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'Head of Department – Science and Natural History' wanted at the National Film and Television School!

Full-time or 3-4 days per week.

For nearly half a century, the National Film and Television School (NFTS) has developed some of Britain and the world’s top creative talent. It is widely acknowledged to be the top school of its kind in the UK and one of the best internationally. In 2018, the NFTS was awarded both the BAFTA for Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema and the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education.

The NFTS is looking to recruit a new Head of Department - Science and Natural History. This is a unique opportunity for someone who is excited about imparting their knowledge to, and inspiring the next generation of Science and Natural History film and television-makers.

The NFTS Science and Natural History Masters started in 2017 and has already established an enviable reputation. 100% of its first cohort of graduates secured a job in the industry within 6 months and graduate work is now regularly winning major international awards at festivals worldwide.

As an experienced Director or Producer you will have knowledge and practical experience of industry customs and practices, strong editorial skills, and importantly understand the enormous value and contribution made by other departments (Editing, Sound and Music etc) to Science and Natural History projects.

Applicants need to be excellent communicators possessing strong interpersonal skills and a passion for student learning.

For further information about this role and details of how to apply, please visit nfts.co.uk/nfts-jobs.

Closing date for applications is noon on Thursday 7th November 2019

At the NFTS, people are at the heart of what we do. We’re an inclusive employer and are committed to equality of opportunity, and building a culturally diverse workforce. We strongly encourage applications from all backgrounds.


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George Monbiot 'We need to create the biggest movement that has ever been...' – International Rebellion Begins Monday 7 October 2019

"Business as usual, politics as usual is not going to get us out of this horrendous mess. We need system change.", George Monbiot.

The tragedy of our times is that the gathering collapse of our life support systems has coincided with the age of public disservice. Just as we need to rise above self-interest and short-termism, governments around the world now represent the meanest and dirtiest of special interests. In the United Kingdom, the US, Brazil, Australia and many other nations, pollutocrats rule.

Read: theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/aug/07/fossil-fuel-lobby-pollute-politics-climate-crisis

George Monbiot 'We need to create the biggest movement that has ever been...' | Extinction Rebellion

International Rebellion Begins Monday 7 October 2019 ... To governments of the world, we declared a Climate and Ecological Emergency. You did not do enough. To everybody else, rebel. 10am, October 7th, 60 cities worldwide. See you on the streets.

"Together We Can Make A Difference" Chris Packham | Extinction Rebellion

Join the rebellion: Rebellion.Earth International: Rebellion.Global


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Bectu, UK wildlife series producers support UK screen involvement in climate action

UK broadcasting union Bectu and producers from the BBC’s Natural History Unit are among those supporting screen industries involvement in a global ’climate strike’ on September 20th.

While Bectu stopped short of endorsing strike action, it offered its endorsement of the #FilmStrikeForClimate campaign, which aims to gather members of the screen industries to show support for the climate change movement.

A Bectu statement said: “We will be using the September climate week of action to highlight our support for tougher action on carbon emissions and to create a low-carbon society. This includes encouraging members to stage events on September 20 and during the week of action to show out support”.

#FilmStrikeForClimate is a part of the wider Extinction Rebellion efforts, a global movement that shut down transport infrastructure – including at several key locations in London – for long periods earlier this year. Producers from the BBC’s Natural History Unit in Bristol will led a mass walk-out, with a mock funeral procession for the extinct and endangered animal species that have died over the careers of those marching.

Read more: screendaily.com


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Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot make short film on the climate crisis, directed by Tom Mustill

Greta Thunberg: ‘We are ignoring natural climate solutions’ – Film by Swedish activist and Guardian journalist George Monbiot says nature must be used to repair broken climate.

The protection and restoration of living ecosystems such as forests, mangroves and seagrass meadows can repair the planet’s broken climate but are being overlooked, Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot have warned in a new short film.

Environmental activists Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot have helped produce a short film highlighting the need to protect, restore and use nature to tackle the climate crisis. Living ecosystems like forests, mangroves, swamps and seabeds can pull enormous quantities of carbon from the air and store them safely, but natural climate solutions currently receive only 2% of the funding spent on cutting emissions. The film’s director, Tom Mustill of Gripping Films, said: 'We tried to make the film have the tiniest environmental impact possible. We took trains to Sweden to interview Greta, charged our hybrid car at George’s house, used green energy to power the edit and recycled archive footage rather than shooting new.'

Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot make short film on the climate crisis

Read: theguardian.com/environment/2019/sep/19/greta-thunberg-we-are-ignoring-natural-climate-solutions

Visit director Tom's website: grippingfilms.co.uk


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Climate Change: can Trees & Nature save us? asks The Economist

Tree-planting has been hailed as a solution to climate change. But how much can trees really do to tackle global warming?

Climate change: the trouble with trees | The Economist

A closer look at one of the most familiar responses offered to the climate crisis. What is the real story behind trees and climate change?

Climate Change: can nature repair the planet? | The Economist

More here: economist.com/films/2019/09/18/climate-change-the-trouble-with-trees

Visit: films.economist.com


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Extinction Britain: Wildlife survey exposes shocking decline in animals

The Amazon is on fire; the Arctic ice is melting. But there is an environmental crisis closer to home.

One in seven British species is threatened with extinction, according to a new report by the country's main wildlife and conservation charities. The study shows there have been strong or moderate declines in 41% of all species since 1970.

Channel 4 News broadcasts live from Wimpole Hall Farm in Cambridgeshire, run by the National Trust as we look into the story of extinction Britain. The crisis is effecting favourites like the hedgehog, whose numbers are down 95% gone since the 1950s. Turtle doves, meanwhile - famous from the Christmas song - are now one of Britain’s most endangered birds with 98% gone in the last 50 years.

Extinction Britain: Wildlife survey exposes shocking decline in animals

Read more: channel4.com/news/the-british-wildlife-that-could-face-extinction


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Wilderland Wildlife Film Festival Announces Dates Around UK and Ireland!
From Wilderland Festival
3rd October 2019

A brand new film festival showcasing incredible wildlife stories from around the world.

Wilderland Film Festival promises to share important, breathtaking stories from the natural world as it announces 26 dates in theatres around the UK for Autumn 2019.  The UK’s first-ever touring wildlife film festival, Wilderland will shine a light on some astonishing and thought-provoking stories - filmed by a host of independent international filmmakers. Tickets are available from www.wilderlandfestival.com

Wilderland Film Festival - 2019 UK Tour

Wilderland Film Festival is the brainchild of zoologist filmmakers Dan O’Neill and Isaac Rice, who recruited some of the most acclaimed wildlife filmmakers to whittle down a shortlist of over 50 short films to the chosen 9 films that will be seen during the tour. Judges, including award-winning cameraman Doug Allan (The Blue PlanetPlanet Earth, Frozen Planet), naturalist and author Stephen Moss (Britain’s Big Wildlife RevivalSpringwatch), and producer/director Louise Heren (Big Cat Diaries) have chosen films that will take audiences on a journey through the world’s most enigmatic wildlife; from a film exploring how the mercurial Snow Leopard and Himalayan communities co-exist, to the diminishing Orangutan population of Orangutans in Borneo, to the impact of noise-pollution in our seas on the majestic humpback whale and many more.

Dan O’Neill and Isaac Rice said "Wilderland is a platform for the new era of independent wildlife filmmakers. It will inspire everyone to think more about the natural world in our daily lives. Wilderland's ethos is that anyone can be a conservationist, and everyone has a part to play in the future of our planet.”

Wilderland brings these films to UK theatre audiences for the very first time. The touring festival is sure to attract the attention of all wildlife fans and lovers of travel, conservation and adventure.

Doug Allan, panel member and cameraman says, "Anyone with a fascination for the natural world and conservation should make sure they book their ticket to Wilderland. It’s inspirational.”

