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British Wildlife Photography Awards


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Global Search For New Talent To Join The BBC Earth Presenting Team
from BBC
7 June 2018

BBC Earth has today (7/6/18) launched a global search for a fresh new presenter who can offer a different perspective on all things natural history and science, to join the team to film a four-part YouTube series.

If you’ve never before been a presenter and are;

  • Passionate about our planet and all the wonderful things that live on it
  • Fascinated in the wider world of science, space or the human race
  • Able to communicate your passion with eager and curious audiences all over the world

Then you could enter this international search to become BBC Earth’s newest online presenter!

From today, budding science storytellers can film and upload a short video to either YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, that shows off their unique and creative approach to educational communication, and be in the running to win the opportunity to create content for a BBC Earth YouTube channel.

The BBC Earth YouTube channels have collectively over 3 million subscribers and have amassed over 945 million views, connecting audiences around the world with factual content on demand, every day. The main channel is the home of BBC Studios Natural History Unit’s legendary archive; Earth Unplugged makes you think about animals and natural history in a new way; And Earth Lab is the best science classroom you never had – tackling burning questions about the science that affects us.

Alex Ayling, Head of Digital Studios for Global Brands, at BBC Studios “We have a great family of presenters already and we feel a great responsibility to make sure that the next generation of STEM professionals, whoever they are and wherever they come from, have someone to look up to that they can relate to. I’m so excited to see what kind of science communicator talent, and future role models, there are out there waiting to be discovered.”

Entry videos must be submitted by 23:59 (BST) on 5th July 2018. Entries will be judged on how fresh the approach to science communication is, how clearly the facts can be understood by an audience on the internet and how much of the presenter’s passion comes across in their presenting style.

It couldn’t be easier to enter if you think you have what it takes:

  1. First, make a video in English explaining your favourite science fact in under 60 seconds. (This should be a new video made just for this competition). Feel free to use vlog style, interview someone, intercut with animation, or use a (safe!) practical demonstration to get your fact across. We really want to see your creative approach to science communication.
  2. Post that video publicly (so we can find it) to either YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  3. Use the hashtag #BBCEarthPresenterSearch somewhere in the title / tweet / post.
  4. Fill in the entry form online and include a link to your video and a short statement about why you want to be the next BBC Earth presenter

Visit & Apply: www.bbcearth.com/presentersearch2018

BBC Earth Presenter Search 2018: How to Apply | Earth Unplugged

View full T&Cs: www.bbcearth.com/modal/presentersearch2018/terms From here.

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Offspring Tackles Animal Giants in New Sky One Series
By Pam Beddard
23 May 2018

Bristol-based independent TV production company Offspring Films is finalising a new series for airing on Sky One this summer which puts biologist Patrick Aryee eye-to-eye with some of Earth’s biggest creatures and sees him exploring the issues they face in our rapidly changing world.

The three-part series BIG BEASTS: LAST OF THE GIANTS mixes spectacular blue chip footage, from Africa, the Americas, Asia and Australia, with animated graphics to explore why size matters to individual animals, species and to biodiversity.

Some of Patrick Aryee’s close encounters are with gentle giants – among them, whale sharks, orangutans, giant pandas and giraffes – but there are plenty of thrill-filled ones, too, including a plunge into the murky Amazon to track a 7-metre long anaconda, meeting a venomous Komodo dragon armed only with a forked stick and free diving alongside a sperm whale as big as a bus.

Alongside today’s giants, the series also introduces a bizarre cast of even bigger prehistoric megafauna that once roamed Earth.  They are brought to life using antiquarian book-inspired CGI illustrated plates, created and animated by another Bristol, UK, company, Moonraker VFX.

Executive producer Alex Williamson says: “Filming on five continents in some of the world’s most remote locations, our crews have managed to capture rare and spectacular behaviours in ways never before seen by audiences, from anaconda breeding balls to elephant seal fights filmed at 1,000fps.  By contrasting today’s mega species with the giants of long ago, we’re able to explore the advantages of being big in the natural world while also showing the very real threats that our biggest animals face today as the planet changes faster than ever before.”

The series is the fourth to be made by Offspring for Sky with Patrick Aryee as the presenter.

Episode one of BIG BEASTS: LAST OF THE GIANTS is due to debut on Sky One on Wednesday 13 June with episodes two and three airing on the following Wednesdays. The series is produced by Sam Hodgson.

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‘Human swan’ is first woman to receive prestigious aviation award in 50 years ... WWT’s Sacha Dench received the Britannia Trophy in London on 17th May
22 May 2018

Conservationist Sacha Dench has been awarded the Britannia Trophy – one of the most prestigious honours in aviation – in recognition of her long-distance paramotor flight following the migration of endangered Bewick’s swans.

This Royal Aero Club accolade, previously awarded to the likes of Concorde’s first supersonic flight, Sir Richard Branson and the Red Arrows, has not been received by a woman since 1967.

Sacha was awarded the trophy for the ground-breaking ‘Flight of the Swans’ expedition, during which she flew 7,000km from the Russian arctic to the UK on a paramotor. During the adventure –  spanning 11 different countries – she also became the first woman ever to cross the English Channel by paramotor.

Sacha, a WWT (Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust) Conservationist, said:.

“I was speechless when I was told I had won the Britannia Trophy. It’s an amazing accolade, particularly as it has been so long since it was awarded to a woman, and for a project that many said was impossible.

“A lot of women helped, but I’m also grateful to those few men that believed a woman could do this and stuck their neck out to back me.

“I learned a lot about the Bewick’s swans on my journey, and have developed a huge respect for them as aviators. That I’m receiving this award, for doing what each swan does at just 12 weeks old twice a year for their entire life, is testament to the complexity and hardship they must endure just to survive that journey, particularly in stormy autumn weather with the arctic winter on their tails.

“I am delighted that Flight of the Swans has touched so many people and helped the Bewick’s swans’ plight make mainstream news. We now have many people and organisations galvanised to help across a mass of countries.

“I am also more touched that fellow aviators have recognised this feat by awarding me the Britannia trophy, an award that will be invaluable in setting up future expeditions for conservation.”

Dave Phipps, RAeC General Secretary, said:

“We are so happy to be awarding this trophy to a truly remarkable woman. Paramotoring needs a lot nerve at the best of times and to conceive of a journey across such inhospitable terrain with huge logistical challenges - and then pull it off - is an amazing achievement. And of course, it is all enhanced by Sacha’s ability to communicate a great cause and enthuse young and old alike in the UK and around the world. She has provided immense inspiration to others and we are very proud to count her amongst these great aviators and the ‘Flight of the Swans’ project amongst great aviation achievements.”

Sacha was presented with the award by HRH The Duke of York at the Royal Aero Club awards ceremony on May 17th in Piccadilly, London.

Sacha Dench, A.K.A. ‘Human swan’, is first woman to receive prestigious aviation award in 50 years

Introducing Flight of the Swans

Visit: flightoftheswans.org & twitter.com/WWTSwanFlight & facebook.com/flightoftheswans

Bewick's flyby.

Majestic Bewick's flyby. You can witness Bewick's first hand at some of our WWT sites like WWT Slimbridge Wetland Centre and WWT Welney before they head back to Russia to breed.

Posted by Flight Of The Swans on Tuesday, 24 January 2017

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UK PREMIERE: Dominion London Screener ‘followed by Director Q&A’
22 May 2018

Dominion, a new film exposing animal cruelty in modern farming practices, will have it's UK premiere in London on Saturday, June 16, 2018 from 2:30 PM - 5:00 PM, at the Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square.

