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Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival 2015


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Available Wildeye Course Places...

New dates for the Introduction to Wildlife Film-making course have been sheduled for next year... 22-24 April 2016... Why not book early and start your Wildeye journey! £295, book here.

Visit the hompage for up-to-date availability on all courses:

Brock Initiative


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Say hello to the Wildeye Conservation Film Festival!!

We are proud to announce the Wildeye Conservation Film Festival, which will be an annual symposium in the United Kingdom where film-makers, conservation experts and web/broadcasters can explore and innovate production techniques for reaching the broadest possible audiences, and celebrate those films that make a difference.

Join us as a delegate, volunteer, exhibitor or speaker …

For the continued survival of life on Earth it is our mission to improve wildlife conservation and environmental protection through the education of the public and those with political power. We are in a period of man-made mass extinction, with rates already many thousands of times the base-extinction-rate, and greenhouse gas emissions continuing to increase despite decades of warnings about climate change. Film-making whether it be for cinema, television or the web is a powerful tool for education and can inspire change. The Wildeye Conservation Film Festival aims to seek ways to utilise this inspirational tool for maximum power in effectively educating and motivating audiences.

The vision for the annual Wildeye Conservation Film Festival is to not only provide an empowering forum for film-makers, web/broadcasters and conservation organisations to discuss better practices for conservation-related productions, but also to celebrate, and bring larger audiences to, those films which make a difference.

The inaugural festival will take place at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK from 28-31 July 2016.

Wildeye Conservation Film Festival Teaser Trailer from Wildeye Conservation Film Fest

The Festival Directors are Piers Warren, founder of Wildeye and & Jason Peters, editor of this newsletter! We really hope that past students, members and subscribers/followers etc will get behind us and the festival aims. It's Time To Focus!!

Our Patrons are: Stephen Fry, Michaela Strachan, Joanna Lumley OBE, Steve Backshall, Bill Bailey, Mark Carwardine, Virginia McKenna OBE, Lee Durrell MBE, Dr. Sylvia Earle, Ian Redmond OBE and Richard Brock – Click here to read more about them.

We are looking for sponsors... Please visit: or email for further info:


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Nat Geo Wild, Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival and the African Wildlife Foundation Announce Elephant Conservation PSA Contest – RALLY THE HERD

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Finalists to Attend Jackson Hole Elephant Summit and Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival; Winning PSA to Air on Nat Geo WILD.

Nat Geo WILD, in partnership with the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival and the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), announced today (29/07/15) the Rally the Herd public service announcement (PSA) contest, to raise awareness of the plight of the African elephant. The contest will give aspiring wildlife filmmakers, conservationists, students or anyone with a passion for protecting our largest land animals the opportunity to create a public service announcement that rallies others to action. The winning PSA will air on Nat Geo WILD.

Participants are asked to submit a PSA focused on the African elephant, with the goal of inspiring others to learn more about the decline of the population and to offer their help. PSAs should be no longer than 90 seconds and can be created with original footage, and/or footage and photography provided by Nat Geo WILD. Entries will be accepted through Sept. 7 at each of the partners’ Facebook pages or by visiting, and will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Connection to theme of the African elephant (30%)
  • Quality of story line and script (20%)
  • Creativity and/or content originality (20%)
  • Production quality (e.g., lighting, shot composition, focus, sound) (15%)
  • Editing (15%)

The top three finalists will be announced by Sept. 14, 2015, and invited to the Jackson Hole Elephant Conservation Summit, Sept. 27-29, where for three days leading elephant scientists, conservationists and advocates will convene with 650+ international media professionals to share resources and strategies, and brainstorm innovative approaches to halt the killing of elephants and illegal trafficking of ivory. The winning PSA will air on Nat Geo WILD later this year.

“Getting people to care about these elephants is the first step in motivating them to act,” said Geoff Daniels, executive vice president and general manager of Nat Geo WILD. “We look forward to seeing how these filmmakers use the camera lens to ignite that passion in viewers to want to learn and do more.”

Poachers kill as many as 35,000 elephants each year in Africa, and other threats such as habitat loss and conflict with humans are jeopardizing the future of one of the continent’s most iconic species. Nat Geo WILD takes its viewers to the front lines of this crisis, where conservation groups like AWF are battling to save the species from extinction.

“Documentaries, films, National Geographic articles and programs have all helped to inspire a sense of awe and appreciation for the African elephant,” said Dr. Patrick Bergin, CEO of AWF. “Now we need the camera lens to inspire advocates for their survival.”

Lisa Samford, executive director of the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival and Conservation Summit, added, “We aim to engage the power of media to influence global change to spark a cultural shift and empower a public front that doesn’t tolerate the use of ivory products and illegal poaching of the world’s elephants.”

