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Wildeye Camera Operator Course


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Two places left on Wildeye's Wildlife Camera Operator Course this December!

News imageWildeye currently has two places left on the Wildlife Camera Operator Course this coming December, 11-13!

Whether you are hoping for a career as a professional wildlife camera operator or want to film wildlife as a fascinating hobby, this course will arm you with the knowledge and techniques to create stunning shots and sequences. As camera technology advances apace it can be difficult to know what equipment to use (and then how to use it!), with a high tutor to student ratio, this course is unique in content and value for money.

£365 per person, which includes tuition, accommodation, and meals. Book here. Visit the hompage for availability:

Matsalu Nature Film 2014


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Chris Palmer

These Are Some Of The Sketchy Ways Nature Documentaries Are Actually Filmed

Filming animals takes a long, boring time. Can we blame the filmmakers for taking a few shortcuts here and there? Maybe, if animals are being mistreated or misrepresented along the way. Of course, most nature documentarians have nothing but the best intentions. The Huffington Post spoke with Chris Palmer, longtime filmmaker and author of two books on fakery in wildlife programs, about the filming tricks most audiences don't know about. "They may go out with determination to get the actual footage," Palmer said. "But after a couple of days when you've got nothing, when you've got 24 hours left and the money's running out, you get kind of desperate. Because you've got to put food on the table; you've got to look after your family, send kids to college. It's a real ethical dilemma."

Read more here:

"And of course, there was that time Disney producers killed a bunch of lemmings to "prove" they committed mass suicide."

From Disney's 1958 White Wilderness.

Also see our interview with Chris!

Confessions of a Wildlife Filmmaker by Chris Palmer is available on: &


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Summer Wildlife Filmmaking Workshop – Leeds Beckett University: 25% Discount

Get 25% discount offer on 2015 Summer Wildlife Filmmaking Workshop. Interested parties must contact David Turner in order to receive a special link which will allow them to redeem the discount.

David Turner The Northern Film School at Leeds Beckett University
Tel: +44 (0)113 812 3330

Wild Pages


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'Satao – the enigma' by Mark Deeble

Alive, Satao was almost unknown; dead, he became legend. How did it happen?

A year ago, Satao fell to a poacher’s poisoned arrow in a remote corner of Tsavo East National Park. When news of his death became known early in June 2014, it circled the globe at a speed any publicity agent would have been proud of. The international press, from Le Monde to The New York Times carried news of his death. It generated millions of tweets and Facebook page reads. There were YouTube tributes, news reports, articles, blog posts… two online petitions signed by 180,000 called for presidential protection for the remaining Tsavo tuskers. A week later, a tribute released on YouTube by the Great Elephant Census – created from the last footage we filmed of Satao, was seen by 135,000: News of his death went viral in a way normally reserved only for pop stars and royalty.

Satao - The Death of a Great Tusker from Great Elephant Census

Read more here:

British Wildlife Photography Awards


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NatureCast Call for New Content

We are looking to add high quality nature video content, 30 mins or longer, to our recently launched NatureCast Chromecast app. NatureCast lets consumers watch high quality nature videos on their big screen TV at home. We are interested in talking with you about using some of your nature footage in exchange for a revenue share and marketing within our Chromecast app.

The videos need to have nature background sound or music and are at minimum ~30 mins long (1080p). They can be a fixed scene or b-roll (i.e. ocean, forest, mountains, flowers, animals, sunsets, etc.). They do not have to tell a story, they are simply bringing the beauty of nature inside.

NatureCast which already has over 10,000 users are able to watch some of the video content in the app for free and others require in-app purchases. In lieu of paying licenses fees for the films, we are sharing the revenue on these in-app purchases. The NatureCast website has a clip on the homepage of the types of nature footage that are currently included.

Please send an email if you would like more information to


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Sunny Side of the Doc say Let's reimagine the natural history genre!

Wildlife and Natural History programming will be the special focus at the 26th edition of Sunny Side of the Doc, international marketplace for documentary and factual content, taking place in La Rochelle, 22-25 June 2015.