Exposing the dark underbelly of modern animal agriculture through drones, hidden & handheld cameras, the feature-length film explores the morality and validity of our dominion over the animal kingdom.

The film is narrated by Sia and other celebrities, find out more here: dominionmovement.com

The film starts at 2:30pm and afterwards there will be a 30 minute Q and A with the directors.

PBN are hosting the UK premiere of this highly-anticipated documentary along with activism organisations Surge and The Save Movement.

WILL YOU WATCH DOMINION? The Latest Vegan Film. Interview w/ Director Chris Delforce

Tickets here: eventbrite.com/e/uk-premiere-dominion-london-screener-followed-by-director-qa-tickets-46128095375

There are 25 free tickets available for people who are unemployed. Email: dominion@plantbasednews.org

Find the film on: facebook.com/DominionDocumentary

Like/Follow PBN: facebook.com/plantbasednews, instagram.com/plantbasednews & twitter.com/plantbasednews

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Kangaroo: A Love-Hate Story is Out Now!

This groundbreaking film reveals the truth surrounding Australia’s love-hate relationship with its beloved icon. The kangaroo ‘image’ is proudly used by top companies, sports teams and tourist souvenirs, yet as they hop across the vast continent they are often considered pests to be shot and sold for profit.

KANGAROO unpacks a national paradigm where the relationship with kangaroos is examined.

Direstor’s Statement: "Kangaroos are one of the most recognizable icons in the world and have always held a fascination for the directors of this film. We set out to explore the wonder of this magnificent and unique animal that we recognized was the heart of a complex and divided situation in Australia. We knew opinion was split around this famous icon and that would make an interesting story but once we started the research and interviews were surprised to learn that millions of kangaroos are shot each year as so-called pests and sold for profit. It seemed incongruous to us that Australians’ who are immensely proud to hold up the kangaroo, as their beloved national symbol would sanction their nightly killing. Key to the telling this story was investigating the details behind the largest wildlife slaughter in the world, to find out where it all started and why it still happens today. Where had the ideology come from that a native animal that has lived in Australia for millions of years could be a national problem? How and when did Australians start believing kangaroos are a pest and therefore must be eliminated? We have travelled thousands of kilometers across the magnificent Australian outback speaking with indigenous Australians, scientists, commercial shooters, farmers, politicians, artists, wildlife-carers, chefs and activist. We have weaved together an unsettling story for the world to see. Hearing from so many angles gives the audience the opportunity to come on the journey with us and make up their own minds. We learnt that the annual “cull” of millions of kangaroos is government sanctioned and that the shooting is done in the dead of night often miles from anywhere. Although there are humane killing codes of practice in place for farmers and shooters to prevent cruelty, in most cases this seems impossible to police. We came across many first hand eyewitness accounts of the brutal treatment of kangaroos and their young joeys. We visited one of the kangaroo slaughterhouses that process six semi trailer loads of kangaroos every day for pet food, gourmet meats and leather. The sheer size of this commercial industry was alarming. We found out that with the growth of the commercial kangaroo industry, road kills, pest mitigation and recreational shooting, there is very little national data available of the number of kangaroo deaths that occur daily. Some scientists and conservationists are reporting both local and regional extinctions. As Australians we do not want to imagine our country without kangaroos. It is timely that people across the world know what is going on with this internationally celebrated icon and ask the question why are Australians not responding to what is happening on their doorstep?"
Mick McIntyre & Kate McIntyre Clere


Kangaroo hops into U.S. theaters starting January 19.

Posted by Kangaroo on Tuesday, 5 December 2017

“Kangaroos are what makes Australia. I see the kangaroo as our greatest natural asset. As Australians we take kangaroos for granted, that they’re always going to be there. What if they’re not?” – Chris Brolga Barns, Kangaroo Dundee/ TV personality

Read more on #KangarooTheMovie & join their e-list: kangaroothemovie.com
Follow & Like too! twitter.com/KangarooMovie & facebook.com/kangaroothemovie

See the Bristol Premiere of KANGAROO: A Love Hate Story on may the 26th at The Winston Theatre: eventbrite.com.au/e/bristol-premiere-of-kangaroo-a-love-hate-story-tickets-45709146287

See upcoming worldwide screenings here: kangaroothemovie.com/cinemas
Request to host a screening here: kangaroothemovie.com/host-a-screening


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Offspring Films secures its BBC debut with orangutan documentary
By Pam Beddard
25 April 2018

Bristol-based independent TV production company Offspring Films will make its BBC debut this Spring with an hour-long documentary about orangutans for BBC2.

RED APE: SAVING THE ORANGUTAN uses exclusive access to frontline conservation efforts in Borneo, expert testimony and previously unscreened archive footage to highlight why one of mankind’s closest relatives is being pushed towards the brink of extinction.

Offspring’s founder and executive producer Alex Williamson says: “We’re thrilled to be working with the BBC’s Natural World team on this really important film.  As a production company working in natural history we’re able to film some of the most incredible landscapes on Earth and the extraordinary animals that inhabit them – like the orangutan.  However, we also get to see how vulnerable our planet is and meet the extraordinary people working on the front line of conservation to protect them.

RED APE tells the story of a team of medics from International Animal Rescue (IAR) fighting to save Borneo’s critically endangered orangutans.  Armed with cameras, International Animal Rescue has documented their fight for 10 years: pulling apes from the devastated jungle and administering emergency medical care on the frontline, caring for orphaned babies and returning characters like Pelangsi, who lost an arm to a hunter’s snare, to the wild.”

Among the film’s expert interviewees offering ways to secure a future for orangutans are IAR founder and programme director Dr Karmele Sanchez; primatologist Dr Ben Garrod; John Sauven, director of Greenpeace UK and Gemma Tillack, of Rainforest Action Network.

The film will get its first airing on BBC2 on Thursday 10 May (9pm).

Offspring Films’ RED APE is written and directed by Rowan Musgrave. It was commissioned by the BBC’s Roger Webb, editor of the Natural World strand, as a co-production with BBC Worldwide and Discovery, overseen by John Hoffman and Jon Bardin.

The order is the latest in a line of recent successes for Offspring which was set up in 2014 by Williamson, an ex-BBC Natural History Unit exec. Other up-coming projects include a three-part series for Sky1 on giants of the animal kingdom due to be shown this summer.

Offspring Films  - www.offspringfilms.com  - is an award-winning production company specialising in factual programming and natural history. Founded in 2014 by executive producer Alex Williamson - the team at Offspring strive to make extraordinary programmes that stand out through their strong visual style and clear engaging storytelling.  Since its launch Offspring has delivered over 20 hours of high-end programming for the UK and international markets. Their output includes 4K landmark series, gritty access documentaries and children’s formats. @offspringfilms

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Jackie Chan’s Green Heroes Premieres on National Geographic Channels Network Asia
24 April 2018

Jackie Chan’s Green Heroes recently premiered in South East Asia on 18 April and in Taiwan and China on 22 April, coinciding with Earth Day. This one hour special is produced by NHNZ as a commission for National Geographic Channels Network Asia.

Featuring world famous actor Jackie Chan and multi-talented entrepreneur Arthur Huang, Jackie Chan’s Green Heroes is an inspirational environmental story with some of China’s most dramatic scenery as a backdrop. Arthur and Jackie are on a mission to show the world what the new face of recycling can look like with the help of their co-creation: Trashpresso. Trashpresso is a unique factory on wheels, which can turn waste plastic into multi-use tiles on-site – even at the top of the world – the Tibetan Plateau.

