, ZDF Enterprises and PBS International.

This situation “will remain unchanged for the foreseeable future”, WildBear said. The company added that it is “keen to continue maximising its IP by placing each title with the best-fit distribution partner, including its own, on a case-by-case basis.”

Read more: tbivision.com/2021/09/27/australias-wildbear-launches-distribution-arm-names-europe-team


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Doug Allan Captured Images We’d Never Seen Before

Influencers: The pioneering "Planet Earth” and “The Blue Planet" cinematographer's own connection with animals has forever changed nature documentaries.

There were wildlife camera operators before him and many who have followed, but few have had as enduring an impact on the genre or on the crews producing them as Doug Allan. “He is a polar pioneer,” said Alastair Fothergill, series producer on ground-breaking BBC series “Life in the Freezer” and “The Blue Planet.” “A lot of the material he filmed had literally not been filmed before.”

This includes a sequence of killer whales working as a team to make a wave and wash seals off the ice floe for “Frozen Planet.” It had taken Allan 25 years to finally nail this shot, after first hearing about the behavior in 1976 and attempting to film it for BBC/Discovery series “Life.” On that occasion, there was not enough ice or daylight to capture it.

Armed with that knowledge, he returned a year later and recorded what producer/director Kathryn Jeffs has called the “holy grail” of a behavior that no-one had ever recorded scientifically before.

Equally important is the artistry and humanity of the cameraman behind such ground-breaking moments in nature cinematography. “Doug is more than a cameraman. He is a filmmaker who understands the emotion behind the image,” said “Tiger’s Nest” director Brando Quilici.

Read more: indiewire.com/influencers/planet-earth-nature-cinematographer-doug-allan


News image

Award-winning Scots wildlife cameraman says his globetrotting work has shown him harsh realities of climate change

AWARD-WINNING wildlife cameraman Doug Allan doesn’t need any scientists to tell him that the ice caps are melting – because he’s been filming the changing North and South Poles for the past four decades.

Dunfermline-born Doug was working for the British Antarctica Survey in 1981 when a ship docked with Sir David Attenborough on board.

Doug Allan has seen the impact of climate change first hand during his work as a wildlife cameraman.

It led to him ditching his career as a diver to become one of the BBC’s top wildlife cameramen.

But sadly it has also led to him charting our fragile environment as it has been decimated across his career.

He says: “I have witnessed the impact of climate changes myself. I went to the Antarctic peninsula in 1979 then returned about three years ago.

“You can see glaciers that once reached all the way down to the sea have retreated far enough that you can now walk along the beach in front of them.

“Some of the population of penguins have changed too. In 1992 we filmed a big sequence of Adelie penguins for the series Life In The Freezer.

“I returned to try to do that same sequence 25 years later and the number of penguins in that colony had declined.

“This meant that other sub-Antarctic species like Chinstrap and Gentoo penguins have been able to move into areas that the Adelies once had priority over.

“That’s because the winters are getting milder and the springs are coming sooner, so these other penguins can come down and take over the nesting sites.”

Doug’s TV credits include Blue Planet, Planet Earth, Frozen Planet and Forces of Nature, which has seen him win four Emmy awards and five Baftas.

After reaching his 70th birthday, he has become concerned at the plight of the planet’s wildlife and fears many of the species he’s captured on camera won’t be around for future generations.

He says: “I worry that much of what I have filmed will one day be considered historic footage as it is becoming harder to capture these same scenes again.

“The BBC already has a lot of footage of animals that are now extinct. There’s a lovely golden frog in Panama which you now don’t find in the wild.”

Doug was also alarmed at news that polar and grizzly bears were mating to create hybrids — nicknamed a prizzly.

Read more: thescottishsun.co.uk/news/scottish-news/7741866/cop26-earth-climate-change-doug-allan-cameraman


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ITV Studios goes wild for non-fiction

Global creator, producer and distributor is aiming to be the one-stop shop for everything factual

ITV Studios has long been known as the go-to place for fiction, and this year has been no exception – with a remarkable number of viewers showing up for its original dramatic fare. But the ITV Studios crew isn’t satisfied with that. No, it wants to be known as the go-to shop for non-fiction as well.

“We’ve been leaning into giving people escapist television they can really enjoy, really learn from, and really just have an emotional connection with,” says Julie Meldal-Johnsen, EVP of Global Content at ITV Studios.

“My quest for the last four or five years has been to really up the fabulousness of the non-fiction slate because there’s been such a lot of attention on drama. Non-fiction was quietly doing its thing in the background without much fanfare, but there are some amazing stories being told.”

So, ITV Studios has dedicated itself to spreading the word about these true-life stories – and one of the most readily obvious ways they have done that is through a renewed commitment to natural history.

Cue AYear on Planet Earth (6 x 60) produced for ITV, FOX Nation, ARD Group and Tencent Video, by Bristol-based Plimsoll Productions in association with ITV Studios. Narrated by actor Stephen Fry, this is a dramatic blue-chip series following a story arc that takes viewers around the planet through four seasons. Begun over a year ago, the series is set for release next year.

ITV Studios also recently picked up rights to Great Barrier Reef: The Next Generation from Northern Pictures – the prodco behind the ITV hit Magical Land of Oz, coproduced with Oxford Scientific Films. Both add to an ever-growing collection of spectacular natural history programming.

Read more: realscreen.com/2021/09/20/itv-studios-goes-wild-for-non-fiction


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BBC unveils new factual, arts, music orders

The BBC has announced a range of new commissions from the newly created Factual, Arts and Classical Music “commissioning powerhouse” led by Patrick Holland.

