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We are so sad to report the untimely death of supremely skilled underwater cameraman Andy Jackson
By Jason Peters
1 November 2019

Very sad to share the news that long-time member Andy Jackson past away last month, 14th of October.

Andy's wide, Jackie Daly, said this: "Andy died suddenly while out riding his bicycle on a regular training ride. His high level of fitness masked a heart condition which proved fatal on 14th October. We are all shocked and devastated at losing our hero."

Andy’s funeral was held on Tuesday 29th October 2019, 12:45pm at Woodlands Crematorium, Scarborough, North Yorkshire with a reception held afterwards at the Scarborough Sub Aqua Club.

"Devoted husband to Jackie, inspirational dad to Ellie and Fred, loving brother to Sue, uncle, great uncle, and wonderful friend and colleague to so many people. He is gone far too soon. A talented underwater cameraman, Andy’s films captivated millions of people through much-loved shows like BBC Springwatch and Blue Planet II. His work has helped increase protection for threatened marine habitats and animals. Prior to his wildlife filmmaking career, Andy was a pioneer of North Sea shipwrecks, discovering and charting their locations, often returning with barnacle-encrusted artefacts. Throughout his life, Andy has always loved intrepid adventure, the natural world, and creating beautiful things – from treehouses to boats to homes to highly-specialised filming equipment. Always ready to lend a hand, his generous spirit has built great friendships from the Highlands to the South Coast to his native Yorkshire. We are devastated to lose Andy, our hero, such a bright light in our lives, and invited his family and friends to join us at a service to commemorate his magnificent achievements in life and the brilliance of his soul."

Details: dignityfunerals.co.uk/funeral-notices/14-10-2019-andy-jackson where you can make a donation to the British Heart Foundation in memorandum.

At the end of the second episode of Autumnwatch on Wednesday, October 30th, a tribute was made to Andy Jackson ... An article about it with some background info was published here: realitytitbit.com

In a tribute entitled Andy Jackson – Just Add Light To Water", written by Sara Nason for Sea Change, she says "When George Brown, Andy’s trusted dive buddy called to say Andy had died unexpectedly, it was not just a shock, it was incomprehensible. It is hard to come to terms with the loss of such a dedicated, talented, generous and big hearted storyteller of the underwater world – and grasp the fact that he is no longer with us. He was in his prime and had so much still to give. Andy and his wife Jackie were an unusually talented team. Our hearts go out to her, his family and children." More here: seachangewesterross.co.uk/andy-jackson-just-add-light-water

Little Green Island Films produced the lovely video tribute:

In memory of Andy Jackson from Little Green Island Films

They say: 'Andy's untimely death is a tragic loss for the whole dive and conservation community. Sea Change in particular owe him a huge debt as our surveys were predominantly his work. Sea Change, SCFF and SubSea.TV made up the early survey partnership which Andy called the "A Team" from 2016-when we began surveyed Wester Ross MPA and then set up maerl transects together. Soon realising his storytelling talent was better placed elsewhere...This A Team was Ali Hughson and Andy working together. Next year he planned to film the squid at Reiff in June and return to tell the story of herring and of course his beloved Bobtail squid in Loch Carron working with George Brown as his buddy on occasion. We will all miss the sheer joy it was to see his stories as they developed as well as sharing his enthusiasm over the small things of the seabed. He will be very much missed. Our hearts go out to Jackie and his children and family."

In 2015, Andy was the winner of the British Wildlife Photography Awards for his film in the Wildlife in HD Video category:

BWPA 2015 WILDLIFE IN HD VIDEO WINNER – 'The Last Seahorse in Studland'
Camera, Edit & Production by member Andy Jackson, Written & Narrated by Jackie Daly

"We’re thrilled to share that our film The Last Seahorse in Studland? has won the Wildlife in HD Video category of the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2015. Every year, we’re inspired by the beautiful photographs and films that tell dynamic, breathtaking, and intimate stories of Britain’s wildlife across all categories of the BWPAwards. It’s a great honour to have our work recognised amongst such talented company. Big congratulations to all the other category winners and commended entries. We’re hopeful that winning the competition will bring more attention to the plight of British seahorses and help to protect one of our most iconic marine animals." www.subseatv.net

The Last Seahorse
from BWPAwards

Example Film as Contributor: Scotland’s Hidden Flames, November 2015 bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03hfmpd

Watch The illegal industrial fishing damaging Scotland’s ‘Great Barrier Reef', put out today by Channel 4 News, which used footage captured by Andy: channel4.com/news/the-illegal-industrial-fishing-damaging-scotlands-great-barrier-reef

We extend our warmest condolences to Jackie, all of his family and all of his friends and say R.I.P. to Andy.

