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The Hidden Tiger

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Too Wild - Ethiopia #WWFVoices - Lauren Arthur & David Eastaugh

We’re very excited to announce #TooWildEthiopia - Season 1, a three-part YouTube series which follows #WWFVoices members Lauren Arthur and David Eastaugh as they explore biodiversity-rich Ethiopia - the land where the wolves wander, in search for Africa’s most rarest carnivore. With less than 500 wolves remaining today, this will be no easy task. These animals are not crying wolf, at risk of their howls fading forever from the horn of Africa. Will Lauren and David be lucky enough to see this remarkable species in its natural habitat?

#WWFVoices Too Wild- Ethiopia

For more information on how you can help, please check out the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Program: ethiopianwolf.org

You can follow more adventures of Lauren and David in the wild on their Instagram.
Lauren: @lauren_arthur7 David: @the_norman_eastaugh

Profile Pages: Wildlife-film.com/-/LaurenArthur.htm & Wildlife-film.com/-/DavidEastaugh.htm


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New Impact Research: 2020 Center for Environmental Filmmaking Impact Media Report

The goal of this new research report is to deepen our understanding and further our thinking about how nature, environmental and science media can change hearts, minds and behaviors. How can we use media to be a powerful means for individual, societal, policy, and cultural transformation?

We have unprecedented opportunities to engage audiences in the critical challenges facing our planet, from climate crises, pandemics, species extinction, to environmental injustice and racism. Today’s complex media landscape provides new ways to achieve significant impact with micro-targeted precision. There is potential to expand diversity, equity and inclusion, and to amplify a global range of perspectives.

This research was conducted by CEF Executive Director Maggie Burnette Stogner with the assistance of two graduate students, Nicole Wackerly and Carlos Macher. CEF’s ongoing impact media research is supported by HHMI/Tangled Bank Studios.

Download the report:

CEF - Impact Media Report2020

CEF-Impact Media Report2020_Mobile

We welcome your feedback! Send to stogner@american.edu.


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Eco-Comedy Video Competition - Deadline 21st Feb

CEF is celebrating our 10th anniversary of hosting the Eco-Comedy Video Competition.

Cosponsored by The Nature Conservancy, this year’s theme is “Your Favorite Wild Animal” and the celebration will be held during the DC Environmental Film Festival, which takes place from March 18 - 28, 2021.

This competition is free to enter and includes five categories for worldwide submissions:

  • K-8
  • High School
  • College/University
  • Nonstudent
  • DC/Maryland/Virginia K-8

The winner in each category will receive a cash prize and recognition at DC-EFF and on the CEF and Nature Conservancy websites.

The Eco-Comedy Video Competition exists to promote the use of comedy to engage audiences.

Around 30% of animal and plant species are at risk of extinction, according to the Red List released in December, which is an inventory of threatened species maintained by the International Union of Conservation and Nature (IUCN). Raise awareness about your favorite wild animal through the power of comedy.

Submit your short video (three minutes or less) for free on Filmfreeway.com/Eco-ComedyFestival2021 today!


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CEF’s July 2021 Classroom in the Wild

Each year CEF hosts an experiential course called Classroom in the Wild (CITW) which combines photography, filmmaking, and outdoor living skills.

This year, CITW will take place the week of July 18th and will be hosted at The National Conservation Training Center in West Virginia.

There are 14 spots available, so apply today to save your spot!

If the course cannot be hosted in person due to Covid-19, a virtual backyard course will be hosted during the same week.

Any questions can be directed to Professor Larry Engel (engel@american.edu) or course assistant Lia Nydes (ln7591a@student.american.edu).

Visit: www.american.edu/soc/environmental-film/classroom-in-the-wild.cfm


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Carole Baskin speaks on "Tiger King" doc

Carole Baskin, an activist for big cats, sat down and binge-watched “Tiger King” on Netflix just like everybody else. The end product, which she believed would resemble a “Blackfish” for tigers, had almost nothing to do with saving big cats, she said — a real “missed opportunity” for the film that made her famous.

Roughly 34 million people watched “Tiger King” in the first 10 days it was available, according to Nielsen. Many more watched after that.

But if “Tiger King” viewers instead focused their attention on “The Hidden Tiger,” an upcoming documentary from Knoxville director Michael Samtesto, the impact would be “Earth changing,” she told Knox News.