Patrick Holland says: “The BBC’s commitment to premium factual, arts and classical music programming is unique in the UK and central to our public service mission for all audiences. The landmark series Union will explore the history of our islands, examining the forces that pulled them together and have, at various times threatened to pull them asunder. By focussing on the lives of ordinary men and women it promises to unearth fresh perspectives on our shared history. “Earth builds on the remarkable Planets and forthcoming Universe, telling the story of the creation and evolution of our planet, to bring complex science to broad audiences. And the arts series on how Black American culture changed the world [working title: Black Art Matters] will bring the boldest storytelling and biggest voices to reveal the influence of key creatives over the last 100 years. “These commissions build on the unrivalled series of scale that now find their home on BBC iPlayer, helping to create a video-on-demand platform with true specialism that speaks to British audiences.”

Earth (w/t) 5×60 BBC Two

This groundbreaking, landmark series tells the astonishing four-billion year story of the place we call home. Over five episodes, Chris Packham (pictured) will set out a biography of our planet, revealing the most epic moments from the Earth’s history, from the first seconds of its existence to the arrival of its most incredible inhabitants: us.

Cutting-edge CGI will allow viewers to witness the dramatic moments when our planet’s future, and the life it nurtured, hung in the balance. Massive bombardments from space, extreme changes in climate, the collision of whole continents. Every one of these key moments in our planet’s history is written in its scars.

The series will uncover the meaning of its mountains and its ocean floors, its craters, valleys and plains. It will show how these features tell us of the perilous moments when life itself was nearly snuffed out, or rebounded to take a new course. Chris Packham will draw on his deep knowledge of contemporary biology to shed light on points of crisis and change in our planet’s past.

Earth’s story hasn’t ended. Using the latest scientific research, Chris will reveal how Earth’s most remarkable creation – intelligent life – is set to have a lasting impact on the planet – an impact as profound as any asteroid or volcano.

Earth (5×60 BBC Two) was commissioned by Patrick Holland and Jack Bootle, Head of Commissioning, Science & Natural History. It is being made by BBC Studios Productions’ Science Unit and the Executive Producer is Rob Liddell and Andrew Cohen..

From: televisual.com/news/bbc-unveils-new-factual-arts-music-orders


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News image

In the latest Master Wildlife Film-making Podcast Episode, Jake Willers interviews himself!

Jake speaks about his early years running a wildlife park, his move into wildlife filmmaking and how he now juggles his work and career.

Jake Willers is a TV presenter, Award Winning Filmmaker and Host of the Master Wildlife Filmmaking Podcast. He has traveled to 38 countries and filmed in some of the most inhospitable places on earth.

Having grown up on a wildlife park that he managed for many years, Jake gained a wealth of experience and a passion for the natural world, which he now injects into his filmmaking.

Jake shows have enjoyed success in over 147 countries and been translated into 25 languages, working with channels including National Geographic Channel International, Nat Geo Wild, Animal Planet and Channel FIVE, UK.

In 2007 Jake moved from Cambridge, England to the US and formed NineCaribou Productions a production company dedicated to expanding people's knowledge of wildlife and the world around us.

Jake Willers - TV Presenter, Filmmaker & MWF Podcast Host (Plan B Episode)

Visit the Master Wildlife Filmmaking Podcast website to see all the episodes: masterwildlifefilmmaking.com

Information on MWF Mentoring: jakewillers.com/mentorship


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The WNET Group and Love Nature Unveil The Ocean’s Greatest Feast, a Documentary Feature Originated by Factual Wildlife Producer, Earth Touch

The Ocean’s Greatest Feast harnesses new filmmaking technology to capture South Africa’s famous annual sardine run, and a stunning lineup of marine wildlife characters, in ways never seen before.

Produced by Earth Touch, The Ocean’s Greatest Feast is a co-production between The WNET Group and Love Nature; Additional commissioning partners include Bonne Pioche Television (for France Television) and SVT; Blue Ant International has world distribution rights to the film outside of its co-producing territories.

The special will debut in the U.S. on PBS, as part of its Nature series; Love Nature’s global linear and streaming platforms (outside of co-production territories); Sky Nature in the U.K., Italy and Germany; France Television in France; and SVT in Sweden.

Nature, a natural history documentary series and a production of The WNET Group for PBS, and Love Nature,a wildlife and nature brand with linear and streaming platforms available in 135+ countries, jointly announced atJackson Wild today its latest co-production The Ocean’s Greatest Feast (1x50’; 4K) created and produced by wildlife and factual entertainment producer, Earth Touch. Additional commissioning broadcast partners include Bonne Pioche Television for France Television (France) and SVT(Sweden). This one-hour blue-chip documentary feature has recently wrapped filming on the coast of South Africa. Blue Ant International has world distribution rights to the film outside all co-producing territories.

The Ocean’s Greatest Feast is one of Earth Touch’s most ambitious projects to date, harnessing an array of new filming technology to look at South Africa’s renowned annual sardine run with a new lens, including gyro-stabilized long lens drones, Shotover cameras and a new remote underwater unit to bring the sardine run vividly to life in full 4K. Taking place between May and July each year, the sardine run sees billions of sardines spawning and travelling up the east coast of the country to Mozambique, providing an annual “moveable feast” for a spectacular array of marine predators who depend on the sardines in what is truly a feast or famine event. The film will be an immersive dive into the magic and chaos of this phenomenon, providing a powerful and unique viewing experience. World-renowned DOPs Grant Brokensha and Boris von Schoenebeck are the principal cinematographers on the project.

“The cutting-edge technology and techniques that Earth Touch uses in The Ocean’s Greatest Feast not only showcases never-before-seen perspectives, but results in an incredibly breathtaking and compelling story about the creatures who play a part in this natural phenomenon,” saysCarlyn Staudt, Global General Manager, Love Nature. “This special is a perfect addition to Love Nature’s growing portfolio of groundbreaking and ambitious natural history programming.”

“South Africa’s sardine run is one of the planet’s greatest events,” said Fred Kaufman, Executive Producer for Nature. “We’re excited to bring it to the PBS audience in this unprecedented way.”