Also see:

Much-loved Scarborough man Andrew Jackson, diver and underwater camera man, passes away aged 60 – The Scarborough News As a child growing up in Scarborough, Andrew Jackson, who has died aged 60, developed a love for the sea which only deepened throughout his life and was behind many of his extraordinary achievements.

Obituary: Andrew Jackson, filmmaker – The Yorkshire Post Andrew Jackson, who has died at 60, was a diver and filmmaker from Scarborough whose footage appeared in David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II, as well as on the BBC’s Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Winterwatch programmes and America’s National Geographic.

Underwater cameraman Andy Jackson dies – Divernet Yorkshire diver Andy Jackson has died of a heart attack at the age of 60. Known to many divers since the 1980s for his North Sea wreck-diving exploits, he had gone on to make his living filming UK marine life for TV programmes including Spring-, Autumn- and Winterwatch and The One Show.

See the full tribute here!


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These are the winners of the 2019 Flamingo Awards at WFFR
by Bryan van Putten
3 November 2019

Wildlife Film Festival (WFFR) closes jubilee edition successfully with again more visitors. Festival director Raymond Lagerwaard and his team can look back on a beautiful anniversary edition.

The Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam has successfully completed its fifth edition on Sunday 3 November. For five days this year, more than 10,000 nature lovers enjoyed a hundred screenings of the most extraordinary, high-profile and beautiful nature films from home and abroad.

With 2,500 more visitors than last year, the festival proves once again that the interest in wildlife films continues to grow. At the festive presentation of the Flamingo Awards on 2 November, the German nature film Norway's Magical Fjords by Jan Haft was declared Best Film 2019. Red Ape: Saving the Orangutan (UK) by Rowan Musgrave was most appreciated by the public.

Raymond Lagerwaard, festival director WFFR: "It was a great anniversary and I think it's fantastic that more and more nature lovers come to visit the festival every year. Once again it becomes clear that there is a need for nature documentaries on the big screen."

More here: rotterdamstyle.com/city-news/these-are-the-winners-of-the-2019-flamingo-awards-at-wffr


  • Best Movie: Norway's Magical Fjords
  • Best Short: M6NTHS
  • Green Impact Award: Living in the Future's Past
  • Animal Behaviour Award: Whale Wisdom
  • Awareness Award: Sharkwater Extinction
  • Van Lawick Conservation Award: The Serengeti Rules
  • PZH People & Nature Award: Tigerland
  • Children's Award: Wild Canada - Great Bear Rainforest
  • Newcomer Award: The Last Male on Earth
  • Virtual Reality Award: Cat Flight


  1. Red Ape: Saving the Orangutan
  2. Realm of the Robber - Christmas Island
  3. Sharkwater Extinction

About WFFR

The Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam (WFFR) is the only film festival for nature documentaries in the Netherlands and shows the most recent films from home and abroad. Since its first edition in 2015, WFFR has been taking place in the Rotterdam film theatre Cinerama, which was also the vibrant heart of the festival this year. The programme consists of beautiful documentaries showing the beauty of nature, as well as films showing the relationship between man and nature. During WFFR, visitors can talk to the many filmmakers present, attend special lectures and take part in interesting activities related to nature conservation.

Save the date!

WFFR 2020 will be held in Cinerama from Tuesday 27 October to Sunday 1 November 2020.


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Richard Brock blogs:

Wildlife Winners and Losers – Japan, typhoon, 13 October 2019

October 13th 2019 was actually a very unlucky day for Japan. Some say they deserve it. Typhoon Hagibis came in and smashed the country. One million Japanese had to move – they were blown away and flooded out. Climate threats perhaps? And that typhoon crashed in from the sea. Some say it was the revenge of whales and dolphins, tortured and killed by the Japanese, in the past and now into the future as whaling and dolphin capture continues..

