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People's Walk For Wildlife, with Chris Packham


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The People's Walk for Wildlife with Chris Packham was a HUGE Success!

Around 10,000 wildlife lovers joined Chris Packham on 22nd September at Hyde Park, London for the Peoples Walk for Wildlife - for the missing millions. #peopleswalkforwildlife

In the news:

Wildlife lovers march on Downing Street to raise awareness of the plight of Britain’s nature:

Thousands march on Whitehall to call for end to 'war on wildlife':

People’s Walk for Wildlife demands spotlight on environmental issues:

See Jason's photos/clips here:

Help cover the costs of the walk here:

The Peoples Walk for Wildlife Crowdfunder

Sat, 22nd September
10am: Gather at Reformers Tree, Hyde Park
12 noon: Infotainment
1pm: Walk
2pm: Finish at Richmond Terrace

Follow Chris on social media to stay informed:
Twitter: @ChrisGPackham Facebook: @ChrisGPackham

Billy Bragg and Chris Packham

Billy Bragg and Chris Packham chat on Chesil Beach and perform A Turtle Dove's Lament, written by Chris Packham. Music and original lyrics by Billy Bragg from Between the Wars.

Visit here for more details:


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New New New Corporation and NHNZ say Cheers to Beers for Bears
3 September 2018

Dunedin-based New New New Corporation (Fermented Beverage Division) and NHNZ’s Wild Studios are collaborating on a bold new online video and fundraising initiative; brewing beer to help threatened sun bears. This innovative project will help to support the Sun Bear Outreach charity in Borneo.

NHNZ’s short-form division, Wild Studios, is creating a web series to showcase how New New New (NNN) is crafting an American brown ale in the sun bears’ name. A portion of the proceeds from every beer sold will be donated toward Sun Bear Outreach. Wild Studios’ online webisodes will delve into the fascinating process of brewing beer and celebrate the people coming together to support the cause, including a launch party on Friday 2nd November, 2018.

NHNZ became aware of the sun bears’ plight while filming an upcoming series,Orangutan Jungle School, at the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre. While BOSF and the NHNZ film crew’s work focused on orangutans, the arrival of an orphaned sun bear cub, named Denny Bear, uncovered the struggles that this vulnerable species also faces in order to survive in the wilds of Borneo.

Denny Bear

BOSF cares for 16 sun bears at their existing facility. However, ideally the bears would be cared for at a sanctuary dedicated solely to sun bears. Fortunately such a place does now exist, called Sun Bear Outreach. Transporting the sun bears from Central Kalimantan to Sun Bear Outreach in East Kalimantan is expensive. This is the motivation behind NHNZ and New New New’s fundraiser; to support the transport of these precious bears, expand the Sun Bear Outreach facility and spread awareness about sun bears. These bears require sanctuaries due to the destruction of their habitat, including large-scale deforestation for palm oil plantations. Sun bears are classified by the IUCN as Vulnerable.

“NHNZ created the Wild Studios division to help use our award-winning production skills to promote awareness of true stories that are important to us. Once the seed of the ‘Beers for Bears’ idea was planted, the collaboration with New New New really took off. We are excited to taste the finished product, but even more excited to see the positive impacts of this online video and fundraising campaign for the sun bears,” says NHNZ Managing Director, Kyle Murdoch.

Close connections with NHNZ meant collaborating on a fundraising beer was quickly embraced. “After a couple of small batches were taste-tested and tweaked, the Sun Bear brew was born, in the form of an American brown ale, and with the label design in the conceptual stages, NNN is preparing to release a very delicious beer with a mission. Not just a superior product, but a way of raising both awareness and funds for the rescue and rehabilitation of sun bears in Indonesia,” explains New New New’s Dallas Synnott.

Tom Koykka, NHNZ’s Post Production Manager and a leader of this project, says “When looking at fundraising models, so many just have their hands out. We wanted something that would entertain, educate, have a global reach, and offer something in return. We wanted more than just feeling good. Have a beer and help a worthy cause. It’s all about the win-win.”

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the release of videos, information about how to help the cause, and something tasty to drink at New New New. NHNZ’s short-form video content about this project will soon be freely available online to spread the word.

Start watching below:

#Beers4Bears - Cute mystery animal is revealed at Orangutan Jungle School

#Beers4Bears Ep 01 "The Problem" This is the first episode telling the story of our Sun Bear fundraising campaign’. It outlines some of the problems facing Sun Bears in Indonesia and the beginnings of our efforts to help. For more info and to donate, please see the links below.