Earth Touch Director of Sales and Programming Chris Fletcher commented, “We are delighted to have brought such an impressive and prestigious collection of partners into this project. We consider ourselves to be specialists in the Sardine Run. The first Earth Touch film, 10 years ago, was on this subject and ended up being one of our highest grossing films. We will revisit the sardine run again in this special using the same seasoned team - but now we have all the new technology at our disposal to really get to the heart of the action.”

Audiences will be introduced to a stunning cast of marine wildlife with distinct personalities and missions:

  • The cape gannets, who are also impressive high speed-dive bombers, demonstrate incredible agility underwater as they fly through the ocean with their wings. When the sardines are pushed to the surface, the birds dive-bomb with expert precision and incredible speed, snatching the little fish and bobbing back up to the surface.
  • Common dolphins, the keystone heroes of the sardine run, acting as orchestrators of feeding events for sardine predators, such as sharks, gannets, penguins and whales.
  • Sharks, the true rebels of this story who wait for the dolphins to corral the sardines into tight bait balls and then plough in. Copper sharks migrate up from the temperate south, blacktips come down from warmer tropical waters, and hordes of dusky sharks and spinners join in. These species all meet in the chaos, and yet the dolphins tolerate them.
  • Sardines, the ultimate tragic heroes, who are on the most important journey of their little lives, travelling a thousand miles to get to South Africa’s wild coast after riding a cold counter current that pushes up against the coastline, forging into warmer waters where the sardines will spawn. With so many species along this coast preying on them and other variables including overfishing and climate change, the sardines unite for survival, while producers capture never-before-seen closeups and character portrayal.

During production, Earth Touch leveraged cutting-edge technology and filmmaking techniques to present the story of South Africa’s annual sardine run in a fresh, new way by taking traditional wide angles of gannets and dolphin super pods paired with underwater bait ball feeding events, to set the scene, and pairing them with advancements in high-speed video, gyro camera platforms and compact sensor cameras enable us to tell our story in new ways.

Highlights include:

  • Using specialty high speed cameras, including the Phantom FLEX action, to capture the marine wildlife in spectacular detail up to 1000 frames per second
  • Multidirectional floating cameras to capture sardine action with minimal human interference
  • Non-invasive, compact shark cameras to give a new perspective of the predatory action on a “bait ball”
  • A Shotover gimbal, mounted on a boat, to allow production to zoom in on the film’s characters, despite ocean movement
  • A large 50mm dome port on underwater housing to enable split level imagery, pairing underwater action with a breath-taking backdrop up top.

The documentary will roll out on PBS as part of its Natureseries broadcast in the U.S market; Sky Nature in the UK; France TV in France; and SVT in Sweden. The Ocean’s Greatest Feast will premiere on Love Nature’s linear and streaming platforms, outside of its co-production territories and the U.K., where it will debut on Sky Nature.

The Ocean’s Greatest Feast is created and produced by Earth Touch. The film is a co-production between The WNET Group and Love Nature. Additional commissioning broadcast partners include Bonne Pioche Television for France Television (France) and SVT (Sweden). Graeme Duane is Executive Producer and Mea Trenor is Producer. Executive Producer for Nature is Fred Kaufman, and Series Producer is Bill MurphyJames Manfull executive produces the special on behalf of Love Nature. Produced by Alexandre Soullier for Bonne Pioche Television for France 5. Blue Ant International handles international pre-sales and licensing outside co-production territories.

Nature is a voice for the natural world, bringing the wonders of wildlife and stories of conservation to millions of American viewers for 40 years. The series has won more than 700 honors from the television industry, the international wildlife film communities and environmental organizations, including 19 Emmys and three Peabody Awards. The series is available for streaming simultaneously on all station-branded PBS platforms, including pbs.org and the PBS Video app, which is available on iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast. Nature is a production of The WNET Group for PBS. For more information visit pbs.org/nature.


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Wildlife Filmmaking 101: Step One - Research – Filming The Wild with Alan Lacy

In this episode of Filming The Wild, Alan sits down behind the desk and talks about one of the most important phases of wildlife film production: research.

"This is Wildlife Filmmaking 101: Step One - Research. In this seven part series, I will take you through my process of making a wildlife documentary, and share all of things I think about and do when producing a film. In this first episode of Wildlife Filmmaking 101, we are talking about the research phase and development of the film and story you want to tell. There are so many ways to do this, and I share some of the ways that I develop an idea for a film."

Wildlife Filmmaking 101: Step One - Research | Filming The Wild

Subscribe for more from Alan HERE!

Alan's website: filmingthewild.com

Profile Page: Wildlife-film.com/-/AlanLacy.htm


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BBC explores Wonders of the Celtic Deep

One Tribe TV captures underwater species around the coast of Wales.

BBC Wales has commissioned One Tribe TV to make natural history series Wonders of the Celtic Deep, in Ultra High Definition (UHD) around the coast of Wales.

The film-makers, some of whom have worked on natural history series Blue Planet, have captured an array of species including blue sharks and fin whales – the second biggest animal on the planet after blue whales – along with seabirds that can ‘fly’ underwater, and fish that can breathe on land.

The final episode also highlights the work of scientists and volunteers around Wales and investigates the bigger environmental issues raised by the series.

The 4 x 60-minute series will air on BBC1 Wales.

Read more: broadcastnow.co.uk/bbc/bbc-explores-wonders-of-the-celtic-deep/5163677.article


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Hosted by Children’s TV Presenters Andy Day And Naomi Wilkinson Winners At RTS West Of England TV Awards Have Been Announced

Hosted by children’s TV presenters Andy Day and Naomi Wilkinson, the television community of the West of England turned out in force to celebrate their work over the last year, a challenging one for the TV industry.

The Royal Television Society West of England Awards in association with Evolutions Bristol took place on Sunday 26th September at Bristol Old Vic with a gala ceremony hosted by children’s TV presenters Andy Day and Naomi Wilkinson. The television community of the West of England turned out in force to celebrate their work over the last year, a challenging one for the TV industry.