Will the Japanese never learn the errors of their ways? Or will the sea and climate changes ever change them? Whales and dolphins are probably wiser than their assassins? Why not boycott the Olympic Games to be held in Japan next year 2020. Show them the rest of the world really cares.

See: brockinitiative.org/wildlife-winners-and-losers-japan-typhoon-13-october-2019

What Britain buys and sells in a day

At 9pm on Monday, 7th October, BBC 2 showed a one hour programme called “What Britain Buys and Sells in a Day”, which featured the import and export trade in intensively farmed seafood, including the salmon which inevitably results in disease, lice infestation, and mass mortality.

It was gross, showing the huge overexploitation of marine creatures with comparatively little reference to sustainability into the future. For that one hour we saw an unremitting adulation of all that is wrong with our current, impossibly greedy way of living and trading. Shipping and flying all this marine produce, either farmed (fed on fish!), or from our beleaguered seas, simply emphasized the stupid, short-sighted consumer demand destroying nature and wasting endless aircraft flights across the planet to satisfy the appetite of a doomed species. Us.

See: brockinitiative.org/what-britain-buys-and-sells-in-a-day

Amazon: “Where does this stuff go?”…

As with soya and cattle from the burned Amazon rainforest the question is: “Where does this stuff go?”…The same applies to hardwood timber.

Are other countries importing and selling furniture, for example? So is your lovely chair, table or garden seat linked to an illegal logger in Brazil, Africa or Indonesia? And an indigenous tribe whose home you have stolen?

See: brockinitiative.org/amazon-where-does-this-stuff-go

From Richard's new blog! brockinitiative.org/blog


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Wilderland Wildlife Film Festival 2019 Dates ...

A brand new film festival showcasing incredible wildlife stories from around the world.

Wilderland Film Festival promises to share important, breathtaking stories from the natural world as it announces 26 dates in theatres around the UK for Autumn 2019.  The UK’s first-ever touring wildlife film festival, Wilderland will shine a light on some astonishing and thought-provoking stories - filmed by a host of independent international filmmakers. Tickets are available from www.wilderlandfestival.com

Wilderland Film Festival - 2019 UK Tour

Wilderland Film Festival is the brainchild of zoologist filmmakers Dan O’Neill and Isaac Rice, who recruited some of the most acclaimed wildlife filmmakers to whittle down a shortlist of over 50 short films to the chosen 9 films that will be seen during the tour. Judges, including award-winning cameraman Doug Allan (The Blue PlanetPlanet Earth, Frozen Planet), naturalist and author Stephen Moss (Britain’s Big Wildlife RevivalSpringwatch), and producer/director Louise Heren (Big Cat Diaries) have chosen films that will take audiences on a journey through the world’s most enigmatic wildlife; from a film exploring how the mercurial Snow Leopard and Himalayan communities co-exist, to the diminishing Orangutan population of Orangutans in Borneo, to the impact of noise-pollution in our seas on the majestic humpback whale and many more.

Dan O’Neill and Isaac Rice said "Wilderland is a platform for the new era of independent wildlife filmmakers. It will inspire everyone to think more about the natural world in our daily lives. Wilderland's ethos is that anyone can be a conservationist, and everyone has a part to play in the future of our planet.”

Wilderland brings these films to UK theatre audiences for the very first time. The touring festival is sure to attract the attention of all wildlife fans and lovers of travel, conservation and adventure.

Doug Allan, panel member and cameraman says, "Anyone with a fascination for the natural world and conservation should make sure they book their ticket to Wilderland. It’s inspirational.”

Steve Backshall, BAFTA-winning English naturalist, writer and TV presenter says "It’s so exciting to see these breathtaking films on the big screen for the first time

Gordon Buchanan, wildlife TV presenter and cameraman says “Wilderland is special because it gives audiences unparalleled insight into some of the world’s most incredible wildlife”

Audiences will also have the opportunity to support the effort to save some of our planet's most endangered species. At each show, the audience will be invited to vote for one of five endangered species identified by the Wilderland Vote. Votes will be counted each night and, at the end of the tour, the Wilerland team will embark on a journey to make a film about the most voted-for species, raising awareness of its plight and encouraging support for grassroots charities working to help them. The resulting film will be premiered at the next Wilderland Film Festival, and funded by a percentage of profits from the festival.