See the full feature page here!


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The UK in 100 Seconds: What if we made more space for nature?
From Friends of the Earth
21st September 2018

I don’t think anyone really has a clue what Britain actually looks like.

It's just too big and complicated for us to get a proper sense of proportion.

And that’s a problem when people are making decisions about how we feed ourselves or how much more affordable housing we can build. Or, crucially, how much more space for nature we can have.

If we don’t have a proper sense of what the country looks like then how can we fix our problems?

– Dan Raven-Ellison, guerrilla geographer, National Geographic Explorer, filmmaker.

I had a simple idea

To go on a walk and make a short film that shows the United Kingdom in the correct proportions.

Every 1 second of the film represents what 1% of the UK looks like from the air.

'The UK in 100 seconds' premieres at the Prince Charles Cinema, London, on 24 September 2018.

Join us for the premiere of 'The UK in 100 seconds' and change the way you think about our country forever. Here's a sneak preview.

The UK in 100 Seconds: TEASER

It’s difficult to get a picture of what the United Kingdom really looks like. Imaginations and assumptions can distort decisions that affect our lives. We often hear the idea that there is simply no more room in the country. In reality, just six per cent of the UK is built on.

'The UK in 100 Seconds' is a provocative and thought provoking film that rearranges the United Kingdom's land into 32 categories and divides them over 100 seconds. Each second equates to 1% of what the country looks like from the air.

Made by guerrilla geographer Daniel Raven-Ellison and filmmaker Jack Smith, the film was made by travelling from Tongue in the north of Scotland to the New Forest in the south of England. Each second of the film covers roughly one metre of Raven-Ellison's walk through moorland and peat bogs, down a runway and over a dump.

Made in collaboration with Friends of the Earth, the film gives an honest reflection of what land looks like and how it is used in the United Kingdom and raises some challenging questions. A major inspiration for Raven-Ellison making the film is the amount of space that is used for feeding livestock and the question - what if we made more space for nature?

Following the screening, there will be a Q&A with the filmmakers and a series of six micro-talks and a forum with the audience. We'll be discussing what the UK could look like in the future and what the effects would be if we made more space for nature. More here: Tickets here:


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Diving into the Unknown ... Timor-Leste from Below ... Episode 7 Has Arrived!
From Scubazoo
20th September 2018

Epidode 7

Diving into the Unknown… a scuba diving expedition to Oé-Cusse in Timor-Leste.

Heading west into the least explored part of one of the least explored provinces in one the least explored countries in Asia, Bertie and the …from Below team are on an expedition to find out what it takes dive where no divers have dived before.

Watch more epic scuba diving videos in Timor-Leste from Below on SZtv!

Diving into the Unknown [4K] | Timor-Leste from Below (S01E07) | SZtv

To watch all weekly episodes of Timor Leste from Below for FREE, please ‘like’ their Facebook page!

See the Full Feature here...


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SMASH18 is Coming!

Join Jackson Hole WILD and WGBH in Boston, September 25-27, 2018, for the Science Media Awards & Summit in the Hub, where more than 300 science media stakeholders will gather to celebrate exceptional media, cutting-edge discoveries and explore new ways of communicating the wonders of science to a global audience in a rapidly-changing media landscape. Register here!

See the finalists:

Check out the Speakers:

Special Jury Nominees Announced

See the films nominated for Special Jury, honoring programs that stood out to our preliminary judges as worthy of special recognition for some aspect or strength outside of the standard category criteria. Films include: An Ocean Mystery: The Missing Catch, Breaking2, Breakthrough: Portraits of Women in Science, Earthrise and Silas. See the nominee HERE

Follow on, &


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Wild Pages: The Wildlife Film-makers' Resource Guide 3 ... available now!

The third edition of Wild Pages: The Wildlife Film-makers' Resource Guide is out, now available in print, eBook and Kindle versions! :)

  • Now in its third edition, fully updated with many new entries
  • 274 packed pages Available as paperback, eBook or Kindle edition
  • A complete tool-kit of information for all wildlife film-makers – established and newcomers
  • Listings of wildlife production companies, production services, stock footage and sound libraries, distributors, broadcasters/channels, location managers/fixers, film festivals/competitions, education/training, organisations, equipment sales/hire, publications/resources, freelancers and more, with contact details, weblinks and descriptions.
  • Including answers to those all-important questions such as whether companies take people on work experience or consider co-productions, how to submit proposals etc.
  • Invaluable information at your fingertips to save hours of trawling through the Internet and sending many emails
  • Latest review soundbites: Essential Resource … Its pages lead you to more doors than any other publication of its type … A must have for any wildlife filmmaker … Positively bursting at the spine with information … A fantastic, much-needed wildlife film resource
  • An Essential Piece of Kit!