Jackie Chan’s Green Heroes focuses on motivating younger generations to change the way humanity approaches environmental challenges such as plastic waste. Under Jackie’s supervision, the local children revel in helping operate the Trashpresso, including sorting rubbish and adding plastic to this revolutionary machine.

“Jackie is genuinely passionate about environmental protection and together with Arthur’s practical expertise; innovative inventions like the Trashpresso are making a positive impact on remote communities. NHNZ is a company that has been telling environmental stories for the last 40 years and we also are genuinely committed to helping others make sustainable choices. We’re incredibly proud to be able to help tell Jackie and Arthur’s story for NGC,” says NHNZ Managing Director, Kyle Murdoch.

Filming took place in October and November, 2017. Producer David Hay was impressed by the spectacular locations and felt privileged to have the opportunity to work with Jackie Chan. “It was inspirational to see someone as famous as Jackie behave so humbly. Every time we were between takes he was picking up trash. A girl asked him for an autograph and as she walked away she was picking up trash. That’s the power of the influence he has.”

See the Full Press Release here..


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41st Annual International Wildlife Film Festival Award Winners Announced
from IWFF
April 2018

Congratulations to the IWFF 41 award winning films.

We are pleased to announce the Award Winners for the 2018 International Wildlife FIlm Festival. The 41st IWFF Awards took place on Friday, April 20th at the Montana Natural History Center.

Broadcast Feature Film

Law of the Lizard
Directed by Neil Losin and Nate Dappen, US

When scientists ask big questions about the rules of nature, they often seek out unlikely creatures to find the answers. In LAWS OF THE LIZARD, two filmmakers embark on a year-long adventure to reveal the surprising story of anoles, the most important lizards in the world!

Best Feature Conservation Film

The Last Rhino
Directed by Rowan Deacon, US

THE LAST RHINO introduces viewers to Sudan, the very last male Northern white rhinoceros. His harrowing journey is told through the international cast of characters who have been involved in Sudan’s life, from when he was snatched as a calf from his mother’s side in war-torn Central Africa, to his captivity as a prized exhibit in a cold, concrete zoo behind the Iron Curtain while poaching devastated his kind back home. Now 43 years old and half-blind, Sudan is living out his days under the 24-hour watch of an armed guard on a protective sanctuary in Kenya. Meanwhile, a team of scientists and experts led by Professor Thomas Hildebrandt from the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research turn to technology in a race against time to save this majestic rhino subspecies whose origins date back at least five million years.

Best Short Conservation Film

Last Stand: The Vanishing Caribou Rainforest
Directed by Colin Arisman, US

LAST STAND: THE VANISHING CARIBOU RAINFOREST is a cinematic journey into the tragically threatened world of endangered mountain caribou, their home in the world's largest remaining inland temperate rainforest, and the critical human choices that will ultimately decide the fate of this stunning ecosystem.

Best Environmental Films - a tie

Islands in Time
Directed by Paul Reddish, Austria

The richest seas in the world surround the islands that lie between Asia and Australia. The moon holds sway over these seas where fiddler crabs dance to the moon whilst bizarre fish run away from water, and even odder fish hide in trees. The power of the moon is still felt beyond the range of the tide. Manta rays and whale sharks feast on the plankton and mobula rays attack the millions of tiny fish that thrive in these rich tropical seas.

Queen without Land
Directed by Asgeir Helgestad, Norway

A beautiful film about a polar bear mother and her cubs living on the arctic islands of Svalbard. We follow Frost through five years and learn how she is affected by rising temperatures as ice disappears from her fjords.

Best Human Wildlife Interaction Film

Bears of Durango
Directed by Dusty Hulet, United States

Dive headfirst into bear dens with the biologists who study the effect of human urban development on bear behavior. "If we want our native biodiversity here, if we want these large carnivores to be back on our landscapes, ultimately we're going to have to figure out, how do we coexist? How do we share a single landscape?” — Heather Johnson, PhD, Lead Wildlife Researcher.

Best Independent Film

Bird of Prey
Directed by Eric Liner, United States

Wildlife cinematographer Neil Rettig embarks on what could be the most challenging assignment of his career: to find and film the rarest eagle on the planet. BIRD OF PREY explores the vanishing world of the Great Philippine Eagle and acknowledges the people determined to save it.

Best Newcomer Film

Camera Trap
Directed by Marty O’Brien, Canada

In this half-hour documentary, aspiring wildlife photographer Peter Mather puts everything on the line in his quest to capture one photo that will tell the story of the Porcupine Caribou herd’s migration, one of the greatest land migrations on earth.

Best Short Film

A Film About Animals (for my children to watch when they are older)
Director Eric Daniel Metzgar, United States

This harrowing film follows a team of armed Cambodian government soldiers charged with investigating illegal wildlife trade and enforcing national policy prohibiting animals from being taken from the wild. The director chronicles the experience in a “filmed letter” to his children to hear for themselves when they’re old enough to understand it.

Best Student Film

THE FIREFOX GUARDIAN - A Conservation Love Story

Firefox Guardian
Director Gunjan Menon, India

In a small village in Nepal, a native woman steps up as an unconventional warrior to change the unfortunate fate of the red pandas in her community forest. This film takes you on a mesmerizing journey with the first female forest guardian through remote bamboo jungles, scaling the mighty Himalayan wilderness into the hidden world of red pandas.

Best Children's Film

Tipping Point
Directed by Dylan D’haeze Director in Attendance, United States

TIPPING POINT explains climate change from a kid’s perspective, and shows kids what they can do to help solve the problem. Dylan is a 14 year old filmmaker from the San Juan Islands in Washington who has gone on a quest to make environmental films for his peers to help save the planet.

Special Jury Prize

Sky Migrations
Directed by Charles Post, Forrest Woodward and Max Lowe, United States

Each fall our skies fill with the wings of raptors, a migration that relies on two hemispheres worth of wild and healthy ecosystems. Join ecologist and filmmaker, Charles Post, as he shines a light on the network of backcountry scientists and sentinels at the front lines of raptor conservation.

Best of Festival

The Hollow Heart
Directed by Barend van der Watt, South Africa
This is the incredible story of a tree that has been around for eight hundred years. It can withstand the harshest condition, and is more loved by insects, birds and animals than any other: the enormous baobab.

Founder's Award

Bob Landis

Huge congrats to all winners from Wildlife-film.com, with a special mention to member Gunjan Menon! :)

International Wildlife Film Festival Award Show IWFF41

Watch the IWFF 41 Trailer!

IWFF 41 - Official Trailer

Visit: www.wildlifefilms.org

See more from the festival on Facebook and follow on Twitter!

See the Full Feature here..


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Wildscreen Launches New Photography Panda Award!
By Wildscreen
18 April 2018

For the first time in Wildscreen's 36 year history, the 2018 Wildscreen Panda Awards, widely regarded as the most prestigious accolade in the wildlife film and TV genre, will recognise the craft of wildlife photography, with the introduction of the Wildscreen Photo Story Panda Award.

The award is being launched to further cement the conservation charity’s commitment to and belief in photography as a powerful and impactful tool for raising awareness about and protecting the natural world across society. It will celebrate and recognise the very best in photographic narrative, uniting it alongside the world’s very best natural world film talent.

Call for entries

Entrants have between the 18 April to 8 June 2018 to submit photo stories comprising of between six to ten images that have an aspect of the natural world as a central focus, with a clear and powerful narrative weaved between the images.

The competition is open to professional and amateur photographers worldwide, over 18 years. The judges will also be looking for exceptional emerging talent photographers, under the age of 30, which will be considered for an ‘Emerging Talent Photo Story Panda Award’.

