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We are very sad to report the sad and untimely death of Dean Burman.
By Jason Peters
4 January 2019

We are so very sad and shocked to report that longtime member/supporter Dean Burman passed away in his sleep on the 31st of December.

The coroner has been unable to decipher the cause of death at this time. What we do know is that Dean spent his last day visiting his daughter Willow, then went back to his hotel where he showered, lay on the bed, presumably went to sleep but didn't wake up. His ex wife was expecting him the next day to see Willow again, but he never turned up. Dean is survived by his daughter Willow, whom he absolutely adored, and his heartbroken parents Edith and Sam.

Dean’s funeral will be held on Tuesday 22nd January at 2pm at Vale Crematorium, Evesham Road, Fladbury, Pershore WR1O 2QR.

The service starts at 2pm, so if you are attending please be there well before. The family have requested family only flowers, but should you wish, you can make a donation to a charity Dean supported.

Two charities Dean supported were the Oxford Transplant Foundation and Midlands Air Ambulance Both have just giving pages if you wish to donate in his name and write a message. You can also write a cheque out to either charity and post to Merstow Green Funeral Home, 20 Merstow Green, Evesham, WR11 4BD, mark the envelope on behalf of Dean Burman.

The wake will be held at The Crown and Cushion Hotel, 23 High Street, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire OX7 5AD at approximately 3:30pm. The family say that all of Dean’s friends are welcome to attend both service and wake.

We extend our warmest condolences to all of his family and all of his friends and say R.I.P. to Dean.

Dean the Diving Decorator from Dean J Burman
A short film the BBC NHU made about Dean in 2007 whilst he was filming pike behaviour for his film Lair of the WaterWolf

Message from Wildeye and founder Piers Warren:

"I remember when Dean came on our Introduction to Wildlife Film-making course in 2003. When we came to introduce each other, most in the group were highly qualified with relevant degrees, PhDs etc. Dean was the last to speak and said "Well I'm a painter and decorator from the Cotswolds and I think I'm in the wrong place!". But it was clear, even that weekend, that he had the passion and motivation for filming wildlife, especially underwater, to make him stand out. Always fun and friendly it's been a pleasure to know him and follow his career over the years. We have shown the BBC film 'Dean the Diving Decorator' to hundreds of students over the years as an example of how passion and determination are key to success. RIP Dean, we miss you."

Message from friend and colleage Andy O'Sullivan:

"You could always rely on Dean to put a smile on your face. With a warm heart and a passion most could only dream of."

Tribute from Mike Linley:

“This is such a tragic loss. He was such a talented cameraman and excelled at filming freshwater fish through sheer determination, real enthusiasm and self-taught skill. My heart goes out to all his family and friends. Great bloke and from all his regular posts on Facebook a caring and loving dad.”

Wetpixel Associate Editor, Alex Mustard, describes him:

“He was a top guy. Talented and generous. Great sense of humor. Totally devoted to his daughter and wildlife.”

His last tweet:

Dean, you will be much missed... Cheers!

See the full tribute here!


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Lots of new content on ECOSTREAMZ

Watch videos from COP24 via IISD, docs from filmmakers S.O. Taylor of Green Heart Films and Kire Godal.

After all the excesses of the holiday season, sit down and watch some truly moving films about the issues that you care about.

Or give ECOSTREAMZ as a gift to someone you know cares about the state of our planet and its inhabitants. Just $3.99 a month after a 7-day free trial or purchase videos individually.

Learn more at:


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Piers Warren on his Wildeye Journey
By Jason Peters
17 December

So, I think that Piers Warren is amazing. He deserves lots of recognition for all of the great things that he has done in the service of the wildlife film-making community. He has just stood down as principal of Wildeye - International School of Wildlife Film-making and so I asked him a few questions:

Tell me about your background. Where did you grow up? What did you do before the birth of Wildeye? How did you end up in Norfolk?

I grew up in Bristol then worked all over the UK before ending up in Norfolk about 30 years ago where I’ve stayed since. My first proper job was as a science teacher and most of my work has been connected with education and media.

Where did your passions for all things wild come from? Who/what have been your biggest influencers in life?

I just loved being outside as a kid, looking for creatures in the countryside. Much of my knowledge came from reading books and also watching any natural history programme that was broadcast. Gerald Durrell was an early influence.

When did you first get the idea for Wildeye? Was there a particular moment, event or person that sowed the seed?

In the late 1990s, bearing in mind it was fairly early days for websites, I realised that there was no source of information for people wanting to become wildlife film-makers. So I created I clearly remember the idea popping into my head on a drive from Norwich to Newark. By the time I got there it was all planned!

Did Wildeye and / Wildlife Film News (WFN) start at the same time or was one born out of another?

At the same time – Wildeye being the educational organisation of which was the initial project.

How well received was / WFN in the industry upon launch? Did you have much support?

Like all new things it took a while for people to realise its value, but the late Jean Hartley (Viewfinders) got the idea straight away and was of great support at the start.

What were the early Wildeye days like? Who joined you as tutors at the start?

The first courses were careers workshops I ran on my own, often connected to wildlife film festivals, then in 2003 we ran the first Introduction to Wildlife Film-making course with myself, the late Nick Gordon, and Madelaine Westwood.

You have published many books, through various publishers but you also set up Wildeye Publishing for specific wildlife film books, like the classic Go Wild with Your Camcorder – How to Make Wildlife Films, so how/when did that come about?