Samtesto called upon Baskin to share her expertise for the film, which explores the impact tiger captivity has on cats in cages and wild tiger populations.

“The Hidden Tiger,” which is scheduled to come out Dec. 26, has been in the works for more than five years. And it all started just up the road from Knoxville at Roane County’s Tiger Haven.

“The story just kind of continued to expand and unfold for us,” Samtesto told Knox News — all the way to India and Nepal.

Read more: sfgate.com/news/article/Carole-Baskin-speaks-on-Knoxville-led-tiger-15796364.php

Also read: Carole Baskin working on new documentary focusing on big cat conservation: foxnews.com/entertainment/carole-baskin-new-documentary-big-cat-conservation – The CEO of Big Cat Rescue wants to expose the abuse of exotic cats.

"The Hidden Tiger" from member Rescue Doc Films premieres on December 26.

The Hidden Tiger exposes the truth about the captive tiger population in the United States and its adverse affect on wild tiger conservation. Five years in the making, The Hidden Tiger traveled the globe, meeting with NGOs and top tiger conservation experts. The documentary exposes the exploiters and celebrates the conservationists, while presenting a clear path for us all. Together, we can save the tiger.

The Hidden Tiger: Wildlife-film.com Premiere

We are proud to be releasing The Hidden Tiger as a screening sponsor. To watch the film, simply rent/buy and watch on Vimeo here (above) and 25% of ticket proceeds after platform fees will be donated to Wildlife-film.com. Once you’ve watched the film, please go and check out the TAKE ACTION page to see what further steps you can take to help save the tiger.

Visit: thehiddentiger.com


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Richard Brock's much-anticipated book Planet Crunch - the Life (or Death) of Planet Earth is coming soon!

Richard Brock has been very busy writing his book, Planet Crunch, all of last year ... An excellent use of lockdown time we say.

He want's to make our readers an interesting and useful offer. Briefly it's this:

"I was a producer in the BBC Natural History Unit for 35 years and I'm just finishing a book called “Planet Crunch - the Life (or Death) of Planet Earth". It's very visual, refreshing, personal, original and concentrates on wildlife and the natural world - who's winning or losing? Perhaps an antidote to “conservation fatigue". There are also three films (25 minutes each) for YouTube and Vimeo. Both the book and the films include: Sir David Attenborough; Greta Thunberg; biodiversity; shopping; forests; farming; fishing; food; consumption; waste/plastic/recycling; energy/oil; climate change; Covid-19; water; the media; money/fashion; Trump; aviation/travel/tourism; human population; China; nature and us. The white stork is the theme ending with some really good news. The book contains some 150 pages. There's also reference to about 100 films on similar subjects I've made over the last four years called “Wildlife Winners and Losers - How to turn losers into winners" , available, for free on YouTube and Vimeo. Please see my website (www.brockinitiative.org) for more information. At this time much attention has been drawn to the future of the planet, and my previous colleague, Sir David Attenborough has been both insistent and persistent in trying to get the message across. It's difficult these days, with the pandemic, to get attention, let alone action. The book and films are my attempt to help. There's also an extra bonus - a cheer - you - upplement! We need it. The non-profit offer I'm suggesting means the book is FREE unless you'd like to contribute something to a worthy and perhaps related cause ... I have done all this as a legacy to my sister, and mother who died aged 102. She seemed to have approved of what I was trying to do. IMPORTANT: I don't, personally, expect any income from this project. If you would like to contribute something - say £10 - to a charity of your, or my choice, please do so suggesting any preference in the way it's done. These days many charities need income to help continue projects around the world. And to extend the project, do please pass on this offer to friends and contacts, those who are concerned about the future at this time of "Planet Crunch". This isn't a con or scam. It's true! The book will come in the New Year. Please let me know if you (and others) would like to receive it." Richard Brock – Email: richard@brockinitiative.org

Sneak peek at the cover:

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ANIMOSITY: Snapshots from the Frontline of Conservation – Will COVID-19 Finally bring an End to Wildlife Tourism?
by Izzy Sasada
Pictures: Aaron Gekoski
21 December 2020

The abrupt halt we have all experienced at the hand of Covid19 serves as a stark reminder that humans are not separate from the animal world, but inextricably linked. ANIMOSITY, by award-winning environmental photojournalist, Aaron Gekoski, offers a snapshot of the main issues facing wildlife today, showcasing a collection of powerful photographs and absorbing tales from the frontlines of conservation- from wildlife tourism and the exotic pet trade, to the illegal wildlife trade and marine conservation.