Entries can be made via the online submission portal on the Wildscreen website, available at: www.wildscreen.org/panda-awards

Find out more here: www.wildscreen.org/festival/panda-awards/photo-story-panda-award

Visit: www.wildscreen.org/festival ; find Wildscreen Fest on Facebook, follow @WildscreenFest on Twitter.

See the Full Feature here..


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The Japan Wildlife Film Festival 13th Edition Winners are...
From Japan Wildlife Film Festival
7th April 2018

The 13th Japan Wildlife Film Festival was held from the 2nd to 3rd of April 2018 in Tokyo Women’s Plaza. From 200 films 31 were nominated.

Congratulations to all of the 2017 Winners!

These movies show the struggles in nature and the determination to survive that cannot be observed in everyday life. The emotions they make us feel transcend both borders and speech. All the lives on our Earth are intertwined, and we only have this one blue planet. If we can understand this connection, this will definitely give us strength to pave the way for a future shared by nature, wildlife and human beings. This film festival has been held every 2 years since 1993. This year commemorates the 13th biennial festival. We believe that it will be a chance to think about the future of our planet. We want to show our planet’s present condition to as many people as possible, with the hope of entrusting a beautiful world to the children who will bear this burden in the next generation.

The theme was “Life, emotion. Connection... " and the purpose of the festival is:

1. To show people the many shapes of “life” in order to secure a beautiful world for future generations.
2. To convey through images of nature and wildlife, the magnificence of our planet, and spread the awareness of the need to protect the environment.
3. To strengthen the ties between the three main World Wildlife Film Festivals (England’s Wild Screen, America’s Jackson Hole Wild Life Film Festival, Japan’s JWF), and to use films as a medium for education about the global environment.
4. To promote the protection and revitalization of the environment within global society through the collaboration between citizens, governments and corporations.

THE LAST PIG - Official Trailer

1. Grand Award – The Last Pig (Directed by Allison Argo, Piggy Films, USA)
The Last Pig is a lyrical meditation on what it means to be a sentient creature with the power to kill. For over a decade, Bob Comis has provided a humane—even idyllic—life for the pigs he farms. But as he cares for the pigs, he develops a respect that begins to haunt him; weekly trips to the slaughterhouse become agonizing. With 250 pigs on the farm, Comis suddenly finds himself trapped in a life he can no longer live. Through this immersive and intimate journey, The Last Pig raises crucial questions about equality, the value of compassion and the sanctity of life. Comis’ soul-bearing narrative carries us through his final year of farming pigs, the struggle to reinvent his life, and the ghosts that will haunt him forever.

2. Special Jury – Sheltered in Oak (Directed by Mehdi Noormohammadi, Hiro Film, Iran)

3. Best Animal Behavior – The Great Elephant Gathering of Asia (Ceylon Sights (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka)

scene from the film KINGFISHER - laying egg

4. Best Animal Behavior – Returning: Kingfisher (Cees van Kempen, Caroline Brett & Alan Miller, Ispida Wildlife Productions, The Netherlands/UK)

The Ispida Wildlife Productions team said "Winning the Best Animal Behaviour award for Returning: Kingfisher at the 13th Japan Wildlife Film Festival was an honour and welcome surprise. We are very proud of the film. The kingfisher is a familiar bird but very few people get to see its intimate life secrets. The hours of dedicated filming, research, observation and crafting paid off.  We learned things about these iridescent streaks of blue that cannot be found in books and were are able to show viewers some amazing behaviour. When the team loves their subject, film making is a joy."

5. Best Cinematography – Making an Ancient (Forest Science Vision Filmproduction, Austria)

6. Best Nature and People – Samadhi We Are (One Frama Film Int., Switzerland)

wandering lions

7. Best Nature and People – India's Wandering Lions (Kosmik Global & Ammonite Films, India/UK)

8. Best Underwater – The Dark Side of the Ocean (WILD LOGIC, LLC, USA)

Sonic Sea — Trailer

9. Best Environmental – Sonic Sea (IFAW/NRDC/Discovery Channel, USA)

10. Best Educational – The Mystery of Bird Migration (ZDF, Germany)

11. Asia/Oceana – Black-necked Cranes (Shanghai Science & Techology Museum, China)

The little wood near where I live

12. Best Newcomer – The little wood near where I live (Robert Henno, Belgium)

Flying Rainbow

13. Best Newcomer – Flying Rainbow (Indian Wilderness, India)

14. Best Scientific – Superplants - How to Make Money By Saving The Environment (Florianfilm, Germany)

15. Best Series – Destination Wild: Europe Life Below Zero (Off The Fence, Netherlands/UK)

16. New Perspective – Behind the Cove (Yagi Film, Japan)

The Fabulous Story of Canelle the Chimp

17. Best Wildlife Contribution – The Fabulous Story of Canelle the Chimp (ZED, France)

18. Best Short Documentary – A passion of gold and fire (PINS Sebastian, France)

19. Best Eco-system – Magical Moors (Nautilus, Germany)

David Attenborough’s Light on Earth

20. Best Presenter – David Attenborough's Light on Earth (A Terra Mater Factual Studios/Ammonite Films Production, Austria/UK)

Wildlife-film.com congratulates all of the winners, especially members highlighted with links!

NB. The 2017 festival was meant to be held in November last year, but due to construction work delays at the organisations new headquarters which included a mini theater, dates had to be changed to 2018. The next festival will be helpd in October 2019. 

Visit: www.naturechannel.jp & www.facebook.com/JWFF & www.twitter.com/JWFF1

See the Full Feature here..


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NHNZ Announces Production of 4K Natural History Docu-Soap, Orangutan Jungle School, Commissioned for Love Nature
2 April 2018

The 10-part docu-soap, filmed in Borneo, Indonesia, takes viewers inside the intimate and emotional journey of baby orangutans, and their caregivers, at the world's largest primate rescue and rehabilitation project managed by the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF).

Blue Ant International oversees licensing of Orangutan Jungle School and will feature the docu-soap at MIPTV 2018.

NHNZ, Blue Ant Media’s New Zealand-based factual television production house creating original content for global broadcasters, announced today that it is currently in production on a new HDR natural history docu-soap, Orangutan Jungle School (10x60’HDR). Commissioned for Love Nature, home to the largest 4K wildlife and nature library in the world, Orangutan Jungle School follows the hilarious antics, triumphs and tragedies of a group of orphaned orangutans as they progress through a unique forest school system. The series is filmed at Nyaru Menteng, in Borneo, Indonesia, where the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) manages the largest primate rescue and rehabilitation project in the world. Blue Ant International oversees the docu-soap’s licensing, which will be featured at MIPTV 2018.

Orangutan Jungle School introduces audiences to BOSF’s highly skilled team who rescues orangutans that have been displaced from their habitat because of forest destruction, separated from their mothers or kept illegally as pets, and teaches them the skills necessary to return to the wild. Once in the care of BOSF, they have the chance for a future of freedom – but the road back to the wild is long as they embark on the various stages of their education. The nursery, five stages of forest school and pre-release islands teach the orangutans essential lessons for survival. The charismatic and intelligent orangutans have distinct characters and viewers are guaranteed to become emotionally invested in their journey to freedom. The docu-series is an entertaining and fascinating insight into the world of orangutans, which will foster awareness for the plight of this endangered species and the fragile ecosystem in which these charismatic apes lead their lives.

Orangutan Jungle School - Sizzle

“The individual storylines and overarching narrative of this series is comparable to anyone’s favourite long-running drama soap. The scope of material for our production team is a banquet of delights including edge-of-seat drama, tear-jerking moments and plenty of comic relief. The orangutans themselves take over the script development and come up with stories we would never even think of,” said Judith Curran, Writer and Executive Producer.