Steve Backshall, BAFTA-winning English naturalist, writer and TV presenter says "It’s so exciting to see these breathtaking films on the big screen for the first time

Gordon Buchanan, wildlife TV presenter and cameraman says “Wilderland is special because it gives audiences unparalleled insight into some of the world’s most incredible wildlife”

Audiences will also have the opportunity to support the effort to save some of our planet's most endangered species. At each show, the audience will be invited to vote for one of five endangered species identified by the Wilderland Vote. Votes will be counted each night and, at the end of the tour, the Wilerland team will embark on a journey to make a film about the most voted-for species, raising awareness of its plight and encouraging support for grassroots charities working to help them. The resulting film will be premiered at the next Wilderland Film Festival, and funded by a percentage of profits from the festival.

Wilderland Wildlife Film Festival - UK & IRELAND TOUR - Autumn '19

Facebook: @wilderlandfest | Twitter: @WilderlandFest | Instagram: @wilderlandfest | #wilderland

See the Full Feature Page!


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Jackson Wild Media Awards 2019 Winners Announced!
From Jackson Wild
27th September 2019

Jackson Wild is delighted to announce the complete list of winners selected for the 2019 Media Awards. Known as Nature film’s equivalent to the Oscars®, the Jackson Wild Media Awards celebrate excellence and innovation in nature, science and conservation storytelling.

Winners were announced at a gala celebration at the Center for the Arts in the heart of Jackson, Wyoming. The Jackson Wild Media Awards celebration culminates the seven-day Jackson Wild Summit hosted at Jackson Lake Lodge in Grand Teton National Park.

More than 850 innovative filmmakers, conservationists, photographers, scientists, journalists and visionaries convened from across the globe to discuss the changing role of media as our planet faces urgent issues associated with climate change.

This year’s submissions in the prestigious competition included over 1,000 category entries from over 30 countries competing for more than 30 awards. Some 150 preliminary judges screened more than 3500 to select the finalists under consideration.

Congratulations to the 2019 Jackson Wild Media Awards Winners!

Congratulations to our Grand Teton (Best of Festival):

The Biggest Little Farm
NEON and LD Entertainment present a FarmLore Films production in association with Diamond Docs and Impact Partners & Artemis Rising


Animal Behavior:

Long Form (Sponsored by Disneynature)
Awarded to the program that most effectively explores animal behavior in a new, fresh, imaginative or authoritative way.

Dynasties: Painted Wolves
BBC Studios Natural History Unit, BBC America, Tencent, France Télévisions, CCTV9

Short Form (Sponsored by Animal Planet)
Awarded to the program that most effectively explores animal behavior in a new, fresh, imaginative or authoritative way.

The Great Pretender
A film by Nardine Groch, Produced as part of the UWE Masters of Wildlife Filmmaking course.

Ecosystem (Sponsored by Terra Mater)
Awarded to the program that most effectively explores a unique habitat and its wildlife.

Our Planet: High Seas
A Silverback Films Production for Netflix

Earth & Sky (Sponsored by WGBH)
Awarded to the film that best explores the science of planet earth and the cosmos beyond. Relevant disciplines include Geology, Paleontology, Oceanography, Astronomy and Meteorology.

Space's Deepest Secrets: Cassini's Grand Finale
BBC Worldwide and Science Channel


Long Form (Sponsored by International Fund for Animal Welfare)
Awarded to the program that most effectively contributes to an awareness of timely and relevant conservation issues and/or solutions.

Vs. Goliath Visual, Ragtag Tribe Films

Short Form (Sponsored by Conservation International)
Awarded to the program that most effectively contributes to an awareness of timely and relevant conservation issues and/or solutions.

Nigerians fight to protect the world’s most trafficked mammal
Katie Schuler, Mike Olcott, Dan Steinmetz, National Geographic Partners

People & Nature:

Long Form (Sponsored by The Nature Conservancy)
Awarded to the program that most effectively explores the interdependent relationship between humans and animals or the environment.

The Biggest Little Farm
NEON and LD Entertainment present a FarmLore Films production in association with Diamond Docs and Impact Partners & Artemis Rising

Short Form (Sponsored by BBC Studios)
Awarded to the program that most effectively explores the interdependent relationship between humans and animals or the environment.

Where Life Begins
Coral & Oak Studios

Changing Planet:

Long Form (Sponsored by Love Nature)
Awarded for the best examination of our changing planet, including human impact, the environment, sustainability and climate change.

Our Planet: Frozen Worlds
A Silverback Films Production for Netflix

Short Form (Sponsored by Smithsonian Channel)
Awarded for the best examination of our changing planet, including human impact, the environment, sustainability and climate change.

How to Save Our Planet
Silverback Films, Netflix, WWF UK

Science in Nature:

Long Form (Sponsored by Marco Polo Film AG)
Awarded to the program that most effectively incorporates science, the scientific method and scientific discovery into an understanding of some aspect of the natural world.

The Serengeti Rules
Passion Planet/HHMI Tangled Bank Studios

Short Form (Sponsored by National Geographic Society)
Awarded to the program that most effectively incorporates science, the scientific method and scientific discovery into an understanding of some aspect of the natural world.

The Anomalies: Venom Race
Day's Edge Productions for BioGraphic


Long Form (Sponsored by ORF)
Awarded to the film that most effectively celebrates the impact of individuals, groups, organizations or movements committed to the protection, awareness or understanding of a species, ecosystem or some other aspect of the natural world. 

The Serengeti Rules
Passion Planet/HHMI Tangled Bank Studios

Short Form (Sponsored by Netflix)
Awarded to the film that most effectively celebrates the impact of individuals, groups, organizations or movements committed to the protection, awareness or understanding of a species, ecosystem or some other aspect of the natural world.

Blood Island
Lindsey Parietti in association with the University of the West of England


Educational/Institutional (Sponsored by PBS)
Awarded to the non-broadcast or commercially distributed program that most successfully educates its audience on some aspect of the natural world. This includes projects created by government agencies, NGOs, universities and other institutions.

The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating
Elisabeth Tova Bailey

Limited Series - Long (Sponsored by RED Digital Cinema)
Awarded to the mini-series with episodes longer than 20 minutes in length, that most effectively advances a natural history theme.

Blue Planet II
BBC Studios Natural History Unit

Limited Series - Short (Sponsored by ARRI)
Awarded to the mini-series with episodes shorter than 20 minutes in length, that most effectively advances a natural history theme.

How to Save Our Planet
Silverback Films, Netflix, WWF UK

Engaging Youth (Sponsored by Discovery)
Awarded to the program that most effectively inspires an appreciation of the natural world, or issues associated with animals and the environment to young people 6-12 years of age.

Great Bear Rainforest
Spirit Bear Entertainment

Host/Presenter-Led (Sponsored by Vulcan Productions)
Awarded to the program that makes the most effective use of a host or presenter in communicating an appreciation and understanding of the natural world.

Wild_Life : Resurrection Island
The Front for National Geographic, Host: Bertie Gregory

Micro-Movie (Sponsored by Seeker)
Awarded to the most effective and compelling project under five minutes in length (including PSAs, music videos, and campaigns), that best advances an appreciation or understanding of the natural world.

Finding Captain Nemo
Popular Science

Theatrical (Sponsored by Off the Fence)
Awarded to the program created for commercial distribution that best advances an appreciation or understanding of the natural world. This category includes programs distributed in theaters, BluRay/DVD or streamed via the internet.

Sea of Shadows
Terra Mater Factual Studios in association with Appian Way, Malaika Pictures, The Wild Lens Collective for National Geographic Documentary Films

Student & Emerging (Sponsored by HHMI Tangled Bank Studios)
Presented in recognition of the best program produced by either a first-time filmmaker in the field of natural history production, or a student currently enrolled or no more than 2 years out of an academic program.

A Voice Above Nature
Annie Moir in association with the University of the West of England

360° Storytelling (Sponsored by USC Cinematic Arts)
Awarded to the best natural history program created for the immersive platform of Virtual Reality.