In 2002 I wrote the book Careers in Wildlife Film-makingand, as I understood the wildlife film market better than any other publisher, I created Wildeye Publishing to produce a series of educational books about wildlife filmmaking.

Which book has been the most successful?

In terms of wildlife film-making, Careers in Wildlife Film-making has been the best-seller over the years. But overall my most successful has been How to Store Your Garden Produce: The Key to Self-Sufficiency, which has sold over 80,000 copies to date.

When did you do your first overseas trip? Where in the world have you been with Wildeye?

In 2003 I ran our first Big Cat Film Safari in the Masai Mara, Kenya. It was so successful we ran it a dozen times, but we have also run many other trips to Tanzania, Uganda, India, Ecuador, Scotland, The Bahamas, Iceland, Sweden, Norway and more!

You were one of the founders of Filmmakers For Conservation (FFC), tell us how that came about? What did you hope to achieve with the organisation?

In the 1990s it was clear that film-makers wanted to make conservation-focussed films but the broadcasters weren’t interested. So a group of us got together to form an organisation that would lobby broadcasters to make changes and support conservation film-makers.

What is your opinion on conservation in wildlife films? How have you seen this change over the years?

For too many years wildlife films have been giving the public the idea that all is well and bountiful in the natural world. This is dangerous as it makes it harder for conservation organisations to raise support and change laws, and harder to persuade the general public to make changes to their own lives. This is changing a little more recently but progress has been painfully slow compared to the rapid degradation of nature. We are in a desperate situation now, especially due to climate change, and it’s becoming irresponsible to ignore it when making documentaries.

Tell us about your book, Conservation Film-making: How to make films that make a difference.

Madelaine Westwood and I produced this book to show readers not only how to make conservation films, but also how to get them seen by the most relevant audiences and how to monitor whether they do actually make a difference.

You were the driving force behind setting up the Films That Make A Difference database. An online library of conservation film which aimed to help prove that film-making can make a real and tangible difference to important conservation issues around the world. The proving that films can or have made a difference has proven difficult. What do you think? Can they? Do they?

They certainly can make a difference and the whole point of the database is to give examples of this. The difficulty is in providing proof. It’s clear when some films (like Shores of Silence) lead to a law being changed/made, but many others make a more subtle difference that is difficult to measure, yet still being valuable.

You’ve never been chasing money when it comes to Wildeye courses, course fees always being charged at the lowest possible amount to the student, pretty philanthropic really. Why was this the case? What motivated you?

I didn’t start Wildeye to get rich! It was clear that if course costs went too high, then some of the less well-off students couldn’t afford to go. This didn’t sit well as I wanted the courses to be available to as wide a range of people as possible. So I always aimed to keep costs low, by not expanding too fast or getting fancy offices, for example.

Do you think students changed much over the years?

One of the main (and welcome) changes over the last few years has been the increase in women taking the courses. The last few Introduction courses we have run have been 80% female!

How do you think wildlife film-making has changed over the past twenty years? Back in 2011 you produced the book Wildlife Film-making: Looking to the Future, which asked many leading figures in the industry where we’d be in ten years time … How well are those projections playing out?

Many of the projections have played out, though some, like 3D wildlife films, have not gained the traction the film-makers hoped for. I think the main thing that was overlooked back then (and still is, by many) is the speed at which wildlife is being lost around the world, and the dire projections related to climate change. Making films about wildlife carrying on as if nothing was changing is getting increasingly bizarre and unjustifiable.

Amazing miniature world - Sir David Attenborough's Life in the Undergrowth - BBC wildlife

Do you have a favourite programme or series?

In terms of pure wildlife my favourite was Life in the Undergrowth as it showed me things I hadn’t seen before. When you’ve seen as many wildlife movies as I have you do get bored when lions, penguins or chimpanzees are chosen yet again without really showing us anything new. The world is full of amazing wildlife that has never been filmed – let’s see it!

How did you keep up with all the technological advances over the past twenty years?

Partly through reading magazines, blogs etc, but largely by employing clever (and younger!) tutors who have their fingers on the tech pulse.

What was your favourite thing about being Principal of Wildeye: International School of Wildlife Film-making?

Meeting the amazing students, some of whom have become lifelong friends.

How do you feel about leaving Wildeye after twenty years? Why did you decide to pass the baton to Simon Beer now? Will you miss it?

I’ll miss the fun of the courses themselves, but after twenty years it felt time to handover to someone with fresh energy and enthusiasm to take the school in new directions.

Tell us a bit about your latest book, The Vegan Cook & Gardener: Growing, Storing and Cooking Delicious Healthy Food all Year Round, produced with your daughter, Ella.

I became vegan a few years ago when it became increasingly clear that it was hypocritical to consider myself an environmentalist and yet still eat dairy (I gave up meat decades ago). The book, The Vegan Cook & Gardener, is our attempt to explain that vegan meals are not only delicious and planet-saving, but that growing your own food in your garden in the first place adds dramatically to a low carbon and healthy lifestyle.

What are your plans and hopes for the future?

I’ll do a bit of freelance tutoring and seem set to do more public speaking as I am increasingly called upon to talk about climate change and how to live in a planet-friendly way. I also want to experiment in aiming for a zero carbon off-grid life and helping others achieve the same.

What are you passionate about?

All life on earth, and justice for all.

A 2003 film by Jane Atkins and Rachel Curran, largely made on a Wildeye Film-making course, discussing the state of conservation content on television. Those giving views include Piers Warren, Jane Goodall, Richard Brock, Jeffrey Boswall, Sarah Cunliffe and Ben Please:

True to Nature

Piers's last stint as Principal was played out on the weekend of the 30th November to 2nd December 2018 on the enduring Introduction to Wildlife Film-making course, Wildeye's longest-running and most popular course to date.