“It is an exciting time for NHNZ to see the engaging and visually vibrant results of Orangutan Jungle School,” said Kyle Murdoch, Managing Director, NHNZ. “We are anticipating a very positive response from viewers. The series combines light-hearted fun with the jeopardy of a real-life conservation mission; it strikes a great balance.”

Orangutan Jungle School is emblematic of Love Nature's new commissioning strategy. The series delights with rich characters and entertaining storylines that have broad audience appeal," said Carlyn Staudt, EVP, Programming & Development, Love Nature. "Our viewers will be captivated by the stories captured at Nyaru Menteng, anchored by the credibility that the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation brings to this important docu-soap.”

In the jungle classroom, lessons range from cracking open a coconut to nest building, snake awareness and how to become an expert climber. The youngest students are less than one year old and the oldest are the equivalent of human teenagers. Adolescent and adult graduates wait their turn for wild release on special river islands.

The docu-series’ “cast” includes an all-star line-up of best mates, rivals and prima donnas, including:

  • Valentino: the class clown who BOSF carers hope will smarten up enough to graduate.
  • Mema: a picky eater who thinks snack time is gross.
  • Malika: the clumsy toddler who doesn’t know how to climb.
  • Big-bellied Beni: the glutton who has to go on a diet.
  • Kesi: the inspiring amputee victim whose hand was cut off by a machete as she clung to her mother’s back. Nothing stands in her way and she’s always at the top of her class, even in climbing!
  • Cinta: one of Jungle School’s cleverest, boldest and most resourceful students. She is full of surprises!

Orangutan Jungle School is created, executive produced and written by Judith Curran. Kyle Murdoch serves as Executive in Charge in Production and Anya Durling is Head of Development. Anna Sand is the Executive Producer for Blue Ant Media.

Wild Studios

NHNZ, based in Dunedin (New Zealand) with an office in Beijing, has been in operation for 40 years and is one of the largest and most respected natural history and factual production houses in the world. NHNZ’s storytelling prowess has been recognized with more than 300 international honours including Emmy awards and the prestigious Wildscreen Panda. The production house’s highly anticipated blue chip series Big Pacific (5×60), co-produced with partners PBS, CCTV, ZDF Enterprises, Discovery International, Channel 9 and ARTE was met with critical acclaim. NHNZ’s roster of partners and buyers also include National Geographic Channels, Animal Planet and NHK. The company’s team is made up of over 100 highly-skilled filmmakers, craftspeople, media executives, researchers and a dedicated group of technicians. NHNZ is a Blue Ant Media production company. nhnz.tv

Love Nature, a Blue Ant Media and Smithsonian Networks joint venture, creates and distributes the largest library of 4K wildlife and nature content in the world. Love Nature brings audiences closer to the beauty and wonder of nature, sharing awe-inspiring stories and shining a light on the fight for survival in a changing world. With commercial-free linear and streaming video platforms and original content shot in the highest quality, Love Nature offers viewers exclusive content from around the globe. Love Nature is available via linear television internationally and streaming video in 65+ countries worldwide. LoveNature.com

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Embark on a journey in sound under the surface of the ocean in Chris Watson’s No Man's Land this spring
By Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts
21 March 2018

Chris Watson’s No Man’s Land is an audio installation that celebrates the sounds, rhythms and music from deep below the surface the world’s seas and oceans.

Taking place at Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts from 27 March – 13 April and suitable for all ages, this city-specific edit of the sound work created by Watson (David Attenborough’s sound recordist), takes the listener from Brighton beach, through the soapy surf and out around the world, submerged on an oceanic journey for the ears and the imagination.

Audiences will experience the 40-minute long piece in the comfort of ACCA’s auditorium but will travel via sound from the edge of Brighton’s beach, out with the ebbing tide, to follow the waves and currents on a trackless voyage around the planet from the ocean floor.

Weddell seals singing under Antarctic sea ice, the snap crackle and pop of a coral reef in the South China Sea, the haunting songs of humpback whales in the Caribbean and the hunting pods of orca in the North Atlantic can all be heard in the piece, before the listener is swept back onto the pebbles by the remains of Brighton’s West Pier.

No Man’s Land is a unique spatialized audio journey into the deep ocean and the most ‘sound rich’ environments on the planet. The sounds that make up the piece have been collected by Watson over his 30-year career as a sound recordist specialising in natural history, including from his work on Frozen Planet and on documentaries and musical collaborations at far ends of the earth. Watson is also an experimental musician and a founding member of the group Cabaret Voltaire.

Chris Watson says, “My aim with No Man’s Land is to stimulate the imaginations of listeners and take them on a journey. There’ll be sounds from the starling roost in the West Pier, as well as the signature sounds of Brighton beach; that wonderful harmonic sound of the water withdrawing through the shingle and pebbles.”

Book: www.attenboroughcentre.com / 01273 678 822

Listen: Chris Watson on No Man's Land By Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts' Podcast

A city-specific edit of a sound work celebrating the sounds and rhythms of the world’s seas and oceans, No Man's Land takes the listener from Brighton beach and around the world, submerged on an oceanic journey for the ears and the imagination.

Watch: Chris Watson on No Man’s Land

Read: ACCA Conversations: Chris Watson

Chris Watson’s No Man’s Land is an audio installation that celebrates the sounds, rhythms and music from deep below the surface the world’s seas and oceans.

Taking place at Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, from 27 March – 13 April and suitable for all ages, this city-specific edit of the sound work created by Watson (David Attenborough’s sound recordist), takes the listener from Brighton beach, through the soapy surf and out around the world, submerged on an oceanic journey for the ears and the imagination. We caught up with Chris to find out more about his work.

You say that you use the tape recorder as instrument. How much do you manipulate the recordings of nature or do you organically let them weave into a soundtrack?

Most of the sounds I recorded via my hydrophones for ‘No Man’s Land’ have a strange, exotic and engaging quality, and they are intact, as recorded. The composition process is to discover ways of creating a seamless narrative movement through the ocean.

Read more here: www.attenboroughcentre.com/news/1880/acca-conversations-chris-watson



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Exciting new publication from our founder Piers Warren and his daughter Ella Bee Glendining: The Vegan Cook & Gardener: Growing, Storing and Cooking Delicious Healthy Food all Year Round
12 March 2018

Grow your own fruit and vegetables, herbs, salads and sprouts, and then turn your produce into delicious, no-fuss vegan meals that are healthy for you and the planet. Father and daughter team, Piers Warren and Ella Bee Glendining, share successful growing techniques and seasonal recipes, plus years of experience of animal-free, healthy living. They show you how to:

Discover the fun and huge sense of satisfaction that comes from cooking something you have produced yourself. Grow and eat for a more ethical, healthy and sustainable world!

“The title of this lovely book really says it all: but what it cannot convey is the sheer joy of learning so much about the beautiful vegan cuisine available to us, and how easy it is to make sensational dishes which will delight everyone eager to eat well and healthily. At once scholarly and entertaining, it is gloriously illustrated and the recipes are easy-peasy to follow. It’s for everyone who wants the world to be a better place for animals, for plants and for us. Delicious in every way.” Joanna Lumley (actress and activist)

About the Authors

Piers Warren and Ella Bee Glendining are both experienced vegan cooks. Piers is a conservationist, author and keen grower of organic fruit and vegetables. He is the founder and Principal of Wildeye The International School of Wildlife Film-making and has written a dozen books, including the bestseller How to Store Your Garden Produce. He has a long interest in self-sufficiency and permaculture and is convinced that growing your own food and following a vegan lifestyle are important contributions to lowering your carbon footprint and living more lightly on the Earth. Ella Bee is a passionate advocate of animal rights, having been vegetarian since the age of five and making the transition to veganism several years ago. She's spent much time since experimenting with different ingredients and developing delicious new recipes.