Polar Obsession
Black Dot Films VR for National Geographic


Visualization (Sponsored by Fujifilm and Fujinon Lenses)
Awarded for the cinematography or computer generated visual storytelling that most enhances the natural history program of which it is a part.

Blue Planet II: The Deep
BBC Studios Natural History Unit

Editing (Sponsored by Sony Electronics)
Awarded for the editing that most enhances the natural history program of which it is a part.

The Biggest Little Farm
NEON and LD Entertainment present a FarmLore Films production in association with Diamond Docs and Impact Partners & Artemis Rising, Editor: Amy Overbeck

Writing (Sponsored by National Geographic)
Awarded for the writing that most enhances the natural history program of which it is a part through the union of imagery, story line, dialog and narration.

Sex, Lies and Butterflies

Audioscape (Sponsored by Television Academy Sound Peer Group)
Awarded for the combined contribution of sound editing, musical score, production mixing and post-production mixing that most enhances the natural history program of which it is a part.

Cuba’s Wild Revolution
A Crossing the Line Film for ORF Universum, PBS Nature, France Télévisions, BBC, SVT, RTÉ, ORF-Enterprise and WNET/Thirteen Productions LLC Sound Mixer: Paul Finan, Original Music: Badhands

Special Jury
Special Jury Nominations honor programs that stood out to our preliminary judges as worthy of special recognition for some aspect or strength outside of the standard category criteria.

The River and the Wall
Rio Grande Film

Our Gorongosa
Gorongosa Media and HHMI Tangled Bank Studios

Special Jury: Foreign Language
Special Jury Nominations honor programs that stood out to our preliminary judges as worthy of special recognition for some aspect or strength outside of the standard category criteria — Produced by people local to the area of focus addressed by the film for a local audience in the local language.

Breathing Room
Daphne Wong

The Fisherman and the Forest
NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

The River Gives
Liberty NPO, Untitled Entertainment

The Southern Right Whale
Lyra Films Picture Traces Alchimie Productions, Sébastien Pins

Special Jury: Conservation Hero

Andrea Crosta

Wildlife-film.com congratulates all of the finalsists, especially those of our members that made it (in bold above). It's likely other members have worked on some of these productions... Let us know if you have!

The final jury for 2019 was made up of the following qualified professionals:

  • Aneeta Akhurst - Aneeta Akhurst is the Director of Programming at Seeker, an award-winning science digital media brand, delivering over 2 billion annual video views and ranking #1 in scale and engagement on social. In her role, Aneeta oversees all original programming and production, spanning best-in-class documentaries, science news and hosted explainer series that air across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Amazon and linear.
  • Lynn Hirshfield - Lynn Hirshfield is Participant Media’s Senior Vice President of Strategic Alliances. She joined Participant Media in September 2005 and is responsible for leading the development of ancillary content and strategic partnerships for the company’s social impact campaigns. Lynn also launched Participant’s publishing division to complement the company’s films and social action campaigns.
  • David Martin - David Martin is a nature lover and conservationist who serves as the Director of Partnerships for Mongabay, a popular online environmental science and conservation news platform with 30 million readers worldwide. At Mongabay, he helped his team strategize and ultimately launch a video program focused on short form content, with the goal of inspiring new audiences to love nature and to get involved in conservation.
  • Kathleen McInnis - As programmer/curator, creative producer and strategic publicist, Kathleen McInnis provides strategic collaboration with emerging World Cinema filmmakers to merge their creative and business development. Kathleen helps to expand filmmaker networks, broaden and cultivate audience and raise profile for both the films and filmmakers, starting in development, continuing through production and on to the world premieres at festivals such as Toronto, Sundance, Berlin, Rotterdam, and Karlovy Vary.
  • Pragna Parsotam-Kok - Pragna Parsotam-Kok is a film and television producer. She has a passion for the documentary genre with a focus on conservation, natural history, social justice and call to action filmmaking. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science (majoring in Culture, Communication & Media Studies as well as Drama & Performance Studies), her business skills include strategic planning and management. Pragna focuses her time on the research and development phase of filmmaking as well as budgeting, financing and producing.

See the full list of Finalists: wildlife-film.com/features/Jackson-Wild-Media-Awards-2019-Finalists-Announced.html

The Jackson Wild Media Awards Gala was slated during a week of critical importance in the industry: the Jackson Wild Summit and the Living Oceans Summit. Jackson Wild events attract participation from key influencers in the conservation, science and media communities. For more information about the Jackson Wild Summit programming, sponsorship, or conference attendance, please call 307-200-3286 or visit www.jacksonwild.org?.

About Jackson Wild: A renowned international conference for over 25 years as the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, Jackson Wild has expanded its reach and impact around the globe. Leveraging the power of media to inspire wonder for our living planet and ignite action to restore and protect it through high-impact collaboration, Jackson Wild creates impact through four pillars of engagement: Summits, Awards, New Frontiers and Global Impact. The Jackson Wild Media & Conservation Summit is an unparalleled annual industry gathering, held annually in Grand Teton National Park with over 800 international delegates. Summit attendees participate in an exceptional slate of leading-edge equipment presentations, seminars and state-of-the-art screenings. The Jackson Wild Media Awards are announced during the Summit at its awards gala celebration.

The Festival’s international board members include: Animal Planet, BBC Studios Natural History Unit, Blue Ant Media/Love Nature, Discovery Channel, Disneynature, FujiFilm Optical Devices/Fujinon Lenses, Gorongosa Restoration Project, HHMI/Tangled Bank Studios, International Fund for Animal Welfare, Media Alliance, National Geographic Partners, National Geographic Society, The Nature Conservancy, Thirteen Productions/WNET, Netflix, Off the Fence Productions, PBS, Sony Electronics, Terra Mater Factual Studios/Cinemater, The Science Channel, Smithsonian Channel, Swedish Television, UNIVERSUM/ORF, Vulcan Productions, WGBH, and World Wildlife Fund.

Visit/Like facebook.com/jacksonwildorg & follow twitter/jacksonwildorg & instagram.com/jacksonwildorg

See the full feature here!


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Enter the Abbeville Bird and Nature Festival... 30th Anniversary Call For Entry Open!

Abbeville Bird and Nature Festival has been celebrated in the Bay of Somme for 30 years! Enter your newest productions to the 30th edition of the Bird and Nature Festival (April, 11th - 19th, 2020).

Free submission online: www.festival-oiseau-nature.com until Nov 4th, 2019.


Bird / Wildlife category – We are looking for films showing animals (birds, mammals, sea fauna, insects...) in their natural environment or flora).

Environment – We are looking for films with a focus on environmental problems of our Planet.



This category is open to wildlife filmmakers who do sound recording, shooting or editing as a hobby and on a non-profit basis.

For the 1st time, the Festival's audience will decide of the winner of this category.



Professionals filmmakers will be awarded 4 Prizes by a Professional Jury, from €2,000 to €4,000 .
An amateur film will be awarded the €2,000 Public Prize.


Each entrant can submit up to 10 photos.
Entry fees: €2/ photo.

6 categories including one dedicated to 15-17 years-old (5 photos max, no entry fee)
Over €6,000 € in money and material dotation
Deadline: December 2nd, midnight

About 160 photos from the competition will be exhibited in Le Crotoy, Bay of Somme, April 11th - 19th, 2020.


Visit: facebook.com/festivaloiseaunature, twitter.com/FestivalOiseau & instagram.com/festivaloiseaunature


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BWPA 2019 Winners Announced!
by British Wildlife Photography Awards
19 September 2019

To mark its tenth anniversary and help raise awareness about our coast; its incredible biodiversity and the threats it is facing BWPA have expanded the Coast and Marine category to include British and Irish Coastlines within four separate categories; Wales, Scotland, England, and Northern Ireland & the Coast of Ireland.

The British Wildlife Photography Awards proudly announce the winners for 2019.