Aaron Gekoski has spent the last decade as an environmental photojournalist, and since 2017 he has turned his camera on wildlife tourism, exposing the dire underworld of the animal entertainment industry.

From travelling circuses and elephant rides, to orangutan boxing venues and otter pet cafes, his journey documenting wildlife entertainment has taken him across four continents and to more than a dozen countries.

But by April 2020, Covid19 had spread across the planet, and the tourism and travel industries of which we knew had collapsed. With countries closing boarders and venues shutting their doors, one can only imagine the conditions in which imprisoned animals are kept. There have been reports of lions left to starve at Gamji Gate Zoo in Kaduna, Nigeria, and accounts of starvation and lack of veterinary healthcare within Thailand’s captive elephant population, as the pandemic forced at least 85 camps to close.

It is difficult to predict how wildlife tourism will survive in the post-Covid19 era. The pandemic is certainly thought to be somewhat of a watershed moment regarding our understanding of our relationship with the natural world and the illicit trade of endangered creatures. An optimistic perspective is that this newfound understanding of our relationship with the natural world will lead to a reconsideration of the existence of these venues.

Whatever the future holds for the wildlife tourism, for many of the animals photographed in ANIMOSITY, it is too late. The book showcases today’s issues of conflict, conservation and mankind’s complicated relationship with the natural world. So, sit back, enjoy, shed a tear, and be repulsed or inspired by some of the stories contained within ANIMOSITY.

ANIMOSITY can currently be purchased at 25% off ... from The Book Depository with FREE DELIVERY WORLDWIDE

Also at Amazon.co.uk (Hardcover) or get the Kindle Edition (in the US: Amazon.com + Kindle)

See the Full Feature here...


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The Hidden Tiger Documentary From Rescue Doc Films Spotlights America’s Unique Tiger Tragedy
by Jason Peters
20 December 2020

A new documentary "The Hidden Tiger" will be released this month, on the 26th of December, featuring Carole and Howard Baskin of "Tiger King" fame.

There are now more tigers living in the backyards, roadside attractions, theme parks, zoos, and sanctuaries in the United States than there are in the wild globally. A new documentary from Rescue Doc Films, The Hidden Tiger – with help from Carole and Howard Baskin of Tiger King fame – shows what abusers like Joe Exotic and Doc Antle want to keep hidden: the truth about American tigers.

In early 2020, The Netflix documentary Tiger King was viewed more than 34 million times in the first ten days of release. The Hidden Tiger focuses on the uniquely American problem captive tigers present and how people like the Baskins and other organizations are combating it. Under-regulated, over-bred and often mistreated, these apex predators are born into a lifetime of captivity with a surprising and unintended consequence – their caged existence helps undermine the already difficult task of saving their wild counterparts.

The Hidden Tiger is a global exposé revealing the links between captive tigers and the wild tigers’ possible extinction. Traveling around the world, Rescue Doc Films has uncovered alarming realities:

  • In the U.S., there are an estimated 10,000 tigers being exploited and abused as entertainment for humans, yet fewer than 4,000 tigers remain in the wild.
  • In the U.S., a tiger can be legally purchased in some states for less than a purebred dog.
  • First responders are at risk and ill prepared to handle attacks, escapes, and abuses involving tigers here in the U.S., such as the Zanesville massacre.
  • Global efforts to save the tiger from extinction are being held back by U.S. failures and fake conservation pleas by exploiters that simply want profit rather than protection.

With the December release of The Hidden Tiger, Rescue Doc Films explores promising solutions including the current conservation efforts being made in Asia and the ongoing push to enact the Big Cat Public Safety Act in The United States. With work in India, Nepal, the UK, and across the United States, Rescue Doc Films has connected top experts in the world of tiger conservation to help give tigers a voice.

The Hidden Tiger: Wildlife-film.com Premiere

See the Full Feature here ...


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GREEN SCREEN - Call for Entry 2021

ENTRIES for the Green Screen Festival 2021 are welcome now!