Follow on Facebook.com/thevegancookandgardener & Instagram.com/thevegancookandgardener

I say: Fabulous holistic vegan book that is bound to inspire!

This book is a must have for all people who care about the impact of their diet... vegans, aspiring vegans & omnivores alike... The book takes you on a gardening journey through the seasons from plot to plate. Learn about all the benefits of a plant-based diet in a fun, colourful and engaging way. So much fascinating information and very delicious-looking recipes... Can hardly wait to get planting, growing, cooking and eating!!

Just published by Permanent Publications Available from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com


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Science Media Awards Open for Entries & SMASH Dates Announced!
6 March 2018

Science Media Awards Open for Entries!

Enter over 20 categories that cover various science disciplines, types of programs and crafts. Preliminary judging is thorough, with finalists announced in early August. Winners will be celebrated September 27, at an Awards Gala in Boston during SMASH18..


Enter the 2018 Science Media Awards!

SMASH18 Dates Announced

Join Jackson Hole WILD and WGBH in Boston, September 25-27, 2018,for the Science Media Awards & Summit in the Hub (SMASH), where more than 300 science media stakeholders will gather to celebrate exceptional media, cutting-edge discoveries and explore new ways of communicating the wonders of science to a global audience in a rapidly-changing media landscape. Stay tuned in the coming months for information regarding programming and speakers!

Science Media Awards Preliminary Judging

Earn your pass to the Science Media Summit by watching Science Media Awards entries. Questions? Email dana@jhfestival.org
Apply: sciencemediasummit.org/2018-judging-application.html


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International Big Cats Film Festival Winners Announced
3 March 2018

UN celebrates world’ s best big cats films for World Wildlife Day – Winners of International Big Cats Film Festival announced at UN Headquarters

The CITES Secretariat and Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival announced today winners of the International Big Cats Film Festival. Winning stories about jaguars, leopards, lions, pumas, tigers and more will now hit the big screen and your mobile devices as the world celebrates World Wildlife Day 2018 under the theme “Big cats: predators under threat” .

"These films connect us in a very personal way to wildlife. They inspire us all to make sure these most magnificent creatures survive in the wild. Congratulations to all of the finalists and category winners, and thank you for making this such a memorable World Wildlife Day. By using the power of media we can catalyze a groundswell of support for big cats to help make sure they survive in the wild ", said John E. Scanlon, CITES Secretary General.

“We’re eager to partner with organizations around the world to raise local awareness and engagement through free public screenings and events,” said Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival’s Executive Director, Lisa Samford. These amazing films speak eloquently to the importance of saving big cats while we are still able to do so.”

The co-organizers are particularly grateful to the following final judges for their commitment of time (in alphabetical order of family name):

  • Inger Anderson, Director General of International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
  • Bradnee Chambers, Executive Secretary, Convention on Migratory Species (CMS)
  • Andrea Heydlauff, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, African Parks Foundation
  • John E. Scanlon, Secretary-General, Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)
  • Cécile Tang, Co-Director, Youth for Wildlife Conservation

Winners of the International Big Cats Film Festival in the 6 categories are:

Issues and Solutions – Awarded to the film that most effectively reveals current issues and challenges and communicates solutions to the environmental, socio-economic and sustainability issues associated with big cats around the globe:

Conservation – Awarded to the film that effectively celebrates innovative approaches and noteworthy achievements of individuals or groups committed to the conservation of big cats:

  • “Big Cats - Episode 3” - a BBC Natural History Unit Production for BBC and PBS with THIRTEEN Productions LLC, co-produced by France Télévisions

People and Big Cats – Awarded to the film that most effectively coveys the complex relationship between big cats and humans:

  • “Livestock Insurance Program” produced by Figet Films LLC, Pontecorvo Productions

Science and Behavior – Awarded to the film that greatly deepens our understanding of the science behind big cats and their behavior through its storytelling:

  • “Vanishing Kings – Lions of the Namib” A co-production by ORF, Interspot Film, ARTE, Smithsonian Networks, Into Nature Productions and Boksdocs - Edited by Alan Miller

Micro Movie (under 5 minutes) – Awarded to the Public Service Announcement (PSA), music video, media artwork or advocacy film that most effectively communicates an appreciation or understanding of big cats or their conservation issues. Limited to media under 5 minutes in length:

  • “Pavel” produced by World Wildlife Fund-UK

Local Voices:

  • “Gyamo - Queen of the Mountains” produced by Riverbank Studios

See the Full Feature here..


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BORN TO BE WILD – NHNZ launches wildest studio in the world
20 February 2018

Video content has skyrocketed, and now accounts for nearly 74% of all online engagement ¹. Recognising this phenomenon, alongside global consumer trends of authenticity, raw humanity and a return to nature, award-winning wildlife filmmakers NHNZ has launched the new short-form division, WiLD Studios.

With international brand marketer and executive producer, Carolyn Managh, at the helm, WiLD Studios is on a mission to strengthen connections between brands, nature and wildlife. WiLD Studios produces cinematic short-form content– anything from 30 seconds to 30 minutes- by tapping into NHNZ’s remote production crews located in key wildlife destinations around the world.

“WiLD Studios celebrates the magnificence of our natural planet, with the mission of strengthening connections between brands, nature and wildlife. Whether it’s Antarctica, Mainland China, Siberian Desert or the Amazon, we can make it happen. With remote production crews experienced in cinematic 4k filming to international broadcast standards, ” explains Carolyn Managh.

Chief Creative Officer Wunderman UK & EMEA, Ian Haworth praises the timing and relevance of WiLD Studios, saying, “Authenticity and purposefulness are now an essential part of any brand’s communications, whether in campaigns or social media content. Using connections to nature is a powerful platform to do this, and when it comes to content in this space, the filmmakers at WiLD are wildlife whisperers.”

Right out of the gate, WiLD Studios’ first big initiative is a collaboration with WWF-New Zealand (spearheading the project for global). Project Extraordinary is a competition that will see one creative agency potentially make history. The challenge invites creative minds globally to develop a short-form video concept that demonstrates how sustainability is desirable and sexy; to encourage 1 billion consumers globally to make more than 50% of their purchases based on sustainability as one of the top 3 decision triggers, by 2020.

NHNZ Managing Director Kyle Murdoch says, “WiLD Studios is the natural next step in the evolution of NHNZ. We’ve had a love affair with wildlife for over 40 years, including 10 years producing long-form documentaries co-funded by brands such as Samsung and Buick. Combine this experience with a growing appetite for short-form content and then add Carolyn’s marketing and agency experience into the mix, and we have a world class offering. This is part of NHNZ’s long term strategy to be a best in class producer across a range of content offering.”

For more details, visit wild-studios.com

See: www.nhnz.tv/news/2018/2/21/introducing-wild-studios

See the Full Press Release here..


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International Big Cats Film Festival Finalists Announced
9 February 2018

Winning stories about jaguars, leopards, lions, pumas, tigers and more will hit the big screen and your mobile devices when the world celebrates World Wildlife Day 2018

Over the past century, the world has been losing the planet’s majestic big cats at an alarming rate. These iconic predators, the challenges they face, and how these challenges can be met, will be in the spotlight through the 16 films chosen as finalists in the International Big Cats Film Festival.