The awards celebrate both the work of amateur and professional photographers and the beauty and diversity of British wildlife. Winning images are chosen from thousands of entries in fifteen separate categories including a category for film and two junior categories to encourage young people to connect with nature through photography.

The Overall Winning Image: DANIEL TRIMM – Behind Bars (Grey heron), London

Grey herons thrive around London’s wilder waterways, but they also do well in more urban settings such as the smaller parks and canals, despite the litter and large numbers of people walking by. This individual was hunting in the cover of a bridge – presumably the fish were taking shelter among the fallen leaves and plastic bottles. The morning light shining through a grill gives the impression that the bird is trapped as it gazes out through the mesh.

Mark Carwardine comments “Who needs penguins or polar bears when we have puffins and badgers?

"With so many photographers scouring the globe for exotic megafauna, it’s easy to forget how much wildlife we have in our own small and densely populated backyard. Just look up – from behind your desk, the kitchen sink or inside your car – and the chances are you will see a wild creature of one kind or another. A red fox running across a field, a blue tit on the bird table, or a red kite over the motorway. We are very fortunate in having an outstanding biodiversity in this country – so it’s not surprising that British Wildlife Photography Awards has become one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the wildlife photography calendar.

"This year, BWPA celebrates its tenth anniversary and I am delighted that it is marking the occasion by focusing on British coasts. The Coast and Marine category has now been expanded to include four separate categories.

"Our island nation has an impressive 31,368 kilometres of coastline. We are surrounded by some of the richest seas in the world, teeming with an astonishing abundance and diversity of marine wildlife. We provide a home for about eight million breeding seabirds, a wide variety of cetaceans and everything from otters and grey seals to basking sharks and white-tailed eagles. Indeed, there are estimated to be 15,000 marine species living in UK seas altogether.

"But we do a shockingly bad job of looking after them. We take out far too many fish and shellfish, often catching them in destructive ways that have devastating impacts on other wildlife, and we use the seas as a dumping ground for an insidious tide of plastic waste and all sorts of other pollution. Add to that threats from rising sea temperatures, oil and gas exploration and extraction, and coastal development, and it’s not really surprising that we are losing our marine wildlife like never before.

The Category Winners:

For 2019 the Coast and Marine category includes British and Irish Coastlines within four separate categories; Wales, Scotland, England, and Northern Ireland & the Coast of Ireland.

COAST & MARINE Overall Winner: ALEX MUSTARD – “Seal in Seaweed Garden” (Grey seal)
Isle of Coll, Inner Hebrides Argyll and Bute

ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR: ROBIN CHITTENDEN – Common Swift Skimming the Water
Norwich, Norfolk

ANIMAL PORTRAITS: MARK KIRKLAND – Peering Through the Darkness (Small-spotted catshark)
Loch Fyne, Argyll and Bute

URBAN WILDLIFE: DANIEL TRIM – Behind Bars (Grey heron)

WILD WOODS: DAVE FIELDHOUSE – Welcome to Narnia (European larch,)
The Roaches, Upper Hulme, Staffordshire

HABITAT: RICH BUNCE – Brighter Skies on the Horizon (Rock dove or feral pigeon)
Burley in Wharfedale, West Yorkshire

BLACK AND WHITE: NICHOLAS COURT – Marbled White in Grass (Marbled white)
Darley Bridge, Derbyshire

HIDDEN BRITAIN: ALAN SMITH – Garden Spider, Back garden
Reading, Berkshire


ENGLAND: PAUL PETTITT – Stalked Jellyfish and Rissoa Snail
Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset

WALES: MARK THOMAS – Plaice Face (Plaice) Criccieth Beach, Gwynedd

NORTHERN IRELAND AND COAST OF IRELAND: TREVOR REES – Mauve stinger jellyfish (Pelagia noctiluca)
Malin Beg, Donegal, County Donegal, Ireland

SCOTLAND: ALEX MUSTARD – Seal in Seaweed Garden (Grey seal)
Isle of Coll, Inner Hebrides, Argyll and Bute

BOTANICAL BRITAIN: JACK MORTIMER – Amongst Emerald Depths (Bluebell, Mare’s tail)
Worton Woods, Oxfordshire

DOCUMENTARY SERIES WINNER: LAWRIE BRAILEY – Britain’s Most Loved Mammal (European hedgehog) Cornwall

BRITISH SEASONS: PAUL SAWER – Seasonal Blue Tit, Rendham, Suffolk

WINNER 12-18 YEARS: JACOB GUY (age 18) – Spiny Starfish

WINNER UNDER 12 YEARS: OLLIE TEASDALE (age 10) – In the Spotlight (Razorbill)
Skokholm, Island Pembrokeshire

Marlow, Buckinghamshire

BWPA 2019 Winner of the Wildlife in HD: Dancing Spiders

Visit the bottom of a garden and watch a tiny little spider on a date!

Highlights of all the Winning and Commended films of 2019:


BWPA 2019 Highly Commended: Bluebells

STEVEN FAIRBROTHER: A Wildlife Wonder, Northern Gannets.
Bass Rock, North Berwick

BWPA 2019 Highly Commended: A Wildlife Wonder

BEN HARRIS: Murmurate, starlings
Ham Wall, Somerset.

BWPA 2019 Highly Commended: Murmurate

Visit: bwpawards.org/videowinners2019

View all the winning Images, including the video winner and a selection of highly commended entries here: www.bwpawards.org

The Prizes

First prize: £5,000

The winning pictures and best entries will be included in a touring exhibition across the UK and a stunning coffee table book. The title of British Wildlife Photographer is given to the photographer whose single image is judged to be the most striking and memorable of all the entries. The photographer of the overall winning image is awarded a first prize of £5,000.

Adult Category winners

The four Coast and Marine Category Winners will receive a cash prize of £500.

The overall Coast and Marine Category winner will also receive a Canon EOS M50 with the EF-M 55 - 200 mm lens.

Other category winners (except British Seasons, Habitat and Behaviour) will receive a Canon EOS M50 with the EF-M 15-45mm and EF-M 55-200mm lens. Tell unforgettable stories in rich colour and detail with the compact and connected 4K EOS M50. Its sleek design is packed with innovative technologies including cinematic 4K and 5-axis image stabilisation, with DSLR image quality in a lightweight mirrorless body. This modern camera combines a 24.1 Megapixel DSLR sized CMOS sensor with powerful DIGIC 8 processing for outstanding low light performance and depth of field control. A large central electronic viewfinder provides an intuitive shooting experience, with a 7.5cm vari- angle touchscreen to shoot from every perspective.

The Behaviour category winner will receive a £1,000 voucher from category sponsor Shetland Nature - to be used against any Shetland Nature tour, subject to availability.

The winner of the Habitat category will win a single place on Wildlife Worldwide’s Skomer’s Perfect Puffin photography tour. Staying on the island for two nights, you can enjoy the wildlife without the crowds and build up an impressive portfolio of puffin images. Other species include short-eared owls, razorbills, guillemots and even grey seals. Accompanied throughout by award-winning photographers, this 3-day trip is the perfect way to get up close and photograph Skomer Island’s puffins.

Wildlife in HD Video category winner

The prize in the Wildlife in HD Video category is a Canon XA11 Full HD Camcorder. The XA11 is a Full HD camcorder which feature stunning 20x 26.8mm-576mm optical zoom lenses to flexibly capture a variety of scenes with superb image quality. A Hi-UD lens supports the reduction of chromatic aberration and drives vivid imaging. Canon’s HD CMOS Sensor and the powerful DIGIC DV4 image processing platform deliver great performance in low light and the ability to capture superb Full HD images in 50P at 35Mbps. The XA11 offers a range of various interfaces including HDMI, XLR professional audio terminals, headphone jack and optional GPS support.. Comprising compact and lightweight bodies, the XA11 is ideal for high-action shoots when both speed and mobility are essential. Dynamic Mode provides 5-Axis image stabilization - roll axis, horizontal roll, vertical roll, up-down and left-right - to ensure smooth image capture in various styles of fast-paced shoots.