"Rally The Herd - Spread The Word"

For more information and complete rules, visit

Also read the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival Blog Herd: Part 1 & Herd: Part 2

Wild Pages


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Winners and Losers – How to turn losers into winners.
By Richard Brock
9 July 2015

A series of fifty short or fairly short conservation films which are really different, and positive. They’re about change and will all be completed by the end of this year, 2015. Twenty five are ready now, including wolves, whales, chimps, white storks, River Thames, squirrels, Dubai, sea turtles, butterflies etc.

Being filmed this summer is “PLASTIC PERIL”. A wet-wipes story and a beautiful seabird, the fulmar, also known as “the Flying Dustbin”. It’s been a great winner but now may becoming a loser. Filming locations include Yorkshire, Cornwall (see photos of Richard Brock and Mark Grantham) and the Antarctic. But also less exciting locations!

“Just imagine this. You are a wet-wipe (or other small piece of plastic domestic debris). Yes, a wet-wipe – bane of the hidden world of sewage disposal. From your typical domestic habitat – a kitchen or more personal bathroom, you are flushed away down a plumbed pipe (of course from a wet-wipes point of view using the standard wildlife film perspective) into another pipe, this time a living one, and then on to a baby living one. Yes you’ve passed from an ‘innocent’ human home and behaviour into the living insides of two birds many miles away on a sea cliff somewhere, to an adult fulmar petrel and it’s chick. It’s a species with an amazing story which feeds its’ chick by regurgitation (lovely word)...

Read the full feature here...


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Photo credits: John Timmis

Introduction to Wildlife Filmmaking Workshop (USA) September 18-20, 2015 Estes Park, Colorado

If you are passionate about wildlife and have a desire to learn about wildlife filmmaking, this is the workshop for you. The spectacular Rocky Mountain National Park, a true gem of the National Park Service, is the location for this extraordinary wildlife filmmaking workshop. The park's lush green valleys, majestic mountains and abundant wildlife is the backdrop for your learning experience. We are offering only one workshop at the peak of the “elk rut”. There are unbelievable filming opportunities where one will see hundreds of elk up close during the mating season. The elk rut is just the beginning – there are also opportunities to film deer, moose, coyotes, beaver, marmots, bird life, waterfowl and maybe the occasional bear.

News imageStudents attending the workshop should have a passion for wildlife and wildlife filmmaking. To produce a successful wildlife film it takes more that just shooting hours of footage of elk. You must be able to combine your creative story telling ability with your technical expertise in shooting and then putting it all together in the final edit. In essence, the goal of the workshop is to inspire you to develop your skills to be successful wildlife filmmaker. The workshop will be supplemented by many handouts.Photo credits: John Timmis

Cost: $400.00
Visit: (click tab Wildlife Doc Workshop)
Phone: +1 720-308-4179 OR +1 303-513-3967

British Wildlife Photography Awards


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Shark Week 2015: My Faith in the Discovery Channel is Revived by Chris Palmer

Guest blog by Chris Palmer, EFF Advisory Council Member and author of the book Confessions of a Wildlife Filmmaker.

Like many others in the wildlife filmmaking community, I have been highly critical of the Discovery Channel for their shameful record of commissioning programs for Shark Week that damage conservation, science, education, and, most egregiously, sharks themselves. But this year I want to commend Discovery. Instead of fakery, fearmongering, and animal harassment, there was more science and conservation. While there is still room for improvement (more on that below), I want to commend Rich Ross, the new president of the Discovery Channel, and Howard Swartz, the new head of development and production, for their work towards turning things around. In my recent book, Confessions of a Wildlife Filmmaker: The Challenges of Staying Honest in an Industry Where Ratings Are King, I argued that broadcasters like Discovery should, at the very minimum, do no harm. But their real calling should be moral leadership in keeping with the noble and inspiring values of their founders—visionaries like John Hendricks. Rich Ross and Howard Swartz have done exactly that with this year’s Shark Week—shown moral leadership. I, like many other critics, am delighted. Eight things in particular pleased me: Read about them here:

Read this excellent review of Chris's book by David Shiffman: What You Really See in a Wildlife Documentary


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The Mavis and Sidney John Palmer Scholarship 2015 Recipients Announced

July 16, 2015 Announcement from Dean Jeff Rutenbeck: I'm pleased to announce this year's recipients of the Mavis and Sidney John Palmer Scholarships: Shayna Muller and Sam Sheline.

The scholarship was set up in 2013 by Professor Chris Palmer and his wife, Gail Shearer, to honor Chris's parents. Chris and Gail established an endowment to support the scholarship.

Income from the fund is awarded annually, based on merit, to outstanding SOC graduate students with an interest in environmental and wildlife filmmaking.

Congratulations to Shayna and Sam for earning the Mavis and Sidney John Palmer Scholarships for this year.