The Secretariat of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival have announced the International Big Cats Film Festival finalists based on the preliminary judging in the film festival, which is being organized as part of the global celebration of World Wildlife Day 2018 under the theme “Big cats: predators under threat.”

The judges – professional filmmakers, big cat biologists and stakeholders from around the world – chose the finalists from more than 200 entries in six categories: Issues and Solutions, Conservation Heroes, People and Big Cats, Science and Behavior, Micro-Movie, and Local Voices.

The full list of finalists is below. Winners will be announced at U.N. Headquarters in New York at a high-level event on 2 March. Both winners and finalist films will be subsequently showcased extensively to raise global awareness of the critical challenges facing big cat species at community screening events presented by partners throughout the world.

John E. Scanlon, Secretary-General of CITES, said: “A crisis can still be averted if we take action now and we are most grateful to all the filmmakers for submitting their wonderful works. By using the power of media, we can catalyze a groundswell of support for big cats to help make sure they survive in the wild. On 3rd March 2018, World Wildlife Day, let’s make sure that all of us – no matter who we are or where we are – give big cats the special attention and the big support they deserve!”

“We send our congratulations and praise to not only the finalists, but to all of the filmmakers who entered the International Big Cats Film Festival,” said Lisa Samford, executive director of the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. “These stories went beyond simply being visually mesmerizing and engaging. The stories show the challenges facing these iconic species, and they feature the heroes and solutions necessary if we are going to be able to save populations of big cats around the world.”

Big cats are among the most widely recognized and admired animals across the globe. However, today these charismatic predators are facing many and varied threats, which are mostly caused by human activities. Over the past century, we have been losing big cats at an alarming rate due to loss of habitat and prey, conflicts with people, poaching and illegal trade. For example, tiger populations plummeted by 95 percent over the past 100 years and African lion populations dropped by 40 percent in just 20 years. A range of measures are underway to arrest this decline, but more needs to be done.

In an effort to reach as wide an audience as possible, the expanded definition of big cats is used for World Wildlife Day 2018 and the film festival, which includes not only lions, tigers, leopards and jaguars – the four largest wild cats that can roar – but also cheetahs, snow leopards, pumas, and clouded leopards. Big cat species are found in Africa, Asia, and North, Central and South America, representing a virtually global distribution.

The CITES Secretariat is designated by the United Nations General Assembly as the global facilitator for the celebration of the World Wildlife Day each year in collaboration with organizations in the United Nations system.

International BIG CATS Film Festival Trailer from Jackson Hole WILD

International Big Cat Film Festival finalists are:

Issues and Solutions – Awarded to the film that most effectively reveals current issues and challenges and communicates solutions to the environmental, socio-economic and sustainability issues associated with big cats around the globe:

  • “To Skin A Cat” produced by Scholars & Gentlemen, Panthera, Earth Touch, and Beyond, Durban Film Office, National Film & Video Foundation, Peace Parks Foundation
  • “Tribe versus Pride” produced by Terra Mater Factual Studios, Wildlife Films and Nat Geo Wild
  • “Looking for Sultan” produced by Riverbank Studios
  • “Broken Tail” produced by Crossing the Line Productions, Ltd.

Conservation – Awarded to the film that effectively celebrates innovative approaches and noteworthy achievements of individuals or groups committed to the conservation of big cats:

  • “Big Cats - Episode 3” - a BBC Natural History Unit Production for BBC and PBS with THIRTEEN Productions LLC, co-produced by France Télévisions
  • “Jaguars - Brazil's Super Cats” produced by BBC Studios Natural History Unit, Nat Geo Wild
  • “Broken Tail” produced by Crossing the Line Productions, Ltd.

People and Big Cats – Awarded to the film that most effectively coveys the complex relationship between big cats and humans:

  • “Big Cats - Episode 3” - a BBC Natural History Unit Production for BBC and PBS with THIRTEEN Productions LLC, co-produced by France Télévisions
  • “Livestock Insurance Program” produced by Figet Films LLC, Pontecorvo Productions
  • “Tribe versus Pride” produced by Terra Mater Factual Studios, Wildlife Films and Nat Geo Wild
  • “Broken Tail” produced by Crossing the Line Productions, Ltd.

Science and Behavior – Awarded to the film that greatly deepens our understanding of the science behind big cats and their behavior through its storytelling:

  • “Big Cats - Episode 3” - a BBC Natural History Unit Production for BBC and PBS with THIRTEEN Productions LLC, co-produced by France Télévisions
  • “Africa's Hunters: The Misfit” produced by Plimsoll Productions, Blue Ant Media, Smithsonian Networks
  • “Vanishing Kings – Lions of the Namib” A co-production by ORF, Interspot Film, ARTE, Smithsonian Networks, Into Nature Productions and Boksdocs

Micro Movie (under 5 minutes) – Awarded to the Public Service Announcement (PSA), music video, media artwork or advocacy film that most effectively communicates an appreciation or understanding of big cats or their conservation issues. Limited to media under 5 minutes in length:

  • “Harimau Selamanya (Tigers Forever)” produced by Nuvista Media and Rimba
  • “Nat Geo Inspires: Collecting Data to Save Gorongosa's Lions” produced by National Geographic
  • “Pavel” produced by World Wildlife Fund-UK
  • “Singye” produced by World Wildlife Fund-UK

Local Voices:

  • “Ranger and Leopard” produced by Wildlife Pictures Institute for Jam-e Jam TV Network
  • “The Tiger Who Crossed the Line” produced by Earthcare Productions
  • “Gyamo - Queen of the Mountains” produced by Riverbank Studios

Threats Facing Big Cats from Jackson Hole WILD

See the Full Feature here..


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Industry friend Martin Hammod dies
7 February 2018

We are sad to report the passing of Martin Hammond who died from a heart attack this morning.

Some of you will know him from his 35 years at Kodak, his presence at many wildlife film festivals and his support for industry newcomers.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends. RIP Martin.


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Oxford Scientific Films and Terra Mater Factual Studios explore Wild Korea
from OSF
6 February 2018

Following on from the success of major international series Richard Hammond’s Miracles of Nature, Wild Weather with Richard Hammond and Secrets of the Stonehenge Skeletons, Terra Mater Factual Studios (TMFS) and Oxford Scientific Films (OSF) have joined forces once again to co-produce, Wild Korea (2 x 1 hrs) a landmark series on the natural history of South Korea in association with Buzz, CJ E&M and the BBC.

For the past 60 years, aggression between North and South has defined Korea yet little is known about its wilderness areas where traditional relationships between man and nature thrive and remarkable creatures exist in abundance.

From the jagged mountains of the east to the vast estuarine mudflats of the south and west Wild Korea explores the rich and varied wildlife habitats of this mysterious peninsular. Most astonishingly of all the series lifts the lid on the haven that exists inside the demilitarised zone, the heavily fortified area between North and South where humans fear to tread but where wildlife threatened elsewhere in the country has forged a remarkable comeback.

Wild Korea is scheduled for delivery in January 2018 making the series available in time for the Winter Olympics which are being held in Seoul. The BBC has taken a 1 hr version South Korea: Earth’s Hidden Wilderness which they are due to transmit on 11th February at 8pm on BBC2.

Clare Birks, CEO, Oxford Scientific Films said “We’re delighted to be working with Terra Mater again on such an ambitious and prestigious series which we are co-producing with our Korean partners”.

Caroline Hawkins, Creative Director, Oxford Scientific Films said ”We have been given a unique opportunity to show nature’s incredible resilience in a country that is unfamiliar to most of us yet is rich in wonderful wildlife.”