Guests included writer, presenter and campaigner Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall (War on Plastic: The Fight Goes On), Sarah Beeny (Sarah Beeny’s New Life in the Country), Tom Kerridge (Saving Britain’s Pubs with Tom Kerridge) and Megan McCubbin (Springwatch).

Offspring Films also scooped three awards for Earth at Night in Colour (Apple TV) – a spectacular and breathtaking look at animals’ nocturnal lives. It won in Natural History, Cinematography and Grading. The Sir Ambrose Fleming Memorial Award is the RTS West of England’s special award for outstanding and enduring contribution to television in the region. And this year Laura and Harry Marshall and Icon Films were recognised as one of the founders of the region’s independent production community. Jeremy Wade (River Monsters) presented the award and highlighted Icon Films as “one of the most successful indies in terms of international profile, sales and merchandise. And perhaps more importantly, Icon has placed a big emphasis on fostering and growing new talent.”

War on Plastic: The Fight Goes On triumphed in Factual Entertainment and Features.

From: thefancarpet.com/movie_news/hosted-by-childrens-tv-presenters-andy-day-and-naomi-wilkinson-winners-at-rts-west-of-england-television-awards-have-been-announced


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Discovery UK joins Creative Diversity Network

Discovery UK has joined the Creative Diversity Network (CDN), an industry body spearheading efforts to increase diversity on- and off-screen within the UK TV industry.

Discovery will also become a Diamond broadcaster, meaning it will begin collecting and reporting diversity data through the monitoring system already used by broadcasters such as the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky, ViacomCBS and UKTV. The system provides industry-wide data, both on- and off-screen, for broadcasters to monitor, measure and report on how the UK industry is performing on diversity.

CDN brings together the UK’s main broadcasters to build an industry-wide approach to increasing diversity and inclusion. Its activities are founded on an evidence-based approach provided by the data delivered by Diamond. CDN is due to deliver the fifth Diamond annual report in early 2022.

“Diversity empowers a wide range of voices and ideas, pushing us and our colleagues in the television industry to think outside the box. At Discovery, we understand the incredible value of diverse talent and we’re excited to continue taking action to create a more inclusive industry with Creative Diversity Network,” James Gibbons, EVP, GM UK & Nordics for Discovery, said in a statement.

Added Deborah Williams, CDN’s executive director: “We are delighted to be welcoming Discovery to CDN as we continue to expand both our activities and our membership. Discovery is a significant and important commissioner of content from UK producers. By joining CDN and Diamond they will increase our ability to provide and analyze data on how our industry is performing and help UK television become more diverse and more inclusive.”

From: realscreen.com/2021/10/01/extra-new-leadership-for-viacomcbss-chilevision-discovery-uk-joins-cdn


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Shark Week vs SharkFest: Quick bites on strategy, audience, $23 million production spend, and more

The giant Discovery and Nat Geo shark promotions are going strong 33 summers after the launch of Shark Week in 1988?

  • What do these promotions tell us about how the legacy channels are transitioning to streaming?
  • And is the Shark programming niche really a $23+ million opportunity for producers?

Veteran programming executive and senior consultant Dan Salerno answers these questions and much more in this week’s guest post.

First, Dan’s side-by-side comparison of the Shark promotions:

News image

Read more: documentarytelevision.com/discovery/shark-week-vs-sharkfest-quick-bites-on-strategy-audience-23-million-production-spend-and-more


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The Elephants of Selenkay from Visual Africa Films trailer released on World Elephant Day!

Today, 12th August, we celebrate the existence of the iconic Elephant, Happy World Elephant Day!

May they continue to live forever and a day. We have been filming and photographing Elephants in the Selenkay Conservancy in Kenya for the last 6 months, using the Canon C300 Mark 3 and the 1 DX Mark 3. It has been an amazing journey, with lots of excellent content to sift through. Finally, the story has come together, and it is a beautiful celebration of Elephants.

On World Elephant Day 2021, we officially present to you the 1st trailer of “The Elephants Of Selenkay”… vimeo.com/586185009 Watch this space for the full-length documentary.

Elephants Of Selenkay - trailer_1

Profile Page: Wildlife-film.com/-/Visual-Africa-Films.htm

Website: visualafrica.tv


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News image

Jim Frazier reflects on life as wildlife cinematographer with David Attenborough

As he wanders through a grove of trees identifying native bird calls on his property, Jim Frazier is clearly content and in his element.

At 80 years old, he's lost none of the passion for nature that fuelled a prestigious career as a wildlife cinematographer, including travelling the world for Sir David Attenborough's nature documentaries.

"It's just a place of peace and quiescence, I just love it here," he said.

Frazier is humble about his achievements, which include award-winning documentaries, the invention of ground-breaking lenses, an Oscar, an Emmy, an honorary doctorate and an OAM.

"I have had many, many extraordinary experiences. When you travel the world, you are exposed to different cultures, different people's attitudes but always for me it was being aligned with things natural and wildlife," he said.

News image
Jim Frazier spent years spent working with Sir David Attenborough(ABC Mid North Coast: Emma Siossian)

Frazier says his cinematography career began unexpectedly through an association with author and naturalist the late Densey Clyne, whom he met in the 1960s. They made an award-winning film together about spiders, which impressed the BBC and opened doors. "They [the BBC] said, 'By the way, we are just embarking with David Attenborough on a big series called Life on Earth," Frazier said. "I said, 'Who the hell is David Attenborough?' He wasn't all that well known then."