Wildpix Categories

There are two special awards to encourage participation by young people. These are free to enter.

  • Young British Wildlife Photographer (Up to 11): £300
  • Young British Wildlife Photographer (12–18): £500

See: bwpawards.org/competition/prizes-and-awards

The Exhibition Tour

Over 100 images including the winning and commended entries launches at the Mall Galleries, London, commencing Tuesday 6th November and is open until 1pm Sunday 11th November. A full list of exhibiting galleries is at the end of this press release or alternatively please visit the website for more information about the venues: www.bwpawards.org/c/galleries/exhibitions

The Book

The British Wildlife Photography Awards: Collection 10 showcases the very best entries from the British Wildlife Photography Awards in 2019.

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the British Wildlife Photography Awards, this stunning collection showcases 150 of the winning and shortlisted images from the 2019 competition. Curating the year's finest work from world-leading professionals and inspired amateurs, it celebrates the extraordinary diversity of British wildlife while inspiring readers of all ages to engage with nature and conservation. Every photograph is beautifully reproduced in a large format, with detailed technical information alongside the photographer s personal account. Featuring a fresh new design, and supported by a touring exhibition and major media campaign, this is both an essential reference and an irresistible gift. It will bring every reader closer to the often unseen and always surprising world of British nature.

Mark Carwardine, zoologist, conservationist, wildlife photographer, TV/radio presenter and bestselling author comments;

"I hope you enjoy this remarkable book (how can you not?). Maybe you’ll be encouraged to enter the competition yourself next year? But, most of all, I hope it will inspire you to get involved, to take an active part in protecting our precious wildlife. It really does need all the help it can get.".

Published by Ammonite Press • 16th September 2019 • RRP £25.00 - Free P&P
The book is available here: www.bwpawards.org/competition/book

Exhibition Tour. (Check with the venues for their opening times)

  • Mall Galleries – (open from 17th September (Tuesday 10am) until 22nd September (Sunday 1pm)
  • Astley Hall – 28th September to 3rd November 2019
  • Nature in Art – 22nd October to 22nd December 2019
  • Bodiam Castle – 5th October 2019 to 5th January 2020
  • Stockwood Discovery Centre – 20th January to 22nd March 2020
  • Nunnington Hall – 16th May to 5th July 2020
  • Further tour dates to be added

The Sponsors

Canon, Manfrotto, WWF, RSPB, Wildlife Explorers, The Wildlife Trusts, Shetland Nature, Countryside Jobs Service, Buglife, The British Deer Society, BBC Wildlife Magazine and Outdoor Photography Magazine.

Supported by

Ammonite Press, Kristal Digital Imaging Centre and Wildlife-film.com


Paul Colley – Wildlife Photographer and Conservationist
Rob Cook – Segment Manager, Canon
Richard Edwards – Head of Content WWF-UK
Sheena Harvey – Editor, BBC Wildlife magazine
Victoria Hillman – Wildlife Researcher and Photographer
Ross Hoddinott – Nature Photographer and Author
Lucy McRobert – Campaigns Manager, The Wildlife Trusts
Brydon Thomason – Naturalist and Wildlife Photographer
Jason Peters – Naturalist, Editor and Producer of Wildlife-film.com
Mark Ward – RSPB Nature's Home magazine
Steve Watkins – Editor, Outdoor Photography Magazine

See: bwpawards.org/competition/judges

See the full feature page here!


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The Inaugural Ireland Wildlife Film Festival Winners Announced!
Via Ireland Wildlife Film Festival
By Jason Peters
15th September 2019

The first Ireland Wildlife Film Festival was held at University College Cork yesterday, 14th of September 2019. 56 submissions came from 21 countries resulting in a great collection of films in three categories, Feature Film, Short Film and International Student Short Film, and I was asked to be a judge!

The Ireland Wildlife Film Festival was the first of its kind in Ireland and seeks to bring stories of conservation and species preservation to the big screen while also striving to create a community of filmmakers and audience members who care deeply about environmental issues.

The best Feature Film will receive 500 Euro and laurels. The best International Student Film will receive 200 Euro and laurels. The best Short Film will receive 300 Euro and Laurels. The best film of the festival will receive the "Best of Fest" award and can come from any category. The "Best of Fest" will receive a trophy and laurel in addition to the prizes associated with their respected category of submission.

The Nominees and Finalsists:

Best Feature Film

Our Oceans: A Journey of Discovery | Teaser

Winner: Our Oceans: A Journey of Discovery
Wild Oceans/Off The Fence, South Africa
Charlie Luckock, Director; Lauren van Nijkerk, Producer; Sherene Kingma, Producer; Moses Tau, Cinematography; George Kirkinis, Cinematography; Jason Boswell, Cinematography; Viki Van Den Barselaar, Editor

Our Oceans are in a state of crisis, and we’re the ones responsible for it. A team of scientists, divers and photographers set out on a journey of discovery along one of the longest, and richest, coastlines in the world. Along the way they unveil three incredible natural events to the world, whilst highlighting the impending threats, and all the while promoting the protection of our oceans.

"Our Oceans has been a rollercoaster ride. I've met incredible people, travelled to breathtaking locations and I've been lucky enough to work with a group of really talented young South African filmmakers who are passionate about their natural heritage. It's been a great adventure but it's also has been a wakeup call, a warning that our oceans are in desperate need of our attention, they cannot sustain the pressure we as humans continue to exert on them. I'm excited about sharing this film with audiences around the world and I hope it inspires action." Charlie Luckock


Birth of a Pride trailer

Birth of a Pride
Wildlife Films/National Geographic, South Africa/Botswana
Dereck Joubert, Writer/Producer; Beverly Joubert, Producer

In Selinda, Botswana, lions had been hunted to near extinction but, thanks to conservation, the number of lions has grown from two to over sixty. Witness an incredible and heartwarming story of survival through the eyes of the lions that beat the odds. Follow six cubs as they navigate the world and learn to hunt, socialise and survive in the now flourishing wilderness.

Ireland Wildlife Film Festival 2019 - Elephants up close - Dangerous neighbours
Jens Westphalen & Thoralf Grospitz - Photo © Morten Rodbjerg Jensen - Zorillafilm

Elephants up close - Dangerous neighbours
Zorilla Film/NDR Naturfilm/Doclights, Germany
Jens Westphalen, Director/Writer/Producer/Camera; Thoralf Grospitz, Director/Producer/Camera; Britta Kiesewetter, Producer

Elephants are the largest mammals that migrate across our earth. On the savannahs of Botswana there are still thousands of them. Their extraordinary sensitivity and social ties are the basis of their survival. But Africa's elephants are heading for an uncertain future. Where their paths cross with those of humans, worlds collide and conflicts are not uncommon. What do we really know about them? And is there a common future for elephants and humans? For more than two years, the award-winning wildlife filmmakers Thoralf Grospitz and Jens Westphalen travelled through southern Africa, ever/always on the heels of the pachyderms. With their two-part series "Elephants up close", they draw a complex picture of this 'icon of Africa' and give intimate insights into the life of the largest land mammals on earth.

Ireland Wildlife Film Festival 2019 - One in a Thousand
One in a Thousand - © nautilusfilm

One in a Thousand
nautilusfilm, Germany
Jan Haft,
Director Biography/Writer; Melanie Haft, Producer

Intact ecosystems provide the best defence against climate change! The ecosystem of a small creek is complex and divers - the shocking reality is that in Central Europe only "ONE IN A THOUSAND" is still intact, today.

Trailer “Save the Bucardo”

Save The Bucardo
Palocha Productions, Spain
Pablo Lozano, Director Biography/Writer/Producer

"Save the Bucardo" is the story of scientists who fought to save an emblematic animal of the Pyrenees, the Bucardo, from extinction. They took a historic step in science, the first de-extinction in the world, the first real “Jurassic Park”."