Sabine Holzer, Head of TV, Terra Mater Factual Studios adds “We are very excited about these truly unique films about a region few of us would think of in terms of Natural History. This is a perfect match for Terra Mater’s documentary programme portfolio where we continue to combine fresh storytelling and outstanding visuals.”

The films were ordered by Sabine Holzer for TMFS and CS Lee for Buzz and Jae Hyuk Lee for CJ E&M. The Director is James Reed (Jago: A Life Underwater, Rise of the Warrior Apes). The Executive Producers are Caroline Hawkins for OSF, Martin Meszaros and Sabine Holzer for TMFS, CS Lee for Buzz and Jae Hyuk Lee for CJ E&M.

Worldwide sales are being handled by Terra Mater Factual Studios.

Bottlenose dolphins encounter a Haenyeo diver from South Korea: Earth's Hidden Wilderness

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British Wildlife Photography Awards 2018 - Call for Entries
by Maggie Gowan of British Wildlife Photography Awards
1 February 2018

CALLING ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS AND VIDEOGRAPHERS – The British Wildlife Photography Awards 2018 are open for entries. Find out more here: www.bwpawards.org

With 15 separate categories covering all aspects of British Wildlife share your vision with us and compete for a chance to win a prestigious prize. The £20,000 prize fund includes £5,000 cash first prize and cameras from lead sponsor Canon.

Be featured in a touring exhibition and reach millions across the UK through a touring exhibition and a beautiful book.

Whether incredible behaviour, a characterful portrait, an atmospheric woodland scene, or the secret world that lives in the undergrowth we want to see your pictures and films.

Be part of a competition and community that is supported by the UK's major conservation charities and celebrates excellence in wildlife photography and film.

Be inspired by our recent FILM and PHOTOGRAPHY WINNERS winners:

Last years winners:
Stills: www.bwpawards.org/winners2017
Film: www.bwpawards.org/videowinners2017

Some 'Highly Commended' photo's from the 2017 competition on the left. More details here.

The 2017 Wildlife in HD Video Winner

Caddisfly Larva by Liam Marsh from BWPAwards

Highlights of all the Winning and Commended films of 2017:

BWPA Highlights from 2017 from BWPAwards.

Also see: BWPA 2017 Winners Announced!

See the Full Call For 2018 Entries Feature here..


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AU's Center for Environmental Filmmaking 2018 Report
By Chris Palmer
15 January 2018

The following report provides an overview of the Center for Environmental Filmmaking’s activities and events taking place during the 2017/2018 period. The Center’s programs are made possible by the generosity of the foundations and donors listed at the end.

With Dean Emeritus Larry Kirkman’s support, I founded the Center thirteen years ago at the School of Communication to address the world’s unprecedented environmental challenges, from climate disruption to species extinction.

Powerful films, images, and stories can play a key role in fostering conservation and bringing about change. We are committed to raising awareness and empowering action through the innovative use of media. Our campaign mantra is: Changing lives. Fostering creativity. Conserving our environment through the power of media.

Our mission is to inspire a new generation of filmmakers and media experts whose commitment to environmental stewardship drives them to produce creative work that is informative, ethically sound, and entertaining—and that makes a positive difference. Our signature initiatives include:

  • Creating partnerships with established organizations—Maryland Public Television, the National Park Service, The Humane Society of the United States, the Nature Conservancy, and others—that give students the opportunity to produce professional films.
  • Bringing world-class filmmakers to American University to talk, teach, and mentor.
  • Developing innovative, interdisciplinary, and experiential classes and programs.
  • Promoting the ethical treatment of wildlife and the environment.
  • Awarding student scholarships and fellowships.
  • Supporting and mentoring environmental and wildlife filmmakers in a variety of other ways.

More information about our programs can be found on our website www.american.edu/soc/environmental-film and at www.ChrisPalmerOnline.com.

See the Full Feature here..

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The 13th Annual Spring 2018 Film Series
An SOC Signature Series
Created and Hosted by Chris Palmer - AUCEF
12 January 2018

Free and Open to the Public, No Reservations Required, First Come, First Seated!

  • Tuesday, February 13 at 7 pm
    Reception at 6:30 pm with refreshments
    An Inconvenient Truth: The Sequel (104 min, 2016) followed by discussion and Q&A

  • Tuesday, February 27 at 7 pm—Part of SOC Week
    Reception at 6:30 pm with refreshments
    Sneak Peek at the 2018 Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital, March 15-25

Note: The March 20-23 events below are all part of Washington D.C.’s Environmental Film Festival: dceff.org

  • Tuesday, March 20 at 7 pm
    Reception at 6:30 pm with refreshments
    An Evening with Chris Palmer - The Best Environmental Feature Films from Hollywood
    Founder and Director, Center for Environmental Filmmaking, School of Communication, American University.

  • Wednesday, March 21 at 7pm
    Student Short Environmental Film Festival

  • Thursday, March 22 at 7pm
    Ok, I’ve Watched the Film, Now What?
    An Impact Filmmaking Panel with Experts in the Field. Film clips and panel discussion, hosted and moderated by Chris Palmer.

  • Friday, March 23 at 7 pm
    Evolution of Organic (Dir. Mark Kitchell, US, 2017, 86min.) followed by a discussion

  • Tuesday, March 27 at 7pm
    Healing Baltimore’s Harbor: A Pipe Dream?

  • Tuesday, April 3 at 7pm
    Filmmaking for Decision-Makers: A case-study of American Resilience Project’s Tidewater, & The Burden

Also see: www.american.edu/soc/cef/upcoming-events.cfm

See the Full Feature here..


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News image

New Brock Initiative website live and the focus is firmly on Wildlife Winners & Losers!!

Richard Brock says "Use these films to help save the planet."

And the Wildlife Winners are… I’m wildlife filmmaker and producer Richard Brock. For many years I worked for the BBC’s prestigious Natural History Unit alongside David Attenborough. My series “Wildlife Winners and Losers” looks carefully with well-documented evidence at these changes – past, present and particularly the future.

Using previously unseen footage from the recent past we bring the story right up to date and try to look forward as to the winners and the losers we might expect – and why. As far as I know, no one has done this so deliberately around the world with so many species and places. In the 80+ shortish films recently finished in 2017 we find many examples of winners, or, at least those trying not to be losers!

The natural world is changing very quickly now. The clock is ticking faster and faster. Some species are winning, some are losing.

So, here FOR FREE are films to use as AMMUNITION to help save the planet. Be the change that you wish to see in the world...

Wildlife Winners and Losers - Brock Initiative

Examples of huge corporations hit by bad publicity e.g. in Dubai, SeaWorld, Coca Cola, John Lewis, Unilever, Volkswagen, Shell. Every win for conservation adds to the power of film-makers in the future:

How To Beat The Big Boys - PROMO from brockinitiative

If you would like to see more of this story please watch the full film. Thank you RB.

Much more here: brockinitiative.org/use-these-films-to-help-save-the-planet


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News image

GREEN SCREEN Internationales Naturfilmfestival Eckernförde is looking for amazing wildlife films from all over the world for its 2018 edition. Submission starts now!!

Wildlife films are welcome to be submitted from December 15th 2017 until March, 15th 2018.

Earlybird discount (25 % on the total entry fees) applies for submissions before February, 15th.
Submission deadline: March, 15th 2018

Regulations, submission forms and descriptions: www.greenscreen-festival.de/en/submission

Contact: film@greenscreen-festival.de

More information about the festival: www.greenscreen-festival.de/en

The Vegan Cook & Gardener

The Green Hub Project

Brock Initiative


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