Read more: abc.net.au/news/2021-08-08/jim-frazier-behind-the-lens-cinematographer/100353722

Also see:

Jim Frazier, Naturalist, Inventor, Wildlife Cinematographer


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Meet Aylwin and Virginia, sisters who run an organic livestock farm on the edge of the Angus glens. They have been working hard to make their farm a brilliant place for waders, with great success. RSPB Scotland and the Working for Waders partnership have helped with the work on the farm. Nature friendly farming can make a huge difference for species under pressure like curlew, snipe and redshank. Find out more from a family who really care about nature.


Visit facebook.com/watch/?v=269051848109158


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"He told David Attenborough about baboons, and his world became wild" – by Cloe Read

Across a campfire, Chadden Hunter tells Sir David what he can about gelada baboons. The Queenslander doesn’t know it yet, but his life is about to change.

Sir David Attenborough’s eyes light up across the campfire in remote Ethiopia like those of a little kid.

It’s the early 2000s and opposite him sits Chadden Hunter, a Queenslander who’s been researching a herd of gelada baboons in the highlands, several thousand metres above sea level, as they pluck grass in alpine meadows.

To the world outside, Ethiopia is known for its famine and desert. But Hunter speaks of a land full of ancient rock churches carved into the cliffs, of beautiful lush islands covered in wildflowers and waterfalls.

While he doesn’t realise it yet, his life is about to change.

Sir David asks Hunter, a world expert on the baboons, to explain what he knows.

Fuelled by an endless curiosity, Sir David is excited as he takes in every word Hunter tells him.

“I was able to just tell him everything I knew, and it was really amazing to have this guru and living legend sit there by the campfire and just want to listen to you, and just ask questions,” he says. “It’s incredible in that sense because his successes haven’t gone to his head whatsoever. “He’s an incredible man, so incredibly knowledgeable but also really humble. “I think it’s partly because he’s maintained this incredible sense of curiosity his whole life and that’s really what keeps him going. “His eyes light up when you tell him a new story.”

So, by the flicker of the fire that night, the men connect..

Read more: brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/he-told-david-attenborough-about-baboons-and-his-world-became-wild-20210810-p58hgl.html


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Jack Couffer Dies: Oscar-Nominated Cinematographer Behind ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ Was 96

Jack Couffer, the renowned cinematographer, writer, director, producer and naturalist who earned an Oscar nomination for his lensing of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, died at a skilled nursing facility on July 30. He was 96.

His son Mike Couffer confirmed the news in a recent Facebook post, in which he referred to his father as “the most important person in my life.”

Born on December 7, 1924 in Upland, California, Jack Couffer long looked to blend his interests in cinematography and natural history, also shooting films such as Secrets of Life, Edge of Fury, and The Savage Eye, along with 11 episodes of the series The Magical World of Disney.

Couffer also wrote and directed episodes of Magical World of Disney, along with films including The Legend of the Boy and the Eagle and Ring of Bright Water.

Read more: deadline.com/2021/08/jack-couffer-dead-oscar-nominated-cinematographer-was-96-jonathan-livingston-seagull-1234812571

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Wild Pages: The Wildlife Film-makers' Resource Guide


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Virgil Films lands The Mustangs: America’s Wild Horses

Indie distributor Virgil Films has acquired the global rights to the feature-length wildlife-themed documentary The Mustangs: America’s Wild Horses, and will release it theatrically in October followed by a VOD release.

The Mustangs (pictured) takes viewers across the U.S. to follow some of the more than 80,000 wild horses on American public land and more than 50,000 in government-run corrals. It also highlights the work of Operation Wild Horse, an organization pairing mustangs and veterans with PTSD.

The film is executive produced by Robert Redford, Patti Scialfa Springsteen and U.S. Olympic equestrian silver medalist Jessica Springsteen, and directed by Steven Latham and Conrad Stanley.

The documentary’s soundtrack features musical legends Bruce Springsteen, Willie Nelson and Emmylou Harris, as well as the original song “Never Gonna Tame You,” performed by Blanco Brown and written by iconic songwriter Diane Warren (also a co-producer on the film), a 12-time Oscar nominee and Grammy, Emmy and two-time Golden Globe award winner whose songs have been featured in more than 100 films.

“America’s wild horses are fighting their last stand,” said Redford in a release. “Increasing competition for our natural resources threatens our wilderness areas, our wild horses and other wildlife species. Horses are interwoven into the very fabric of what is America. What threatens them threatens us all.”

From: realscreen.com/2021/09/28/doc-acquisitions-the-mustangs-new-brian-wilson-music-film-picked-up


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News image

Royals committed to climate protection: William and Charles rely on television culture

The royal family uses the medium of television to fight the climate crisis: Prince William introduces pioneers of environmental protection in a BBC documentary; His father Prince Charles started a new TV channel.

Weeks ahead of the start of the United Nations Climate Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, the royals are on television intensifying their commitment to environmental protection. Prince William (39) is teaming up with nature filmmaker David Attenborough (95) to host a new BBC documentary. From October 3, “pioneers” of environmental protection will be presented who have found innovative solutions to the most pressing climate problems.

Ambitious Environment Award

He is the winner of the Environment Award given by the oldest grandson of the Queen. “This is a moment of hope, not of fear,” William said in a trailer released on Saturday. That’s why they created the Earthshot Prize, “the most ambitious environmental award in history.” It takes “a decade of action” to repair the earth, William said.

New Channel RE:TV

His father, Prince Charles, 72, also relies on television for climate protection. The heir to the throne launched a channel on the Amazon Prime streaming service focusing on climate change issues. RE:TV seeks to present projects around the world that can contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable economy. Queen Elizabeth II’s eldest son called for “action now” to address the future problems of the planet. New movies are planned, but also existing content.

Solutions for sustainability.

“I’ve spent a lot of my life getting people and companies excited about the problems and solutions to the climate crisis,” Charles said. RE: TV must capture the will and imagination of humanity and advocate for the most inspiring solutions to sustainability around the world.