Save the bucardo" took four years of work and tells the amazing struggle of some people to avoid the extinction of an emblematic animal, the bucardo. This effort led to a new step in science, the first des-extinction in history. We hope this story will be the memory of a lesson not to be forgotten." Pablo Lozano

Oliver Goetzl - WHITE WOLVES – GHOSTS OF THE ARCTIC ( trailer )

White Wolves - Ghosts of the Arctic
Gulo Film/Doclights/NDR Naturfilm, Germany.
Oliver Goetzl, Director/Writer/Producer; Ivo Nörenberg, Producer; Alain Lusignan, Writer/Assistant Producer

At the very northern edge of Canada is Ellesmere Island, where the unforgiving Arctic winds tear through the tundra, dipping temperatures to 40 below zero. Running through this shifting sea of snow and ice is one of the most hardened predators on the planet, the Arctic Wolf. But as the spring melt approaches, these roaming hunters must adapt to being tethered parents as new additions to the pack have just been born. With never-before-seen footage of wolf family life, Ghosts of the Arctic is a dramatic and touching story of loyalty, companionship and devotion. It’s an epic true tale that reveals the struggles and triumphs of a family working to survive in one of the last great wildernesses on Earth.

"White Wolves - Ghosts of the Arctic" is the first full length Natural History documentary on arctic wolves, which shows in detail their astonishing cooperation and dedication to raise their pups in this harsh arctic environment on Ellesmere Island. It was important to me to show the full behaviour of wolves out there - also some hard to watch sequences - not to shock and disturb, but to get a clear and true picture of the hardships wolves have to face up in the North and through this I hope our film will be able to create respect and admiration for those wolves and wolves in general. BECAUSE THEY ARE ADMIRABLE !!! DEFINITELY THE MOST FASCINATING ANIMALS WE HAVE EVER FILMED." Oliver Goetzl

Best Short Film

Stolen Apes Trailer

Winner: Stolen Apes
Woodgrain Media, USA
Colin Sytsma
, Director/Producer/Writer.

After a sting operation in Bangkok for two trafficked Orangutans leave those accountable with no consequence Daniel Stiles, a detective in the illegal wildlife trade, thinks of new ways to combat illegal great ape trafficking.


Ireland Wildlife Film Festival 2019 - Children's Pool
© Children's Pool

Children’s Pool
Toby Gad, Director/Producer

A short doc exploring the controversy around community efforts to protect the seal pups who have made a home at the Children's Pool, a public beach area in San Diego.

__teaser roadkill ENG

Roadkill – The overlooked slaughter
Marco Tessaro Director/Writer; Comunità Montana Valli del Verbano, Producer.

By excluding natural elements from our everyday lives, we have dissolved our emotional bonds with non-human animals, plants, and the habitats they live in. We have alienated ourselves from biodiversity. An example? Millions of sentient beings killed every year by vehicles along our roads. Deer, toads, blackbirds.... This phenomenon is known in the scientific world as ‘roadkill’, and it is of global significance.

The Last Herd || Trailer

The Last Herd
Joseph Flannery Director/Writer/Producer; Kyle Lancaster, Producer/Cinematography; Ryan Fitzhenry, Producer/Cinematography

In the contiguous United States, wild bison are no longer free-roaming. With low natural mortality rates, the few wild herds that do exist are annually culled, or fenced in to control their population. Others, such as those is Yellowstone National Park, are rounded up when they leave Park boundaries due to brucellosis a disease that may be transmitted to cattle. The Henry Mountains bison represent the last genetically pure and brucellosis-free herd that roams over a large area –over 385,000 acres without fences, culling, or roundups. Despite all this space, Henry Mountains Bison are caught within a complex web of public lands, grass, ranching, and government agencies. The Last Herd, an independent conservation film, documents this delicate balance and provides an example of how free-roaming bison and private interests can co-exist.

Best International Student Short Film

The Grind Message trailer

Winner: The Grind Message
Nolsoy Productions, Denmark
Niels Christian Askholm, Director; Sara Nedergaard Askholm, Production Assistant

Pilot whale hunting has been a practiced tradition for at least half a millennium in the Faroe Islands. Up until the second half of the 20th century the hunts have been a vital part in the survival of the Faroese people, and are today the source of up to one third of the nations meat consumption. However the long-lasting tradition is subject to criticism from all over the world due to several reasons and opinions. This documentary follows the arguments of six locals on the matter.


Now Or Never (2019) Official English Trailer

Now or Never
MS Productions/National Film and Television School (NFTS), UK
Matt Senior Director, Producer and Cinematographer; Patrick Aryee, Narrator; Mirjam Jegorov, Editor; Kevin Langhamer, Sound Designer; Adam Price, Composer.

Now Or Never tells the story of the Batang Toru Forest, which lies in North Sumatra, Indonesia. It is a forest like no other, and remains largely unexplored. Batang Toru is also the one and only home for the most endangered great ape species in the world – the newly identified Tapanuli Orangutans. For thousands of years these orangutans have experienced a tranquil existence in this rich rainforest, alongside countless other fascinating species. The local people living adjacent to Batang Toru have also lived comfortably for generations, surviving from the precious water created by the forest. But now, everything is changing… The global population is growing, and the natural world is suffering, including Batang Toru. Plans have been put in place for a human development to be built in the heart of Batang Toru, where the highest number of Tapanuli Orangutans reside. If it is built, it will affect countless human lives who rely on the forest, as well as push this newly identified orangutan species closer towards extinction. The time to act and save Batang Toru is Now, Or Never again will we be living in a world with a third orangutan species.

"When I first read an article declaring a new species of orangutan, I was amazed that in the 21st Century new species of great apes were still being identified. It just goes to show that there is so much out there in the natural world left to be discovered, a lot of which we will never come to know about. But there are two sides to every coin, and as incredible as it is that these apes have been recognised as a new species, the article also pointed out that they could soon vanish due to a human development being built in their only home – The Batang Toru Forest in Indonesia. The story behind Now Or Never does not simply revolve around the orangutans, but rather, all of the people of the Tapanuli region that rely so heavily on the Batang Toru Forest. Like all rainforests, Batang Toru is a key component in the prevention of climate change, but it is also valuable for its role in producing water, and countless lives in all shapes and forms depend on this one forest. The Now Or Never journey began by contacting the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP), who are the only organisation conducting research within the Batang Toru Forest. The people at SOCP were quite incredible in the support they showed me and the belief they had in me to allow me to visit Batang Toru and make Now Or Never a reality. Shot over 6 weeks, and produced throughout 2018, this production would not have been possible without the approval and support of the National Film and Television School and collaborative spirit of every member from the Now Or Never team. With the long hours and weekends that Mirjam (editor), Adam (composer), Kevin (sound designer), and Alex (marketing) spent working on the film, showing their never-ending commitment and enthusiasm throughout, it is safe to say there would not be a Now Or Never without this amazing team forming such a close relationship. The dedication, belief, and generosity shown by the entire SOCP team in Sumatra is also what brought this film to life. Whilst on location, every request or question was never too much. They were always happy to help, and I left Sumatra in July having made friends for life. Everyone’s tireless commitment created this film, and I will always be immensely grateful to each and every one of those people."

The Coral Keepers: Trailer

The Coral Keepers
Fat Panda Productions, USA
Eilish M. Nobes, Director/Producer; Darlien Morales Director/Producer/Cinematographer; Kyle Maddux-Lawrence, Cinematographer; Liz Kraiser, Editor

How can ordinary people appreciate the life-sustaining force of the oceans when most of us don’t dive beneath the surface? A nonprofit in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary has taken on this question by training youth to become scientific divers. The students in Dive-N2-Life have a passion for conservation born from assisting with research on everything from the ecological role of sharks to a devastating coral disease that has broken out in the Keys.