More here:

Also see the latest Center for Environmental Filmmaking Scholars.

So You Want to Be a WIldlifre Photographer?


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Lady Baboon by member Adrian Cale now available from Zodiak Rights!

Rita Miljo lives with over 500 baboons and she has saved every one of them. To many Rita is an irritant. Baboons in South Africa have been traditionally regarded as vermin, animals to be shot at rather than saved. In South African eyes she is a freak. But elsewhere in the world she is revered, often referred to as the ‘Jane Goodall’ or ‘Diane Fossey’ of baboons,’ a visionary whose pioneering work against a backdrop of hate and prejudice is to be celebrated.

#LadyBaboon, 81 y/o, 500 baboons, driven by a jaw dropping past! New Zodiak Rights distribution.

Lady Baboon - Trailer from Adrian Cale


Wildlife Film-making: Looking to the Future


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Win tickets to SOUNDSCAPES at the NATIONAL GALLERY, which includes a contribution from member Chris Watson!

National Gallery Soundscapes

Leading contemporary sound artists and musicians Nico Muhly, Susan Philipsz OBE, Gabriel Yared, Jamie xx, Chris Watson, Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller have been commissioned to respond to a painting of their choice from the National Gallery collection. Each brand new ‘soundscape’ has been specially created for the exhibition. The sound artists and musicians have their own space in the exhibition in which their chosen painting and their new soundscape has been installed. These immersive and site specific installations give visitors the opportunity to experience and think about paintings in an entirely new way– to hear the sound within the painting and to see the visual within the sound. This style of exhibition has never before been staged at the National Gallery.

For your chance to win tickets a pair of tickets to this exhibition vist: by the 10th of August and enter the code: WILD.

To find out more, visit

The National Gallery’s SOUNDSCAPES exhibition tickets are valid until 06 September 2015:

Sainsbury Wing, National Gallery
Daily 10am – 6pm Friday 10am – 9pm.
Subject to availability. No cash alternative, non-transferable and no alternate prize will be offered. Additional expenses are the responsibility of the prize-winners. Not for resale.


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Member Tim Jeffree part of ZSL team that found a new family group of Hainan gibbons!

Hope for world’s rarest ape as new population discovered!

The world's rarest ape has an increased chance of survival after a team led by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) found a new family group of Hainan gibbons (Nomascus hainanus). Until last month, it was thought there were just 25 Hainan gibbons living in three social groups on an island off the Chinese mainland. The discovery of a new fourth group, a mating pair with a young baby, sighted within Bawangling National Nature Reserve, Hainan Province, increases the known population by almost 12%. The discovery of this fourth breeding group increases the reproductive potential of the population, which could be vital for the long term survival of the Critically Endangered gibbons. Read more here:

VIDEO: New Hainan gibbon group found... by kalaweitprogram


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Borneo From Below - Series Trailer from Scubazoo

New online series by Scubazoo's roving reporter, Aaron “Bertie” Gekoski, showcasing Borneo’s incredible marine environment. Discover the rumble beneath the jungle! Borneo’s not just about orangutans, pygmy elephants and sun bears. The dive sites around this exotic island are regularly voted the world’s best. And Scubazoo want to show you why. Here you can find weird and wonderful critters such as flamboyant cuttlefish and blue-ringed octopus, along with schools of hammerheads, sperm whales and manta rays. Borneo From Below will be the first ongoing series dedicated to Borneo’s marine environment. Produced by Scubazoo and presented by Bertie, the series will showcase the area's incredible underwater inhabitants. Along with this, viewers will be offered tips to improve their photography and introduced to fascinating local cultures. Borneo From Below will also tackle some key environmental issues, including the trades that are pushing species to the brink of extinction. Footage ©Scubazoo

See: @borneofrombelow &

Borneo From Below - Series Trailer from ScubazooVideo

Environmental Investigation Agency


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The Eden Shorts Competition, back for 2015!

Eden Shorts is back for another year!

Eden Shorts 2015 is looking for your one minute film that displays your wonder of the natural world. Enter your short wildlife film before 5pm Wednesday 30th September for your chance to see your film on air and win £500 of camera equipment!!

The Best of Eden Shorts from Eden Channel

Your film must be:

  • Exactly 1 minute long - no longer, no less.
  • Your own work. You can't use anything filmed or edited by anyone other than you - only one person can win the prizes.
  • Commercial music free.

Last years' winner, by Simon Owen: Effortless Beauty

The competition is now open - find out how to enter here:

Filmmakers For Conservation


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Welcome to our newest full member, from July!

Yulia Glukhova - A Moscow-based sound designer working in the film industry, interested in doing more wildlife sound recording.

There's basic FREE membership for all here or for a much more comprehensive listing, Profile Page and additional benefits, become a full member: or

Production Gear

See 'Kit For Sale' for items from members/subscribers!


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