From: positivelyscottish.scot/economy/royals-committed-to-climate-protection-william-and-charles-rely-on-television-culture


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News image

Tune in to C21FM to hear from Silverback Films’ Keith Scholey

Silverback Films' Keith Scholey discusses upcoming documentaries fronted by Prince William, Sir David Attenborough and YouTuber Jack Harries ahead of the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference; Vertigo Films' James Richardson on why the present UK production boom is both a blessing and a burden amidst Covid and Brexit; and Mipcom director Lucy Smith on what to expect from next month's physical event in Cannes.

Discovery and Liberty Global owned All3Media acquired UK natural history producer Silverback Films at the end of last year. The company, set up by former BBC execs Alastair Fothergill and Keith Scholey, is behind some of the most groundbreaking, breathtaking and vital documentaries of our time.

A long-term working relationship with iconic presenter Sir David Attenborough resulted in the series Our Planet for Netflix and now another for the BBC called The Mating Game, which debuts on October 3. But before that another new Silverback show, Earthshot: How To Save Our Planet, fronted by Prince William, will make its debut.

The two new programmes come as world leaders prepare to gather for the COP21 UN Climate Change Summit at the start of November, with Silverback’s first project for YouTube, A Seat At the Table, debuting to coincide with the event.

Scholey spoke to Clive Whittingham about these developments and how the company continues to push the boundaries of natural history filmmaking.

Listen: c21media.net/c21podcasts/keith-scholey-james-richardson-and-lucy-smith

Brock Initiative


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Embracing European Rewilding: First rewilding talk show now available online

In honour of Rewilding Europe's 10th anniversary, we warmly invite you to our celebratory special talk show entitled “Embracing European Rewilding”.

During this one-hour show, several rewilding guests will share their inspiration and experiences. We look back at how it all started with Rewilding Europe's 'founding fathers' and look ahead to the future of rewilding in Europe.

Rewilding Talk Show: Embracing European Rewilding

Visit: rewildingeurope.com

British Wildlife Photography Awards


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Animals in Society: Why Do We Love Some Animals and Harm Others?

Throughout our lives, we interact with animals in many different ways. We love our companion animals and invite them into our homes. We see animals at zoos, pet stores, and marine parks. We play with stuffed animals and watch wildlife specials.

But we often overlook other animals, especially the ones we use for food. Most people eat animal products or use products tested on animals without thinking about the amount of harm this causes. These businesses and practices often facilitate industrial animal cruelty—favoring profits over their health and well-being.

We need to examine why we love some animals, but harm others, and change this relationship so we can grow as a society.

Some zoos educate the public and aid in conservation efforts, but the majority of zoo animals suffer terrible living conditions. They are abused and neglected for human entertainment. Private zoos are known to procure animals from the illegal wildlife trade, and many of these animals are endangered.

Marine parks can also get sealife illegally, and take animals out of their natural habitats. Signs of psychological distress are often found in captive marine life.

Companion animals are also at risk of abuse and neglect. Puppy mills that supply pet shops raise animals in hazardous conditions.

And animals bred for sport often live short lives riddled with injuries.

For animals used in fashion, their lives are far shorter than their natural lifespan as they often need to be killed before they can be used by humans. Sheep, foxes, mink, and other animals are kept in unsanitary conditions and given harmful medication to increase the size and amount of fur or wool they produce.

Animals are also used in testing for medicine and other products. Regulatory agencies mandate animal testing despite clear evidence it isn’t useful. A U.S. FDA study found that over 90% of drugs tested successfully on animals fail in human clinical trials. Lab animals are killed if there are too many of them, or if they grow old or sick.

We must change the way society treats animals and show them compassion by choosing cruelty-free products that are not made from or tested on animals. By adopting pets from local shelters instead of breeders. And by supporting animal sanctuaries over businesses using animals for entertainment.

Animals in Society: Why Do We Love Some Animals and Harm Others?

Learn more about our relationship with animals: Why We Love Some Animals and Harm Others - sentientmedia.org/why-we-love-some-animals-and-harm-others

The Green Hub Project


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NEW INVESTIGATION! The truth behind Morrisons chicken – Narrated by Chris Packham

Filthy. In pain. Abused. This is how chickens are suffering on farms that supply Morrisons. And the truth was revealed in an investigation released by Open Cages.

The investigation, narrated by naturalist Chris Packham, shows the horrific lives of FrankenChickens. Bred to grow too big, so fast that painful deformities and lameness are common, these poor animals face extreme suffering every day.

Animals deserve better than this. And we're working on change.

"FrankenChickens are the supermarkets' terrible, cruel secret." - Chris Packham

From: thehumaneleague.org.uk/breaking-news-investigation-exposes-extreme-cruelty

NEW INVESTIGATION! The truth behind Morrisons chicken | Narrated by Chris Packham

Take action at morrisonsmisery.com Visit: opencages.org

Also see: mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/fast-growing-franken-chickens-reared-24690326


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Link Between Forest Fires and Animal Farming

The Amazon Rainforest has been likened to the lungs of the planet—a testament to the importance of this forest to the world. But human exploitation of the Amazon Rainforest is at an all-time high. Deforestation poses a threat to indigenous communities, countless species, both known and unknown, and the overall health of the planet.

Upwards of 50,000 acres of forest are cleared by farmers and loggers per day worldwide. An area equivalent to over 10,000 football fields is destroyed each day in the Amazon Basin alone. This extreme clearing of land results in habitat loss, amplification of greenhouse gases, disruption of water cycles, increased soil erosion, and excessive flooding.

The main reason the Amazon is being deforested is because of the human consumption of meat. Ninety percent of the fires started in the Amazon in 2019 were to clear space to raise cattle, and 70 percent of the fires happened next to areas that had already been cleared for cattle grazing by large meat companies in the region.

The Amazon has long done its part to balance the global carbon budget, but according to a study published in Nature, the Amazon is now emitting more carbon than it captures. This is due to a disruption in the balance of growth and decay as well as emissions from forest fires.