Best of Fest

Ireland Wildlife Film Festival 2019 - The Grind Message
© The Grind Message

Winner: The Grind Message
Nolsoy Productions, Denmark
Niels Christian Askholm, Director; Sara Nedergaard Askholm, Production Assistant

A special congratulations to Niels Christian Askholm whose film had the best score overall and was the winner of the 'Best of Fest' Award as well as the 'Best Student Short Film'. His film, "The Grind Message", raises crucial awareness to the inhumane treatment and slaughter of Pilot Whales in the Faroe Islands. This is a must watch short film for anyone that lives in the Faroe Islands, and has a message that resounds globally about our harsh treatment of the animals we share this amazing planet with.

Ireland Wildlife Film Festival 2019 - Niels Christian Askholm - The Grind Message
Niels Christian Askholm © The Grind Message

Wildlife-film.com congratulates all of the finalsists and winners.

A special mention for White Wolves - Ghosts of the Arctic by Gulo Film/Oliver Goetzl ... It is a fabulous film and was highly praised by the judges for it's cinematography and fascinating first-filmed behaviours!

Also, Dolphin of Jeju Sea will be one to watch!!

Visit: www.irelandwildlifefilmfestival.com/the-festival

Visit/Like facebook.com/irelandwildlifefilmfestival & follow twitter.com/irewildfilmfest

Ireland Wildlife Film Festival 2019 - Facebook

Full Feature Page here!

Snake Join us, become our newest Full Member!
  To become a full member ... email membership@wildlife-film.com for an application form.
More here: Wildlife-film.com/freelancers (£30 per year!) or Wildlife-film.com/companies (£100 per year!)


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Major Vegan Film Festival Announces Nominees – OIVFF

'We have a powerful mix of films from around the world that cover all aspects of veganism'

The Ottawa International Vegan Film Festival (OIVFF) has announced its 2019 lineup. Last year, director Alex Lockwood was titled the overall winner for his documentary 73 Cows - which later went on to win a BAFTA for Best Short Film. Now in its second year, the festival has selected 26 films out of 40 submissions from 14 different countries around the world. 60 percent of which have been directed by women.

The Lineup

Lifestyle Category:

  • Apollo: Rise of the Poly-Vegan Soldier (New Zealand)
  • A Strange Trial (Switzerland)
  • Gold Doesn't Rust: Animal Testing and its 21st Century Alternatives (USA)
  • Let us be Heroes - The True Cost of our Food Choices (Singapore)
  • Pig Man (New Zealand)
  • The Hunter and the Girl with Pokemon (Belgium)
  • Bad Vegan: The Original Recipe (Canada)
  • Double Decade Vegan (Australia)

Health and Nutrition Category:

  • H.O.P.E. What You Eat Matters (Austria)
  • Code Blue: Redefining the Practice of Medicine (USA)
  • Multiple Seasons (USA)

Animal Welfare Category:

  • Casa de Carne (USA)
  • Reclaim (Canada)
  • Cow's Milk? (Germany)
  • Cows Come Home (USA)
  • Bucking Tradition (USA)
  • Coming Closer (USA)
  • The Cube of Truth (New Zealand)
  • Why Not Me (USA)
  • The Door (Denmark)
  • Hami Shelter (Iran)

Environmental Protection Category:

  • Diet Change Not Climate Change (Germany)
  • The Farm in My Backyard (Canada)
  • The Man of the Trees (Italy)
  • #Powerplant (Netherlands)
  • Planet Vegan: Episode One (USA)

'A powerful mix' "I am very excited for the audience to see the outstanding films in this year's festival," Founder of the festival, Shawn Stratton, told Plant Based News. "We have a powerful mix of films from around the world that cover all aspects of veganism. Topics range from mink farming in Nova Scotia to an elite vegan soldier from New Zealand to the animal testing for medical research to a film that explores one of America's most iconic competitions-the rodeo and much more."

The awards will be announced at the Festival's Premier event on October 6 at The Chamber Theatre in Ben Franklin Place in Ottawa, Canada.

Via: plantbasednews.org/film/major-vegan-film-festival-nominees & oivff.com/press-releases.html


News image

News image

Wildscreen Festival Organizer Unveils New Leadership, 2020 Festival Dates
19th September 2019

Wildscreen, the British conservation organization known especially for its biennial film festival, has undergone a revamp, appointing new leadership and acquiring the industry group Natural History Network. The organization has also set the dates for its 20th anniversary festival, to take place in October 2020.

Laura Marshall, CEO of Icon Films, has been named the new chair of Wildscreen’s board, taking over from former BBC Worldwide director Peter Phippen. Current trustees Keith Scholey and Lynn Barlow will continue to serve, and will be joined by newcomers Julian Hector, head of the BBC Natural History Unit, and Jessica Sweidan, founder of Synchronicity Earth. Other new board members include digital entrepreneur Andrew Doe, accountant and trustee Nicholas Rogers, and lawyer Con Alexander.

The new board takes charge following what sources say has been a difficult period financially for Wildscreen, which is a nonprofit organization. Last December, amid rumors that the organization was in trouble, Phippen acknowledged to Variety that Wildscreen’s trustees were “reviewing the strategy of the charity as a whole” but said that it remained committed to putting on the 2020 film festival.

Marshall said the new board comprised “some of the industry’s most influential and experienced creatives.” She told Variety she felt “very privileged” to take over as chair and that she and the board were “deeply committed” to bringing “new focus and energy” to Wildscreen.

“It is an interesting time for natural history filmmaking,” Marshall said. “There has never been more interest in it, and it has arguably never been more important.”

Renowned naturalist David Attenborough is Wildscreen’s patron. “Never has communicating the threats facing our natural world and the bold solutions required to protect and restore it been so vital,” he said. “Wildscreen, with its convening power is uniquely placed to support and challenge those who can tell the stories the world needs to hear and see.”

The Wildscreen Festival will return Oct. 19-23, 2020, for its 20th anniversary.

Read more: variety.com

Visit: wildscreen.org/about/news/wildscreen-reveals-new-board-and-festival-s-20th-anniversary-dates


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‘The Elephant Queen’ on Apple TV+: Everything to Know About the Wildlife Documentary

The first feature film for Apple’s upcoming streaming service, Apple TV+, will be a documentary about a matriarchal elephant titled The Elephant Queen, proving that Apple understands exactly the kind of content the internet craves. I mean, a strong female lead who is also an elephant? That will surely earn a “Yas kween” tweet from at least one celebrity. (Chrissy Teigen, I’m looking at you.)

The Elephant Queen comes from Emmy and Peabody Award-winning wildlife documentary filmmakers Victoria Stone and Mark Deeble. The film originally premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and the British Film Institute’s London Film Festival in 2018, and Apple acquired worldwide rights to the doc shortly after. Here’s everything we know about The Elephant Queen on Apple TV+ so far.

The Elephant Queen is a documentary that follows one elephant named Athena and her herd “on an epic journey of life, loss, and homecoming,” according to an Apple press release. Stone and Deeble immersed themselves in the lives of one elephant herd for four years, so get ready. Personally, I’m very suspicious that a baby elephant is going to die in this movie. March of the Penguins scarred me for life.

Who is in The Elephant Queen cast? Other than Athena—the leading elephant of The Elephant Queen—the film is narrated by Acadamy Award-nominated actor Chiwetel Ejiofor. You know Ejiofor from his starring role in 12 Years a Slave, as Karl Mordo in Doctor Strange, and most recently as the voice of Scar in Disney’s live-action Lion King remake.

When is The Elephant Queen premiere date? The Elephant Queen will debut on the Apple TV+ app on November 1, 2019.