In a Facebook Post afterwards, Piers said "After 20 years and 2,000 students, last weekend's wildlife film-making course was my final one as Principal of Wildeye. Good luck to Simon Beer who is taking over, and a huge thanks to all the Wildeye tutors and students over the years for making it such a blast!"

After 20 years and 2,000 students, last weekend's wildlife film-making course was my final one as Principal of Wildeye....

Posted by Wildeye: Wildlife Film & Photo on Monday, 3 December 2018

I wanted to extend a very personal thanks to Piers, for not only being such a fantastic mentor and colleague over the past years working together at Wildeye, and on other projects, but most importantly for being a kind, generous, loyal and true friend. I am sure that many others would say the same and that Wildeye, tutors and future students, will miss him as the driving force behind the school. I wish him every success and happiness in whatever he decides to do going forward. I am sure that he will do many great and worthy things, so watch out!

Piers appearing in a 2014 Wildscreen Festival film:

Wildscreen Festival: What's it all about?

Read the full interview here!


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Wildeye 2019 ... New site & next course date!

Simon Beer has taken over the helm at Wildeye: International School of Wildlife Film-making and has started the new year with a fresh new website ... Check it out:

The first available course is the classic Introduction to Wildlife Filmmaking ... Next dates are: 12th April - 14th April 2019.

More information here, including booking info:


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Award-Winning Wildlife Film-maker Releases New Rewilding Documentary
From Lisa Marley
10 December 2018

Award-winning independent filmmaker Lisa Marley has today (Monday, December 10) released Project Wolf, a new documentary following an experimental ‘human wolf pack’ in the Scottish Highlands.

The 30-minute documentary – which is now available to watch online for free – examines Project Wolf, a study run by charity Trees for Life. The scheme saw volunteers spending weeks in the Caledonian Forest, mimicking the behaviours and disturbance patterns of large predators, like wolves, in an effort to curb overgrazing of saplings and new growth by the native red deer population.

Lisa (27), originally from Aberdeenshire and now based in Bristol, was immediately drawn to the project after her mother sent her a newspaper clipping. After meeting with the charity, she knew that this was a story she had to tell and successfully funded the documentary through a crowdfunding campaign in early 2017, which was supported by BBC star and conservationist Chris Packham.

Lisa said: “It’s been over a year since I launched the crowdfunding campaign for Project Wolf, and since then I have been living and breathing this film. I am so thrilled to finally be able to share it.

“Although I’ve always had a strong affinity with the natural world, making Project Wolf has really opened my eyes to the history of the woodlands that I encounter, most prominently how many non-native species are widespread even in older areas of forest. It has been fascinating to follow Trees for Life’s efforts to preserve the ancient Caledonian Forest – maintaining our landscape’s wonderful natural heritage – in such an unusual way.

“When I ventured out into the forest to join the ‘human wolf pack’ I really didn’t know what to expect. I had no idea about the diversity of reasons that compelled the volunteers to become involved in the project, and how profoundly their time in the Highlands would affect them.

“Rewilding is a topic that is often misunderstood. It’s not always about reintroducing a species to an environment; it’s also about reflecting on the way we look at and interact with the landscape around us. All too often we become consumed by our phones and technology, however there is so much to be gained from reconnecting with natural world around us.

“Meeting the people involved in the study and uncovering the conversations that are happening around rewilding in Scotland has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I am so excited to be able to share that journey.”

Trees for Life chief executive Steve Micklewright added: “Trees for Life undertook Project Wolf in 2016 and 2017 with the aim of mimicking the behaviour of large predators to reduce deer browsing pressure on young seedlings in the Caledonian Forest fragments at our Dundreggan Conservation Estate.

“Early monitoring results showed that the volunteers were successful in disturbing the deer and moving them on – an important feature of the predator-prey relationship.

“We are grateful to the volunteers who gave up their time to work on this pilot project – and to Lisa Marley, whose film shines a light on the experiences of the volunteers during their time at Dundreggan.”

Project Wolf follows on from Lisa’s last film, Red Sky on the Black Isle. The acclaimed short documentary about the mass poisoning of red kites in the Highlands has been translated into multiple languages and screened around the world at scientific conferences and film festivals, including in Spain, France and the USA.

Watch Project Wolf for free online at

Project Wolf

For more information, visit, follow Project Wolf on Facebook at or follow Lisa on Twitter @procuriosity


See the Feature Page here...

Also see: BBC Star Supports Independent Wildlife Filmmaker as Crowdfunding Campaign Enters Second Stage


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Comment from Richard Brock / Brock Initiative

Two quotes:

1. Sir David Attenborough at a speech at the UN Climate Change Conference in Katowice, Poland in December 2018: "The collapse of our civilisations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon."

2. From the Sunday Times reader Mark Moore, also in December 2018: "Sorry David Attenborough Dynasties (BBC1) is spectacular and spectacularly worthy, but I'm suffering from Nature Documentary Fatigue Syndrome. I can't tell your Dynasties from Life in the Freezer from Blue Planet from Blue Planet 94. It's time for you to call it a day".

RB comment: So, for 2019, go to "Wildlife Winners and Losers". Nearly 100 free films to help save the planet - on YouTube, Vimeo, You can make a difference and share the message and the facts. Here's how. There is still time.