Please order your copy via an online store of your choice now! Visit: Thank you!!

Paperback: you can order it as a paperback from many online bookstores all over the world (RRP £14.95). For example, it is available from The Book Depository and Wordery with free worldwide delivery . Also & for paperback and Kindle versions.

eBook Order:
‘Wild Pages: The Wildlife Film-makers Resource Guide’ as an eBook is in the form of a PDF file (5Mb) with active email and weblinks for all entries. You can order it by PayPal for immediate download using the button found here.

Please also 'Like' the publication on Facebook: and 'Follow' on Twitter: @Wild_Pages :)

Also See Wild Pages 3 is Out Now!!


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2018 Photo Story Nominees announced!
23 August 2018

Powerful stories of humanity’s increasing impact on nature, species on the brink of extinction and the dedication of wildlife carers, protectors and communities are told by the nominees of the first ever Wildscreen Photo Story Panda Award, announced today.

Wildscreen Photo Story Nominees

Doug Gimesy documents one of the largest bats in the world, The Grey-Headed Flying-fox. Rescuing the Night Gardeners raises awareness around The Grey-Headed Flying-Fox's importance as a keystone species and pollinator in the ecosystem and highlights some of the stresses they are under.

In A Complicated Conservation Story, Adrian Steirn has compiled a selection of images, taken from many different countries over the last 5 years to represent a body of work that has sought to tell every side of the story.

Ami Vitale's story Warriors Who Once Feared Elephants Now Protect Them outlines the work at Reteti Elephant Sanctuary - the first ever community-owned and run elephant sanctuary in all of Africa.

Emerging Talent Photo Story Nominees

The Panda Awards is also about celebrating the engaging voices of early career storytellers who we are recognising through the addition of an Emerging Talent Photo Story category.

Lifeblood by Austin Ferguson explores the story of wild salmon throughout Washington State and British Columbia, illustrating the critical role that they play in the ecosystem, while investigating some of the major causes of their decline.

Jen Guyton’s Salvaging Scavengers explores the symbiotic relationship between vultures and hyenas in Gorongoza National Park, Mozambique; highlighting the importance of this collaboration for the health of vulture populations throughout Gorongoza.

Luke Massey's High Rise Falcons follows Linda and Steve Perry, two peregrine falcons in the urban jungles and on the skyscraper ‘cliffs’ of Chicago, and the community of volunteers helping the Chicago Peregrine Program to study the falcons.

The full photo stories will be displayed as part of a large-scale outdoor photography exhibition in Bristol between 12 October – 8 November, and many of the nominees will be speaking at Wildscreen Festival!

Winners will be announced at the Panda Awards ceremony on Friday 19 October at The Passenger Shed, Bristol.

This year, the craft of wildlife and conservation stills photography will be entwined within the DNA of the Wildscreen Festival. 

A new two day photography pass will give you full access to an unrivalled programme of headliners, sessions, masterclasses, screenings and social events on Thursday 18 and Friday 19 October. Get your pass:

Also see: 2018 Wildscreen Photo Story Panda Awards nominations list – in pictures, The Guardian


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Japan must be stopped in it's push to resume Commercial Whaling Worldwide via EIA
28 August 2018

After spending more than three decades slaughtering whales in defiance of an international moratorium on commercial whaling, Japan is proposing a package of measures at an International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting next month that would effectively lift the global ban on for-profit whaling.Japan’s so-called IWC Reform Proposal calls for the formation of a Sustainable Whaling Committee to set catch quotas as well as the convening of a diplomatic conference to amend the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling.

The change would lower the proportion of votes required to set catch quotas from three-quarters of the IWC membership to a simple majority.

Ahead of the 4 September meeting in Florianópolis, Brazil, the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) have released a new report, Commercial Whaling: Unsustainable, Inhumane, Unnecessary, which exposes continued commercial whaling by Iceland, Japan and Norway and makes the case against any weakening of the moratorium.

“If Japan gets its way, it would be a massive victory for those rogue whalers who have time and again defied the international ban on commercial whaling and an absolute disaster for the world’s whales,” said Clare Perry, EIA’s Ocean Campaigns Leader.