Wilderland Wildlife Film Festival - UK & IRELAND TOUR - Autumn '19

The selected short films programmed are as follows:

A Place For Penguins follows an unlikely duo as they team up and take on an ambitious, novel and entirely unique project - creating the world’s first artificially induced African penguin colony.

Renowned National Geographic photographer Tim Laman, researcher Cheryl Knott, and young explorer Robert Suro shed new light on the similarities between our ancient ancestors and ourselves before it's too late.

Flamboyant follows the story of one young cuttlefish as she learns to hunt in a new home after a life-changing encounter with a diver.

Gripping to the core, Blood Island tells the powerful story of a group of abandoned ex-lab chimpanzees, their captors and the people still fighting to save them.

The history of humanity and of our planet in four minutes. An eco-friendly statement developed in a single shot that has it all: humour, action and tragedy.

Keeper of the Call follows farmer Wynford as he works alongside conservationists to save a precious family of endangered curlews. But with the modern countryside so full of dangers, will Wynford see his chicks fly?

A Voice Above Nature explores the surface of the seas and the intimate calls of whales in a way never seen before to reveal a not-so-silent-killer.

Living With Snow Leopards examines the principal issues in conserving the world’s most enigmatic cat. Delving into the lives of farmers in Northern India, a new method is fighting to save this iconic animal’s future.

The dramatic story of young man who risks everything to save an iconic animal from the hands of an insatiable and cruel collector.

Films are suitable for all ages.

Wilderland founders Isaac Rice and Dan O’Neill will host and introduce each film live on stage.

Approx running times:

  • 7.30pm – First Half
  • 8.30pm – Interval
  • 8.50 pm - Second Half
  • 9.50 pm – Finish

Facebook: @wilderlandfest | Twitter: @WilderlandFest | Instagram: @wilderlandfest | #wilderland


Nov-11 Liverpool, Epstein Theatre www.epsteinliverpool.co.uk
Nov-12 Morecambe, Platform Theatre www.lancaster.gov.uk
Nov-17 Stirling, Macrobert Arts www.macrobertartscentre.org
Nov-18 Inverness, Eden Court www.eden-court.co.uk
Nov-19 Shetland, Mareel www.shetlandarts.org
Nov-20 Banchory, The Barn www.thebarnarts.co.uk
Nov-21 Peebles, Eastgate Theatre www.eastgatearts.com
Nov-22 Musselburgh, The Brunton www.thebrunton.co.uk

See the Full Feature Page!


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2020 Jackson Wild Summit September 28 - October 2 Neusiedler See - Seewinkel National Park, Austria

The 2020 Jackson Wild Summit will be hosted in Austria — in the famous Neusiedler See - Seewinkel National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the heart of the park, just 40 minutes from Vienna International Airport, Jackson Wild will be accommodated between two eco-friendly lodges, VILA VITA and St. Martins Therme & Lodge.

Our urgency of purpose is clear: to accelerate the protection and restoration of our planet's natural systems through the power of high impact media. Two years between convenings is simply too long when media technology, distribution platforms and programming priorities shift so rapidly.

Find out more here: jacksonwild.org/2020-summit-austria.html

2019 Jackson Wild Media Awards Finalists Highlight Reel

Throughout 2020, Jackson Wild will continue to commit to our four pillars of impact:


The Jackson Wild Summit is an extraordinary annual convening where collaboration and innovation thrive, and new ideas are launched.
Learn more. 

Media Awards

The nature-science-conservation equivalent to the Oscars® The Jackson Wild Media Awards celebrate and amplify excellence and innovation in purpose-driven impact media each year. Call for entry opens in March.
Learn more.

New Frontiers

We elevate global voices and train and mentor emerging conservation media leaders in Jackson Wild Media Lab and Fellows programs that directly engage them with influential content creators.
Learn more.

Global Impact

Working with UN agencies and other global partners, festivals and conferences, we empower locally-driven engagement through with a portfolio of films presented globally at free screening events through Jackson Wild On Tour.
Learn More.