Richard had a big birthday last month ... Eighty and still going strong. We wish him many happy returns and lots more years of making films that make a difference! Thanks for all that you do Richard!


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Collaborators on Conservation/Environmental Film Venture Wanted ...

Member Roland Arnison, Mallimak Media, is looking for collaborators on a new venture.

Roland will be developing a new film-making enterprise in 2019 to produce positive conservation and environmental stories from the field.

He is looking for at least one person to join him on this quest: particularly someone with self-shooting experience and someone with experience in non-broadcast video markets.

Above all, he is looking for people interested in joining him on an exciting collaborative adventure with no initial income but the potential for commercial and creative triumph!

If you fit the bill, please email Roland directly, and he will share more details with you.


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GreenScreen 2019 Call For Entry Open

Wildlife films are welcome to be submitted from December 14th 2018 until March 15th 2019.

25% discount for EARLYBIRD entries before January 31st 2019.

Contact: Entry form, categories and regulations:

More information about the festival:


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Sunny Side of the Doc 2019 - 30th Anniversary!

Next year Sunny Side of the Doc will turn 30! This Anniversary edition will be held in La Rochelle, France from June 24-27. As you know each year, the 4-day event brings together broadcasters, decision makers, financing bodies, distributors, content creators and producers from around the world to sell or buy projects and programmes, and to find coproduction partners. Sunny Side of the Doc creates unique opportunities for all +2,000 professionals from 60 countries, to follow the latest industry trends, make new connections and embrace interactive forms of storytelling including virtual reality, through a variety of high-level pitching sessions, panel discussions, networking activities and the added value of an exhibition space.

GERMANY will be the Country of Honour of next year’s benchmark event for the co-financing, buying and selling of non-fiction projects, completed programmes and new reality experiences. In 2019, we’re putting the spotlight on the finest SCIENCE storytellers and innovative approaches to science programming. It’s your opportunity to make new contacts, spark ideas and give life to ambitious projects with international potential which will inspire people to popularize scientific topics.

You will find more details on the official website:


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Call for Entries NaturVision Film Festival 2019

From 11 to 14 July 2019, Ludwigsburg will play host to the 18th International NaturVision Film Festival, one of the prime events for the industry. With our international film competition, each year we showcase the latest films around nature, wildlife and the environment, honouring the best among them with prestigious awards. Over the four days of the festival, we offer filmmakers, directors and production companies a professional platform for presenting their films to both industry visitors and a wider public. Come and be a part of it!

We welcome films that were completed after 1 January 2018. These can now be submitted for the following film categories: Competition categories

Please register your films via our website: Film registration. The closing date for entries is 25 February 2019.

This year for the first time we are offering a 50% discount on the submission fee for films submitted by 31 December. So be quick!

To take advantage of this special offer, just enter WINTER SPECIAL 2018 in the "Discount" field when you register. Once your registration is verified, you will receive a separate confirmation with the discounted price.

Also new this year is that we are waiving the submission fee for the category "NaturVision Newcomer Award" (on production of a training certificate).

Ralph Thoms, Franziska Förstner and the whole NaturVision Team:


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New York WILD Film Festival coming in February 2019

We’re gearing up for 2019! The NY WILD Jury recently gathered to select the 2019 award-winning films and create another dynamic and illuminating festival. We’re looking forward to sharing the program soon! Thank you to the WILD jurors and pre-screeners who previewed a record number of 300 entries.

More seating for our WILD fans!  The opening night of the 6th annual NY WILD Film Festival will be held at The Paley Center for Media onThursday, February 21, 2019.  The rest of the festival will remain at our home base, The Explorers Club.

I’m delighted to announce that Constance Bruce, former Director of External and Academic Events at NYU Shanghai, has joined NY WILD as Executive Director. 
She shares a passion for wildlife, conservation and adventure, and a vision for inspiring action through film.

We also welcome Charlotte Cailliarec, Festival Coordinator, to the NY WILD team.

NY WILD is proud of our partnership with NYU Shanghai. Katie Schuler’s consequential film  “Pangolin” (Best Short Film) screened at NY WILD @ NYU Shanghai in 2017. University students translated the film into Mandarin and it was recently released throughout China on social media. NY WILD  is grateful for NYU Shanghai’s support in giving this film exposure.

Hear from some of the 2018 NY WILD award-winning filmmakers and special guests while you gear up for 2019!

Check out our website to watch these exclusive videos.

2019 Festival Schedule Announced! 

The 2019 NY WILD Film Festival film selection and schedule are now available!

Follow us on social media (InstagramFacebook, & Twitter) to stay up-to-date on ticket sales announcements in early January.

Our 2019 Festival features an exceptional selection of 32 films that will surprise you in many ways.  In addition, an amazing group of guest speakers will be attending and the list is growing.

Join us for four days of illuminating and compelling documentaries spotlighting epic expeditions, critical conservation issues, groundbreaking wildlife behavior, inspiring heroes, and more!

We look forward to seeing you at New York WILD 2019!

Nancy Rosenthal
Founder & CEO
New York WILD Film Festival


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New Year Honours 2019: Chris Packham appointed CBE

Naturalist and broadcaster Chris Packham has been appointed CBE in the New Year Honours list.

The campaigner against blood sports and the badger cull has been honoured for services to nature conservation. Packham said the honour was like a "silent thanks" from animals he had defended. "Maybe the silent have spoken, maybe a terrified fox, a wounded harrier or a trapped badger whispered and this is their thanks," he said. Packham, who has presented the BBC's Springwatch and other nature programmes, said he would continue to "shout above the noise" to protect foxes, badgers and birds of prey.