Sunny Side will gather the most influential nature lovers in the business under one roof for a series of forums, lunch and case studies all to encourage the creation of cutting-edge wildlife content.

Our public screening programme Grand Ecran will bring you the latest outstanding wildlife films from all over the world during 4 days, in partnership with two prestigious events: Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival & Wildscreen Film Festival.



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Enter the the 13th Annual Matsalu International Nature Film Festival by the 1st of July!

We would like to invite you to the 13th Annual Matsalu International Nature Film Festival being held in Estonia on September 16-20, 2015!

Our festival is an annual nature film event. It is named after the nearby Matsalu National Park, one of Europe's largest bird sanctuaries and a wetland environment of global significance. The festival showcases a wide variety of international films about nature, wildlife, adventures, expeditions, environment, sustainability, biodiversity, conservation - films that depict nature in its diversity and films about the coexistence of man and nature.

Every September since 2003, the idyllic town of Lihula in Western Estonia hosts the five-day long event. Since 2008 a selection of films can be seen in Haapsalu and since last year also in Tallinn.

The festival also hosts nature photography exhibitions, meetings of nature photographers and other cultural events. Both professional and amateur photographers are welcome to share their photographs and experiences.

This year we are happy to invite you already to the 13th MAFF! Films compete in two categories: A: “Nature” and B: “Man and Nature”. The call for entries closes on the 1st of July. Read more >>



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The 31st Festival de Ménigoute - Call For Entries open until the 1st of July!

We are pleased to remind you that the 31th Festival of Ménigoute will take place from 27 October to 1st November 2015 and that the entry deadline is 1st July 2015.

We will welcome all your propositions of documentaries where the wild animals are starring (birds, mammals, fish, insects…) providing they won’t have been screened before in another French event. There is no entry fee.

You will find on our website the rules to be observed and the entry forms to be completed and to send us along with the DVD of the films submitted.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any further detail:

Like on Facebook:

So You Want to Be a WIldlifre Photographer?


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Behind the Magical Moments: Capturing Bahama Blue! from member Parallax Films

For most people the word Bahamas conjures up images of white sand beaches, rum drinks and great sunsets. But for documentary director Ian Herring, his perspective changed when he visited in 1996 to film lemon sharks. “We were standing in a Mangrove swamp,” he explains. “There were full-grown sharks over two meters long in this really shallow water. It was such a contradiction to see them in this way. I think coming back, to film again, was to reconcile what I thought I knew with what I witnessed.”

Bahama Blue is a six-part series captured in Ultra High Definition cinematography exploring the diverse ecosystems that are stretched across the chain of limestone islands we know as the Bahamas. In classical documentary form, Bahama Blue focuses on important actors: the creatures themselves. With patience, the team was able to locate and film these animals in their natural habitat. “Our idea is shift away from the humans and just let the animals and their behaviours reveal the story in a fresh and entertaining way,” says Herring. “The pressure was on award-winning cinematographers like director of photography Sean White, and underwater camera operators Andy Brandy Casagrande IV and Mark Rackley. Filming a natural history series like this means managing the three W’s: Weather, wildlife and water. It’s never routine.”

More here:

Bahama Blue from the Eye of the Drone from ParallaxFilm

Explore more great content on social media:

Wildlife Film-making: Looking to the Future


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The Great British Garden Watch featuring member LB Loxley