Every year, in the Chiquitania region of eastern Bolivia, burning events are carried out to prepare the land for planting crops and raising cattle—often generating fires that burn out of control. In 2019, things took a turn for the worse. Boosted by a controversial governmental decree that promotes the expansion of the agricultural frontier and allows “controlled burning” in forests, the chaqueos (burning events) triggered a crisis for the area’s unique dry forests and savannas.

More than 2,300,000 animals disappeared in the protected areas of the Bolivian Chiquitania Forest after the fires in 2019. Latin American ocelots, pumas, jaguars, deer, llamas, and smaller forest animals like anteaters, badgers, and lizards were victims of the fires, according to biologists investigating the scale of the damage.

According to a study by the Friends of Nature Foundation, the livestock sector is responsible for 60% of deforestation in Bolivia. Research has detected an expansion in deforestation in regions like Charagua and the Chiquitania, both in the department of Santa Cruz, which accounts for 78% of the country's deforestation.

Watch the video:

Link Between Forest Fires and Animal Farming

This video was created by members of our Social Media Fellowship program as part of the 100 Voices campaign. Team Zoosapiens is located in Mexico, Bolivia, and Peru.

Sign up for the 30-day 100 Voices newsletter here: sentientmedia.org/join-sentient-medias-special-edition-30-day-newsletter

Conservation Film-making - How to make films that make a difference


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Celebrating Greenpeace’s 50 years of victories

When governments and companies threaten the natural world – Greenpeace supporters are there to confront them, and have been for 50 years.

It's truly incredible how much Greenpeace supporters like you have achieved in the last 50 years. Powered by millions of actions and donations, Greenpeace campaigns have won some seriously impressive victories for people and the planet.

Over the past five decades, we’ve grown from a handful of people setting sail to stop a nuclear test to an unstoppable worldwide movement of millions.

Since the first time the words “green peace” were said together in Vancouver in 1970 (after the decision was made to confront US nuclear weapons testing), together we have confronted countless governments and corporations.

And it’s working.

Last year alone, you helped to get BP to slash oil production by 40% within 10 years. You made the government both ban the sale of new diesel and petrol cars by 2030 and commit to powering the UK with more offshore wind energy. In 2019, activists and supporters from all across the UK celebrated winning a 10-year fight that got fracking banned.

The string of victories stretch across the planet from North to South and as far back as the founding campaigns. Together we kept the Antarctic safe from mining, we got a global ban on nuclear testing and we stopped commercial whaling. We protected the ozone layer with Greenfreeze technology, we protected areas of the Amazon with the Soy Moratorium and we kept big oil companies like Shell out of the Arctic

Greenpeace is 50!

Read more here: greenpeace.org.uk/news/celebrating-greenpeaces-50-years-of-victories


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Do you know Tesco's burning secret?

Tesco bosses want you to think they’re on track to meet their zero deforestation targets. They’ve produced social media adverts hoping people see them as climate champions. But Tesco have a burning secret, they’re fuelling forest destruction.

Greenpeace have made a video that shows their hypocrisy, can you help Tesco feel the heat and watch and share the video?

Do you know Tesco's burning secret?

Tesco is the worst supermarket in the UK for forest destruction - and they’re fuelling forest fires in Brazil. As the UK’s biggest supermarket, Tesco sells more industrially produced meat than any other. From buying meat from companies owned by Amazon rainforest destroyers, to selling chicken and pork fed on soya from deforested land elsewhere in Brazil, Tesco is making big profits from products linked to forest destruction.

They’re also deliberately trying to mislead the public by claiming they’re on course to hit their zero deforestation targets when their meat is not deforestation-free. In reality, they are selling industrial meat at such a scale it can’t be sustained without deforestation.

Tesco buys British meat from companies owned by notorious forest destroyers JBS, who have been repeatedly linked to Amazon deforestation and human rights abuses.

Deforestation isn’t just a threat to our climate - it also threatens local Indigenous Peoples’ lives and lands, as well as risking precious and unique wildlife. Communities who are the best guardians of the forest are facing serious, life threatening violence and forced eviction from their lands. Tesco must stop contributing to this crisis. 

Tesco wants to be seen as on the right side of history. To do that, they need to stop greenwashing and start leading - by immediately dropping all forest destroyers and replacing half the meat they sell with affordable and healthy plant-based options by 2025. Can you help expose Tesco’s burning secret and let the world know they’re fuelling forest destruction?

Tesco can see the tide turning. They see the public shift in concern around the climate - and see how people are connecting their food to our planet. They’re trying to hide their burning secret from the world - so let’s help expose it. 

Learn more about Tesco’s role in forest destruction: greenpeace.org.uk/news/watch-tescos-burning-secret


News image

Jane Goodall Has Fought to Save the Planet for 60 Years. Why Her Next Project Is About Lab-Grown Meat.

Legendary primatologist Jane Goodall will narrate Meat the Future, a forthcoming film about the next agricultural revolution where animals are no longer slaughtered for food.

World-renowned conservationist Jane Goodall recently signed on to narrate Meat the Future, a new film about lab-grown meat. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Liz Marshall—who also created animal-rights film Ghosts in Our Machine—the documentary follows cultured-meat company Upside Foods (formerly Memphis Meats) as it works on its mission of making traditional animal agriculture obsolete. Founded by cardiologist Uma Valeti, Upside Foods uses a small amount of animal cells and grows them in a bioreactor. The result is real, sustainable meat that is indistinguishable from its traditionally raised (and slaughtered) counterpart. 

Meat the Future followed Upside Foods over the course of five years, from its first lab-grown meatball that cost $18,000 to produce to a chicken fillet and duck a l’orange it made for half the cost, in an effort to illustrate how the next agricultural revolution is taking shape. “Over five years, our lens was situated at the forefront of a historic and hopeful movement of change,” Marshall said in a statement. “What the future holds for cultivated meat is unclear, but I believe its revolutionary journey into the world will stand the test of time.” 