In 2017 57-year-old Packham spoke about his Asperger's Syndrome in a BBC TV documentary and was also arrested and later cleared of assault during filming for a documentary on illegal bird trapping in Malta.

In 2019 he will take part in Blue Planet Live, a BBC TV series examining the impact of ocean pollution.


Chris Packham BBC 1Big Breakfast Interview

Also: Chris Packham: Our wildlife needs a voice to shout above the noise ... Chris Packham has said his CBE is a thank you from the animals that have been saved from suffering due to his conservation work.

Michaela Strachan is proud:

Big congratulations from Chris ... Very well deserved!

Proof that he's into actions, not just words: Chris Packham challenges 250-year-old New Forest hunt to chase him instead of a fox!


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Malta: Massacre on Migration 2018 update

A lot has happened in Malta in 2018. Chris Packham brings you an update from the frontline. With thanks to Birdlife Malta for flamingo footage. Please visit and to see how you can help teams on the ground.

Malta: Massacre on Migration 2018 update



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British Wildlife Photography Awards 2019 - Tenth Anniversary Call for Entries Open!
by Maggie Gowan of British Wildlife Photography Awards
23 November 2018

Maggie Gowan, BWPA founder and director, says "Thank you to everyone who has supported BWPA and all the photographers who have entered". See the 2018 winners here.

The 2019 Awards are now open for entry.

BWPA Tenth Anniversary 2019

To mark our tenth anniversary and help raise awareness about our coast; its incredible biodiversity and the threats it is facing we have expanded the Coast and Marine category to include British and Irish Coastlines within four separate categories and prizes for; Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland.

Mark Carwardine, conservationist broadcaster and author has written about our coast in the ‘People’s Manifesto for Wildlife’

“Our island nation has 32,018 kilometres of coastline overlooking the English Channel, Celtic Sea, Irish Sea, North Sea and, of course, the open North Atlantic Ocean. We are surrounded by some of the richest seas in the World, teeming with an astonishing abundance and diversity of marine wildlife.
We provide a home to some 8 million sea birds, wide variety of cetaceans, along with everything from otters and grey seals to basking sharks and white-tailed eagles.  There are estimated to be 8,500 marine species living in UK seas altogether. But we do a shockingly bad job of looking after them. The good news is that we can turn the tide. With proper management we can ensure that our seas are brought back to full health and remain healthy for generations to come”

Read his full article here including the damage we cause and his proposals for future management of our coast.

A Peoples Manifesto for Wildlife

THIS MANIFESTO . . . Was conceived to publish a set of informed ideas from a parliament of strong, independent voices. Ideas which, if implemented today, would make a huge difference for wildlife tomorrow.

THIS MANIFESTO . . . Presents a series of essays by 18 Ministers highlighting some of the most critical concerns affecting the UK landscape and its species, each accompanied by ten commandments – ‘no-brainer’ solutions to the problems. More here ...

Download and pass on the manifesto by Chris Packham: a brilliant initiative we can all act upon and support.

New dates

The 2019 competition has different dates to previous years. The 2019 competition is open now, and closes on 6th April 2019.

Prize Draw

We are offering a prize draw for 5 entrants who purchase an entry package worth £30 or more by 10th December. (NB Your images do not need to be uploaded until closing of the competition). The prize worth £35 is the latest BWPA book no 9 and 2019 Calendar, which will be posted in time for Christmas.

Exhibition tour

Exhibitions: The full list of venues can be seen here:

The travelling exhibition is currently on show at these galleries.

  • Nature in Art, Gloucester to 6th January 2019
  • Canterbury Museums & Galleries to 3rd February 2019
  • Astley Hall, Chorley: 24th November 2018 to 31st December 2018.

Book: British Wildlife Photography Awards 9

Naturalist, Author and Wildlife TV Producer Stephen Moss comments;

“Once again, this collection of images from the British Wildlife Photography Awards leaves us in awe of the skill, patience and artistry of the photographers whose work is showcased here. The extraordinary range of subjects, species and habitats, and the imaginative way they are portrayed, leaves us in no doubt that we in Britain are fortunate to be home to some of the most talented photographers in the world. But stunning though this book is, it is not simply a collection of beautiful images, preserved like museum specimens for us to enjoy. It is also a snapshot of Britain’s diverse and beautiful wildlife, at a time when these wild creatures – and the places where they live – are under threat as never before.”

Buy the book for £25, with free postage and packing: Order via PayPal.

British Wildlife Photography Awards 2019 Calendar

Discover the wonders of British wildlife with this 2019 calendar!

Great British wildlife photography from the British Wildlife Photography Awards can be found every month, each accompanied by a spacious date grid.

Buy the 2019 calendar for £9.99, plus postage and packing. Order via PayPal.

Thank you to all the sponsors and supporters

The competition is sponsored by: Canon, RSPB Wildlife Explorers, WWF UK, The Wildlife Trusts, Buglife, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Wildlife Worldwide, Shetland Nature, Paramo, Outdoor Photography Magazine and Countryside Jobs Service

Supporters: Natural England,, Wildeye, Kristal Digital Imaging Centre.

Sponsorship: If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or hosting the exhibition please get in touch.