Lucy Cohen's film goes behind the net curtains to discover amateur naturalists all over Britain who have transformed their gardens into intense filming environments in the pursuit of capturing the daily and nightly goings-on amongst the wildlife population. From foxes treated like family to the social lives of hedgehogs, these dogged naturalists will stop at nothing to capture that elusive shot. We meet Jason, who has set up a network of over 30 cameras, a gadget lab in the garden and a multi-screen viewing station in the family home. With thousands of pounds invested and over a decade mastering the art of filming, nothing beats the thrill of seeing his garden chicks fledge. However, this year a predatory cat is on the prowl. Will the baby birds survive long enough to take flight? In Somerset, LB Loxley's passion for nature is expressed in quite a different way. His garden may be small, but it is the perfect arena to hone his skills as an amateur wildlife presenter. With his wife Amanda behind the camera, there is no limit to his ambition or enthusiasm. But when an opportunity arises to flaunt his talents beyond the 12ft garden, Loxley's determination is well and truly put to the test. Mark and Rod are a London couple whose efforts to support the plight of urban foxes sees them treat the creatures' ailments with herbal remedies. Retired couple David and Lorna are getting to grips with new technology in the hope of attracting swifts to their garden. Teenage naturalist Georgia's filming ventures take her to the school field, while twelve-year-old Findlay and his younger brother Harley would turn down an afternoon video gaming any day for the chance to explore the species in the garden. Combining a love of nature with huge advances in amateur camera technology, this film explores the extraordinary lengths taken to capture the activities of birds, foxes and pond life, while offering a charming insight into the British population's relationship with their gardens. While the people we meet are drawn to their gardens for all sorts of reasons, what becomes clear is that they learn as much about themselves as the animals they capture on film.

The Great British Garden Watch from The Great British Garden

Produced by DragonflyTV for BBC Two... Visit:

LB is keen for presenting work, so get in touch:

Brock Initiative


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The 5th Green-Go International Short Film Contest CALL FOR ENTRIES is open!

CEEweb for Biodiversity organizes the International Green-Go Short Film Contest for the 5th time to raise awareness about environmental problems and to celebrate our natural heritage, the European Nature.

The Contest is awaiting creative/shocking/funny/explicit eye-opener short films in the following three categories:

1. Our footprint on Earth
2. Two faces of exploitation
3. You are part of Nature. Live with it! (co-organisers of the category: Eurosite and ECNC)

Category winners are awarded with 700 Euros and the public award winner with 500 Euros.

Deadline for submissions: 15 September 2015

Be inspired by:

Uploads from Biodiversity CEEweb from Biodiversity CEEweb

Visit: &

Green-Go Short Film Contest

Environmental Investigation Agency


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PBS, BBC team up for live natural history special

The three-part Big Blue Live (pictured) is the first project to be created and produced through PBS and BBC's recently signed coproduction partnership.

Read more here:

Filmmakers For Conservation


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Welcome to our newest full members, from April!

Delicious Digital - A full service music company specialising in original composition, live recording and all areas of audio production for wildlife film and TV. See their TV Reel.

Field Projects International - On a mission is to educate the next generation of natural historians and conservationists in topics related to rainforest ecology, and to provide biologists with research opportunities at their field sites in Peru and India. Offering training in the Amazon for filmmakers and photographers, which focuses on documentary video production, field ethics, and camera technique.

Himalaya Karakoram Travel - Experienced media fixers in Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon, headed by Christof Hahn. If you are planning some filming in Bhutan, Royal Bengal Tigers, Snow Leopards, Clouded Leopards, Black Necked Cranes, White Bellied Herons, Golden Langurs, Yetis and of course Thunder Dragons, you now know who to contact!

Parallax Film Productions - A multiplatform storyteller committed to great design for all of its content. Projects include 4k and HD television documentaries for Love Nature, National Geographic and Discovery Channel. Makers of Bahama Blue!

Seedling Media - Makers of wildlife and conservation related films for television and the web, offering stock video footage, imagery and sounds of the Amazon Rainforest.

Graham Cooke - A wildlife behaviour expert with 28 years experience working with wildlife in Uganda, Ethiopia, Botswana, kenya, Zambia, and all over Southern Africa... Co-author of My Life with Leopards

Mat Larkin - A wildlife cameraman and filmmaker focusing particularly on UK wildlife... His Production Company White Tip Media was originally producing video and graphics for the corporate sector, but has now firmly branched out to include wildlife film production!

Andy White - An American voice-over artist who wants to combine his outdoor and storytelling interests to tell your story. A brief sampling:

There's basic FREE membership for all here or for a much more comprehensive listing, Profile Page and additional benefits, become a full member: or

Production Gear

See 'Kit For Sale' for items from members/subscribers!


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