The film premiered at a special presentation at the 2020 Hot Docs Film Festival in Canada and its worldwide sales rights (outside of Canada) are represented by MetFilm Sales. Since its Canadian premiere, Meat the Future has been updated for world distribution to include breaking news, music from Moby (who just signed on as an executive producer) and narration from Goodall.


Read more: vegnews.com/2021/9/jane-goodall-lab-grown-meat


News image

Viva! Juliet Interviews Chris Packham at Vegan Camp Out 2021

At Vegan Camp Out 2021, Juliet Gellatley interviews Chris Packham for PLANT BASED NEWS.

Chris is an English naturalist, television presenter, author and powerful vegan advocate.

This interview is a passionate insight into Chris's journey towards veganism, considering animal welfare and, of course, a strong environmental focus.

Juliet Interviews Chris Packham at Vegan Camp Out 2021

Find out more about Viva! here: viva.org.uk
Find out more about Chris here: chrispackham.co.uk
Find out more about PBN here: plantbasednews.org

Want more Vegan Film News?

Watch Vegan 2020 from Plant Based News

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Mikolji Corp – Makers of eco-educational nature documentaries, headed by Ivan Mikolji

Beautiful underwater footage of tropical rainforest of the Amazon and Orinoco rivers. 

Piranhas, freshwater rays, electric eels, river dolphins, Orinoco alligator.

Documentaries by Mikolji

Website: www.mikolji.com

Profile Page: Wildlife-film.com/-/Mikolji-Corp.htm

News image

News image

John Gussman – A Washington State-based film-maker, along with his production company Doubleclick Productions, offering Photography, Video Production and UAV/Aerial Filming Services.

He also offers Stock and Location Services.

Website: www.dcproductions.com

Profile Page: Wildlife-film.com/-/JohnGussman.htm

News image

Razorbill Films – a production company that creates wildlife documentaries for television broadcasters around the world, with Producer/Director Iain Mitchell at the helm.

Profile Page: Wildlife-film.com/-/Razorbill-Films.htm Website: www.razorbillfilms.com

News image

Gijs van Amelsvoorta film & TV composer based in The Netherlands, with a BIG love for nature, Wildlife & Natural History films, interesting stories, traveling, hiking, and good vegan food.

His music has been a score & underscore for numerous TV programmes, varying from BBC docu-series such as Gordon Buchanan's Cheetah Family & Me, Grizzly Bear Cubs & Me, to Earth's Great Rivers and Planet Earth UK, all the way to short films and popular TV shows.

Go here to listen to a selection of his music: rcrft.co/reel/GijsvanAmelsvoort/mixed

Documentary Music Showreel Gijs van Amelsvoort (early 2021)

Profile Page: Wildlife-film.com/-/GijsvanAmelsvoort.htm Website: www.gijsvanamelsvoort.com

News image

Ivana Ancica freelance Composer/Sound Designer/Orchestrator for Film/TV/Animation with great passion for nature, Wildlife & Natural History films.

She is an Alumna from Berklee College of Music – Master in Scoring for Film, TV, and Video games and currently works on film, animation, video games and other media projects.

Ivana has entered the semifinals at the Film Music Contest (FMC) Kosice 2020 for the Original Music for Film, TV, and Video games.

She was the recepient of Berklee’s 6-month International Career Mentorship Program with Pieter Schlosser (Award winning film, TV, and video games composer, worked in Hans Zimmer studio).

She is open for collaboration, respects the deadlines, and enjoys working with creative people.

Ivana Ancic - Showreel

Profile Page: Wildlife-film.com/-/IvanaAncic.htm Website: www.ivanaancic.com

News image

Ryan Rosen – a composer of music for film, television, video games, as well as other digital media.

As an MFA in Media Scoring graduate at the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema, Ryan works hard to realize the creative vision of the talented directors he works with.

Ryan's influences include the works of film composers such as James Horner, Jonny Greenwood, and Christopher Tin.

My Ambition

Profile Page: Wildlife-film.com/-/RyanRosen.htm Follow: Instagram.com/ryan_rosen_

News image

News image

DAYDREAMZ STUDIOS – is based in Germany and is run by Matthias Förster.

DAYDREAMZ STUDIOS produces music for several genres but has specialized in music for documentaries and advertising.

Further experiences are in sound design, especially for sound libraries for Parawave Audio and u-he.

Their royalty-free AudioJungle portfolio can be found here: audiojungle.net/user/daydreamz-studios/portfolio

Music for Nature Documentary

Profile Page: Wildlife-film.com/-/Daydreamz-Studios.htm Website: www.daydreamz-studios.com

News image

News image

Umingmak Productions Inc.Cinematography and photography services (Cinema, Video, Drone, Timelapses) and Arctic advisor (Wildlife, Communities and field logistic).

Umingmak Productions Inc. is dedicated to document the environment, wildlife and people of the Arctic.

Owner, Mathieu Dumond is a Cinematographer, Drone Operator, Timelapse Photography and Arctic Consultant.

Filming the Arctic in all Seasons - 4K

Profile Page: Wildlife-film.com/-/Umingmak-Productions.htm Website: www.umingmakproductions.ca

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Since the late 1990s Wildlife-film.com has been the leading source of information for the wildlife filmmaking industry worldwide. For over twenty years the site has been Google's number one ranking site for 'wildlife film' and related searches. Our site is viewed in over 195 countries. Our newsletter, Wildlife Film News, is read every month by thousands of people involved in wildlife filmmaking - from broadcasters and producers, to cameramen - we encourage readers to submit their news. We also serve as an online resource for industry professionals and services. Find producers, editors, presenters and more in our Freelancer section, and find out about festivals, training and conservation in Organisations. We encourage amateur and professional freelancers to join our network and welcome all wildlife-film related organisations to join our team.


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