Visit: jacksonwild.org, facebook.com/jacksonwildorg, twitter.com/jacksonwildorg & instagram.com/jacksonwildorg


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Enter the Abbeville Bird and Nature Festival... 30th Anniversary Call For Entry Open – EXTENDED DEADLINE!

Abbeville Bird and Nature Festival has been celebrated in the Bay of Somme for 30 years! Enter your newest productions to the 30th edition of the Bird and Nature Festival (April, 11th - 19th, 2020).

Free submission online: www.festival-oiseau-nature.com now until Nov 15th, 2019.


Bird / Wildlife category – We are looking for films showing animals (birds, mammals, sea fauna, insects...) in their natural environment or flora).

Environment – We are looking for films with a focus on environmental problems of our Planet.



This category is open to wildlife filmmakers who do sound recording, shooting or editing as a hobby and on a non-profit basis.

For the 1st time, the Festival's audience will decide of the winner of this category.



Professionals filmmakers will be awarded 4 Prizes by a Professional Jury, from €2,000 to €4,000 .
An amateur film will be awarded the €2,000 Public Prize.


Each entrant can submit up to 10 photos.
Entry fees: €2/ photo.

6 categories including one dedicated to 15-17 years-old (5 photos max, no entry fee)
Over €6,000 € in money and material dotation
Deadline: December 2nd, midnight

About 160 photos from the competition will be exhibited in Le Crotoy, Bay of Somme, April 11th - 19th, 2020.


Visit: facebook.com/festivaloiseaunature, twitter.com/FestivalOiseau & instagram.com/festivaloiseaunature


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2019 Ottawa International Vegan Film Festival Award Winners

Winner: 2019 Best Film ‘Overall’ & 2019 Best Film ‘Animal Welfare’

Bucking Tradition, United States
Directed by: Sharon M Boeckle

Bucking Tradition explores one of America’s most iconic competitions—the rodeo. With thousands of events held across the nation and around the world every year, this “sport” is hailed by some as one of the last traditions of the American West. By others, it’s decried as one of our nation’s last legalized forms of systematic and brutal animal cruelty masquerading as sport and family entertainment. Do some traditions deserve to die? Maybe they do.

Winner: Best Film ‘Short’

Casa de Carne, United States
Directed by: Dustin Brown

On a night out with friends, Eric tries a new restaurant that takes the dining experience full circle. Set in a not-so-distant dark future, "Casa de Carne" is a thought-provoking short film about hard choices and hidden truths.

Winner: Best Film ‘Environmental Protection’

#Powerplant, Netherlands
Directed by: Robert, van Tellingen

The Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation presents its 5th documentary with Marianne Thieme. After ‘Meat the Truth’, ‘Sea the Truth’, ‘The Pacer in the Marathon’ and ‘One Single Planet’, this new documentary explores the prospects of a plant-based society.

#Powerplant provides added insight into the link between climate change and meat consumption, a topic that Marianne Thieme was the first politician to address in the climate documentary ‘Meat the Truth’ in 2007, an issue that has become even more pertinent since then. According to Oxford researcher Marco Springmann, a transition to a plant-based diet can prevent up to 8 million deaths per year in 2050, and on a global scale, can lead to savings that have a value to society of up to thirty trillion USD (30,000,000,000,000). Adopting a plant-based menu can reduce up to 73% of agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions and can make it possible to revert 76% of all agricultural land back to nature, says Joseph Poore, also a researcher at the University of Oxford. The study is described by The Guardian as “the most comprehensive analysis to date” in this field.

Winner: Best Film ‘Health & Nutrition

Code Blue: Redefining the Practice of Medicine, United States
Directed By: Marcia Machado

Through the lens of filmmaker Marcia Machado, code blue reveals lapses in the current state of medicine and provides a common sense solution by featuring the practice of lifestyle medicine to prevent, manage and reverse nearly 80% of chronic illnesses. It presents the hurdles to the proposed shift: outdated curricula in medical schools, confusion in the media, inadequate government policies, and the underlying influences of the pharmaceutical and food industries. With a dose of lighthearted humor, combining science and common sense, code blue follows a passionate physician, Dr. Saray Stancic, as she reflects upon her journey from a multiple sclerosis diagnosis to wellness through her own adoption of lifestyle medicine. Stancic introduces us to expert physicians/scientists who are paving the way to turn the tide on the chronic illness epidemic, empowering audiences to stand up and reclaim their health.