The British Wildlife Photography Awards were established in 2009. The key aims of the Awards are to:

  • Recognise the talents of photographers practicing in the UK, while at the same time highlight the great wealth and diversity of Britain’s natural history.
  • Celebrate British wildlife, in all its beauty and diversity, through a collection of inspirational photographs.
  • Showcase the very best of our nature photography to a wide audience and engage all ages with evocative and powerful imagery.
  • Encourage discovery, exploration, conservation and enjoyment of our natural heritage.
  • Raise awareness about British biodiversity, species and habitats.

The Awards and Prizes*

The winning pictures and best entries will be included in a touring exhibition across the UK and a stunning coffee table book.

Overall Winner, British Wildlife Photographer

The title of British Wildlife Photographer is given to the photographer whose single image is judged to be the most striking and memorable of all the entries. The photographer of the overall winning image is awarded a first prize of £5,000.

Adult Categories

Each adult category winner for still images will win a prize with a value of around £1,000.

Each category winner (except British Seasons, Habitat and Behaviour) will receive a Canon EOS M50 with the EF-M 15-45mm and EF-M 55-200mm lens. Tell unforgettable stories in rich colour and detail with the compact and connected 4K EOS M50. Its sleek design is packed with innovative technologies including cinematic 4K and 5-axis image stabilisation, with DSLR image quality in a lightweight mirrorless body. This modern camera combines a 24.1 Megapixel DSLR sized CMOS sensor with powerful DIGIC 8 processing for outstanding low light performance and depth of field control. A large central electronic viewfinder provides an intuitive shooting experience, with a 7.5cm vari- angle touchscreen to shoot from every perspective

The Behaviour category winner will receive a £1,000 voucher from category sponsor Shetland Nature - to be used against any Shetland Nature tour, subject to availability.

The winner of the Habitat category will win a single place on Wildlife Worldwide’s Skomer’s Perfect Puffin photography tour. Staying on the island for two nights, you can enjoy the wildlife without the crowds and build up an impressive portfolio of puffin images. Other species include short-eared owls, razorbills, guillemots and even grey seals. Accompanied throughout by award-winning photographers, this 3-day trip is the perfect way to get up close and photograph Skomer Island’s puffins.

Coast and Marine categories TBA.

Wildlife in HD Video

The prize in the Wildlife in HD Video category is a Canon XA11 Full HD Camcorder. The XA11 is a Full HD camcorder which feature stunning 20x 26.8mm-576mm optical zoom lenses to flexibly capture a variety of scenes with superb image quality. A Hi-UD lens supports the reduction of chromatic aberration and drives vivid imaging. Canon’s HD CMOS Sensor and the powerful DIGIC DV4 image processing platform deliver great performance in low light and the ability to capture superb Full HD images in 50P at 35Mbps

The XA11 offers a range of various interfaces including HDMI, XLR professional audio terminals, headphone jack and optional GPS support.. Comprising compact and lightweight bodies, the XA11 is ideal for high-action shoots when both speed and mobility are essential. Dynamic Mode provides 5-Axis image stabilization - roll axis, horizontal roll, vertical roll, up-down and left-right - to ensure smooth image capture in various styles of fast-paced shoots

WildPix Categories

There are two special awards to encourage participation by young people. These are free to enter.

  • Young British Wildlife Photographer (Up to 11) - £300
  • Young British Wildlife Photographer (12 - 18) - £100

*Prizes correct on publication but subject to change.

Also see: BWPA 2018 Wildlife in HD Video Winner, Sam Oakes, on his Winning Entry

The film is based on the idea of showing how wildlife can thrive in the most unlikely corners of the UK, specifically industrial areas. I grew up in North Yorkshire only a stones throw from Teesside, one of the UK's largest industrial complexes. Teesside is unique in its volume of "waste-ground" and abandoned areas between the large factories, the closure of steel & chemical works is a loss to local people but a gain for the areas wildlife. More here ...

Highlights of all the Winning and Commended films of 2018:

BWPA Highlights from 2018 from BWPAwards

BWPA 2018 Winners Announced!


See the Full Feature Page here...


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COP24 in Katowice with Climate Adam

World leaders met in Poland to tackle climate change at the 24th United Nations climate talks. ClimateAdam breaks COP24 down, firstly by setting out on a voyage across Europe.

ClimateAdam @ COP24

There are five films in this playlist, the last one entitled "Climate negotiations made me terrified for our future"... we recommend that you watch them all for his persepective and opinion as a climate scientist is well worth listening to. Visit: Made with support from the European Investment Bank.


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EYESEALAND 2018 recap from Pieter Huisman

Check out this end-of-year footage round-up from Pieter Huisman's production company EYESEALAND Visual Media:

EYESEALAND 2018 recap

Visit: &


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Wild Immersion the First Virtual Reserve in the World ... Endorsed by Dr Jane Goodall

Wild Immersion produces breathtaking 3D experiences, leveraging the best augmented-reality footage techniques and cutting edge immersive technologies, to plunge the spectators into a Nature 360° action film. The spectator experiences the feeling of being in the middle of the wilderness, discovering mind-blowing situations, like it would happen in real life. The Wild Immersion Company is committed to explore and protect our planet’s living spaces and environment.

The Wild Immersion is a new kind of company that is eco-friendly, ethical and educational. The Wild Immersion Virtual Reserve program brings a strong educational message, about the Nature and the situation on species extinctions in the world, particularly for younger generations.

wild immersion the first virtual reserve in the world

Visit: &


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How this drug lord created a hippo problem in Colombia

It’s a hippo invasion.

Drug lord Pablo Escobar smuggled four hippos into his own personal zoo during the 1980’s. But wild hippos are usually only native to Africa and their escape after Escobar’s death has left Colombia with an unexpected problem. Due to reproduction, there are now dozens roaming around one of the country’s rivers.