“According to our research, Japan and fellow commercial whaling countries Iceland and Norway have collectively killed at least 38,539 great whales since the 1986 ban was put in place. Many whale species have not yet recovered from massive overhunting in the past and are also facing a wide array of mounting existential threats ranging from climate change to marine pollution by chemical, plastics and noise.”

Japan has killed more than 22,000 whales in the Antarctic and North Pacific as part of its sham ‘scientific’ whaling program, selling the whale meat purportedly taken for research. In March 2014, the International Court of Justice ruled that Japan’s Antarctic hunt had no scientific basis.

Japan, however, has continued to kill whales under the guise of scientific research and faced intense public backlash in May after reporting that its whaling fleet had killed 122 pregnant whales during its annual ‘research’ hunt in the Southern Ocean last winter.

Norway continues commercial whaling under an objection lodged to the 1986 IWC moratorium, while Iceland has a disputed reservation to the moratorium which it has used to justify commercial catch quotas since 2006.

“We’re only just beginning to grasp the vital role whales play in maintaining the health of the world’s oceans,” said Kate O’Connell, AWI Marine Wildlife Consultant. “Weakening the ban now would be a fatal mistake and would open the doors to increased commercial whaling around the world. This cruel and unnecessary industry is a relic of the past that has no place in modern society.

“All other contracting governments to the IWC must step up to vigorously defend the moratorium from this new assault by Japan and its allies.”

Commercial Whaling: Unsustainable, Inhumane, Unnecessary



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Living a Wild Life with Colin Stafford Johnson - Oct 11th

Join multi-award winning wildlife cameraman and presenter Colin Stafford-Johnson for an evening of hair raising stories including filming and presenting the 'Secret Life of the Shannon', 'Wild Ireland' and 'Living the Wildlife' which has lead to adventures in every corner of Ireland.

Hear about Colin's most special wildlife encounters close to home and learn how to witness them for yourself in what promises to be a spell binding evening. Irish wildlife cameraman and television presenter Colin Stafford-Johnson is one of the world’s most acclaimed and internationally awarded filmmakers.

Throughout his legendary career, Colin has won countless awards from wildlife festivals and events around the world. He's lived first hand with tigers for many years in India, filmed some of the most renowned natural history sequences in his homeland of Ireland and now for the first time will be sharing his hair-raising stories with UK theatre audiences this autumn.

Illustrated with his own stunning film footage and photography, the talk promises unique natural history stories and special wildlife encounters in what promises to be a spell binding evening.

7:30-9:30pm 11th October, 2018
London Irish Centre, 50-52 Camden Square, London, NW1 9XB
Book here:


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Wildscreen Festival 2018 Speakers Announced!

With less than two months to go until Wildscreen Festival 2018, here's a sneak peak of just some of the 150+ speakers from across the international natural world storytelling industry that will be joining us in Bristol.

Wildscreen Festival Keynote Speakersm

Fuller List here:

Get your ticket:


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The Last Mahout by Tania Esteban Released on World Elephant Day

‘The Last Mahout' is a cinematic short film produced and shot by Panasonic ambassador and wildlife filmmaker Tania Esteban about Vee & Mae - two that share an unbreakable bond built on love and trust. Vee, an 80-year-old Mahout, has been with Mae Mahn since she was born over 27 years ago - and ONLY uses his VOICE to guide her. A non-riding, no chains, non-stick wielding way forward into the 21st century. Mahn is a matriarch Asian elephant in her prime, and so the MandaLao and WWF Laos team are looking at the incredible Nam Phouy national park as a potential release site to allow individuals like her to breed in the wild as well as rescue elephants. Mae is one of the lucky ones... join them for a day in the life of a modern Mahout.

The Last Mahout

Tania says: “I cannot thank the amazing people who helped me out on location at the Mandalo Conservation Sanctuary enough, they do such remarkable and revolutionary work to help mistreated and dwindling populations of wild elephants – a first of their kind in the country. I especially want to thank Michael Vogler (founder of Mandalao), Prasop Tipprasert (director of MandaLao), Khamkhoun Khounboline (from WWF Laos), Gregorio Rojas & Keum Houngduangchanh (guide/translator), and of course the superstars themselves – the effervescent Vee and Mae Mahn. And a huge thanks to Richard Collins who made the characters and essence of the forest come to life with his magical music and original score, as well as Panasonic for giving me the opportunity to create the film. Really hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did filming and piecing this story together!"