Winner: Best Film ‘Lifestyle’

Gold Doesn't Rust: Animal Testing and its 21st Century Alternatives, United States
Directed by, Dr. Theodora Capaldo

Animal testing has been the standard of scientific research and testing for centuries, in spite of a long history of ineffective results and unimaginable cruelty. Now, emerging technologies promise to revolutionize the field of biomedical research by rejecting the failing animal model in lieu of human-based in-vitro methods. Can these new models break their way into mainstream, or will they be blocked by a scientific community so deeply rooted in animal research?

Ottawa International Vegan Film Festival 2019/2020 Trailer

Visit: www.theivff.com (Now the International Vegan Film Festival)


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Dancing With The Birds from Silverback Films flounces on to Netflix ... Narrated by Stephen Fry

They prance for the perfect partner. In every bird's love language, there's a chance -- and a dance -- to make sparks fly.

Dancing With The Birds | Clip | Netflix

The extraordinary bowerbird shows off his vocal cords through the power of mimicry. See what else nature has up its sleeve for these Birds of Paradise all in the name of finding a mate. Dancing with Birds, only on Netflix, from October 23rd.

Watch on Netflix: netflix.com/title/80186796

Read: In Netflix's ‘Dancing with the Birds,’ We See the Other Side of Bizarre Avian Spectacle – Audubon.org The new documentary showcases males' obsessive preparations and strange performances—and the gazes of female birds watching nearby.

Snake Join us, become our newest Full Member!
  To become a full member ... email membership@wildlife-film.com for an application form.
More here: Wildlife-film.com/freelancers (£30 per year!) or Wildlife-film.com/companies (£100 per year!)


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What on Earth Have We Done? | We Need to Act Now! | Extinction Rebellion

Over the past 50 years the United Kingdom has experienced unprecedented floods, droughts, wildfires, storms and severe weather conditions. Scientists know why and are telling us in no uncertain terms that the window to avert the collapse of civilization and prevent an ecological holocaust is closing fast. Let's make a change, let's be that change.

If not now, when? ...... If not you, who? Everybody now!

What on Earth Have We Done? | We Need to Act Now! | Extinction Rebellion

Join the rebellion: Rebellion.Earth International: Rebellion.Global


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JOURNEYS IN THE WILD: The Secret Life of a Cameraman by Gavin Thurston review

It’s hard not to envy Gavin Thurston. His 30-year career behind the camera has allowed him to gaze upon the birds of the Galapagos, chimps in the Congo, and black-footed ferrets in Nebraska. Thurston has scooped up awards and collaborated with some lofty figures: on one of many trips with Sir David Attenborough, Thurston found time to introduce the great man to the songs of Monty Python.

The going has often been tough: some ‘plane crashes, wars, coups, near-death experiences and a kidnap attempt thrown in to boot’. He was once punched by a silverback gorilla. The mundane inconveniences of the well-travelled wildlife cameraman also take their toll. You lose your way, endure sleepless nights, succumb to illness and, perhaps worst of all, you are separated from your nearest and dearest for long spells: Thurston calculates that he has spent, on average, 220 days per year away from home.

It has, for Thurston, been a worthwhile sacrifice. He stands in awe of the glamorous creatures he has encountered – the Sumatran tigers or the 50,000-strong herds of Canadian caribou. But he also has a soft spot for the little guys: termites are a particular favourite, what with their extraordinary organisational skills and plucky resistance to intrusive swarms of ants. The people he has met also garner praise: the masters of bushcraft in Kenya, the fixer able to negotiate his way through Indonesian airport red-tape, or the hardy French sailor who, ‘chain-smoking and concentrating intensely’ kept the boat afloat in choppy Antarctic seas for hours on end.

Read more: geographical.co.uk/reviews/books/item/3393-journeys-in-the-wild-the-secret-life-of-a-cameraman


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Seven Worlds, One Planet arrives on BBC One

This brand new, ambitious landmark series presented by Sir David Attenborough will transport viewers to a single continent in each one-hour episode, to tell the story of its spectacular wildlife and iconic landscapes.