This Vox Borders episode looks at how the presence of these hippos affects Colombia’s biodiversity and how people became fond of their presence.

How this drug lord created a hippo problem in Colombia

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World's Rarest Bird Returns to the Wild thanks to members Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, WWT & Partners!

The Madagascar pochard, a duck thought to be extinct for 15 years, has been brought back from the brink and given a new home on Lake Sofia in Madagascar.

Conservationists from Durrell, WWT and partners have spent years laying the foundations for the bird's reintroduction to the wild, working closely with the local communities around the lake that rely on its water, fish and plants.

“The idea that we could be releasing pochards into the wild only 12 years after rediscovery pays remarkable testament to the dreams and hard work of many people from Madagascar, Jersey and the UK, who have worked tirelessly to see this remarkable bird get a chance of survival in a changing world.” - Durrell’s Head of Birds, Dr. H. Glyn Young!

World's Rarest Bird Returns to the Wild

Read more:


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New Showreel from Agatha Jackson

Showreel featuring Aggy's four most important documentary / film projects of the past year: Forest, Not a Tall Tale, Subverted and Animal Watch. Thanks to Little Thoughts for the track - Dahab Daze.

Agatha Jackson: Showreel 2018


Brock Initiative


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Spend More Time In The WILD 2018 Highlights with Abbie Barnes

2018 was a WILD year, with Abbie completing the Wainwrights Coast to Coast path, Two Moors Way, West Highland Way and Great Glen Way. She visited the Lake District, Exmoor, Dartmoor, North York Moors and Yorkshire Dales and Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Parks, walked stretches of the South West Coastal Path, took the ferry to Lundy Island, walked the Sarsen Trail Neolithic Marathon, climbed Scarfell Pike, the highest mountain in England, and so much more. Enjoy this highlights reel of the year 2018. Bring on 2019!

Spend More Time In The WILD 2018 Highlights

Visit her site:


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Field Recording Adventures with George Vlad

Join George Vlad on field recording trips around the world! Spolier: not everything works as planned. This teaser shows him and Stijn setting up their rigs on the edge of a huge crater on the Congo/Gabon border while a thunderstorm makes contact.

Field Recording Adventures - Season 1 Teaser

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British Wildlife Photography Awards


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The Field Journal - Wild Orchid Man News

Wild Orchid Man in the Devil’s Realm is finished and at the duplicators! Filmed in Tasmania in October 2017 by Darryl Saffer, he started editing in December 2017 and finished the film and music a year later. This is the 5th film in the Wild Orchid Man series. DVD copies will be available at the premiere January 16th. Complete January Wild Orchid Man schedule below!

The Wild Orchid Man Stig Dalström just returned from a three week trip to the cloud forests of Colombia where he, together with likeminded aficionados, successfully traced down several localities where plants of the extraordinary beautiful orchid Odontoglossum crispum still is abundant. This orchid was heavily exploited during the nineteenth century when hundreds of thousands of plants were stripped from the wild and shipped to auction houses and commercial nurseries in Europe. Most of the plants perished during the transportation. Fortunately, this orchid appears to be prolific in reproducing itself and is fairly safe today, protected in various national and private reserves throughout its distribution along the eastern cordillera in Colombia. Many of the areas visited by Stig and his orchid friends were until very recently impossible to visit due to hostile terrorist activities. Thanks to an uneasy peace treatment between the FARC guerilla and the prior government of Colombia many of these areas are now relatively safe again, but nobody knows for how long.

Stig is trying to finish the last chapter for his and several co-authors epic scientific treatment of this orchid genus by getting more photographs from the habitats. The title for this publication, which is scheduled to be available next summer, is appropriately named ‘The Odontoglossum Story’ featuring chapters of history, classification, cultivation and more. Parallel to this project Stig is illustrating another scientific treatment, this time the orchid genus Stelis in collaboration with Dr. Carl Luer, the world renown guru for this types of orchids.

There was also time to visit a remote area in southern Colombia where a Polish scientist is working on creating a new orchid reserve. Stig can testify that this particular area is immensely rich in biodiversity and well worth protecting.

January Wild Orchid Man Events:

January 2: Master Gardeners will show “Wild Orchid Man in the Land of the White Bear.” Stig Dalstrom (The Wild Orchid Man) and Darryl Saffer (filmmaker) will be in attendance, introducing the film and taking questions from the audience.
10:00am, Twin Lakes Park. 6700 Clark Road.  FREE but RSVP recommended.

January 5-6: Sarasota Orchid Society Show. Stig Dalstrom and Darryl Saffer will be at the show to answer questions and talk about their films. Stig’s art and DVDs will be available for purchase.
9:00M-5:00 pm, Municipal Auditorium, 801 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. $5.00 admission fee.

January 10: Bay Village of Sarasota will host a Q/A with Stig Dalstrom and Darryl Saffer about the Wild Orchid Man films.
10:00am, 8400 Vamo Road, Sarasota. For more information call Kristine Korngut at 941-966-5611.

January 16: Sarasota Orchid Society will host the premiere of the newest Wild Orchid Man film: “Wild Orchid Man in the Devil’s Realm.”
Doors open at 6:00pm, Selby Gardens, 900 Palm Avenue. FREE admission (with suggested donation)

January 21: Sarasota Garden Club will host Stig Dalstrom and Darryl Saffer and view “Wild Orchid Man: Journey to Machu Picchu.”
10:00am, 1131 Blvd of the Arts. FREE admission.

