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Libor Spacek

Libor Spacek

Escape to Nature
Czech Republic

Escape to Nature

Phone: +420 725 838 238

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Email: filmmaker.etn@gmail.com

Website: www.escapetonature.eu

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Libor is an award-winnig Cinematographer (DoP), Underwater Cameraman, Drone Operator, Photographer, Scuba Instructor (SSI), Sea Captain, Environmentalist interested in shooting nature, wildlife, marine life, projects focusing on the monitoring and protection of the underwater world, natives and their rituals at film and photography production Escape to Nature.

He produces documentary films of the nature, wildlife, underwater for TV Channels.

Libor works on his travels on projects with tourist and environmental organizations, shoots in national parks, dive with mammals and amazing creatures.

He is experienced with post-production and as a director of his own film projects, he offers multi comprehensive services for large film crews and also small projects.

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