From the baking plains of Africa to the frozen waters off Antarctica, the series will celebrate the diversity of life on each of these continents, but also the many challenges faced by animals in a modern world dominated by humanity.

Seven extraordinary continents, each one full of life. Seven Worlds, One Planet.

Launch Trailer: Seven Worlds, One Planet

Seven Worlds, One Planet: 'Gorgeous' nature series gets five-star reviews: bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-50206811 – Sir David Attenborough's latest nature series has received five-star reviews from critics, one of whom says it may be the BBC's "best wildlife show ever".

Well he did ask us all to recycle! Sir David Attenborough sparks footage row by re-using the same shots of animals for his BBC series that appeared on Netflix six months ago: dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7628565/Sir-David-Attenborough-sparks-row-using-shots-animals-Netflix-BBC-show.htmlIn April this year Netflix shocked viewers with clips of a walrus falling off a cliff ... BBC is set to air a similar scene in the Seven Worlds, One Planet documentary ... Broadcaster claimed it was a 'shoot share' which isn't uncommon for such shows.

Almost 80,000 apply to watch first episode of new David Attenborough series

Almost 80,000 people applied for tickets to watch the first episode of the latest Sir David Attenborough series. The screening of Seven Worlds, One Planet took take place in Bristol but fans living as far away as Scotland and Australia applied.

More: irishnews.com

Brock Initiative


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Malaysia and the Broken Global Recycling System – Greenpeace

Greenpeace Malaysia has been conducting field investigations into the broken global system of recycling, and how Malaysia has become a dumping ground for the unwanted trash of 19 other countries.

Malaysia and the Broken Global Recycling System

Reduce, reuse, recycle. In that order. greenpeace.org/international/act/lets-end-the-age-of-plastic


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Anthony Roberts – ZED Creative Showreel - 2019

Anthony of Zed Creative says: "An eclectic montage of some of my work over the last few years.

I get involved in many different types of project, each with its own unique requirements and therefore its own unique style, but I like working this way.

As a multi-disciplinary designer, most of my work is in Motion Graphics, 3D Modelling and Animation, Photography and Video, and I have covered examples here. Some sequences are taken from published projects, but because of the nature of my work, I cannot show everything in its original form, so some sequences are personal projects and some are live projects that I have adapted for my own purposes - so much work gets produced and never leaves the “cutting room” floor."

ZED Creative Showreel - 2019

Visit: www.iamzed.co.uk

British Wildlife Photography Awards


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The Game Changers is now on Netflix!

The Game Changers is streaming around the world on Netflix — and subtitled in 30+ languages!

In less than a week the film become the bestselling doc of all time on iTunes ... Now watch on Netflix ... Tell your friends!

The Game Changers | Official Trailer

Watch it here: netflix.com/watch/81157840

The Green Hub Project


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DOG WAR: The Fight to End the Dog Meat Trade

A team of American special ops veterans employs commando tactics to stop the powerful and brutal dog meat trade in Korea. In post-production. dogwarfilm.com

DOG WAR: The Fight to End the Dog Meat Trade

We wondered if the film-makers and operatives in this film are vegan ... i.e. that they extend the same morality to pigs, cows, chickens and such? We've asked the question and are awating a response.

You can support the film here: gofundme.com/f/dog-war-film

Conservation Film-making - How to make films that make a difference


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Who could fail to be captivated by the brilliance of Sir David Attenborough’s latest series, Seven Worlds: One Planet?  The title itself sums up beautifully the interconnectedness of life on Earth. How we all depend on each other. How the living world around us is the very life support system for humanity.

What I think particularly important about Sir David’s latest series is how it shows the all-encompassing impact of global warming.

One of the big contributors to global warming, of course, is our global hunger for meat and dairy.

Despite governments signing up in Paris to limit runaway climate change, precious little has been done to reduce emissions from our food.

Farm animals already contribute 14.5 per cent of total greenhouse gas emissions, more than all the world’s planes, trains and cars put together. Already, 74 billion farm animals are reared for food every year. As things stand, tens of billions more animals will soon be reared and slaughtered each year for meat.

The UN predicts a doubling in demand for meat globally by the middle of the century.

The UN warns that global warming must be kept within 2 degrees Celsius by the end of the century or the consequences will be catastrophic.