Brock Initiative


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Clean. Crush. Count. Send to 4Ocean. with Karla Munguia

So what happens after a beach clean up? This is what happens behind the scenes before we send the PET bottles to 4Ocean to be turned into recycled bracelets!

KTV #11/ Clean.Crush.Count.Send to 4Ocean with Karla Munguia

See the cleap-ups here:

Visit: &

Visit Karla's Website: Follow her on Social Media:, &

Check out

British Wildlife Photography Awards


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'Rhinos: Killing & Corruption' by BBC News

Alastair Leithead investigates the alleged links between the illegal rhino horn trade and corruption in Zululand's courts and its national parks.

Rhinos: Killing & Corruption (FULL DOCUMENTARY) BBC News

Also on iPlayer:

If BBC News can do it ... Making films that matter/make a difference. #conservation

Wildlife Winners and Losers - Brock Initiative


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iAnimal shortlisted for a Raindance award!

Raindance, the UK's largest independent film festival, has shortlisted the virtual reality film iAnimal: The dairy industry in 360-degrees, for a VRX Award in the Best Social Impact Experience category!

The five-minute film, released in June 2017, is narrated by Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch and features 360° footage filmed by Animal Equality investigators inside intensive dairy farms and slaughterhouses, including farms in Devon and Somerset. It challenges people’s idyllic image of dairy farming.

UK edition: iAnimal - The dairy industry in 360 degrees, narrated by Evanna Lynch

The award winners will be announced during the Raindance Film Festival 2018 in London, from September 26th to October 7th.


Conservation Film-making - How to make films that make a difference


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Join Wildeye's next Intro to Wildlife Film-making Course!

Wildeye's Introduction to Wildlife Film-making is their longest running course... Next dates: 30 Nov–2 Dec 2018

One of of our most popular wildlife film-making courses, the introductory weekend offers you your first insight into the world of wildlife film-making. From pre-production to delivery, we’ll guide you through the many stages of the process from your first idea, research, scripting, travel, filming, editing, delivering as well as importantly selling and distributing your completed film. This course is broken down into bite-sized modules presented over two days including time spent filming at Pensthorpe, former home of BBC Springwatch. The wildlife film-making weekend is suitable for anyone including beginners, hobbyists, keen enthusiasts, those looking to undertake wildlife film-making degrees or apprenticeships all the way through to camera operators looking to diversify into wildlife film-making. As well as educating, inspiring and providing practical hands on experience its a great addition to any CV. More here:

Check out the homepage for up-to-date availability:

Wildlife Film-making: Looking to the Future


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Welcome to our Newest Full Members!

Roland Arnison - a film-maker, expedition leader, and environmental consultant whose film-making tends to follow his interests including natural history, environmental and adventure stories. Offering services as a camera operator /assistant, and as a presenter / protagonist. He would love to talk to producers and commissioners to pitch some of his various film proposals on eco-pioneers, life in the Yukon wilds and also sea-cliff life…

Walking with elephant

News image

Ana-Maria Acomanoai - an aspiring Cinematographer and Documentary Filmmaker.​ ​Graduate with 1st​ ​BA​ ​Honours​ ​Degree​ ​in​ ​Film​ ​Production whose biggest passion is nature!

She is looking to get involved with ambitious projects that aim to change something in the society we live in.


News image

Lorraine Lam - Assistant/runner/junior researcher who believes strongly in the power of visual media in raising awareness and the resolution of environmental issues.

Her experience at BBC Studios productions as a Junior Researcher for Horizon and her work for The Sky at Night has cemented this. She is disciplined, organised, creative and loves working with other people.


News image

Katya Rogers - a recent graduate of the MA in Wildlife Documentary Production from the University of Salford.

Her BA is in Media, Information and Technoculture, with a Minor in English Language and Literature.

Her passion is writing, and she would love to incorporate this with her love for wildlife.


News image

Sharyn Umaña-Angers - a freelance Cinematographer, Editor, Producer, Writer, Director.

Having worked as a one-woman crew for several years, whilst a Creative Video Producer with Princess Cruises and a Videographer with San Diego Zoo Global, she's a self-titled jack-of-all-trades. Recently she's produced videos her local wildlife nonprofit organisations and so is looking to take the next step into full-scale documentaries.


Join them, become a full member here: or

The Vegan Cook & Gardener

Environmental Investigation Agency

Filmmakers For Conservation

Production Gear

See 'Kit For Sale' for items from members/subscribers!


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