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Fraser Purdie

Fraser Purdie


Email: fraser@fraserpurdie.com

Website: www.fraserpurdie.com

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Fraser Purdie

Hi, I’m a composer based in Glasgow, who’s worked on various genres, with a huge passion for Natural History Filmmaking.

Recent Natural History Credits include:

I’ve also had music used in various productions including We Are Still Here (2015 Horror Trailer), Sinatra - Our Way (BBC 1, New year special 2015) & Jimmy Kimmel Live Xmas special.

Please check out my website for video and music samples: www.fraserpurdie.com


"Working with Fraser was easy right from the start. My brief for the music for 'Life that Glows' was complicated to say the least. I wanted everything and nothing, classic but modern, electronic but orchestral, otherworldly but not sci fi. Fraser instantly got it and his music fitted our intentions perfectly. He was fast yet consider and everything sounded new and different. A pleasure to work with.” - Loe Loncraine, Director, 'Attenborough’s Life That Glows

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Some of the wildlife films with original music composition by Fraser:

Manas- Return of The Giants teaser
from Ammonite Films

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