Those two predictions are incompatible. Things are going the wrong way to save the planet. To stop mass wildlife extinctions and a collapse of the living world around us.

Meat, milk, eggs put out far more greenhouse gas emissions per unit of protein than plant products such as grains, vegetables and pulses. A recent Chatham House study underscored the point that global temperature rise is unlikely to stay below 2 degrees Celsius without reducing consumption of meat and dairy.

That is why one of the most important things we can all do to help safeguard the future of life on Earth is to eat more plants, less and better meat and dairy. And by better, I mean not from factory farms. Instead, from more humane and environmentally friendly farming systems like pasture-fed, free range or organic.

Scientists tell us we have but a decade to solve climate change or leave a deeply impoverished planet as a legacy for our children.

We can all play a big part in shaping a better future three times a day through the food we choose.

The choice is yours.

Planet Earth: How mankind is threatening life on earth

A special documentary explaining what is going wrong with our food systems and how our desire for cheap meat is driving species to extinction.

Visit: ciwf.org.uk/factory-farming


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Land of the Jaguar

A film highlighting the plight of the jaguar in Brazil because of loss of habitat due to land development for soya and beef.

Land of the Jaguar from Compassion in World Farming

Read: Caring About Jaguars Means Caring About Chickens – ciwf.com/blog/2017/08/caring-about-jaguars-means-caring-about-chickens

Eating Chickens is Killing Jaguars (Dead Zone #2)

Around the world, intensive animal agriculture is driving many of our most cherished wild species—from jaguars to bison to bees—to the brink of extinction.

Find out how to help at ciwf.com/active-campaigns

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Dr Adam Levy ... AKA Climate Adam – A science filmmaker and presenter, having made everything from documentary to animation for Nature.

He's also a climate scientist and communicator, and have created his own YouTube channel dedicated to explaining climate change in playful and engaging ways.

Clarifying Climate Confusion – Playlist

Visit his website: www.climateadam.co.uk & youtube.com/ClimateAdam

Follow on facebook.com/ClimateAdam, twitter.com/ClimateAdam & instagram.com/climate_adam

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Jack Bojan – A budding Zoologist and wildlife filmmaker currently studying his undergraduate degree in Zoology at the University of Leeds, UK.

Of British origins, Jack was born and raised in the urban metropolis of Hong Kong and is currently undergoing a year in industry working as a research assistant at the University of Hong Kong.

His work at HKU is with the wildlife forensics laboratory and so far he has been working extensively both in the lab and in the field covering topics such as the illegal trade of Helmeted Hornbills and genomic research with Hong Kong’s invasive population of the critically endangered yellow crested cockatoo.

Website: jackbojan.wixsite.com/photography

Follow on twitter.com/JackBojan & instagram.com/jack_bojan

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Jason Roehrig – A bourgeoning award winning natural history filmmaker and photographer, Jason Roehrig applies his passion for conservation and adventure to create media that not only tells a story, but ensnares, educates, and enthralls his audience.

After graduating with a degree in biology, Jason worked as a field biologist mapping and protecting endangered habitats, wetlands, and water systems as well as a nematologist at a major agricultural research firm. Once realizing that he could use his background to make a larger splash in conservation efforts in conjunction with media, Jason enrolled in the MFA program Science and Natural History Filmmaking at Montana State University. Since then, he has journeyed across continents and oceans, using his knowledge, skills, and adoration for the natural world to share all the wonders that are worth saving. From endangered toads in Death Valley to bioluminescent glowworms in the South Pacific, Jason believes that everything has a story to tell, and by sharing them, promotes their longevity.

Working alongside other very talented and passionate filmmakers, Jason has had the pleasure of working for the BBC Natural History Unit, National Geographic, PBS, History Channel and a wide range of other independent production companies based worldwide.

Special Skills Include

  • FAA Certified Drone Pilot - Phantom 4 Pro with knowledge of Inspire 2
  • High-speed Cameras – Phantom 4K Flex, etc
  • Specialist Camerawork – Macro, Night-vision/Thermal & Motion Control Timelapse

Visit his website: www.jasonroehrig.com

Follow on facebook.com/JasonRFP & instagram.com/jasvanroe

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