More here: decider.com/2019/09/11/the-elephant-queen-documentary-apple-tv


News image

News image

RT team nearly attacked by POLAR BEAR while making wildlife film in Russia

Journalists from the RTDoc team have narrowly avoided a polar bear attack in the Russian tundra. The ferocious animal appeared right in front of the reporters as they filmed a documentary with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

The crew of RT’s documentary channel, RTDoc, was out filming bears and walruses on the remote Chukotka Peninsula in Russia’s Far East, when a large polar bear suddenly emerged on top of a slate hill, stunning the reporters. The journalists and their guide tried to fend off the animal as it stood just meters away, making loud noises and banging a spear against the rocks. The tactic seemed to work, as the bear left after a brief but intense standoff.

The largest meat-eaters on land, polar bears are ferocious hunters who are known to attack humans, especially when defending their cubs from intruders.

The RTDoc team was filming an animal conservation documentary with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), marking 25 years since the global environmentalist nonprofit opened its office in Russia.

How to scare off Russian bears

An RT documentary crew narrowly avoided being attacked by a wild bear in Far East Russia. We teamed up with the WWF to visit Russia’s most remote regions to meet rare and endangered animals. ‘Freed to Be Wild’ is coming soon to our website. https://rtd.rt.com/133r9

Posted by RTD Documentary Channel on Thursday, 12 September 2019

From: rt.com/russia/468725-polar-bear-rt-crew


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News image

Bird song takeover: Listen to Nature's Song with RSPB's Birdsong Radio App

Help the RSPB bring bird song to five million people on October 17 2019.

Stream bird song, download the app, involve a local business or even host your own bird song takeover!

Bird song takeover: Listen to Nature's Song with RSPB's Birdsong Radio App

"Join our mission to bring bird song to five million people on 17 October 2019. We want to get bird song everywhere, from workplaces to living rooms, and send a chirruping, chirping message to tell people in power we don’t want bird song to disappear."

Find out more at: rspb.org.uk/get-involved/campaigning/let-nature-sing


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News image

News image

News image

Our Planet by Silverback Films, with WWF for Netflix, Wins Two Emmy Awards

"Silverback Films were very proud to learn that “Our Planet” won Best Documentary for Non Fiction Series at the 2019 Emmy awards on Saturday September 14th 2019, and Sir David Attenborough won Outstanding Narrator for the series!".

Read more: silverbackfilms.tv/our-planet-wins-two-emmy-awards

Our Planet said: "We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that the Netflix series Our Planet created in collaboration with WWF has just won 2 Emmy® awards for Outstanding Documentary Series or Nonfiction Series and Outstanding Narrator!

Go behind the scenes with us to discover how the crew filmed incredible wildlife spectacles for this ground-breaking natural history series": ourplanet.com/en/video/our-changing-planet


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News image

News image

CHROME – Steelhead, Salmon, Climate Change & Ocean Acidification from Conservation Media

In the immortal words of fly fishing luminary Tim Romano, a steelhead is “a trout that lives in the ocean … it’s a bad-ass fish.”

In September, 2015, six intrepid anglers - Tom Rosenbauer, Kate Taylor, Dylan Tomine, Hannah Belford, Todd Tanner and Tim Romano - visited a remote North American steelhead river known for its incredible scenic beauty and great fishing.  CHROME condenses their adventure into eleven epic minutes.  It also addresses the looming threat that climate change and ocean acidification pose to steelhead & salmon.

CHROME is a collaborative effort between Conservation Hawks and the cinematic team at Conservation Media.  It follows on the heels of 2015’s highly successful COLD WATERS.

More: coldwaters.org/chrome2


Sign the 'Save Wild Steelhead and Salmon From Climate Change and Ocean Acidification' petition.

Visit: conservationmedia.com & conservationhawks.org

Brock Initiative


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Interview With Thivanka R Perera, writer/director of "Wild Sri Lanka - Realm of the Leopard"

Interview with Thivanka R. Perera, the writer/director of "Wild Sri Lanka - Realm of the Leopard" - the first independent Sri Lankan wildlife documentary production to be acquired by Discovery Channel. The film premiered on Discovery (Asia) in August 2019.

"Wild Sri Lanka: Realm of the Leopard" - Rise & Shine on Channel Eye (5/9/2019)

Wild Sri Lanka - Realm of the Leopard (Promo)

Visit his website: www.aeglecreations.com


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Behind The Lens: Interview With Jack Perks Underwater Photographer

Wildlife Exposed TV talks to Jack Perks about his three most memorable images.

Behind The Lens: Interview With Jack Perks Underwater Photographer

More Photographer interviews: youtube.com/playlist Visit: jackperksphotography.co.uk

British Wildlife Photography Awards


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News image

Wild Lands: South Africa with Hannah Stitfall

In this first episode, Hannah Stitfall explores the grasslands and meets some of the most dangerous predators of South Africa, including lions and servals as part of ongoing conservation efforts.

Deadliest Predators | Wild Lands: South Africa | BBC Earth

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Watch stunning underwater Help Our Kelp campaign film, voiced by Sir David Attenborough, showcasing the vital role Sussex waters can play in fighting climate change – Sussex Wildlife Trust

Sir David Attenborough has helped highlight the vital role Sussex can play in reducing the impact of climate change by supporting a pioneering campaign to restore the vast underwater kelp forest off the coast.

Help Our Kelp, led by Sussex Wildlife Trust, Blue Marine Foundation and the Marine Conservation Society, is the first marine kelp rewilding initiative and the stunning underwater campaign film is voiced by Sir David.

More here: midsussextimes.co.uk

Help Our Kelp - Sussex Wildlife Trust

Sir David Attenborough is backing a pioneering campaign to restore a vast underwater kelp forest off the Sussex coast. Historically, Kelp was abundant along the West Sussex coastline, but this important habitat has diminished over time. Restoring the kelp would bring back marine wildlife, replenish the local fisheries and help fight Climate Change. Through the Help Our Kelp partnership, we want to bring back the kelp forest but we need your support.

Visit: sussexwildlifetrust.org.uk/helpourkelp

Conservation Film-making - How to make films that make a difference


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Something for Halloween: Spooky! Jellyfish Deep-Sea Dance Caught On Camera

A translucent jellyfish was caught unfurling in front of the cameras to the surprise of scientists on a deep-sea exploration mission.

The Deepstaria jelly expanded and shifted its shape as researchers observed it from the Exploration Vessel Nautilus near the remote island of Southwest Baker in the Pacific.

The creature can close the opening of its expansive bell to trap any prey that floats inside.

Spooky! Jellyfish Deep-Sea Dance Caught On Camera


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Piggy's New Year's Dream Chinese Zodiac Short Film from Argo Films

A film made by Allison Argo in collaboration with Chinese filmmaker Jian-Yi and American animator Lindsay Thompson.

Piggy's New Year's Dream Chinese Zodiac Short Film

Visit: www.argofilms.com & www.thelastpig.com

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Wilderland FestivalThe UK’s first touring wildlife film festival annually touring the country bringing inspirational short wildlife films to the public.

Focusing on conservation, these films achieve the important job of getting these crucial messages out into the world.

Wilderland Wildlife Film Festival - UK & IRELAND TOUR - Autumn '19

Visit the film festival website: www.wilderlandfestival.com

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Robert Hofmeyr – A South Africa-based cimematographer and stills photographer. He says:

I film 6K raw nature and wildlife content. I have my own Red Weapon 6K camera and Land Cruiser, so I am able to film anywhere in Southern Africa at very competitive rates. As an example, for around $900 per day/$3000 per week I can provide myself, my assistant, my 4x4 vehicle and all my equipment. Including all accommodation (assuming camping is available), fuel, logistics/booking, travel insurance, hard drive purchases and courier fees (excluding park fees, filming permits and guides, if required). I also travel regularly to film in Southern African and further afield. On these trips, I am happy to schedule additional filming, or just look out for a particular shot for potential clients. If you would like to be kept updated on future expeditions, let me know.

5K African Nature Showreel 2018 - Robert Hofmeyr

Visit his production company website: www.movingpictures.africa

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