Visit: &

Wildlife Winners and Losers - Brock Initiative


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So you want to be a wildlife film-maker?

Do you have aspirations of being a wildlife film-maker? Check out what the crew of Dynasties went through before you make any rash decisions!

Dynasties: So you want to be a wildlife filmmaker?

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What you helped EIA achieve in 2018

A selection of the wins and highlights from 2018, made possible thanks to your support.

What you helped us achieve in 2018

Conservation Film-making - How to make films that make a difference


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Read: The End of Animal Farming How Scientists, Entrepreneurs, and Activists Are Building an Animal-Free Food System by Jacy Reese

Many books and articles have documented the devastation animal agriculture causes to human health, the economy, the environment, and of course animal welfare. Public figures from Bill Nye to Richard Branson have said that the future of food is animal-free. But readers and listeners are left with one burning question: How do we actually get from here to there? In The End of Animal Farming (Beacon Press: November 6, 2018), Jacy Reese outlines an evidence-based roadmap to a humane, ethical, efficient food system where slaughterhouses are obsolete.

Reese tells the stories of activists using data to steer policy and behavior, scientists making clean meat — real meat made from animal cells without animal slaughter, entrepreneurs founding million-dollar food companies (even a billion in one case!), and thoughtful consumers driving demand to help build this animal-free food system. The End of Animal Farming calls upon readers to join these change-makers in one of the most important social movements of our time. In broader terms, Reese outlines methods for studying effective social change and the expansion of humanity's moral circle, paving the way for future effective altruists to tackle the world's most pressing social problems.

The End of Animal Farming | Jacy Reese | TEDxUniversityofMississippi

Website: Published by Beacon Press, available at &


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Humans Need to Stop Eating Meat to Reduce Climate Change Crises, Says David Attenborough

Television host and natural historian Sir David Attenborough has stated that mankind must stop eating meat for the good of the planet.

In a recent video, Attenborough “warned” that “we need to start making serious changes in order to combat climate change,” Sky News reports.

Speaking about the issue, Attenborough commented that those in “the comfortable west” – and especially people in wealthier parts – are often untouched by the effects of global warming, caused by a number of industries, including animal agriculture.

“We may well say… ‘well it doesn’t really matter whether we go on eating meat, because we’re not affected,'” Attenborough commented.

“But in fact, it does matter because it matters to the whole world. And the first people to feel the consequences are, of course, the poor. Those at the bottom of the heap. Those that are really vulnerable to what is happening in the climate,” he continued. Notably, a study published in October found that those with a lower-income were more likely to be concerned about climate change.

“That’s why the whole world together should actually act on their behalf,” Attenborough stated. In late 2017, Attenborough revealed he had stopped eating meat, calling animal farming practices “depressing.”

“We have so much knowledge, we have so much skill, we have so much ingenuity. Of course, we can do something about [climate change]. The question is how much. And we ought to set our sights high and go for the best,” Attenborough said in the video.

“There are scientists and inventors and industrialists around the world who are very, very ingenious. Homo sapiens is a very ingenious species and I believe it’s got us into this mess, that’s true. But it knew not what it did. And now’s the moment to use that ingenuity and that passion to get us out of it,” he remarked.

Television series “Our Planet” – made in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and narrated by Attenborough – highlights both the beauty and struggles of the world in matters like climate change, overfishing, and deforestation..



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New Short Vegan Documentary Highlights Success Stories From 2018

Even though it feels like 2018 began just a few months ago, the year is already almost over – and what a year it’s been, from top beauty brands going cruelty-free to celebrities ditching meat and dairy. In a new short documentary, LIVEKINDLY highlights some of 2018’s top vegan moments. Here’s some of what went down this year.

It was a huge year for celebrities adopting a kinder lifestyle. Filmmaker Kevin Smith went vegan after suffering a major heart attack earlier this year and has not only embraced the health benefits of his newfound diet, but celebrated his compassion for animals. Beyoncé launched a vegan meal planner, Black Eyed Peas frontman promoted eating a healthy vegan diet, the ever-outspoken Miley Cyrus promoted veganism and cruelty-free fashion, and even 10 cast members of “The Avengers” happened to be vegan or vegetarian.

Athletes like five-time Formula One champ Lewis Hamilton, Icelandic powerlifter Hulda B. Waage, and the NFL’s Tennesee Titans proved that you don’t need meat or dairy to be at the top of your game.

LIVEKINDLY's Vegan Year In Review - 2018

More here:


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Veganuary anyone? Chris Packham is doing it!

Veganuary is coming ... Why not give it a go: ...

Chris Packham is giving it a go, although he appears to be having some cheese issues!?

Get Veganuary's excellent book: How To Go Vegan: The why, the how, and everything you need to make going vegan easy.

Wildlife Film-making: Looking to the Future


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Welcome to our Newest Full Members!

Will Foster-Grundya passionate, dedicated and hardworking director/cinematographer specialising in wildlife and expedition film-making, and sync camerawork in high-stress environments.

SHOWREEL 2017 | Will Foster-Grundy | Director/Cinematographer

His website:

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Joshua Harrisa 19 year old wildlife photographer and filmmaker with aspirations to film and / or present wildlife documentaries.

Joshua Harris - Showreel

His website:

Join them, become a full member here: or

The Vegan Cook & Gardener

Environmental Investigation Agency

Filmmakers For Conservation

Production Gear

See 'Kit For Sale' for items from members/subscribers!


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