We are looking forward to amazing wildlife films from all over the world!

Submission deadline: 15th March 2021

Earlybird discount (25 % on the total entry fees) applies for submissions before January 31th, 2021

Entry form, regulations and the description: www.greenscreen-festival.de/en/professional

More information about the festival: www.greenscreen-festival.de/en

Questions? Contact our team: film@greenscreen-festival.de


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VEGAN 2020 - The Film

Vegan 2020 is the latest installment in PBN's annual series of films.

Every year since 2015, PBN has released a documentary showcasing the growth of veganism over the last 12 months.

Since 2015, the annual documentary has grown bigger, attracting millions of views each year. Vegan 2018 and 2019 peaked, premiering in cities around the world, including London, Los Angeles, and Beijing.

Vegan 2020 charts the victories and challenges of the movement over a year which has seen the world in general change beyond recognition.

VEGAN 2020 - The Film

Vegan 2020 is sponsored by abillion - an awesome app that helps you find the best vegan food and products near you!

This film is free to watch, however if you wish to make a small donation to help it reach more people, please consider supporting PBN here: plantbasednews.org/supportus


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Rewildling Stories: Reuniting Fish and Forest ... Re-Naturalising The Calder – SCOTLAND - The Big Picture

“Trees don’t just provide shade and shelter for the fish; they actually help shape the river and the processes that govern it.” Penny Lawson, Spey Catchment Initiative Project Officer

In many river catchments, Scotland’s wild salmon are in freefall. While scientists frantically search for answers to a complex issue, restoring native woodland and reigniting natural processes in upland rivers, could deliver benefits for both fish and people – the very aims of an ambitious river restoration project in Glen Banchor.

Watch the film:

Re-Naturalising The Calder

Read the story: scotlandbigpicture.com/rewilding-stories/reuniting-fish-and-forest


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Virtual Eco-Comedy Awards Night A Success!
By Maggie Stogner
7 December 2020

On Tuesday, Nov. 17, the Center for Environmental Filmmaking was delighted to be able to host the annual Eco-Comedy Awards ceremony and finally acknowledge the finalists and winners with a virtual ceremony, bringing filmmakers, families, and friends together from around the world (the CEF Awards Ceremony was originally scheduled in March during the DC Environmental Film Festival but postponed due to the pandemic).

This year’s competition had over 175 submissions from over 30 countries, amplifying diverse voices with short videos, animation, and innovative storytelling.

The theme was Clean Water and Clean Air. Five categories included Worldwide Grades K-8, High School, College/University, and Nonstudent, and, for the first time, a local DC/Maryland/Virginia category for grades K-8.

CEF partnered with The Nature Conservancy, the American University Center for Media and Social Impact, American University’s School of Communication, American University’s Office of Sustainability. Clean Air Partners partnered with us for the local competition.

A recording of the event, including the finalists and winning videos, can be found here (or watch below).

Center for Environmental Filmmaking's 2020 Eco-Comedy Awards Celebration

Keep a lookout! Our 2021 Eco-Comedy Video Competition Open Call will be launching soon on www.filmfreeway.com. The theme for 2021 is “Your Favorite Wild Animal."

See the full Feature Page here...


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Support mounts for a global treaty to combat plastic pollution– but much work remains to secure it

Last week (13 Nov '20), the ‘ad hoc expert group’ (AHEG) tasked by the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) to explore global options to combat plastic waste was concluded.

The fulfilment of the its mandate marks two years of consultations between countries and observers to take stock of existing activities, identify potential global actions and analyse their potential effectiveness in tackling plastic pollution.

Despite a transition to an online virtual platform, the meeting yielded fervent discussions and deliberations on the best route forwards.

Over the lifetime of the AHEG, appetite for a new binding global treaty has become increasingly apparent – not just from countries, regions and civil society organisations, but also the business community which now see the added value in a global agreement. Nowhere has this support been more apparent than at last week’s fourth and final AHEG meeting.

Pacific support for a global plastics treaty

Read more: eia-international.org/blog/support-mounts-for-a-global-treaty-to-combat-plastic-pollution-but-much-work-remains-to-secure-it

The Vegan Cook & Gardener

The Green Hub Project

Brock Initiative

British Wildlife Photography Awards

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